Best Water Dispensers in Singapore 2024

In the pursuit of clean and convenient hydration, the right water dispenser can make all the difference; Singaporeans have a lot to choose from when it comes to finding the best water dispensers for their requirements. The options range from countertop to tankless, direct piping to alkaline purifiers, and might be daunting.

In this guide, we’ll delve into the world of water dispensers in Singapore, analysing the numerous types available, their pros and cons, and the top brands to consider. Whether you’re looking for space-saving solutions, eco-friendly designs, or innovative filtration systems, we’ve got you covered.

Are you ready to navigate through the intricacies of selecting the best water dispenser for your home? Let’s delve in!

Types of Best Water Dispensers in Singapore

Let’s take a look at the best water dispensers in Singapore, their pros, cons, and prices:

Countertop/Tabletop Water Dispenser

If you are in search of something small but efficient, countertop dispensers are the ideal choice. They are compact-sized dispensers that you can place on your kitchen countertop, office desk, or table. Table top water dispenser Singapore is smaller than the conventional dispenser and takes up less space, making it suitable for space-managing environments.


  • They save significant space with their compact design, which requires no floor space but can sit on your desktop or countertop.
  • They are portable, making it easy to move them around.
  • Countertop dispensers are easy to install. They don’t require any complicated steps.
  • You can save more with these compact purifiers than the freestanding dispenser.


  • They have limited capacity due to their smaller size.
  • Tabletop dispensers may not be suitable for high-volume use and may not effectively serve a large audience.


The table below lists some of the best countertop water dispenser models and their prices in 2024

Brand Name

Product Name



Nami Water Purifier

Enquire with merchant


Instant Hot/Cold Water Dispenser W1


Livingcare Jewel Series

Jewel Water Purifier



Wells the One

Enquire with merchant


Sterra X Tabletop Hot and Cold Water Purifier


Freestanding Water Dispenser

Freestanding dispensers have a larger size and capacity, making them best suited for spacious homes where you can sacrifice some floor space. They usually have a tank or bottle.


  • Their larger capacity makes them great if you need something bigger.
  • Some of these dispensers come with extra features like a mini-fridge.


  • They occupy more space so if you bother about space management, this isn’t your best bet.
  • Freestanding water dispensers may be more complex to install.

The table below lists some of the top freestanding dispenser models and their prices in 2024

Brand Name

Product Name



Frigeria HC90L-UFD Floor Standing Bottom Load Bottle Water Dispenser



Sterra Y Standing Hot & Cold Water Purifier



Sterra X Standing Hot & Cold Water Purifier



Clima Grande Floor Standing Water Dispenser


Direct Piping Water Dispenser

If you want to eliminate tanks, you can consider this design, the direct piping water dispenser. They connect directly to your water source. They are semi-permanent installations and usually provide both hot and cold water. Although they connect directly to the water supply in your home, they often include storage tanks to maintain the supply of cold water.


  • You don’t need to constantly refill water because it gets directly from your house source, ensuring continuous water supply for use.
  • By eliminating bottles, this dispenser reduces the cost of use.
  • Direct piping dispensers are more environmentally friendly because they don’t use disposable plastic bottles.


  • You will need to get help from professionals when installing the pipe-in dispenser because it requires complex processes.
  • These water dispensers don’t give room for movement. You can’t move your dispenser because it is difficult to carry around.


The table below lists some direct piping dispenser models and their prices in 2024

Brand Name

Product Name



Purehan UV Trio



Instant Hot Water Dispenser W18



Wells True Tankless UV+


Tanked Water Dispenser

Tanked water dispensers come with a built-in tank or reservoir to store water. It doesn’t connect to your water but functions on its own, relying on the built-in tank.


  • Tanked water dispensers are portable so you can move them around the home. This makes it easy to access water whenever you need it.
  • These dispensers won’t need installation so they are pretty easy to use. You only need to refill the tanks.
  • Tanked water dispensers offer flexibility. You can use them away from home or in a different room when the need arises.


  • Compared to the direct piping water dispensers, the tanked ones have limited capacity. You will need to refill the tank often or as soon as the water tank is empty.
  • The tanks need to be regularly cleaned, which may be a stressful process.
  • They depend on a power supply to function so this may increase your electricity bills.


The table below lists some tanked water dispenser models and their prices in 2024

Brand Name

Product Name



Igloo Icemaker & Water Purifier



HydroCube Hot/Cold Water Dispenser W29



Sterra Y Tank Tabletop Hot and Cold Water Purifier


W Life

Illum UV Water Dispenser



Star + Water Purifier


Tankless Water Dispenser

Tankless water dispensers are quite similar to pipe-in dispensers since both connect directly to the water source. However, the difference is that the direct pipe dispenser often comes with storage for cold water. This means it is totally tank-free.


  • No need for refills. The tankless water dispenser Singapore gets water directly from your water supply.

This table presents some of the best tankless water dispenser Singapore models and their prices in 2024

Brand Name

Product Name



Wells True Tankless UV+



Instant Hot/Cold Water Dispenser W1



Sterra 7 Tankless Water Purifier



Pearl Water Purifier



Hana Water Purifier


Alkaline Water Purifiers

Alkaline water purifiers not only purify water but also increase the pH level of the water, making it less acidic and more alkaline. Singaporeans have embraced alkaline water as a way to reduce the hydrochloric acid in the body and possibly prevent some health problems caused by acids. So, some water dispensers are now able to make your drinking water more alkaline.


  • Drinking alkaline water could provide several health benefits to the body by neutralising acid.
  • Some people find alkaline water easier to drink. Thus, they can increase their water intake and stay hydrated.


  • Alkaline water purifiers are usually slightly more expensive than your regular water dispensers.
  • The taste of alkaline water is different and may be unpleasant for some who are used to the taste of regular water.
  • Consuming excess alkaline water can lead to over-alkalinity, which can alter your body’s pH balance, leading to alkalosis.


This table presents some of the best alkaline water dispenser Singapore models and their prices in 2024


Freestanding Range

Built-in Range


Standalone unit with oven and hob

Integrated into kitchen cabinetry

Placement Flexibility 

Can be placed anywhere in the kitchen

Customised integration into cabinetry

Style Options

Various styles and finishes are available

Seamless, built-in look


Simple installation, no custom cabinetry needed

Requires careful planning and custom cabinetry

Space Requirements

Requires less design and construction work

Requires planning for cabinetry integration

Factors to Consider When Buying a Home Water Dispenser

When buying a home water dispenser, there are several factors to consider before making a choice. Here are some major ones:

1.   Design

There are two available designs:

  1. Freestanding dispensers
  2. Countertop/tabletop dispensers


A freestanding water dispenser is usually significantly larger than a countertop water dispenser. However, it is often relegated to a quiet corner and doesn’t come in the way.


A countertop dispenser, despite its small size, usually takes up valuable kitchen counter space (whether in the home or the office).

2.   Storage

There are two storage options:

  1. Tanked
  2. Tankless


A water dispenser with a tank is mobile— you can shift it to a new location without much difficulty. Importantly, they are also more affordable. The downside is the perpetual cycle of cleaning and refilling the tank.


Tankless water dispensers are usually more expensive and require installation. They are connected directly to the water supply, which means they are semi-permanent fixtures once operational. The advantage is that no time or effort is expended refilling them.

3.   Capacity

There are two capacity designs available:

  1. Large Capacity
  2. Compact Capacity

Large Capacity

Choosing a water dispenser with a large capacity tank is ideal for households or offices with many occupants, reducing the frequency of refills and ensuring a constant supply of water.

Compact Capacity

For smaller households or spaces with limited room, a water dispenser with a compact capacity is more practical, taking up less space while still providing sufficient water making it an ideal water dispenser for home.

4.   Power

There are two available options:

  1. Electricity powered
  2. Non-Electric powered


A water dispenser may require an electricity supply for 2 reasons: to power the pump and to heat or chill the water. Thus, offering the convenience of easy access to instant hot or cold water on demand, perfect for making tea or refreshing drinks quickly.

Non-Electric Powered

Opting for a non-electric water dispenser reduces reliance on electricity, potentially lowering utility bills and offering a more eco-friendly option.

5.   Temperature

Two options are also available:

  1. Hot and Cold Water Dispensers
  2. Single Temperature Dispenser

Hot and Cold Water Dispensers

A water dispenser capable of dispensing both hot and cold water provides versatility for various beverage preferences and eliminates the need for separate appliances, making it a convenient all-in-one solution.

Single Temperature Dispenser

Choosing a water dispenser that dispenses water at a single temperature may be more cost-effective and space-efficient if you already have separate appliances for hot and cold water needs.

6.   Water filtration capabilities

One of the main advantages of having a water dispenser is having clean water free of harmful chemicals and bacteria readily available. That’s why if you’re investing in one, you should read up about its water filtration capabilities. On top of eliminating bacteria, the best water purifier dispenser Singapore can also effectively filter out heavy metals like lead and chemicals like chlorine. (You’d have to boil water for more than 15 minutes to effectively remove chlorine!)

Two options are available:

  1. Advanced Filtration System
  2. Multi-Stage Filtration

Advanced Filtration System

Investing in water filter dispenser Singapore with advanced filtration capabilities, such as ultra-fine (UF) filtration with a micron rating of 0.01, ensures removal of contaminants down to the finest particles, providing clean and safe drinking water.

Multi-Stage Filtration

Opting for a water dispenser with multi-stage filtration ensures thorough water purification by passing it through multiple filter stages, from coarse to fine, effectively removing debris and impurities while maintaining optimal water flow. The best water filter dispenser Singapore uses the multi-stage filtration method.

Top Water Dispenser Brands in 2024

One primary factor that comes into play when choosing the best water dispenser is the brand. You must consider the brand’s reputation, authenticity, and the pros and cons of buying their products. To help you make a more informed decision, we will discuss five top home water dispenser brands so you can compare and contrast to make the best choice.

1.   Wells Singapore

Wells Singapore water dispenser

Wells water dispenser Singapore price range: $2000 – $3000

Wells is a home and lifestyle brand that produces sleek and stylish water dispensers. Its products are designed and manufactured in Korea using top-quality materials. Wells’s brand focuses on functionality and aesthetics simultaneously. It doesn’t compromise quality while trying to create appealing designs. Their appliance designs have won international awards like the iF Design Award, Red Dot Design Award, IDEA Design Award and Good Design Award. The famous Wells The One water dispenser has also bagged some awards for its state-of-the-art design. While sleek, the Wells water dispenser price in Singapore is one of the highest.


  • Innovative and compact designs that work for smaller spaces
  • Tankless designs that fit directly into your water supply system
  • Self-sterilising water purifiers
  • Mult-filtration process to enhance hygiene


  • Very high price point
  • No tanked option

2.   Novita Water Purifier

Novita Singapore water dispenser

Notiva water purifier dispenser Singapore price range: $1000 – $2000

With 23 years of experience, Novita has built a renowned brand in the Singaporean market. They have built strong collaborations with experts in China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, and Italy. With innovative health and wellness products, Novita stands tall among Singapore’s best brands. Its water dispensers redefine the norm to create something out of the box. They prioritize energy efficiency, space-saving, and cost-saving when developing designs.


  • Compact designs that help you save space
  • Innovative designs that prioritize functionality and reliability
  • Long term warranty
  • Provide customizable temperature
  • Wide range of product options and unique colours


  • The designs are not as attractive as most top brands

3.   LivingCare Water Purifier

Living care onyx water dispenser

LivingCare Onyx series price: $3800.00

LivingCare Jewel series price: $2788.00

LivingCare Pearl series price: $2888.00

LivingCare is another well-established local homegrown firm. It has amassed more than 15 years of experience in the water purification and dispenser industry. Its designs are technologically oriented and aesthetically appealing while providing top-notch quality. There are three LivingCare water dispenser series: Onyx, Jewel, and Pearl.


  • Offers aesthetically appealing designs and unique colours
  • Multi-stage filtration for high-quality purification
  • Eco-friendly tankless designs
  • Prioritizes energy efficiency


  • Very high price point
  • No tanked option

4.   Hydroflux Water Dispenser

hydroflux water dispenser

Hydroflux water dispenser price range: $1500 – $3500

Hydroflux specialises in filtration technology including water dispensers and undersink filtration systems. Their products are made in Korea and certified by TÜV SÜD PSB and BizSAFE3. Hydroflux emphasizes product and service quality and this is noticeable in the high-quality dispenser products.


  • A wide variety of products and designs
  • Offers tanked, tankless water, and under-sink dispensers
  • Sleek and elegant designs


  • It is less compact than most brands

5.    Sterra Water Purifier

sterra water purifiers

Sterra water purifier price range: $500 – $2000

Sterra is an indigenous brand that believes in high quality of life. This is the base for their focus on producing excellent wellness products and high-quality services. Their dispensers are top quality and minimalistic, giving your home that touch of class it needs.


  • Minimalistic designs and colours
  • 100% leak-proof guarantee
  • Thorough filtration process
  • Affordable prices


  • The design may be too simplistic for those looking for something elegant

Finding the Perfect Home Water Dispenser in Singapore

Home water dispensers vary in type and design so choosing the right one for you will be challenging if you don’t know what to look for in the right home water dispenser for your kitchen countertop in Singapore. This comprehensive guide takes you through all you need to know about water dispensers and the best brands to go for. You can now follow this guide to select the most suitable water dispenser for your home in Singapore for healthier living.

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