Hire Composite Wood Decking Companies in Singapore (11 Best With Reviews & Prices in 2024)

composite wood decking

An old, worn-out deck can detract from your outdoor space. Professional composite wood decking services can rejuvenate your deck, making it stylish and durable. These experts use high-quality materials that resist weather and wear, ensuring your deck looks great for years. They offer a range of designs to suit your taste and enhance your home’s exterior. No more dealing with splinters or constant maintenance. Keep your outdoor area inviting and long-lasting. Discover the top composite wood decking companies on Homees today and transform your deck into a beautiful, low-maintenance haven.

11 Best Composite Wood Decking Companies In Singapore (Our Top Picks)





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NBL Express - Eco Flooring Pte Ltd

- EvaLAST / EcoDECK / EasyDECK
- Composite Decking for Outdoor Areas, Fencing,
- Facade and Landscaping

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ST Renovation

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- Composite Wood Decking

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Vohringer Laminate & Vinyl Flooring

- Laminate Wood flooring
- Laminate Vinyl flooring
- Outdoor decking
- Composite Wood Decking

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The Colour Cure

- Exterior Painting
- Painter
- Texture Painting
- Composite Wood Decking

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G.R.D Colours

- Exterior Painting
- Painter
- Texture Painting
- Composite Wood Decking


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Floor Deck Specialist Pte Ltd

- Engineered flooring
- Solid wood flooring
- Carpet grass
- Decking

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Exowood Enterprises Pte Ltd

- Stairs & Railing Installation
- Stairs & Railing Repair
- Composite Wood Decking

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The Floor Gallery

- Wood Flooring
- Linoleum Flooring
- Chengal Decking
- Composite Wood Decking

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Goodrich Global

- Wallcovering
- Fabric
- Carpet
- Decking

8 Changi South Lane ,#01-01 Goodrich Building Singapore 486113

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Green Fingers Landscaping Services

- Artificial Grass
- Pest Control
- Composite Wood Decking
- Timber Decking

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Floor Xpert

- Composite Wood Decking
- Parquet Flooring
- Laminate Flooring
- Wood Flooring

50 Genting Lane #03-03 Cideco Industrial Complex Singapore 349558

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Hire Composite Wood Decking Services In Singapore


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What is Composite Wood Decking?

Composite decking is a combination of plastic and wood, which are typically recycled. The wood and plastic are heated and made into moulds of planks and made to resemble that of traditional wood planks.

Composite decking might end up being heavier than wood and not as durable. However, in comparison, it is rot-resistant and tends not to wrap or have splinters.

There are reliable and hollow composite boards. Many prefer getting solid board as it feels more like solid wood.

Looking at hollow boards, some might think that it is not as stiff as solid boards, but that is not always true. The reason why solid boards might be better than hollow ones is that hollow planks require end caps. Thus, it is not suitable for curved or angled ends.

There are wood and non-wood composites.

Composites can be from:

  1. Plastics
  2. Hardwood fragments and other materials
  3. Vinyl

Here are some elements that help your composite decking as well:

  • Polyethene Composites:

With this, it helps your composite decking to compress or expand with the different weather climate

  • Polypropylene Composites:

This material helps to make your composite decking much sturdier and makes sure the colour will not fade as much.

  • Polyvinyl Chloride Composites (PVC):

You will see this material commonly in plastics, this helps to ensure that the composites will not be stain and be water-resistant.

Eco-wood decking is one of the most popular choices of material for composite decking.

  1. Eco-wood is comparable with solid wood decking in terms of its durability. It is highly resistant to weather conditions, especially against heavy rain and harsh sunlight.
  2. Splinter free. If you have kids running around or just as a bonus feature, it is always good to know that your composite decking will not have splinters harming your feet.
  3. Slip-resistant- with outdoor decking it is vital for your flooring to be slip-resistant as if it met with puddles of water or rainwater.
  4. It feels like solid wood under your feet.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Composite Decking


As composite decking holds up better in terms of having to do maintenance work such as re-staining, sealing to prevent water seeping in and staining to maintain its colour.

Prolonged Colour Lifespan

Composite decking can maintain its colour for a prolonged period. One of the beauties of having composite decking is that they can maintain their colour even without regular sealing and staining. As opposed to a wood deck when it’s exposed to rain and harsh sunlight, eventually, its vibrant colour will start to fade.

Easy to Maintain

To upkeep your composite decking, you simply have to wipe with damp cloth or wash it down with a hose. There might be some superficial staining with composite decking. However, this can be solved easily with regular cleaning. This is compared with the work that has to be done to upkeep solid wood decking, where you will have to sand, seal and do regular treatments to ensure that your solid wood does not rot.


It will not have splinters or rotting and is generally able to keep up its appearance as is. This is great, especially when you have kids or the elderly as it can be dangerous.


Tends to Crack

Composite decking tends to crack up when it is exposed to the hot sun over a prolonged period as they heat up and thus expand.

Shorter Lifespan

It might not be lasting. As composite decking come from different materials, their lifespan and longevity will be different.

Pricier Compared to Wood

It may be more expensive than traditional wood.

Why Install Composite Wood Decking In Your Home?

There are many reasons why homeowners may want to have wood decking done, and there are various types of wood flooring available for wood decking to suit each of those needs.

Composite Wood decking is one of the few options available for wood decking, the others being timber decking and chengal decking. It is important for customers to understand the different types of wood and their characteristics, before deciding on which option to embark upon for installation.

Characteristics of Composite Wood Decking

Both composite wood decking and PVC decking are maintenance-free. They do not require any sanding or staining process, nor have splinters, warps bend or are susceptible to rot. These materials can offer these benefits due to them being non-natural timber wood. Yet, they offer a comparable weather-resistant feature, with the addition of being easy to clean.

These combined factors make both composite wood decking and PVC decking a popular deck choice among homeowners.


Things to note when purchasing Composite Wood Decking

There are many variants of composite wood decking, each achieving its own identity by the composition of its natural wood flour. A variant to note is the econ wood composite decking variant, which is slowly gaining traction to become the norm. The material is more eco-renewable and recyclable as it is being made from more than 60% natural wood flour. By using eco-wood composite decking in place of solid wood decking, homeowners can play a part in saving trees and contributing back to the environment.

Compared to conventional wood decking material, eco-wood composite decking also offers the added benefit of higher levels of heat resistance and UV resistance. This translate to a better comfort level when homeowners walk barefoot on its surface, making it a more suitable option for wood decks with pools situated nearby. Eco-wood composite decking also provides a firmer grip, allowing it to be more slip-resistant in nature.

Splinters do not occur on composite wood decking due to it’s synthetic makeup, homeowners can comfortably walk barefoot.

Tips on How to Maintain Your Composite Decking

  1. It is wise to go for UV-protected decks to better prevent the deck from cracking
  2. Ensure that your composite decking has a warranty as you cannot guarantee your composite decking is made from lasting and excellent quality materials.
  3. Do regular maintenance. Here is how you can revive your composite decking’s colour:

Mildew removal

Before you re-stain or re-paint your composite decking, you can mix bleach and water; one part bleach to three parts water and apply it to the deck’s surface. Let it set in for 20 mins, scrub it down with a brush and then rinse it, which will clear away any mildew residue.

Sanding the surface

You can use sandpaper to remove the composite surface layer first and then after that apply any household detergent solution or cleaner solution to remove the dirt and dust on the deck.

Apply the deck’s stain

If you choose to repaint your composite decking, you can look for an exterior latex stain-blocking primer for any plastic surface.

After that, you can apply a semi-gloss or finish to protect your composite decking surface.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which is better? Composite Wood or Wood Decking? 

Wood is more durable compared to Composite. However, it is rot-resistant and does not splinter. This also gives it the added advantage of not requiring extra efforts to seal or re-paint.

Is Wood or Composite Decking cheaper?

Composite decking costs more compared to Wood. Many would say it is a great investment due to its resistance to pests like termites. We recommend you do a thorough comparison with a decking specialist to find out what works best for you. Wood decking is susceptible to termites and if you have a termite infestation, we recommend our list of pest control experts.

Can my Composite Deck be damaged by environmental factors? 

No. Composite Decks are durable and they are not susceptible to mold and mildew damage. 

How much does it cost to install a Composite Deck?

Including labour fees, the cost of installing a Composite Deck will be about $50-60 per square foot. 

What is the lifespan of a Composite Deck?

Composite Decks are very low maintenance and also easy to clean. With minimal upkeep, the lifespan of your composite deck can go upwards of 25 years. 

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