Dining Table Cost Guide in Singapore 2024

Designing the perfect dining space is all about getting the measurements spot-on. Your dining table isn’t just another piece of furniture—it’s the heart of your dining room, where cherished memories are made over meals shared with family and friends.

Mealtimes are special in our daily routines, and the right dining table can elevate these moments into unforgettable experiences. It’s not just about having a place to sit and eat; it’s about creating a welcoming atmosphere where laughter, conversations, and connections flourish.

Ensuring the dimensions are just right sets the stage for countless upcoming gatherings and celebrations. 

So, when choosing your dining table, consider its size and shape and how it fits into the overall ambiance you want to create. After all, a well-designed dining space isn’t just functional—it’s where cherished memories are made.
Here, we will discuss selecting the right dining table based on your needs and budget. So, let’s get started.

Types of Dining Table in Singapore

Glass Dining Tables

Glass dining tables are a stylish and modern option to make a room appear larger and more open. They often feature sleek lines and can be combined with metal or wood bases for added stability and aesthetic appeal. 

In Singapore’s bustling lifestyle, the ease of cleaning glass is a significant advantage, though it requires regular maintenance to keep it smudge-free. We recommend tempered glass for safety and durability.

Key Features

  • Provides a sleek and stylish design with a contemporary look. 
  • Creates an illusion of more extensive and open space.
  • Smooth surface for quick and easy maintenance. 
  • Tempered glass is strong and resistant to breakage. 

The glass dining table type, price, and features are shown below:

Dining Table Type Price (SGD) Features
GLASER Modern Glass Dining Table From $749 Modern style, versatile design
MARKUS Minimalist Glass Dining Table From $106 Minimalist style, affordable
VITRO Modern Glass Dining Table & Chairs From $167 Includes chairs, contemporary design
ZENTARO Modern Glass Dining Table $242 Stylish and modern, suitable for compact spaces
PRIESTLEY Tempered Glass Dining Table Set From $267 Tempered glass, includes seating



Marble is made from natural marble stone. It offers a luxurious and timeless look with unique patterns. Marble or granite is durable because it is naturally resistant to cracking, heat, stains, and scratches. 

It is typically used as the tabletop material and paired with wood or metal frames for a dining table that could support the slab’s weight. It offers a modern, minimalist design with sleek lines. Marbles are generally expensive, heavy, and difficult to move. 

Key Features

  • Natural marble stone with unique patterns and designs. 
  • It often comes in various finishes.
  • It is available in various shapes and sizes.

The marble dining table type, price, and features are as shown below:

Dining Table Type Size (cm) Price (SGD) Features
Armani Marble Dining Table 160 x 90 x 75 $1,399 Luxurious design with golden legs
Laurent Marble Dining Table 180 x 90 x 75 $1,599 Elegant, sturdy build with a glossy finish
Modernist Marble Dining Table 130 (Diameter) x 75 $1,299 Round table, perfect for modern spaces
Minimalist Rectangular Marble Dining Table 150 x 90 x 75 $1,099 Sleek design with minimalistic appeal
Classic Round Marble Dining Table 130 (Diameter) x 75 $1,299 Timeless round design, ideal for any setting


Sintered Stone

Sintered Stone is becoming very popular these days. It is harder than igneous rocks and is made of natural stone powder, clay, feldspar, and other natural raw materials. The material is highly resistant to scratches, stains, and heat.

The material is available in various colors and patterns that mimic the natural stone. 

Key Features

  • Easy to clean and no need for sealing
  • Provides contemporary and industrial styles with metal accents. 

The sintered stone’s dining table type, price, and features are shown below:

Dining Table Type Size (cm) Price (SGD) Features
Livy Sintered Stone Dining Table 140 x 80 x 75 $999 Modern design, durable sintered stone surface
Asteri Round Sintered Stone Dining Table 130 (Diameter) x 75 $1,199 Elegant round table, ideal for smaller spaces
Eilish Sintered Stone Dining Table 160 x 90 x 75 $1,099 A contemporary look with a sturdy stone finish
Mylo Sintered Stone Extendable Dining Table 120-160 x 90 x 75 $1,299 Extendable feature, versatile for various needs
Kaela Sintered Stone Dining Table 180 x 90 x 75 $1,299 Large, luxurious design for spacious dining areas


Extendable Dining Table

An extendable dining table is a versatile and practical choice for many households, especially those that need to maximize space without compromising functionality. 

Key Features

  • Can be extended or contracted when needed.
  • Ideal for the smaller space that occasionally requires more seating.
  • Offers various extension mechanisms

The extendable dining table type, price, and features are shown below:

Dining Table Type Price (SGD) Features
Florence Extendable Dining Table From $699 Classic design, extendable for extra space
Stefano Expandable Dining Table From $729 Modern aesthetic, space-saving design
Pura White Extendable Dining Table From $1,319 Sleek white finish, durable construction
Festivo Grey Extendable Dining Table From $1,199 Contemporary style, versatile functionality
Trident Modern Extendable Dining Table From $1,149 Stylish modern look extends for functionality


Wooden Dining Table

Wooden dining tables are a classic choice, offering timeless appeal and warmth to any dining space. They come in various woods like teak, oak, and walnut, each with unique grain patterns and colors. Choosing treated wood that resists warping and termites is crucial in Singapore’s humid climate. Wooden tables can be easily refinished, making them a long-lasting investment. They pair well with various interior styles, from traditional to contemporary.

Key Features

  • Provides classic and versatile interior styles.
  • Long-lasting and sturdy
  • Comes in diverse sizes, shapes, and designs to fit various spaces and needs. 

The wooden dining table type, price, and features are shown below:

Dining Table Type Price (SGD) Features
Dante Oak Wood Dining Table From $529 Oakwood, regular and sale prices available
Tola Oak Wood Table From $529 Oak wood, contemporary design
Marco Solid Wood Dining Table From $629 Solid wood, sturdy and durable construction
Anto Nordic Dining Table From $699 Nordic style, clean lines
Stefano Expandable Dining Table From $729 Expandable, versatile for different spaces


Luxury Dining Table

Luxury Dining tables add style and elegance to your home. They are made from top-notch wood, metals, and marble. They provide exceptional intricate details and flawless finishes. 

Key Features

  • It can be extendable and have hidden storage, too.
  • Provides the central point of attraction in your dining area. 
  • Striking and unique designs.


By Shapes

Rectangular Dining Tables

Rectangular dining tables are a staple in many homes, offering ample seating and a classic look. They are perfect for larger families or those who frequently entertain guests. These tables fit well in long, narrow dining rooms and can be easily positioned against a wall or in the center of the room. In Singapore’s modern apartments, extendable rectangular tables can be a practical choice, providing extra seating when needed without permanently taking up too much space.

The rectangular dining table type, price, and features are shown below:

Dining Table Type Warranty Price (SGD) Features
Tidus Wooden Dining Table 6 months $429.00 Solid wood, spacious, minimalist design
Caro Marble Dining Table 6 months $649.00 White marble top, sturdy wooden legs
Brion Extendable Dining Table 12 months $899.00 Extendable, modern aesthetic, space-saving
Linna Oak Wood Dining Table 6 months $299.00 Oak wood finish, durable, contemporary style
Duran Industrial Style Dining Table 6 months $559.00 Industrial look, metal frame, wooden top


Round Dining Tables

Round dining tables are great for creating a cozy, intimate dining experience. They encourage conversation by allowing everyone to face each other, making them ideal for smaller gatherings or family meals. In Singapore’s compact living spaces, a round table can fit snugly into a corner or a smaller dining area, efficiently using limited space. Additionally, round tables often come with a central pedestal base, offering more legroom for diners.

The rectangular dining table type, price, and features are shown below:

Dining Table Type Warranty Price (SGD) Features
Ryder Round Table (Black) 1 year $89.90 Scandinavian style, engineered wood, lacquered finish
Platon Dining Table (White) 1 year $149.90 ABS base, MDF top, gloss finish
Platon Dining Table (Black) 1 year $149.90 Modern aesthetic, versatile design
Diana Round Dining Table 10 years $209.90 Wooden legs, compact and functional
Bellance 1.3M Dining Table 3 years $199.90 Natural wood finish, sturdy construction


Square Dining Tables

Square dining tables are versatile options that work well in small and large spaces. They provide a balanced, symmetrical look and are perfect for square-shaped rooms. For smaller Singaporean homes, a square table can fit neatly into a corner or be used as a multi-functional piece, serving as both a dining table and a workspace. Square tables are also great for creating an intimate dining atmosphere, with everyone equidistant from each other.

The square dining table’s price, warranty, and features are as follows:

Dining Table Type Warranty Price (SGD) Features
Madie Square Dining Table (Pink) 10 years S$305.10 Compact design suits small spaces
Landon Regular Dining Table (Grey) 3 years S$88.90 Simple grey finish, stable and durable
Palm Dining Table 2 years S$499.90 Spacious, modern aesthetic
Modus Metal Dining Table (Black) 3 years S$249.00 Metal with wood top, robust construction
Isidro Square Dining Table (Marble/Gold) 3 years S$219.90 Marble top with gold frame, elegant design


Dining Table Brands in Singapore


HipVan offers various furniture and home decor items, including dining tables with trendy, contemporary designs. It emphasises affordability without compromising quality.  They offer modern and stylish dining tables at competitive prices. 


  • Competitive pricing makes HipVan accessible to many.
  • Trendy and contemporary styles.
  • Good quality without high costs.


  • Fewer choices compared to larger retailers.
  • Potential for slower delivery times.
  • Most furniture requires self-assembly.

Nook and Cranny

They specialize in unique and creative furniture with rustic and industrial aesthetics and some vintage beauty. They are known for their focus on functionality and maximizing the seating capacity. 

Their table offers good value for the design and quality. Perfect for smaller areas, their iconic Storm dining table has legs positioned strategically to accommodate more seating. Visit their website to see their innovative and compact designs.


  • They provide unique and space-saving designs.
  • Their tables are designed with practicality and everyday use in mind. 


  • It offers less variety of furniture than HipVan.
  • It may not have many extendable options as compared to other stores.


It is one of the most popular brands known for quality, design, and functionality. It offers modern, designer-focused, and minimalist styles. 

They provide luxury dining tables crafted from premium materials, considering exceptional attention to detail. 


  • Offers unique and innovative designs.
  • Curates dining tables from renowned international designers, ensuring high-end quality and prestige. 


  • Expensive price point.
  • Limited options for everyday shoppers. 



Cellini specializes in contemporary furniture inspired by Italian design principles. Their dining tables feature sleek lines and innovative functionality. 

They focus on quality, functionality, and style. They offer space-saving solutions and extendable tables.


  • Balances quality and price and provides excellent value for mid-range to high-end markets.


  • It offers modern designs, which mayn’t be appealing to those with classic or rustic styles. 


Choosing the right dining table involves considering materials, size, shape, and brand. Understanding the key features of each dining type is essential, whether you choose the timeless appeal of wooden tables, modern glass, or some extendable designs. 

Dining tables are not just functional pieces but also the central elements that enhance your dining space, accommodate your lifestyle and reflect your style. 


How big should the dining table be?

Your dining table should be the right size to accommodate the number of guests you usually host and the dimensions of your eating room. Ensure the table has adequate room for chairs and people to move around it comfortably. 

Generally, the table edge should have at least 90 centimetres (36 inches) of clearance from adjacent furniture or walls.

Do I need a dining table?

You must have a dining table if you like to organize dinner parties or love dining with family and friends. It functions as the hub for socializing, working, and dining. On the other hand, you may think about options like a breakfast bar or a foldable table if you’re short on room or don’t often eat at home.

Are extendable dining tables a good choice for small spaces?

Yes, extendable dining tables are ideal for small spaces. They offer versatility, as you can fold the table to save space when not in use and extend it when more seating is required. Their adaptability renders them ideal for smaller homes and apartments.

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