Frequently Asked Questions About Decking In Singapore

Looking to engage a decking professional? Here is a list of questions that you may have about decking and decking professionals that you may want to know about.

General Questions for Decking Professionals

What is Decking?

A deck is a flat surface capable of withstanding weight just like a floor. Decking can be used in many ways like extending the balconies, garden landscaping, pool and as a substitute for a patio.

What is Timber Decking?

Timber decking is a material that can be made from many types of wood to cater to different aesthetics and purposes of the finished product. Generally, these woods are resistant to termites, water and mould which makes them very durable.

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What is Chengal Decking?

Chengal decking is a type of timber decking. It is light yellowish brown with a hint of green on the inside and dark purplish-brown or rustic red on the outside. The grains are interlocked which give a fine and even texture. It is very resistant to termite and mould. It can be maintained by washing with saltwater and should only require varnishing once every 2-3 years.

What is Composite Wood Decking?

Composite wood is a wood that is fused with other materials such as plastic and straw to make it even more durable. It will not have splinters or rot like all-natural wood decks. It hardly ever needs maintenance and will not fade under direct sunlight. However, it needs to be washed frequently to be in good condition.

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What is artificial turf and what has it got to do with decking?

Artificial turf is a surface of synthetic fibres that looks a lot like grass. It helps reduce the maintenance of decking as it drains and dries out the deck quickly that prevents splinters, sliminess and mould. It reduces accidents when the deck is slippery and it looks aesthetically pleasing.

How long does decking last?

How long a decking lasts has a lot of factors. Factors like the material of the decking, the installation of the decking and even knowing how to maintain the decking will affect the lifespan of your decking. In general, timber decks can last at least 15 years and up to 30 years.

Below is some information to help you with knowing how long a deck lasts.

1. Choosing the right deck fixings

We need to know if the screws or the boards of the deck have anything that would rust. Deck screws for example that will not corrode over time. Using screws over nails increases the lifespan of your decking.

2. Correct installation of  your deck

Many people would love to install their deck themselves as it saves a lot of money but it may not be worthwhile in the long run. During installation, there may be a need to cut deck boards and this means that you have to ensure that the surface is treated properly. Correct treatment leads to longer life of the timber and protects it from deterioration.

If you are not confident please consult a decking professional that will install your deck for you.

3. Maintenance and cleaning

Regular sweeping, mopping and clearing of any build-up of grime help prevent any decking from deteriorating. A well-maintained deck also looks the best.

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How would I know which material to use?

Everybody has their own preferences and likings and most often than not a homeowner would have a certain style. Obviously, if you want to deck a place that is in constant contact with water, timber decking may not be the best.

There is no best material in the world of decking but it really is up to the environment that the decking will be installed. You should always consult a professional for more help.

Job-specific Questions to ask Decking Professionals

What are the prices like for the different materials?

For wooden decking, there are many materials. The common ones are Indonesian teak wood that ranges between $28-$32 per square feet; Chengal ranging from $20-25 per square feet. Generally, natural wood can cost from $18-35 per square foot, composite wood $22 -$35 per square foot and Ironwood $22-40 per square foot.

Does your company have its own brand of decking material?

Many decking companies pride themselves on their own brand of decking, especially wooden decking. This is because each piece of wood manufactured is unique and these companies have different suppliers. It is good to always check and compare the wood these decking companies are selling before installing.

What is the process like for decking and how long would it take?

It typically takes 1-3 working days but it really depends on the company. Usually, wooden decking would take longer while artificial turfs would have easier installation processes.

Do splinters occur often, how safe is your product?

Splinters occur mostly on wooden decking. Many companies pride themselves on splinter-free composite wood decking as it is very popular amongst homeowners.

To be very safe, you can choose another decking instead of wooden ones. Decking like artificial grass or rubber tiling is really good for children and pets.

These choices are also safer as it helps reduce the impact should a child fall while playing. Most artificial turfs are sports-grade materials that have to pass international standards for fire safety and combustion tests so that you can be assured that it is safe and built to last.

Other common FAQs

  1. Do dirt and water get trapped underneath the turf and decking?
  2. How do you install artificial turf on my balcony?
  3. How do you install artificial turf on soil?
  4. How long can artificial turf and wooden decking last? Will I need to re-turf or re-deck every few years?
  5. I have a planter in my small balcony but do not intend to plant that extensively. How can I still create a spacious garden feel in my apartment?
  6. Is artificial turf difficult to maintain? Do I have to wash and brush it often for it to maintain its colour and shape?

What Determines a Good Quality of Timber Decking?

Colour fastness

This means to question: How far will it fade?
Some products will fade 5% after 2 years and more than 50%. Materials like WPC last longer and still look good aesthetically even after 5 – 10 years.

Texture and surface

A decking should not collect water as it encourages the growth of mildew and mould. It also causes increased slipperiness.

We need it to be anti-slip in both wet and dry conditions. Decks with an embossed surface have much better anti-slip properties even in wet conditions.

Some decks also have better heat dissipation ability than others and can be walked on without hurting the feet.

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Hardness and stiffness

A harder surface means the deck is better for scratch resistance. Being stiffer also means less fatigue on the deck. Your decking should also be thick as a hollow WPC deck or WPC joist that are thin can cause many problems.

Knowing the type of joist or supporting structure and its spacing

The spacing between the joists is important as they are the main support or a deck. You should check with a decking professional about this as it is very technical. Meanwhile, the material of the joist is important as well and it would be good that it is made up of aluminium instead of wood.

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