Complete Guide to Hiring a Nanny in Singapore [2023]

Taking care of a newborn baby or child is not an easy task. Working women need to hire a nanny to take care of their children, and it is stressful if they don’t know where to search for a qualified nanny in Singapore.

Hiring a nanny can offer you flexibility and peace of mind if you are working in a job or maintaining your business while being sure that your child is in safe and caring hands.

Nannies are professionals that take care of your children when you are away. Most nannies are specialized in one key role such as infant care, but housekeeper nannies have multiple roles to fill in your home.

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A nanny’s basic responsibility is to take care of your child. Still, nowadays nannies have started taking additional duties such as helping kids with their homework, helping them bathe, making their beds, getting them ready for school.

If you are living in Singapore and working in a job, then you might be looking for someone to take care of your kids.

The matter becomes tough to handle when there is a newborn baby in your family who needs your care and attention. As your maternity leave ends, the stress to look for a daytime nanny for your child begins.

As a parent, you would be highly cautious about the person who you would hire to look after your baby while you are away from home or at work. You need to hire a trustworthy person who possesses the required qualification, knowledge, and experience to take care of your child in your absence.

If you are looking to hire a part-time nanny in Singapore for your child, here a few things that you should take care of. Here is the step by step process that will guide you to find a nanny in Singapore.




Outline your needs

Finding the right nanny

Decide what you need. You need a live-in nanny or a live-out part-time nanny Singapore. What kind of care do you need for your child? Professional nannies in Singapore are available at variable rates based on their certifications, experience, and schedule.

So it is better to know your needs clearly before you take steps to hire a nanny for your baby. Prepare a list of all the qualities you want in a nanny such as nursing degree, a certification, first aid training, fun-loving activities etc.

Also, list the job responsibilities and your expectations from a nanny. For example, if you want a part-time nanny in Singapore, you should make a list of the following points:

  • You should describe the working hours
  • The salary you are willing to offer
  • The location for which you want to hire
  • Tasks you want to be done by a nanny

This will help you create a perfect job description to invite the nannies having most qualities you want in them.

Estimate your budget

Decide how much you can afford to pay your new caretaker. While calculating your budget, you should also consider the expenses like annual raises, bonuses, and expenses for activities. Also, make sure that you consider the taxes as well.

Nannies will charge you money on the basis of their education, certifications and work experience. The more experience a nanny has, the more money she will charge you.

You should also consider the additional costs other than her salary that you need to bear, after hiring a nanny for your family. Decide how much you are willing to spend on the child care services for your baby.

Calculating your budget will ensure that you don’t run out of your weekly or monthly budget while paying the nanny, and getting relief from the stress related to proper care of your child in your absence.

Post a Job Advertisement

When you are done with your perfect job description for hiring a nanny, you can post a job advertisement that should include the complete job description created by you.

Moreover, it is better to mention the salary you will offer and the working hours for which you need a nanny. You can also contact a good nanny agency that provides nannies for people in your area.

It’s better to make a detailed job description so that only the applicants that have the required qualifications, experience and agree with your requirements, apply for the job.

You should also prepare a set of questions that you need to ask while interviewing the candidates for hiring a nanny for your home.

Some questions that are important to be asked may not appear in your mind while taking the interview.

Ask for recommendations

Next, tap your own circle of friends, family, and colleagues for the recommendation of babysitter Singapore.

Ask if they have a babysitter they love to recommend. It is one of the easiest and most reliable ways to find a babysitter.

If you can’t find someone this way, look at sites that provide detailed information on babysitting services.

Shortlist some candidates

Once you are done with your research part and background check, it’s time to shortlist some good options.

The recommendations from family, friends, neighbours, and colleagues will help you line up some potential picks or agencies that are suitable for your needs.

You can also check reviews and feedback on the various sites if you are hiring a babysitter from an agency.

Schedule an Interview

babysitter Singapore-Interview

Trusting someone with your kids is not something to be taken lightly, so try to devote quite a few hours to screen the candidates.

If you don’t have time to have in-person interviews, you can try phone screens first. Ask about the things that matter most to you and also try to figure out about child-rearing philosophies and experiences.

Do a little research regarding the background and eligibility to work before hiring.

Check whether they have the necessary permit to work.


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Do a test run

Now you may think of hiring that candidate who impressed you the most in the interview. But don’t rush, as there is one more step to follow before saying yes to any babysitter in Singapore.

Watch her interacting with your children as there is no better way to screen the true abilities than to see for yourself how a babysitter is on the job. Ask your kids whether they liked her or not and analyse whether she will be able to handle your kids well.

Find out if she connects with your kids. Do you like her way of interaction with the child? What about her teaching skills and discipline? This can be a big help when making the final decision.

In the end, having some great backup sitters doesn’t hurt. Once you get the perfect babysitter, you won half of the battle. What about the next half? Read on to find out.


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Interview the Candidates

Interviewing a nanny

When applicants begin to respond to your job advertisement, then it’s time to interview the candidates. Always try to interview only the professional nannies as they are more likely to fit your needs.

To find the perfect nanny for your child or family, you need to interview the candidates carefully to have a good idea about the person you are hiring. You should ask all the questions you wrote on the list of questions created by you.

Try to ask about their previous work experience as a babysitter, their views on infant care and childcare. First of all, ask the applicants questions, such as why do they want to become a nanny or what is the difference between a babysitter and a nanny.

Always try to spare time for interviews. An interview should be of a minimum half-hour duration or more than that as you are going to find a nanny to take care of your child.

You don’t need to ask questions about her life goals or plans for the next five years. Instead ask her questions on nutrition, education, and discipline.

Ask her about the specific situations like how she could handle things if your baby had rashes or refuses to take the bottle.

Your Nanny is your Employee

Sometimes people say that nannies take of their kids better than them and love them as their own children. But you should remember that your nanny is your employee and not your family member. Never trust a person blindly or merely on the basis of what she tells you about herself.

While hiring a nanny, you should ask whatever questions you have in your mind irrespective of the thought that whether she will answer them or not.

You should ask the questions about her childhood, her marriage, her parents, her background, whether she smoke or consume alcohol, etc.

Asking such questions about her personal life will make you understand her better as she is the person going to spend time with your child in your absence. As you want to hire a trustworthy person for your child, you need to ask her as many questions as you want to know her better.




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Get a Background Check

It’s not wise to hire a person on the basis of a single interview session and work experience. You should conduct a background check on the person you are hiring as a nanny, as you are going to hand over your child’s responsibility to her.

Some people have no idea about the background of the applicant, and they hire them based on qualifications, experience, and interview. Later they come to know that they have hired the wrong person for their childcare. Here are some points that you should take care of while hiring a nanny:

  • Always ask for two or three references from whom you can inquire about the applicant you interviewed.
  • Contact each of them personally by phone and inquire about the applicant’s character, educational and professional background.
  • Also, ask for the quality of services she offered to them and ask for feedback.
  • You should know how long a part-time nanny worked with her previous family.

Making the Offer

Most of the times while conducting interviews, it is difficult to know when you have the right candidate in front of you. When you hire a part-time nanny Singapore that seems perfect, let other candidates know that the position has been fulfilled. Here are some points that you should take care of while offering the job to an applicant:

  • Ask the selected applicant if she agrees with the salary you offered
  • Ask her if she is comfortable with the timings and working hours.
  • It’s better to propose a trial period of a week or 15 days to check how the candidate you selected works up to your expectations.
  • If the selected applicant agrees to the proposal, you can hire her as a nanny for your child.
  • You should also spend a day or two at home to check how she works and how she takes care of your child, even if you hired her to work in your absence.

Set up Taxes

When you hire an employee, you are liable to pay employer taxes. You need to know about the nanny tax and why you should hire a nanny as an employee and not as an independent contractor.

It’s better to know about the taxes proactively instead of being surprised by the taxation department with a hefty tax bill. For example, if you have hired a full time or part-time nanny in Singapore, then you need to know about the nanny tax applicable in Singapore.


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Signing the Contract

Nanny contract

It’s better to sign a nanny contract when you hire a full time or part-time nanny for your child or family. The contract is meant for the protection of your family and for the protection of the nanny as well.

The contract is an agreement where you mention all the things agreed upon by you and the nanny such as job requirements, salary, working hours, your expectations etc.

If you plan to install surveillance cameras in your home, do mention it in the agreement that the hired person would be videotaped. More the details you mention in your contract, the better it is for you and the person you hired.

Before you get the contract signed by the hired person, ask her to read all the terms and conditions carefully before signing it. It’s better if you discuss them with the nanny to have more clarity on the terms to avoid any misunderstandings in future.

Signing the contract will help the person you hired to understand your work requirements in a better way.

Benefits of Hiring a part-time nanny Singapore

  • Affordable

If you need a steady and reliable nanny in Singapore, but don’t want a full-time babysitter, you can look for a part-time nanny Singapore.

While your part-time nanny will work less than 35 hours a week, you will be able to afford the costs and get the benefits of a full-time nanny. Your part-time nanny would have the same qualifications and certifications as a full-time nanny.

  • Flexibility

Hiring a part-time nanny is beneficial for you if your children go to school and you need a nanny after the school timings and on weekends. Sometimes, stay-at-home parents need help for childcare only a couple of hours a day or only a few days a week.

  • Freedom from Stress

Therefore, it is better to hire a part-time nanny to save the costs of a full-time employee and still get professional help. Hiring a part-time nanny from a reputable and reliable maid agency can lessen your stress to a great extent.

Your part-time nanny in Singapore may be working for various families in your neighbourhood or may have jobs elsewhere.

Sometimes, students work as part-time nannies to make some money for meeting their daily expenses. They are available to work at low rates, but they may not be professionally qualified to take care of your kids or meet your expectations.

Steps to Find a Nanny in Singapore

babysitter Singapore

Hiring a good babysitter is not the end of the story. It is great to have a sitter you trust, but it’s also important to know how to keep that babysitter. If you got your Mary Poppins, you would not want them to leave the job.

Some of the babysitters abscond after the payday. But if you have a great bonding with your babysitter, you can make them stay for years.

Managing caregivers after hiring is one of the arduous tasks handled by most parents. If you feel the same, follow these super easy steps to keep a good babysitter.


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Get to know them personally

Although technically she is your household employee, you shouldn’t always sound like a rude boss.

Developing friendship by asking about their interest and personal life can make her feel comfortable. This will help her to develop a deeper level of trust in you, and she will give her best to take care of your child.

She may have personal or health issues, so make a little effort to ask if they are facing any problems and try to help her. If she is happy working with you, she will never want to leave the job.

Explain your expectations to your babysitter

Well, she can’t read your mind. Politely communicate your expectation and make her understand. Set clear rules that you want her to enforce with your kids. For instance, if you allow the kids to watch TV only for a specific amount of time, let her know that.

Pay them what they deserve

Again, they’re taking care of your children. So, they deserve to be paid for what they are doing. Remember, you will get what you will pay for so pay them well. Also, try to compensate for extra during the holidays.

A holiday bonus or a gift card would be nice to make her feel happy. We are not saying that you must overpay, but you should compensate her well for caring for your children.

Hear them out

It is nice to ask them how the kids behaved while you were gone. If they say, they had some trouble, don’t get defensive and listen to them.

Your sitter is new for your children, and it may take time for the caregiver to understand the behaviour of your kids. So help her better manage your children instead of concluding that she is not doing her job properly.

Appreciate the good work

babysitter Singapore

If you are satisfied with the way she manages your children, you must appreciate her work. A few words of appreciation can motivate the babysitter to do even better. If you are happy with her performance, reward her with something nice.

A good babysitter is hard to find and if you got one, try to manage her well. As she is the one who is taking care of your kids who are most precious to you in the entire universe, she deserves a tap on the back for good work.

Try not to add extra jobs

Asking your babysitter to clean the floor and do the dishes while she is watching your children is not a good idea. If taking care of children is your priority, don’t add on distractions. Piling up too many tasks is something you must avoid.

You can rely on a full time or part-time maid for your household chores. If you want your caregiver to give full attention to your child, don’t ask her to do extra jobs.


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Hiring Confinement Nanny Cost Guide

Especially for new mums who are experiencing it for the first time, it can be quite exhausting to deal with the workload during the postnatal period.

Having an extra pair of professional hands to whip up nutritious meals and look after your baby can lessen your burden and allow you to get some confidence as your transition into parenthood.

A professional confinement nanny can be that extra pair of hands, and you can learn a lot from their experience in terms of caring for babies. Here is a guide on how to find a suitable confinement nanny and the costs that come from hiring them.

What is a Confinement Nanny?

Holding baby

It refers to a person who takes care of both the mother’s and baby’s well-being in the first month, helping the mother make the adjustment from pregnancy to motherhood easier. They would cook up nutritious confinement-friendly meals to nourish the mother, help out with baby-related activities such as feeding the baby, changing diapers, bathing the baby as well household chores. This will allow the mother ample time to recover well from any birthing wounds and recuperate properly.

Why hire a Confinement Nanny in Singapore?

Confinement nanny

Specialised Infant Care

When you just give birth to your newborn, your own postpartum needs will make it difficult for you to take care of the baby. After many tiring days and sleepless nights enduring 9 months of pregnancy along with giving birth, postnatal confinement is a critical period to restore the mother’s health.

In addition, babies are vulnerable to many diseases, and they require special attention. Moreover, especially for first-time parents, you may not be aware of certain caregiving procedures such as burping, feeding or bathing the baby.

Baby lying down

They can show you the ropes in maintaining the well-being of your baby. Their wealth of experience can be beneficial in taking care of your infant’s needs.

Nutritional diet for your recovery

At this stage, you will require a proper healthy diet to speed up your recovery period. Adding to that, having proper nutrition will significantly improve the quality of breast milk which is important for your infant’s growth.

It is thus crucial to stick to a healthy diet to ensure you’re getting the best for both you and your baby.

Confinement nannies can whip up tasty, nutrition-rich recipes that will ward off postpartum “baby blues”.

They trained in cooking unique nutritional confinement dishes to help you regain your strength quicker.

Household chores

Managing a newborn coupled with your house cleaning chores can be overwhelming, especially during the first month of giving birth.

Having a nanny for clearing your everyday errands will let you spend more time resting and interacting with your baby.

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Mental well-being

Your body needs rest after you gave birth, and it becomes impossible to take rest unless you have a helping hand to take care of your newborn. A trusted confinement lady can lessen your burden while allowing you to put your feet up and rest for a while. When you know someone is there to look after your baby, you can have time to rest to regain your strength.

Feeding baby

Moreover, you will have someone to talk to while feeling lonely at home. It will give you peace of mind and energy to recover during the postnatal phase.

Getting quality sleep

Dealing with a newborn can make you go through sleepless nights. As babies usually don’t sleep comfortably or soundly, you don’t get a chance to have a proper sleep.

It may be stressful for new moms as it is important for them to have enough rest to regain their health. Nannies can help you get some quality sleep by taking care of your baby.

Role of a Confinement Nanny

Confinement Nanny hire

A confinement lady is capable of many tasks. Look through this list and assign the relevant jobs to your confinement lady.

Maternal Care

  • Cooking and preparing nutritious confinement dishes to help in the mother’s recovery
  • Maternal health care to recover well post-partum
  • Minor housekeeping and cleaning
  • Doing laundry for both mother and baby
  • Source of advice for the mother on how to take care of baby
  • Guiding parents with basic baby care

Baby Care

  • Feeding the baby, recording down the time and amount
  • Changing the baby’s diapers
  • Bathing the baby
  • Cognitive training of baby
  • Regular monitoring of baby’s weight and height
  • Purchase of baby’s supplies
  • Cleaning and sterilising baby’s supplies
  • Nursing and observing the baby to ensure good health

When should you start looking for a Confinement Nanny?

Confinement Nanny

You should start looking as early as possible. You can even begin to book the moment you are aware of your pregnancy.

The ideal time is to start looking for one 4-6 months before your delivery date.

Booking earlier also means that you may need to lay down a deposit, depending on how much they charge.

The confinement period should take about 28 days to 40 days, depending on the needs of your own body.

Does the Confinement Nanny Sleep with the Baby?

Generally, most confinement nannies will expect to have their own bedroom with their personal belongings so that they can rest during the period when they are not taking care of the baby.

However, many families choose to have their nannies sleep together with the baby in the same room so that they can take care of the baby at night, allowing the mother to have sufficient rest. Hence, a common arrangement is to have the baby’s cot set in the bedroom of the confinement lady.

How much Should You pay Your Confinement Nanny?

The cost of hiring may vary depending on your needs and season.

You can choose to have a full-time or a day/night-time nanny. So, the cost mainly depends on how much time you need the service for.

There are a few components that add up to the cost. Prices surge during the festive seasons such as the Chinese New Year period, or the end of year holidays due to the lower availability of nannies for hire.

Basic salary

The basic salary of full-time, stay-in nannies in Singapore is around $2,500 to $3,500 for a typical confinement period of 28 days.

However, more experienced nannies that are well trained may ask for more.

For a part-time one, you can expect to pay about $25 per hour. You can request them to come in during the day or night time depending on your needs.


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Red packet

Red packet

Did you know that it is expected for you to give red packets to a confinement nanny? As a token of appreciation, one is given on the first day of arrival at about $40 to $80 while the other is given on the last day of duty which is typically about $150-$300. The amount can vary a lot depending on your satisfaction with her performance.

If you are hiring through an agency, check with them whether the red packet amount has been included in the fees or they may state a mandatory red packet amount to be given.

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Insurance and work permit

Take note that all existing and new nannies entering Singapore from 1 January 2021 must have medical insurance coverage of at least $10,000. This is for medical expenses for the scenario if the nanny tests positive for Covid-19 or develops symptoms within 14 days of their arrival in Singapore.

This insurance must be purchased before arrival in Singapore. This is on top of the usual insurance that needs to be purchased to cover injuries, medical expenses or illnesses sustained while in Singapore. The coverage of this insurance needs to be at least $15,000. Insurance plans for nannies are in the same category as maid insurance, costing between $190 and $240.

If you are hiring a Malaysian and you are a Singaporean, the work permit costs about $35 for application and $60 per month for the levy fee.

If you are hiring a Malaysian and you are NOT a Singaporean, the work permit costs about $30 for application and $300 per month for the levy fee.

Check whether she has done a medical examination. If not, bring her for a medical check to ensure that your child is in safe hands. Even though it is not compulsory, according to MOM, it will be useful to send her for a medical check-up. These check-ups usually cost around $100 to $200.

Miscellaneous costs

As they will be living in your home for at least a month, daily expenses such as food and utilities need to be provided by you. Costs such as confinement supplements, such as eye supplements or and herbal items such as Cordyceps or Omega 3,6,9.

Some people may request additional work to be done. Here are the frequent requests that may result in additional costs:

  • Cooking for the entire family
  • Taking care of other older children in the family
  • Purchasing Chinese herbs
  • Cleaning the house

Where to hire a Confinement Nanny?

Baby blanket

There are four ways to find a confinement nanny.

First, it’s word-of-mouth. Ask around for good confinement nannies that are trustable, reliable and proficient in their services.

Second, you can search for a few portals online to direct hire. Here are a few portals you can mingle with:

Lastly, you can opt for an agency if you do not want to settle the administrative stuff, paperwork or deal with hiring and qualifying. Then again, you have to look for the right agency that works in your best interest.

You can view our directory to speak to any confinement agency.

How do you hire a Confinement Nanny?

Outline expectations and tasks

Before you start looking and hiring, you should lay out your expectations. Find out which tasks you may need help with and the tasks you would instead do yourself.

Be meticulous with your list. List down the essential details of how many times the baby needs a bath or how often the baby should be fed.

For hiring through an agency, you need to:

Make sure the agency is not too cheap as that might indicate that the service is not that good as well.

Consider whether the agency has a refund policy and reputation. Also, ask about their policies on replacing nannies and the frequency of medical check-ups the nannies.

Ask the agency what kinds of training are provided for the nannies. Training can include proper hygiene practices, confinement meal planning and adequate bathing of the baby.

Apply for a confinement nanny work permit

If you are looking to hire a Malaysian nanny to look after your post-pregnancy needs, you will need to apply for a work permit for her.

Note that only confinement nannies from Malaysia are allowed. If you hire from any other foreign country such as China or the Philippines, you may be charged under the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act (EFMA).

You, as the employer, are required to apply for and pay a monthly levy.

If you are hiring through an agency, the agency will apply, collect and terminate on your behalf. The monthly levy still will most likely be paid by you.

Agree on a schedule

You are employed to recover from the stress of labour hence make sure you can take rest.

But the nanny also needs to take some rest so it would help if you agree on a schedule of her tasks according to both of your convenience.

Write out a timetable with rules and guidelines to follow.

Pay a deposit

Most confinement nannies require a deposit for booking. The deposit costs about $200 to $300, depending on the individual.

If you are hiring freelance confinement nannies, you may want to look for a trusted one (recommended by a friend or a popular one). You want to ensure that your deposit is in good hands.

It will be best to engage an agency as agencies will not cheat you of your deposit.

Is a Confinement Nanny Necessary?

While it is not technically necessary, it is highly recommended for the family, regardless of how much experience the mother has in taking care of babies. Having a confinement nanny will make things easier, not only for the mother but also for the entire family. This is especially so for new mothers, who may need extra help in coping with the changes that come with motherhood.

Babies have the tendency to wake up regularly in the night as they generally sleep for short periods. This may prevent the mother from having ample sleep, which is essential for their health after giving birth. By hiring one, they can help to watch over the baby and allow the mother ample time to rest. This will reduce the chances of post-partum depression that may arise due to a lack of sleep, which often influences one’s hormones. In some cases, depression counselling or therapy may be needed.

In addition, even if the baby is not a newborn and the mother is more experienced in motherhood, it may be challenging for her to care for the newborn baby along with her other children. In this case, hiring may help her cope with this.

While most of the time, relatives like in-laws and grandparents can help care for the baby while the mother recuperates post-birth, they may be limited by work reasons or health issues. In this case, it may be better to hire to provide extra support for the mother and care for the baby.

Of course, a number of factors still stand when considering whether one should hire one, as every family is different. If the mother’s other children are old enough, they may be able to help in caring for the baby. In addition, if the family’s relatives can help in caring for the baby, getting nannies may not be as necessary.

What Makes a Good Confinement Nanny?

Hire a Confinement Nanny

An optimistic mindset

During confinement, a positive attitude is required to cut out the stress. Hence, a caretaker should have a positive attitude all the time.

If the nanny is complaining and rude, it makes it even harder to recuperate from the delivery.

As you are going to spend most of the time with the nanny, she needs to be relaxed and friendly. She should have enough patience to alleviate anxiety and create a positive ambience.

Patience & Care

Patience and nurturing are the two most required qualities. So gauge some skills and qualities of the nanny before saying yes. Does she seem patient and nurturing? Or is she very strict about certain confinement practices and traditions?

Aware of her responsibility

A confinement nanny should be aware of her responsibilities. She should take her duty seriously. Ultimate care to a new mother and their infant should be her priority, and she must be attentive to your needs.


You may find it challenging to communicate with the different confinement nannies. So, make sure the nanny you are hiring can understand you.

Otherwise, you may have difficulty when giving instructions.

If you are hiring through an agency, demand to speak to the nanny that the agency is providing so you can get to know her language skills.

Receptive to your needs

The attitude of a confinement nanny also matters the most. Having a conversation can give you a picture of how the service will go.

Ask if she has a child as this would be a bonus point as she has adequate experience in the past with babies. Look for her nature, whether she is fond of children or just doing it as a piece of work.

What if I Don’t Want to Hire a Confinement Nanny?

If you do not want to hire a confinement nanny, you should at least arrange for a daily confinement food delivery to your house.

You need to ensure that you are well-nourished for proper recovery and good milk flow during breastfeeding.

Interview Questions to Ask a Nanny Before Hiring

Here are some critical nanny interview questions that you must ask before hiring.

Cleaning Or Housekeeping Interview Questions

  1. Would it be okay for you to help me with housekeeping while taking care of the infant?
  2. What is your opinion about helping me clean the house while the infant is sleeping?
  3. Which dish do you think you could cook the best?
  4. Will it be okay for you to do the dishes if I ever need you to?
  5. Are you familiar with the market in this area?
  6. How do you keep things organised?
  7. Are you comfortable with vacuuming and dusting?
  8. Are you willing to do laundry and iron?
  9. Will you be able to wash the clothes of the infant?


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Salary Related Questions

  1. What was the salary that you were getting paid at your last job?
  2. How much are you expecting from us for the job?
  3. Will you accept the pay-cut, if offered?
  4. Do you ask for the advance money more often?
  5. How much extra allowance do you want?
  6. Do you expect a bonus?
  7. Do you have any pending legal cases?
  8. Is there anything that you expect from us other than salary?
  9. What method of payment will you prefer?
  10. What happens to the salary if you need to leave early or if you fall sick?
  11. Do you charge an extra fee for the public holiday?
  12. Do you require a deposit?


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Day-off / Public Holidays Questions To Ask When Interviewing A Nanny

  1. Which day of the week will you prefer for your day off?
  2. Did you get all the Sundays off at your previous job?
  3. Were you entitled to the public holidays while with your last job?
  4. Would you work on the off days to earn some extra income?
  5. Is there anything else that you do to get some extra money?
  6. How far do you live?
  7. Would you send someone else in your place if you need an off on a working day?
  8. How do you commute?
  9. Will you be able to be back at short notice?
  10. Do you do any part-time job?

Daily Routine And Schedule Questions To Ask Potential Nanny

  1. What is your daily schedule?
  2. Do you have kids?
  3. What will be the arrangement like if I deliver earlier or later?
  4. Do you need to take a nap in the afternoon?
  5. What time do you get up in the morning?
  6. How often do you go for a medical checkup?
  7. What responsibilities do you need to handle for your family?
  8. Are you allergic to anything?

General Confinement Nanny Interview Questions To Ask

  1. Please briefly introduce yourself.
  2. What motivated you to become a nanny/ Choose this profession as your job?
  3. What is that one thing which you think will force you to leave this career, as a whole?
  4. Why did you leave the previous job?
  5. In what ways do you deal with the specific problems related to your field?
  6. What do you think are your weaknesses?
  7. What is the notice period that you need before joining us, just in case we hire you?
  8. Do you need a live-in arrangement?
  9. What is the best part of the job?
  10. What are your expectations for us?

Questions To Know About Their Infant Experience

  1. How much experience do you have as a confinement nanny?
  2. Do you know how to bath a baby?
  3. How do you handle and take care of a baby?
  4. What type of household chores do you carry out?
  5. Do you know what herbs are beneficial for the confinement period?
  6. What is your opinion about taking the infant to a park or a program nearby?
  7. How do you comfort a crying baby?
  8. Do you have first-aid training?
  9. Do you prefer occasional overnight stays with the infant?
  10. How would you take care of a sick infant?
  11. Will you be able to sing lullabies?
  12. Do you know how to change the diaper of a baby?

Other Questions Regarding Confinement Care

  1. Are you willing to take care of my baby at night?
  2. Do you know how to cook food for a baby?
  3. What advice do you give for breastfeeding?
  4. Do you know how to stop colic, spit-up or burping in a baby?
  5. What food do you cook for the confinement period?
  6. Do you know how to help a baby to latch?
  7. Do you offer post-natal massages as part of your service?
  8. Will you be able to handle the umbilical cord?
  9. Are you able to guide me on bathing and feeding the baby, as well as changing nappies?

Final Words

We hope if you take care of the above guidelines while hiring a nanny for your child, you will be able to hire the right candidate. Make sure to spare the time and effort needed to plan for hiring a nanny who could take care of your kids and make your child’s and your experience worthwhile.