How To Hire Piano Movers in Singapore

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If you own a piano and want to move it from one location to another, chances are you would hire a professional mover service to achieve this. A piano is a very delicate yet heavy instrument that needs a lot of care to be moved.

Doing it yourself with the help of a few people may put the piano at risk of falling or bumping into something while moving. It can damage the piano irreparably, which is something you would not want.

When you hire professional movers to move your piano, certain factors affect the cost of moving. In the following sections, we will describe the process which professional movers adopt to move the piano, the factors that affect the pricing, and the average cost of moving a piano in Singapore.

Hire Professional Piano Movers

Piano Moving Process

What exactly happens when you hire professional piano movers to move your piano from one location to another? The first step of the process is the movers coming to your home to pick up the piano.

Number of Movers

2-6 movers may be required depending on the size of the piano and how it is moved. If the piano is a bigger and heavier one, it will need at least six movers to move it from the house into the truck. If the piano has to be moved through stairs, it will also require extra movers to ensure the piano’s safety.

Equipment Used

The movers come with their tools, which usually include slings, ramps, pads, and skids. They have experience in transporting such heavy and delicate instruments through special techniques and manoeuvre.

The piano is covered with blankets and padding to provide the required cushioning to prevent damage during the move. The keyboard is also locked or wrapped during this process. This ensures that the keys do not get damaged during transportation.

The movers also have specialised trucks with special equipment which provides maximum safety to the piano during transport. Although you can minimise the chances of damaging your piano when you hire professional piano movers, it is still not guaranteed.

You should have the mental preparation that even with the most professional piano movers, there is always a chance of some damage. In any case, your piano will require re-tuning once it is at the new location. This is because even the slightest shocks during transport will disrupt the strings causing it to get out-of-tune.

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The Move

After the movers lock the keyboard and add the required cushioning to the piano through pads, they will carefully move it from your home to the truck. Depending on what kind of pathway there is and if stairs are involved, this process can take a varying amount of time.

Once outside and near the truck, the piano will carefully be loaded into the truck. The piano is then fastened securely in the truck through special equipment to minimise shocks during travel. When the piano is appropriately secured, the truck will move on to the destination.

At the destination, the movers will unfasten the piano and unload it from the truck. Next, they will move the piano inside your house and place it in the designated room. They will also remove the blankets, padding, and locks. After tuning, the piano should sound just like before.

Engage a Piano Mover

Factors That Affect The Piano Moving Costs

The factors that affect the cost of moving a piano are discussed below:


If the move involves taking a staircase, it will increase the cost of moving. Usually, there is a fixed rate per step and cost increases based on the number of steps the movers have to go up and down.

Types of Equipment Used

The types of equipment that are used by the movers also incur an extra cost. Depending on whether a dolly, hump strap, locking belt, skid board, protective pads and blankets, hoist, crane, or packing tape is used, the cost of the piano move changes.

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Type of Packing and Cushioning Used

If you require special packing or if the piano needs to be dismantled and put back together, it will add to the cost of the piano move.


Many piano movers offer free insurance for moving the piano. However, in the cases of very costly pianos, some piano movers may incur extra insurance costs depending on the piano’s worth.

Urgent Move Fees

If you require the piano move to be done urgently, you will incur extra cost over and above the actual piano moving charges. Similarly, if you book a date for the piano to be moved and reschedule it to a later date, you may incur extra costs for rescheduling.

Additional Services

Piano movers offer certain additional services. If you wish to opt for them, it will increase the piano move cost. These services might include:

  • Piano tuning after transportation
  • Humidity and weather control during transportation
  • Additional items to be transported with the piano
  • Storage area for piano before the moving day

Hire a Storage Space Company

Average Cost Of Piano Movers

When you look at the different piano movers in Singapore, you will notice varying prices. This difference is affected by the credibility, experience, and reviews of the movers.

When you want to select a particular mover to move your piano, it is always a good idea to choose the one with the best reviews.

Depending on your budget and the worth of your piano, select the movers who will ensure proper safety and transportation of your instrument.

Here, we will describe some of the average costs of piano movers in Singapore depending on the type of piano and other factors.

  • The average cost of moving an upright piano starts from $110.
  • A baby piano move costs $280 on average
  • The average price of moving a digital piano is roughly $80.
  • For a middle-size grand piano, the average cost is $550.
  • For a large-size grand piano, the average moving cost is around $1300.
  • If stairs are involved, the price goes up in correspondence with the type of piano being moved. The price will increase an average of $250 per floor or staircase.
  • The average cost of moving the piano from one room of the house to another is roughly $70.
  • The average price of tuning an upright piano is $70 – $80, whereas the average tuning cost of a grand piano is approximate $110 – $150.


Hiring professional piano movers to transport your piano from one location to the other is always the right choice. They have experience in handling such equipment, thus reducing the chances of any damage.

The guidelines above will help you in choosing the right service for moving your piano. They will also help you in determining the average cost of the move from the source to the destination.

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