House Movers – Commonly Asked Questions

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In this FAQ list, we cover over a dozen of commonly-asked questions about hiring the right House Movers.

Along with the questions, here is a full house moving cost guide that will help in your moving. This guide includes information about questions to ask before engaging a mover.

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General House Moving Questions

What service do moving companies provide?

Before your home moving day, moving professionals will prepare in advance by assessing your household in-person or via a call/photos. This will allow a moving company to give you a better estimate of the total cost, factoring in the distance of your relocation.

On a moving day, home moving professionals are responsible for transporting your belongings from your old house to your new home. They will organise all your boxes and furniture to load them safely into the moving truck.

Depending on whether you have fragile items such as a piano, the company will bring the necessary items to protect these items.

A quality moving service will also keep an inventory of all your goods in case anything gets lost or damaged. They will load your items into the truck and are responsible for ensuring that your belongings arrive safely and on time at your destination.

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After arriving at your new home, your professional mover will unload your boxes and furniture into the right rooms. If you have booked a complete unpacking service, the moving professionals will unload and unpack your boxes for you.

Last but not least, moving companies will collect their payment and have you sign the appropriate documents to certify that all your belongings have arrived at your new home safely.

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Is it illegal to dispose of unwanted furniture after home moving?

Yes. It is illegal to dispose of unwanted furniture outside your home or below the HDB. You can engage a furniture disposal specialist to help you dispose of your leftover furniture.

Do I need to pay a deposit? Why do I need to pay?

Most, if not all, moving companies require a deposit. The companies will deduct the deposit from the total moving cost after they complete the move.

Do movers provide cartons and packing materials?

This depends on the moving company. Most moving companies will provide cartons and other packing materials like bubble wrap, newsprint, and tapes. However, you will usually have to pay.

It is best to clarify with the moving company regarding this question.

What is involved in the whole process of the removal service?

  1. Customers fix an appointment with a professional
  2. Movers will send their surveyor down to assess and give a quotation
  3. Customers satisfied with the quotation will confirm with the selected company.
  4. The customer pays a deposit first.
  5. The moving company will acknowledge and activate the job, sending their staff on the date of removal.
  6. Full payment is made once the job is completed.

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What items should I pack into boxes?

We recommend you pack anything small enough to fit into the boxes provided unless it’s your valuables or items above more than 25kg.

What if my boxes are very heavy? What is the limit?

We recommend the box to weigh no more than 25kg each.

Can I pack my valuables into the boxes?

We recommend you transport any valuables yourself as most movers are not liable for any loss of valuables in the process of moving.

Is there a rebate upon returning the carton boxes once the job ends?

Usually not. However, you can sell it at second-hand marketplaces like Carousell.

How do moving companies set prices on services?

We refer you to look at our cost guide for greater details on how movers price their services. You can find more on how to hire cheap moving services in this article.

Will my furniture get dirty when moving?

Most moving companies will provide a wide range of protective materials to prevent your items from dust and damages. For example, professional piano movers will know the things to look out for fragile or heavy furniture.

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What happens if the mover’s truck cannot reach your residential properties?

It is dependent on the situation. Most moving companies have a smaller vehicle for ferrying the items. There may be additional charges for shuttling services; it is useful to check with the moving company that you engaged.

How long is the advance notice required?

At Homees, our policy is to notify at least one day in advance. However, sometimes, depending on the schedule of our network of moving companies, you can schedule a few hours in advance.

Most companies allow one day in advance as well, subject to availability. It is recommended to notify the moving company two weeks in advance so that there is more lead time to schedule the best timing for both the moving professional and the customer.

What should I do on the schedule/moving day?

On moving day, it is best to have your belongings packed accordingly in the carton boxes. This will considerably smoother the process and save time and effort.

We strongly advise you to move highly valuable items yourself (within your means, of course) and notify the movers of the more fragile items.

What will happen if I change my date of removal?

It depends on the house moving company. However, to avoid cancellation or postponement charges, it is generally recommended to give at least seven days of notice to change your confirmed date of the move. Kindly clarify this with your moving company.

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Can I change or cancel my bookings?

It depends on the moving company. Most movers allow you to cancel or amend your booking up to 24 hours before the scheduled moving date/time. The company may forfeit your deposit if you cancel or amend the booking with less than 24 hour’s notice.

What if the quantity of boxes I’ve ordered is insufficient?

Should you realise that the carton boxes ordered are not enough, you should notify your moving company immediately for the delivery of additional carton boxes.

Questions to ask prospective moving companies

In this section, we cover a list of questions to ask the moving companies to ensure your moving experience will be as smooth as possible. In a previous article, we’ve shared a simple checklist for choosing the right movers in Singapore.

Is the moving company properly licensed?

Hiring a moving company without investigating the license may get you into trouble as many rogue movers in Singapore can make you a victim of moving scams. Ask these professional interstate movers for their registration number and license or any other applicable certificates.

Do the movers have enough experience in your specific type of move?

There are four main kinds of moving:

  • Local movers
  • Interstate movers
  • Long-distance movers
  • Commercial movers

Clarify with the professional before hiring to check for their years of experience in the various moving jobs. In the event of relocation, we do have international relocation specialists who can fulfil your relocation needs.

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Is the moving company insured and bonded?

To ensure the job is completed to your satisfaction, it is essential to clarify with the companies if they provide full value protection that makes the mover liable for the replacement value of any damaged or missing item.

Are they subcontracting the work or doing the work themselves?

You should ask about the entire process in advance to figure out whether they are subcontracting their work. If this is true for the company that you are hiring, ask for the subcontractor’s name and a complete list.

Does the mover provide cartons and packing materials?

This depends on the company. Most companies will provide cartons and other packing materials like bubble pack, newsprint, and tapes. However, you will usually have to pay.

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Does the moving professional do weekends?

It depends on individual movers, but most movers do work weekends.

Are there additional charges for Saturday or Sunday moves?

It depends on the individual professional/company. Some may require a surcharge on Sundays and public holidays. Others may quote the surcharge depending on the volume of work.

What are the payment options available?

The following payment methods are common in Singapore:

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Bank transfer
  • Secure online payment, such as Paypal or DBS PayLah!

What is the payment schedule?

Most moving companies expect a deposit (usually around 20%, depending on the mover) upon confirmation of the booking or delivery of packing materials. They will collect the remaining payment on the moving day itself.

Does moving prices include GST?

Some movers may be GST-paying companies. It is useful to clarify this with your movers.

Do I have to apply for the permit myself if I stay in a condominium?

Most movers can help you apply and may even place moving deposits on your behalf.

Do you provide assembling and dismantling functions?

Most moving professionals do provide dismantling and assembling of general furniture. However, do clarify this with your mover as they may have different policies and rules in assembling and dismantling furniture.

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What happens if my items do not fit in the vehicle I ordered?

Most movers will advise having their lorry come for a subsequent trip, and charge you on a per-trip basis.

Will the mover ensure fragile items are properly packed?

Most professionals will use different protective materials such as bubble wrap, newsprint paper or packing foam to pack your items.

Other common FAQS to ask moving professionals

  1. What is the size of the carton boxes provided? Depends, it varies from mover to mover
  2.  What is the size of the lorry, and does it have a tailgate? Some professionals may have a select few lorries, and others have bigger ones. Lorries typically range from 10ft to 24 ft.
  3. Are the movers skilled/qualified? Most professionals are experienced and qualified, but it can be helpful to check with your professional on their experience and qualifications (if any).
  4. Is there any additional charge for multiple drop-offs/pickups? This will vary between different professionals, and we advise you to ask the movers personally.
  5. What happens if my items are damaged/lost in transit? This will vary between different movers. Some professionals may be able to provide a money-back guarantee, while others don’t. This is an important area to clarify with your movers before engaging them.

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Site survey and quotation

Do I need an estimate or a quotation for home moving?

Most professionals prefer to make an appointment with you to assess your home. This way, they can determine the volume of items to be transported.

These site surveys help professionals determine various factors (highlighted above) affecting the price, such as ease of parking, handymen needed, etc.

For international relocation services, you should contact the relocation services to confirm the details and charges of the service.

Is it chargeable for having a site survey?

It depends on individual professionals. Most moving professionals in Singapore do not charge for a site survey.

How long will it take for a surveyor/relocation consultant to finish assessing my house?

Most site surveys take between 15-45 minutes to assess and evaluate your specific needs.

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Is the moving quotation free?

Most professional movers in Singapore offer free quotations.

What can I expect when the site surveyor comes to my house for a quotation?

During the on-site inspection, a site surveyor may visit your home and estimate the total volume of your belongings that you will be moving. They’ll also discuss move details such as moving dates, required services, etc. and address any query you may have.

After finishing the site assessment, when will I receive my quotation?

It usually takes about 1-2 days for the quotation.

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Can I get an estimate or a quote over the phone or email for home moving?

Most moving companies can give a rough estimate over the phone. However, as most homes have many items and details which could complicate the process, it is best for moving professionals to contact you and assess the location.

Packing and unpacking

Does the company provide international packing services?

If you are looking for relocation services, it is best to ask the professionals directly as not all of them offer international relocation services.

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Can the moving professional pack valuable items for you?

Yes, and it will be useful to highlight the boxes containing valuable/fragile items.

However, we strongly recommend you pack and transport your valuables yourself as the professionals will not hold any liability for missing valuables.

What happens to the packing materials after unpacking?

Most movers will clear all unwanted debris after unpacking all your belongings. However, please clarify with the professional to ensure they provide this service.

Does the mover reinstate your apartment?

It is best to clarify if your professional provides this service.

Will there be any hidden costs?

Most moving professionals are upfront and truthful about hidden charges.

However, always clarify and confirm with them if there are any hidden moving charges.

Most of the time, hidden charges occur only when additional items are not accounted for during the survey or over the phone/email quote. Most professionals will gladly help and do not charge you extra if the items are small and negligible.

Does the company provide storage services?

Some professionals may be able to assist you in storage services. Do clarify with the representative of the company.

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Handyman services

Does the mover provide handyman services?

Some professionals may provide, if not have partners who can provide additional handyman services. They may offer additional handyman work such as:

  1.  Renovation services
  2. TV mounting and dismounting
  3. Installation/dismantling of lighting
  4.  Electrical services

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