How To Properly Manage Your Maid After You Hire One

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Are you looking for a maid again? This may be the third or fourth time when you are looking for a maid in a month or year.

Tired of dealing with a new maid every time? Wondering why they leave after pay-day?

Well, you know what; you need some honest advice about how to manage your maid.

Most of the folks create a vision of relaxing in an armchair while listening to the music and sipping coffee after hiring a maid.

But the reality is far different. Hiring a maid is not just the end of the story; you still have the task to manage the stranger whose task is to make your life easier.

Managing a maid is not an easy-breezy affair but not that difficult either when you know the way to do it right. Here is a complete guide to managing a maid efficiently. Let’s get started!

Hire a Maid

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Reasons Why Maids Leave

Lets’ first find out where you go wrong. Here are some most common reasons why maids run off the job.

Lack of time

Unavailability of time is one of the most significant reasons for a maid to vanish. If they already have so many jobs, then maybe you are not that important to them. They may agree to do your job for the sake of money and soon plan to leave once they realise that it’s not working for them.

She does not like your attitude

Well, this is true. They are free to choose who they want to work for. If they don’t like your attitude, they will leave. After all, no one will ever like to work for a horrible boss.

They may not agree to work in such a stressful and exhausting environment. Have you ever exasperated your maid with mean remarks or micromanagement?

If yes, this may be the reason why she left your work. Imagine how hard it is to face a traumatic situation every day. Avoid overworking your maid and inappropriate attitude if you want to retain your maid. 

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Family issue

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Maids can have their personal problems and issues. Sometimes the family concern and circumstances can force a maid to leave their job. So, having a conversation about their family and figuring out if they are facing any emotional trauma can help them build trust in you.

She is not satisfied with the pay

Although she may have agreed to a fixed price while getting hired, sometimes she may look for rewards or extra benefit. Not having these benefits or bonus may disappoint her and make her leave work.

How To Manage Your Maid?

Now, as you know the reasons that might force a maid to leave your work, let’s get to the point that how you can manage a maid. Here are some useful tips for you.

Set reasonable expectations

First of all, think about your expectation of a maid before employing one. Mention these expectations and gauge the response while interviewing a maid.

Decide whether you need a full time or part-time nanny or maid.

Then list your expectations and pass them to your maid once she arrives. Choose the one who agrees to meet all of these expectations.

Explain if you have any particular needs such as house cleaning or taking care of your pets. Writing down the expectations will keep your maid reminded of what is expected of her.

But make sure the expectations you set are reasonable enough to fulfil for a maid.

Be considerate

Remember that your maid is not a machine or robot. She is a human being who needs enough rest to work.

As a good employer, you should consider her needs and let her sleep for at least 7 hours. Also, proper rest will help her to work well with an adequate amount of energy. So they must have a rest day each week.

Just like you, she also needs food and a proper diet, so make sure to provide her with enough food so that she can be healthy and perform her tasks well.

You can also think of a schedule with the chores she must do, and the times she could rest, eat or sleep.

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Respect the person as an individual

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Think for a second.

Isn’t it obvious to respect a person as an individual?

You need to understand that the maid is just like you with feelings and the physical capacity of working.

You must respect her time and should not treat her like a slave. It is general etiquette to show compassion for the times when someone falls ill no matter whether she is a maid or someone else.

You must provide her advance or a break if she needs it for recovering.

Have you ever smiled at your maid?

Even if you have a hectic schedule, you should at least show some etiquette. Taking a few seconds to ask about her life will not hamper your schedule.

Your little effort can make them feel heard, important and good about themselves. I’m not saying to chatter away but just to be polite.

Be firm, but polite

You need to speak up when something is not done appropriately. Otherwise, she will not know that you’re not satisfied.

But sometimes when your frustration peaks, your anger may build up and your attempt to be kind will only misfire.

She is not a mind reader to understand everything without any words. So, make her understand the work politely and don’t be vague with your instructions.

Fix the number of hours

Maid agencies usually charge depending on the working hours. So, whether you are hiring a full time or part-time maid, try to fix reasonable working hours for her.

As you’re paying for it, make things clear with the maid as well as the agency from which you are hiring. But that doesn’t mean you need to pile up too many extra tasks just to fill in the hours.

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Consistent feedback

Giving feedback is an excellent approach to let her know whether she has done an excellent job or not. Try to give feedback to her about the things you like her to improve.

But make sure it doesn’t sound like scolding and also praise and reward her for the good work. This will stimulate her to go the extra mile to do her work.

Incentives for good work

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Good work should be rewarded. A small amount of cash or an extra day off or something your maid may like can make her feel happy. Incentives are a great way to let her know that you appreciate her work.

Be courteous

Don’t lash out or scream at your maid when frustrated. You should treat her with courtesy. You should behave politely with your maid as she takes care of you and your family and keeps your home clean.

Moreover, the maid agency will be much more inclined to help you hire maids later if you are courteous. Also, the maid you will hire will be more cooperative as well if you behave well with her.

Don’t be over dependant

Have you ever seen a picture of a maid helping her female employer to tie shoelaces? This picture had gone viral online. This is something you must not do.

Although the maid is a domestic helper, they need not do such simple tasks. There are many things you should do on your own instead of bothering your maid every time. 

Final Words

Lastly, don’t ever abuse the maid. If you don’t like her, try to make her understand by having a gentle conversation with her. Physically or verbally abusing a maid can get you into trouble with the law. You may face severe penalties if convicted of abusing your maid.

Abusing or badmouthing is not the solution to your problem by the way. All it will do is just hamper your maid emotionally.

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