Where to Hire Your Maid? Indonesian, Filipino or Myanmar?


Choosing a maid can be nerve-wracking, especially when you don’t know where to hire your maid from. With the growing polarity of Filipino, Indonesian and Myanmar maid among the Singaporeans, the decision becomes even more puzzling.

Bringing a stranger to your home can be nerve-wracking. So, it is obvious to put some thoughts into it. After all, the maid will not be only responsible for the household chores but also for your family’s well-being.

If you are also struggling with the question “which country to hire your maid from,” here is a guide to help you out.

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Hiring an Indonesian maid

Excellent conversation skills and diligence are the hallmarks of an Indonesian maid. They are obedient to instruction and known for their hard work and excellent cooking skill.

You may need to teach them the ropes at the beginning, but they will soon groom into a valuable helper. Some may not be very fluent in English, but they are reliable and easy going.

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Cost of hiring an Indonesian maid

As per the Indonesian government rule, their maids must be paid at least $550 a month. Also, if your maid is coming from Indonesia, you may have to buy her a travel ticket. You will also need to pay for medical care expenses, the security bond, food costs, and so on.

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Indonesian requirements

If you are hiring an Indonesian maid, you need to follow specific procedures with Indonesian authorities as well as the Ministry of Manpower of Singapore.

Make sure to be aware of the cost involved in hiring and maintenance of a foreign domestic helper in Singapore. Look for an overseas worker card or KTKLN card that your maid must have to take up work abroad.

The downside of hiring an Indonesian maid

One drawback of hiring an Indonesian maid is their high cost that might compel people to think twice before engaging them.

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Hiring a Filipino Maid

Nearly 240,000 foreign domestic workers are working in Singapore, and a third of them are Filipino. Singaporeans favour Filipino maids for their skills and language abilities.

In general, Filipino maids are believed to speak better English than Myanmar or Indonesian maids. Also, Filipino maids can handle more challenging tasks and do not require as much training.

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Cost of hiring a Filipino maid

Filipino maid needs to be paid at least $570. However, the Ministry of Manpower requires employers to take out a $5,000 security bond, medical and personal accident insurance for their maids.

For Filipino maids, you will also need to pay a separate $7,000 bond, as per the Embassy of the Philippines.

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Philippines requirement

Make sure the Filipino maid you are hiring is registered with the embassy. This process should be done through an accredited agency.

Also, they must apply for an Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) that is issued by the Philippines government to ensure that its workers are adequately documented and protected.

The maid needs a work permit, passport, travel itinerary, proof of Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) membership, two-way ticket, embassy-verified employment contract and other relevant documentation to secure an OEC.

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The downside of hiring a Filipino maid

The major drawback of Filipino maids is that they cost more than the Indonesian and Myanmar maid. Also, some employers feel that they are more demanding and challenging to handle.

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Hiring Myanmar maid

Sweet nature and temperament make Myanmar maids a popular choice in Singapore. Although they may not be that good at English, they are fast learners.

They can tackle the household with minimal to no-fault, and they work hard to make a better life for themselves.

Another compelling reason to hire Myanmar maid is they work harder and are less demanding. Their right attitude and temperament is something that employers like the most about them.

Cost of hiring a Myanmar maid

The most significant benefit of hiring a maid from Myanmar is the low cost. Myanmar maid costs the least as compared to Filipino and Indonesian maids.

It will cost you up to $450 a month, which is almost 20% less than the other countries. So, hiring a Myanmar maid is a budget-friendly option for household help.

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Myanmar requirement

As per the rule set by the Myanmar government, Myanmar maids must receive a basic monthly salary of $430. Also, according to the Ministry of Manpower, if the maids choose to work on off-days, you need to pay the compensation rate that should at least be your maid’s daily wage. The highest pay that a Myanmar maid can receive is around $585.

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The downside of hiring a Myanmar maid

It becomes difficult for Myanmar maids to work in Singapore as they barely get any pay. They are often underage and may not have any training before arriving in Singapore. They usually converse in little to no English.

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Hiring a maid is one of the most significant decisions that require careful contemplation. Borrowing from the right maid agency can be a reliable way to minimise your hassle.

No matter which country you hire from, make sure they meet your needs. If cost is the most significant factor for you, Myanmar maids are the way to go. However, fluency in English and diligence make Filipino and Indonesian maid the right choice.

Ultimately, your preferences and expectations are what that matter. Apart from the country or region, it is also crucial to consider other factors such as past work experience, age and education level before coming to a decision on which maid to hire.

Lastly, familiarise yourselves with the regulations applicable to the maids as required by the government of Singapore and follow these carefully.

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