How To Move House On A Budget In Singapore

How to move house on a budget

Moving to another new home is a big part of your life and can be extremely stressful.

According to a source, moving is in the list of top 5 most stressful situations. If you are looking to move on a budget, this will be an added stress as moving is not a cheap affair.

Should you be looking for cost when hiring movers, you can check out our cost guide. While hiring a cheap mover may seem like a good idea, they sometimes do not offer the best service or can fulfil your requirements the most perfectly.

Without further ado, here are some tips that you can adopt when moving to cut your budget to the lowest.

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Don’t purchase boxes.

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A single box costs about $2.50 to $4 depending on what sizes you require. For a typical 3-room HDB flat, you will need about $60 – $100 worth of boxes. That amount is unnecessary and can be offset easily.

3 to 4 weeks before your move, set aside time to gather second-hand cardboard boxes from local businesses nearby, which will be discarded anyway. You can find out more about packing and moving supplies in our article here.

You can approach the nearby NTUC or convenient shop to ask whether they have unwanted boxes simply. Remember to check for the sturdiness of these boxes. Take note of boxes with sections in them such as liquor containers. Those will be helpful for your move too!

You can also ask your friends who have just moved for used boxes if they have just moved.

If you are unable to be collect sufficient free boxes, there are other alternatives available.

One, ask your potential moving company whether they provide resale of old boxes, whether they allow you to resell your used boxes after moving or whether they can include free tables in the moving package. Just ask them – you will be surprised at what they can help you with.

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Only buy the necessary packing materials.

Bubble Wrap, Corrugated Wrap, Stretch Wrap, Corner Protectors, Loose-fill, Packing Peanuts, Scissors, Tapes, Box Cutters, Markers and Labels. There are so many types of packing materials for any kinds of need. These packing materials are suitable to have, but not necessary.

While packing, you may encounter old clothes, towels, unwanted draperies and cushions. Do not throw them away. Use these unwanted items to replace the professional packing materials. Old clothes can be used to fill up gaps. Towels and draperies can be used to wrap bigger, fragile items.

There will be some packing materials you would need, such as stretch wrap for big furniture and electronics.

Hire Junk Removal Services

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Newspapers are a great alternative, as well. Keep your newspapers after using them. You can also get free newspapers at MRT stations. Make sure you read those newspapers before using and shredding them. However, the newsprint on the newspaper may stain your delicate items. Hence, refrain from using papers to wrap or stuff fragile items like antiques, glassware etc.

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Reduce the number of items during the move

When you are sorting and packing your items, there are bound to be items that you do not want. One way to move on a budget is to reduce the number of items in your move as much as possible.

It is difficult to throw our items once you see some value in them. You need to ask yourself:

  • When did I last use this item?
  • Will, I ever use it again?
  • Is it taking up too much space?

Try to be objective in deciding whether to throw or not. Don’t get sentimental.

Think objectively about whether you need that item. If you have electronics, furniture, appliances that are old and will be replaced very soon, do the change right now.

Eventually, you will discard these items, why not do it now and reduce your moving expenses. 

If you are moving highly fragile or expensive items, you may need to hire specialised movers such as piano movers.

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Sell your unwanted items to make money.

Once you have reduced your moving items, you may consider selling these items for more cash. This will help offset the amount required for moving.

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Sell your unwanted items to make money.

Once you have reduced your moving items, you may consider selling these items for more cash. This will help offset the amount required for moving.

If you have not used the item for years and don’t intend to use it anytime soon, it will best to exchange that item for more cash. A less cluttered home will result in a less cluttered mind. Learn to love and enjoy your new home.

Here are some avenues to sell your old items:

  • Carousell
  • Cash Converters
  • Swap and Buy SG
  • Duke’s Bazaars
  • Flea Markets by Fleawhere
  • Gumtree Singapore
  • ST Classifieds

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Engage a mover but pack by yourself

We would recommend you pack your items by yourself and only leave difficult packing tasks to the professionals. Difficult packing tasks include dismantling of beds, mirrors, cupboards etc.

It would be best to leave the transportation, loading and unloading to the professionals. If you look at our cost guide, the price of a truck is about $60 – 100 per hour, including a driver.

A full service moving company charges about $180 per hour for full fledge moving service. The usual time required for moving a three-room HDB flat is about 3 hours by a professional.

If you are only renting a driver and vehicle, then you might have some troubles in dismantling particular furniture. Furthermore, you may end up spending more time and causing unnecessary damage to the car.

Hence, it is best to opt for a reliable moving company that offers an hourly rate. Help them as much during the moving process and cut down the number of hours in the moving. Try to reduce the hourly rate by opting for the separate purchase of packing materials.

However, if you want to cut even more cost, find family and friends to help you out and opt for vehicle renting with driver. Make sure to read up on the vehicle load weight, dimensions and dismantling of various furniture.

If you are afraid of a sudden increase in price or unexpected increase in hours, then opt for flat-rate pricing. This ensures that your rate is locked in and your move is worry-free.

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Engage during office hours and non-peak hours

Most movers charge much more after office hours, and they don’t include ERP charge in the final quote. So, try to engage a moving when ERP charges are at the lowest and during office hours.

Also, move during non-peak hours so that you don’t get stuck in traffic and pay unnecessary hourly charges!

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Get a few quotes

Ask a few movers for quotes. Most movers, according to industry standards, provide non-obligatory viewing of your house. Ensure that the quote covers all the necessary service and is made after a display.

Information like moving area, stairs, type of furniture to dismantle cannot be analysed over the phone.

If a quote is much lower than the rest, don’t be too happy too quick. Check whether the quote is binding or non-binding. Only accept binding quote which will not change unless you add more items to the list.

Check the professionals’ reviews to make sure they are trustworthy, and there are no unnecessary charges mentioned by past customers. You can view our movers’ directory and speak to any qualified professionals.

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