Do’s and Don’ts of Feature Walls

Feature walls provide great opportunities to experiment with textures, shapes, colours, and patterns and are becoming more common in Singapore HDBs. It allows you to experiment with different layouts and design options for your home, be it whether you are looking to build a TV feature wall, a marble feature wall or have your own unique feature wall design.

Feature walls can be high impact, but they do not always have to be. They can also be silent and low-key. At their base, they are walls. Walls are meant to direct the flow of traffic by dividing up the house, and feature walls do what walls can do, but more, – attract and direct attention.

Sometimes a subtle pattern can just be enough to inject a sufficient amount of interest into a room.

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Do’s and Don’t of Feature Walls

The walls of your houses should not only be an area for design and display, but an aspect of your house to shows its character and its owners’ personality. Display walls are a good way to showcase the individuality of your home.

Ultimately, as far as interior design rules go, you want to showcase your wall, and not allow it to overwhelm the space. A Scandinavian TV feature wall might catch someone’s attention but would stick out like a sore thumb in a home with a Chinese oriental design.

Similarly, a greener and lighter tone house design might appreciate a wooden feature wall as opposed to a marble feature wall.


  • Complementary colours are a good tool to use. The colours and patterns that you choose should complement each other and the rest of the room. The term ‘Read the Room’ has never been so accurate and literal.  Bright and bold colour and draw attention to the room but can also steal the limelight from your other furniture or features.
  • Feature walls can be used to define a living space. An open concept room will have multiple layers and trickily defined areas. In such cases, a feature wall can do you good by reminding you of the tone and are of the house. This can be done in the form of highlighting the dining area with a painted feature wall or drawing attention away from the kitchen, and to the living room instead, with something like a TV feature wall.
  • Painting is an easy way to try out the idea of a feature wall without committing to too much construction, renovation and moving. Paint is also very affordable, throwing a lifeline to your tight and shrinking budget if you find yourself in such a position. There is also many possibilities, patterns and ideas you can create with paint. Artists or talented creators might find themselves enjoying the process even more if you opt for paint. It is also easy to redo and repaint if you find yourself to be a fickle-minded individual when it comes to feature wall designing.

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Do Nots

  • It is important to note that you should not select a wall at random for it to be a feature wall. Feature walls have some strict requirements to fulfil. For instance, the wall should be where the TV will end up being in the living room, allowing it to not only complement the TV’s function but also not dwindle in attraction while it competes with the TV for attraction. In an open setting with guests in the HDB, the eye will be drawn to the TV, which is why TV feature walls are such a popular option.
  • A smaller room would also be unlikely to benefit from a feature wall, due to its limited space. A small room with a feature wall might even feel smaller and messier due to the focus placed on the feature wall. The last thing you would want is for your feature wall to make the room and its inhabitants feel claustrophobic. Now that is top on the list for feature wall mistakes.
  • Rooms crowded with furniture should also be avoided for the same aforementioned reason. When there is too much ongoing in a small area or space, it spells chaos. A feature wall, in this realm, would only serve to highlight the chaos instead of calm it. A feature wall is like a speaker or Captain America’s super-soldier serum. It amplifies what’s already there. And you would not want chaos to further breed, or in this case, feature chaos.
  • Do not be limited in your creativity and thinking. Wallpaper or painted walls are some, but not your only options. Marble feature walls, wood feature walls are common feature wall ideas in many Singapore homes. Artificial grass and tiling can also be included on your feature wall.

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Being practical is also important. It is easy to forget that feature walls can have added features or practical use that complements your home design. A feature wall can give you a location and reason to mount your TV to the wall, saving you space and the need for a table or bench.

It can also help you decorate your living room with more residential furniture as you fill up its shelves with decorative objects. This can be a big help to young Singaporean couples who are moving into smaller-sized HDBs.

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Ultimately, as any designer would say, your interior should represent the things you love. A bold wall sporting a vibrant print may be off-putting if you are accustomed to minimalist interiors, while neutral schemes might seem dull to people who prefer maximalist styles. It is important to consider these things in your decision-making process, to allow your feature wall to create an emotional feeling.

It is your creation. It is meant to highlight the beauty of your home. Contact your local feature wall contractor now to get started on your home project. You can check out the cost of hiring professionals for other aspects of your home improvement project.

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