Ultimate Packing and Moving Supplies Checklist

SGHomeneeds Home moving checklist

Having sufficient moving supplies ready will definitely aid your packing and moving process. You do not want to face insufficient supplies or items that are not well protected and packed.

These supplies are not very expensive and you want to make sure you have them ready before you pack and move!

In this article, we will be going through the different types of packing essentials and some tips for saving time and money. At the end of the article, there will be a download link available for a handy, comprehensive checklist.

After you have downloaded the moving inventory checklist and read the full guide to moving, it is time to get your hands on some packing and moving supplies!

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Packing & Moving Supplies

Bubble Wrap, Corrugated Wrap, Stretch Wrap and Corner Protectors

Bubble wrap has sealed air pockets that cushions items and prevents breakage. This bubble wrap should be used for packing fragile items like electronic equipment, vase, antiques and glassware.

The corrugated wrap is a strong and reliable material that is highly shock-absorbing. You can use this wrap for table legs, chair legs, stands and cupboard legs to protect from breakage.

Stretch wrap is a very strong material. It feels like cling wrap, but a much stronger version. It is sticky such that it sticks only to itself and doesn’t leave any sticky residue behind.

You use this wrap if you want to keep things in places, such as curtain rods and electronics. You can also use it to wrap surfaces of the furniture to prevent scratches.

Use corner protectors for furniture or items with sharp edges. You do not want the edges to go blunt during moving or the edges to cause scratches around the house. Piano movers will almost certainly use it to protect the fragile and expensive pianos when moving from one location to another.

Money-Saving Tip: These wraps may be expensive and you may not use them more than once. Other than these wraps, you can gather newspapers for free and use them as an alternative. While packing, there may be items that you want to dispose of such as old clothing, towels and blankets. Use those items as an alternative.

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There are many different sizes of boxes available. Use the small boxes for heavy items such as books, electronics. You do not want to lug the heavy and bulky boxes around the house and during loading and unloading.

Use small boxes to store small and delicate items such as personal belongings, stationery, plates and bathroom accessories.

Big boxes should be used to store light and big items like blankets, clothes, curtains, pillows and socks.

Ensure that your boxes are not too heavy such that the items will collapse through the bottom of the box. Also, protect your lighter items by placing heavy items at the bottom of the box.

Try to ensure that you fill up all the gaps in the box to protect your materials. You can use fillers or strips of newspapers to fill the gaps up. This is so that it will be easy to stack the boxes and to ensure that they don’t collapse easily.

Use edge protectors for boxes with heavy items to retain their shape and strength.

Money-Saving Tip: Check the neighbourhood shops like NTUC, mama shop and convenience store. They usually have a large number of boxes ready to be thrown away. Ask for the boxes kindly. I am sure they will be happy to provide the boxes to you for free.

Furthermore, check if they have liquor boxes that are no longer in use. Those are perfect for protecting glassware or containing small and fragile items.

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Loose fills and Packing Peanuts

Use loose fills and packing peanuts to protect electronic products, music equipment or glassware. This absorbs shock, vibration and compression, and prevents the items from moving too much.

Money-Saving Tip: You can use recycled newspaper, unwanted towel, clothing etc. For newspapers, simply cut them up into strips and stuff them around the item.

Other tools – Scissors, Tapes, Box Cutters, Markers and Labels

Seal your boxes with durable tapes like shipping tape, duct tape or aluminium tape to keep the lids intact. Seal the sides of the boxes as well to act as an edge protector.

You can use masking tapes to label your boxes and items. You can label:

  • Fragile items as fragile
  • Boxes and items in sequence so that you know which to unpack first
  • Boxes and items in colours to differentiate the located area in the house
  • Important items as important so that you can keep track of them easily

Get a few scissors and box cutters that will help in packing and unpacking.

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Other accessories

Have a mat, floor pads or lay the floor with a cupboard if you are using a trolley. This is to prevent scratches and damages on the floor.

Gather a few trash bags to put items you want to get rid of during packing. Remember to purchase a glove if you are particular about the dust and dirt during packing.

For mattresses, you may want to purchase a protective cover to keep dust and debris away.

A trolley will also be handy to help in shifting the boxes around the house and during loading and unloading.

List of Must-have Items (Downloadable)

Here is a list of items that will help in your packing needs.

  • Boxes
    • Extra Small XS – 37cm x 38cm x 33cm
    • Small S – 40cm x 40cm x 35cm
    • Medium – 63cm by 35cm by 27cm height
    • Medium Long – 58cm by 42cm by 23cm
    • Large with handle holes – 55cm x 47cm x 42cm
    • XL (Superhard) – 57.5cm x 42.5cm x 52.5cm
    • Jumbo Hard – 59cm x 46cm x 55cm
    • Plastic bins
  • Tape – Duct tape (for taping boxes) and Masking tape (for labelling)
  • Scissors, penknife and box cutters
  • Coloured Markers
  • Bubblewrap
  • Newspapers
  • Trolley
  • Cupboard for floor protection
  • Trash bags
  • Broom (Tends to be dusty after moving in and moving out)

This checklist has the recommended quantity for a 3-room HDB flat. Depending on your moving size, you can customise the number and purchase them at the packing supply store.

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Where to buy supplies at a reasonable price

Online sites


Moving Essentials provide cartons, wrapping materials and accessories that are brand new and unused.

Delivery times and charges:

  • Orders are delivered from Monday to Friday, within 4 working days.
  • No delivery on Sundays and Public Holidays.
  • For Next Business Day Delivery: S$45.00
  • Saturday AM Delivery: S$65.00
  • Orders over S$200.00: FREE
  • Orders under S$200.00: S$50.00
  • All charges exclude ERP and parking permit fee. In case the delivery address is within the CBD area, these charges will apply and to be collected on the day of delivery.
  • If you place an order on Saturday or Sunday, the next business day is Tuesday.


  • Self-Collection at one of our warehouses in Jurong
  • Payment has to be made in advance before self-collection.
  • Self-collection service between 8:30 am -5:30 pm every Thursday is available.
  • Lunch break is 1.00 -2.00 pm. Upon receipt of full payment, we will provide Jurong’s warehouse address for self-collection.

Available payments: Internet Banking/ATM Funds Transfer from DBS bank accounts, cheques, cash or credit cards.


Buy Some Boxes provides cartons, wrapping materials and accessories that are brand new and unused.

Delivery times and charges:

  • Free delivery for orders above S$50
  • Orders under S$50: S$12
  • Our delivery hours are between 10 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday except for public holidays. There is no delivery on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday.
  • All orders are promptly delivered the next working day.

Offline store:

  • 194 Pandan Loop #07-08, Pantech Business Hub, Singapore 128383

Available payments: Credit card, PayPal or Cash on delivery


Cartonbox.sg provides cartons, wrapping materials and accessories that are brand new and unused. They also offer boxes that are only used once for sale.

Delivery times and charges:

  • There is an interactive time slot available on the checkout page. Usually, the items can be delivered the next day of ordering.
  • Orders booked after 6.30 pm will only be processed for delivery after 10 am the next working day.
  • Free delivery for orders above S$50
  • Orders under S$50: S$15

Offline Store:

  • Blk 1002 Toa Payoh Industrial Park, #01-1471 Singapore 319074
  • Walk-in purchase NOW for more assorted boxes not listed online.

Available payments: Credit card, PayPal

Your designated moving professional

Some of the professionals provide all these materials complimentary with their moving service. So, do ask them before purchasing anything by yourself. Ask them what items are provided and what are not provided.

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