Ultimate Singapore Mattress Buying Guide in 2024: Types, Prices & Brands

Buying the best mattress in Singapore comes with a fantastic night’s sleep and overall health. Many people in Singapore get confused, thinking that a good night is all about quantity. No, it’s about the quality of the mattress on your bed. This is where this detailed mattress buying guide comes in to help you choose the affordable mattress for your home use in 2024.

We at Homees understand there are many types, brands, and different prices vested on mattresses; thus, choosing the best and most affordable mattress in 2024 can feel like a puzzle. Don’t worry; this ultimate Singapore mattress cost guide is here to help you make an informed decision. We’ll discuss some of the best mattresses in Singapore, exploring their price range and brands to choose from.

Best Affordable Mattress in Singapore 2024-Their Pros and Cons

Did you know that choosing the best and most affordable mattress in Singapore goes beyond selecting a comfortable surface? Different types of mattresses cater to different sleep styles and budgets. If you want to know which mattress to buy in Singapore, this mattress buying guide is what you’re looking for.

Let’s dive into the best and most affordable mattress in Singapore that you need to know;

Innerspring Mattresses: The Traditional Choice

Look no further if you want a bouncy feel and personalized experience while sleeping. Innerspring mattresses provide you with the most fantastic bouncing feel you’re looking for in a mattress. Conversely, these types of mattresses depend on a coil spring system for support, and it is easy to control bed bugs in this type of bed mattress.

Additionally, they’re topped with layers of padding to offer comfort while you sleep. One thing that sets innerspring mattresses apart is their exceptional air circulation, thus enabling more relaxed sleep and comfort.


  • Provide strong support
  • It comes with fantastic air circulation
  • They are more comfortable compared to other types


  • It can wear out quickly due to the coil system/ can sag over time, leading to a decrease in support and comfort as time goes by

Memory Foam Mattresses: Conforming Comfort

There is no better mattress to buy in Singapore than a memory foam mattress, which can cradle, and weigh, thus reducing pressure points. Also, this property helps the mattress provide support where needed. And so you don’t need to worry about support when choosing the support mattress to buy this year. Memory foam mattresses are also the best.

Conversely, memory foam mattresses seem ideal for couples because they are designed for minimal motion transfer and are best for bedroom interior design.


  • Minimises partner motion transfer
  • Good noise isolation
  • Excellent pressure relief for pains and aches. However, if you are facing chronic back pain or spinal issue, it is advisable to look for a spine specialist.


  • Some may find them too soft.

The following table shows memory foam mattress brands, prices, and product names.

Brand Name 

Product Name


King Koil

Cool Radiance Mattress – Queen Size


Ashley Summers

Ashley Summers Memory Foam Mattress Topper – Queen Size



Providence Pocketed Spring Mattress – Queen Size


Four Star

Detense Articsilk Advance Aire Flex Aura Pocketed Spring Mattress


Latex Mattresses: Made from natural

No one would want to purchase a mattress that lasts only for a few days, weeks, or months. Many Singaporeans deem durability essential before buying a mattress. Therefore, if you’re looking for durability as your number one factor when selecting the best mattress in Singapore, a Latex mattress is what you’re looking for.

Latex mattresses are made from natural or synthetic rubber latex, making them durable compared to other types of mattresses. These mattresses are known for their elasticity, comfort, and eco-friendly features. You’re sure to have a cooling and hypoallergenic experience with Latex mattresses.


  • They are durable
  • Provide comfort
  • Designed with a natural cooling and hypoallergenic experience


  • It might be very costly
  • Some may find the bounce too firm when new

The following table shows latex mattress brands, prices, and product name

Brand Name 

Product Name


King Koil

TempRight Elite Latex Pillow Top Mattress – Queen Size


Ashley Summers

Ashley Summers Latex Mattress Topper – Queen Size



Full Latex Mattress



Supreme Care Signature Latex Mattress- Queen


Hybrid Mattresses: The Best of Both Worlds

Hybrid mattresses are the most suitable for a wide range of sleep preferences. It is designed with a blend of supportive coils of innerspring mattresses with the comfort layers of foam or latex, thus providing the best of both worlds of mattresses.

This unique design in hybrid mattresses comes with an unparalleled balance of comfort and support, which allows this type of mattress to cater to a wide array of sleeping preferences and body types.


  • Cater to a more comprehensive range of sleeping patterns
  • It may offer better edge support compared to all-foam options
  • Provide a balance of support and pressure relief


  • Generally, they are more expensive than other types of mattresses, such as the innerspring, bare foam mattresses
  • They are heavy, making them difficult to move

Airbeds: Adjustable Comfort on a Budget

Adjustable airbeds are the most unique types of mattresses one can buy in Singapore. Typically, airbeds give users complete control over the feel of their bed and firmness. Generally, by pumping air into or out of air chambers, airbeds allow sleepers to customize the bed to fit their unique needs.

The majority of the airbeds that are queen-sized or primarily large have split air chambers so that sleep partners can select the firmness they desire their mattresses to have. These mattresses are good options for guests or temporary use because they allow for adjustability to firmness preferences and can be easier to transport, thus maximising space in your bedroom.

Summary of the above types of mattresses

Mattress Type


Pressure Relief


Motion Transfer






Memory Foam







Very Good





Very Good








Now you know Singapore’s best and most affordable mattress this year. But how do you choose the best, especially when buying a mattress online? With myriads of online shops selling mattresses, placing your best order can be unclear.

The following table shows Airbed’s mattress prices, and product name

Product Name Price (SGD) Features
Bear Kids Inflatable Bed Set $89.90 Designed for kids, easy to inflate
Mid-Rise Comfort Air Mattress with Built-In USB Pump $109.90 Mid-rise, built-in USB pump for convenience
Ultra Plush Air Mattress with Built-In Electric Pump $179.90 Ultra plush, integrated electric pump
Comfort-Plush Air Mattress with Built-In Electric Pump $199.90 High comfort level, includes electric pump
Classic Downy Air Mattress $49.90 Classic design, cost-effective option

Here are some crucial factors to consider when buying a mattress online in 2024.

Check them out:

Best Factors When Buying a Mattress Online- Expert Opinions

Buying a mattress online might seem easy; you have your mattress just by pressing a button, right? There’s more to just browsing and placing your orders. The following are some of the points you need to consider before buying a mattress online in Singapore;

1.     Knowing Your Needs

Knowing the purpose and needs of the item you want to purchase is primarily one of the vital aspects you must deem fit before making a purchase. For instance, you’d want to ask yourself why you need the best mattress in Singapore.

The best mattresses are considered to provide seamless sleep. You’d want to order the cheapest mattress online in Singapore so that you can have a fantastic night with your spouse. Once you’ve identified your need, good manners dictate that as a sleeper, you may figure out your sleeping position to buy the best mattress.

According to Casper, 74% of the population is made up of side sleepers. Knowing your sleeping position, in general, will help you choose the best bed mattress. Additionally, your body type is one of the pertinent factors to list in your notebook when you want to find a good mattress.

Generally, your weight can influence how a mattress feels. Therefore, heavier individuals are advised to look for a firmer mattress for proper support. At the same time, the lighter fellows are recommended to have a softer option, which is more comfortable.

2.     Material

The mattress material you want to buy typically influences not only the comfort but also its support levels and the mattress’s longevity. When talking about mattress materials, here are some of the standard mattress materials to have a close look at;

  • Innerspring types of mattress material
  • Memory foam
  • Latex and
  • Hybrid types of mattress material, among others.

3.     Firmness

Typically, firmness is subjective and differs from one sleeper to another, mainly relying on individual body weight, comfort preference, and sleeping position. Therefore, a mattress that’s too firm is deemed not to offer adequate pressure relief. On the other hand, a soft mattress provides sufficient support.

Nowadays, several manufacturers prefer to design mattresses with adjustable firmness levels or multiple firmness options to help individuals decide on which type of mattress to buy.

4.     Trial Period

A trial period generally helps you to test the mattress you’ve purchased online for a specific period in your home. This is a critical aspect of buying your mattress online in Singapore. This period is often around 100 nights, designed to ensure you meet all your needs regarding support and comfort.

If the mattress doesn’t suit you, the option to return it for a full refund minimises your investment risk. This policy reflects manufacturers’ confidence in their products and their commitment to customer satisfaction.

The above factors are a must-have in the palm of your finger to find a good bed mattress. But how do you know which mattress brand to rely on in Singapore? Here is a list of the top mattress brands in Singapore you can always trust.

Read on to find out;

Top 4 Mattress Brands in Singapore You Must Choose In 2024

1.     Sterra

sterra mattress - mattress buying guide

Sterra mattress brand in Singapore has gain lots of trust and reputation for producing and delivering quality mattresses since it’s establishment. Similarly, this brand focuses on delivering quality sleep solution to its customers in Singapore and other regions. Therefore, if you’re looking for a mattress brand that prioritize customers satisfaction, Sterra is your go to brand.


  • Known for offering quality mattresses
  • They may incorporate the latest in sleep technology, such as memory foam, hybrid constructions, or cooling technologies that cater to different sleeping preferences and needs


  • High-quality mattresses can be expensive, making them out of reach for people with small budget

The following tables show different types of Sterra brand mattress and their prices

Brand Name 

Product Name



Sterra Snow™ Mattress


Sterra Cloud™ Mattress


Sterra Wave™ Mattress


Sterra Cove™ Mattress



2.     King Koil

king koil homepage

King Koil is one of the sought-after mattress brands in Singapore, and it has a knack for producing quality mattresses. They are designed to offer various mattress models that cater to different people’s needs. If you want a brand with various mattresses that fit your budget and sleeping styles, King Koil is what you’re looking for.

Additionally, their mattresses are popularly known for balancing support and comfort. And some come with innovative features, such as zoned coils that offer targeted support for different areas of the body.


  • The brand offers a variety of models
  • Their mattresses come with a good balance of support and comfort
  • Mattresses are designed with innovative features


  • It might be costly depending on the model

The following tables show different types of King Koil brand mattress and their prices.

Brand Name 

Product Name


King Koil

Richmond Queen Size Mattress


The Seasons Queen Size Mattress


Posture Saver Excelsior Single Size Mattress


3.     Dunlopillo

Dunlopillo homepage

Dunlopillo is another established mattress brand in Singapore renowned for its quality mattresses. Typically, Dunlopillo uses latex in its mattress construction. Latex mattresses provide excellent breathability and pressure, thus making Dunlopillo a good choice for those who long to sleep hot.

Conversely, this brand prioritises firmness as a feature to help different sleepers choose mattresses that suit their preferences and projects. Though these types of mattresses might be complex for an ordinary person to afford


  • The brand uses latex for cooling and pressure relief
  • It comes with different firmness options for sleepers to choose
  • It is known as an established brand


  • Mattresses from this brand can be quite costly

The following tables show different types of Dunlopillo brand mattress and their prices.

Brand Name 

Product Name



Luxebreeze Support Single Size Mattress


XtraFirm Plush Mattress


Thames Individual Pocket Spring Latex Mattress


Posturecare Max Mattress


4.     Four Star

four star homepage

Are you looking for a mattress brand that offers affordability and the best mattress in Singapore without breaking? Four Star comes in handy to provide individuals with the best mattress suitable for various sleeping needs.

The following tables show different types of Four-Star brand mattress and their prices.

Brand Name 

Product Name


Four Star

Cordial Single Size Mattress


Detense Active Queen Size Mattress


Chiro Retreat Queen Size Mattress


Posture Comfort Mattress


They likely offer various firmness options to suit different sleepers. However, the Four Star mattress brand is less famous compared to the other brands mentioned in this list.


  • Offers various firmness options
  • The brand offers good value for money


  • Four Star is not a famous brand

Here’s a comparison of the top 4 mattress brands in Singapore



Price Range

Material Used

Support Features


High trust and reputation for quality

Medium to high

Memory foam, hybrid constructions

Advanced sleep technology tailored for comfort and support

King Koil

Well-known for quality and variety

Medium to high

Varies, includes zoned coils

Good balance of support and comfort, targeted support with zoned coils


Renowned for quality, uses latex


Primarily latex for breathability

Different firmness options, focuses on pressure relief

Four Star

Less well-known but offers good value


likely standard materials

Various firmness options, generally good support

5. Seahorse Mattress

Seahorse mattress homepage

Seahorse is a well-known brand in Singapore, popular for its affordability and reliability. The mattresses are known for their firm support and durability, making them a common choice in many Singaporean households.

Seahorse mattresses are particularly favoured for their firm support, ideal for those requiring extra back support or prefer a firmer sleeping surface. The mattresses come in various types, including foam, spring, and orthopaedic options, ensuring something for everyone.


  • Affordable price
  • Good for back support
  • Durable materials


  • Limited range of softness/comfort options
  • Basic design
Product Name Price (SGD) Features Warranty Size (cm)
Seahorse Healthy Mattress $299 Firm support, high-density foam 5 years 190 x 90 x 20
Seahorse Quartz Mattress $399 Medium firmness, durable 5 years 190 x 150 x 20
Seahorse Foam Mattress $199 Lightweight, easy handling, foldable 5 years 190 x 90 x 15
Seahorse Crystal Foam Mattress $599 Enhanced comfort, high resilience 10 years 190 x 180 x 22
Seahorse Diamond Mattress $899 Superior support, memory foam layer 10 years 190 x 180 x 25

Final Thoughts

Choosing Singapore’s best and most affordable mattress can be challenging. If you want to find the cheapest mattress in Singapore, this mattress shopping guide has provided vast knowledge about the types of mattresses, their prices, and mattress brands in Singapore.

Now, it is time to prioritize your sleep health and invest in the best mattresses in Singapore for your bed. Remember, a quality mattress isn’t an expense; it’s an investment in countless nights of restful sleep, renewed energy, and a happier, healthier you.


How to clean a mattress?

You can vacuum the mattress to remove dust and debris. You can also sprinkle baking soda over the mattress to neutralize the odors and vacuum it again after a few hours. 

Additionally, consider using the mattress protector to prevent spills and stains. 

Can a mattress be too firm?

Yes, a mattress can be too firm for some people, leading to discomfort and pressure points. Choosing a mattress with the right balance of support and comfort for your body type and sleeping preferences.

Are coil mattresses bad for health?

Coil mattresses can be comfortable for some people but may not be the same for others. 

They are completely safe and health-risk-free for human contact. However, depending on each individual’s preferences and health conditions, they might not be suitable for everyone. 

Can I feel the spring through the mattress?

If your mattress is old or of poor quality then you may feel the spinks through the surface. This result in poor sleep quality and discomfort. Thus, investing in high-quality mattress can solve this issue. 

For guidance, please visit Homees and ask for a consultant. 

Can HDB lift fit a king-size mattress?

The dimensions of HDB lifts may vary, but it may be difficult to fit a king-size mattress into a standard HDB lift. Measuring the dimensions of the lift and the mattress is advisable to ensure it can be transported safely.

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