Washing Machine Costs in Singapore: Your Definitive Guide in 2024

Are you tired of having stained clothes and looking for an alternative to help you with home laundry? A washing machine is the only machine you can think of to mitigate such a burden in your washing practices. However, with so many washing machines in the marketplace, choosing the best washing machine in Singapore might be demanding, especially if you’re a beginner. So, let’s take a look at our washing machine cost guide together!

As buyers, making informed decisions about such a noteworthy investment is the most crucial step you can take. So, we have compiled this ultimate washing machine guide to help you familiarize yourself with all the intricacies needed to choose the cheapest washing machine in Singapore. By equipping yourself with the necessary information and knowledge about washing machines, you can choose the perfect one that matches your needs and budget.

So, what are you waiting for?

Here is a comprehensive guide that will help you choose the cheapest washing machine without breaking your bank account.




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Different Types of Washing Machines in Singapore-An Overview

If you want to purchase the best washing machine in Singapore, understanding the different types of washing machines will help you make an informed decision. With this knowledge, choosing a washing machine based on your needs and budget will be accessible without struggling.

Below, we expand on these types, including the top-load, front-load, and combo washing machine.

1.     Top-Load Washing Machines

Top-load washing machines are traditional machines where clothes are loaded from the top. Typically, they don’t need to bend over to load or unload the clothes when washing occurs.


  • Generally, they are less expensive than front-loaders.
  • They are easy to use.
  • It is convenient to load and unload without bending over.
  • Often have shorter cycle times.


  • Maybe rougher on clothes due to the agitator.

The table below shows different brands of laundry machines and their respective prices for Top-Load Washing machines.

Brand Name

Product Name























2.     Front-Load Washing Machines

Conversely, the front-load washing machine loads clothes from the front of the machine. After this, the machine tumbles clothes through a small amount of water.


  • Comes with higher energy and water efficiency.
  • Better cleaning performance with less wear on clothes.
  • Often have a larger capacity in a similar footprint.


  • It might need bending to load and unload.

The table below shows different brands of laundry machines and their respective prices for Front-Load Washing machines.

Brand Name

Product Name























3.     Combo Washer-Dryer Units

Do you need a washing machine that is perfect for those with less laundry space? If yes, then a combo washer is what you’re looking for. Generally, combo units combine washing and drying in a single appliance, making them ideal for those with limited space and no separate laundry area.


  • Space-saving with no need for a separate dryer.
  • Convenient to wash and dry laundry in one go.
  • Ideal for apartments and homes without a dedicated laundry area.


  • It is more expensive than purchasing separate units.
  • Drying can take longer than standalone dryers.

The table below shows different brands of laundry machines and their respective prices for Combo washer-dryer machines.

Brand Name

Product Name




















The above are the different types of washing machines, plus their respective brands and prices. From the tables above, it’s clear each brand comes with its set of prices for a particular type of washing machine. After understanding their different genres and brands, how do you choose the best washing machine for your project?

The following are some pain points to remember when selecting the cheapest washing machine in 2024. Read on to find out where you messed up last time and ended up with a laundry machine that was contrary to your expectations.

Best Factors That Influence Washing Machine Costs

Getting the perfect fit for your home can be overwhelming in the massive realm of washing machines. And so you’d want to consider some pointers before deciding which machine is best for your needs. Below are the detailed points that will always influence the cost and choice of your washing machine.

1.     Space

Before you dive into washing machine features, take a moment and calculate your available space. Measure the delegated area where you’ll place your washing machine; consider width and depth. This should be the initial step to ensure that your chosen appliance smoothly suits your home without any constraints.

Typically, an innovative solution will always come into play in a squeezed dry space. For that reason, it will be prudent to choose a 2-in-1 laundry washer for such limited spaces. Additionally, if you prefer a conventional washing machine, that can work. In both cases, it’s essential to allot at least 20 cm of space at the back of the unit for water hookups. Always be mindful of the size of your appliance that can comfortably pass through your doors.

2.     The Capacity Of the Washing Machine

After you’ve considered the type of your washing machine, the next most important factor is to evaluate its capacity. Typically, capacity is measured in kilograms. And so, the size of your washing machine will determine the amount of laundry it can process in a single cycle.

Even though a giant drum may seem alluring for its ability to accommodate more laundry, it’s crucial to consider the pros and cons. Generally, a big drum, suggesting a higher capacity, can undeniably process more significant loads.

However, it is costly as it consumes high energy and water, which may throw higher upfront and running costs. Balancing between capacity and efficiency is crucial to making a well-informed decision.

Investigate the fabrics you always wash to help in this decision-making process. Oversized washers can handle heavyweight fabrics like quilts and curtains. To aid you more in calculating the fitting volume for your needs, check out a simple chart below.

Household Size

Recommended Washing Machine Capacity

1-2 People


73 people


4-5 People


Larger Households


3.     The Type of The Washing Machine

So, after you’ve determined the size and capacity of your washing machine, the decision-making process picks up again with the selection between front-load and top-load machines. All of these options come with their own set of benefits and downsides, making it very important to be familiar with their fundamentals:

As discussed above, we have different types of washing machines: top-load, combined, and front-load. You can choose either of your choices based on your needs and budget.

4.     Water Efficiency

An essential feature to highlight is water efficiency. In Singapore, all washing machines must have a PUB water efficiency rating publicly displayed on a large sticker at the front of the product.

Although these machines are expensive, a four-tick rating is considered the highest for water saving. Choosing a unit with at least three ticks may offer a more cost-effective solution.

Below is a detailed breakdown of the distinctions in PUB ratings:

Number of ticks

Wash volume (l/kg)

Saved water (l/avg 7 kg wash)

✔ ✔

9.0 < w ≤ 11.0


✔ ✔ ✔

11.0 < w ≤ 13.0


✔ ✔ ✔ ✔

13.0 < w


PUB stands for Public Utilities Board; it is a statutory board that controls the water supply in Singapore. The PUB water efficacy rating is a technique that labels washing machines founded on their water efficiency.

The more ticks a washing machine has, the more water-efficient it is. As you can observe from the table above, a washing machine that has four ticks can save up to 52.5 liters of water per wash compared to a washing machine that has two ticks.

5.     Wash Settings

Although selecting the top-rated washing machine in Singapore may look like the primary focus, paying attention to the importance of wash settings could mean ignoring valuable features, especially if you have a varied wardrobe; most modern designs offer short and full-length washing programs, including delicate cycles.

While typical settings are standard across different brands and models, some unique features stand out. Take into account the LG Direct Drive technology, for example. LG models with this feature let the drum move in various directions, improving the unit’s overall efficiency.

6.     Spin Cycle and Fuzzy Logic

The spin cycle, represented by revolutions per minute (RPM), is essential in drying a washing machine. Higher RPM ratings show better clothes drying abilities. Fine-tuning the RPM based on the kind of clothes that are being washed allows for optimal results.

Conversely, in a dynamic world where everything is moving fast, time is of the essence, and sailing through many wash settings might differ from everyone’s choice. Luckily, newer and advanced washer designs have a “fuzzy logic” feature that automates the selection of wash settings, detergent amounts, and much more. This intuitive system weighs the laundry and makes informed decisions, modernizing the washing process.

The Top 8 Washing Machine Brands in Singapore You Must Know

From our detailed research and working with over 100 washing machine brands, we have compiled a list of the top washing brands to the least. This vetted opinion narrows down to the unique specifications each brand has included in their washing machine.

Therefore, you can always choose the following washing machine brands for your washing needs.

1.     Samsung

Samsung is one of the popular brands known for producing premium washing machines in Singapore. This brand was founded in 1938 in South Korea. Ever since, Samsung has been known globally for offering washing machines with smart technology like Wi-Fi connectivity and AI inclusion.

Price Range: S$377 – S$1,817

Key Features

  • Capacity: Ranges from 7.5kg to 21kg.
  • AI Control: Automates cycle selection based on load characteristics.
  • QuickDrive™: Reduces cycle time by up to 50% without compromising cleanliness.
  • AddWash™: Allows adding clothes mid-cycle through a small door.
  • Hygiene Steam: Deeply sanitizes fabrics, eliminating allergens and bacteria.
  • Auto Dispense: Automatically dispenses detergent based on load weight.
  • Warranty: 15 years


  • Inclusion of smart technology in their machines
  • Have sleek designs
  • They are energy-efficient


  • Quite expensive
  • It repairs parts that might be costly as well.

2.     Toshiba

Toshiba, a well-known washing machine brand in Singapore, was established in 1875 in Japan. Washing machines from Toshiba are known for their durability and come with different models to suit everyone’s needs.

Price Range: S$299 – S$1,099

Key Features

  • Capacity: Generally around 7kg to 10.5kg.
  • SenseDose: Automatically dispenses the right amount of detergent.
  • GreatWaves Technology: Ensures efficient use of water and energy while providing thorough cleaning.
  • Fragrance Course: Adds scents during the wash cycle.


  • The machines are durable
  • Reliability is on point
  • Focus on energy-saving features
  • Offer different models to suit different needs


  • Its technology might be less advanced than its competitors

3.     Midea

Media is a brand founded in China in the 1960s. This brand offers pocket-friendly washing machines that are ideal for many users in Singapore. Similarly, their machines have a compact design that perfectly fits your culinary playground.

Price Range: S$230 – S$699 

Key Features

  • Capacity: From 6kg to 10kg.
  • One Touch Smart Wash: Automatically adjusts settings based on the load.
  • Multiple Wash Programs: Includes baby care and delicate garment cycles.


  • Budget-friendly devices
  • The machines come with elegant design
  • It is designed with basic advanced features


  • Durability may not match that of more established brands

4.     LG

LG is a South Korean brand that came into existence in 1947. This brand usually combines technology with intuitive features in their washing machines. LG washing machines are popularly known for steam technology, energy efficiency, and intelligent diagnosis.

Price Range: S$499 – S$1,999

Key Features

  • Capacity: Up to 24kg for larger models.
  • Steam Technology: Uses steam to remove stubborn stains and allergens.
  • 6 Motion Direct Drive: Moves the drum in multiple directions for enhanced fabric care.
  • Smart Diagnosis: Helps troubleshoot issues through a smartphone app.


  • Designed with user-friendly features
  • Energy efficiency washing machines
  • Quite a functionality
  • Advanced technology


  • Quite costly

5.     Bosch

Bosch washing machines are highly efficient. This brand was established in Germany in 1886. And ever since its inception, Bosch has been at the forefront of producing premium washing machines. They often make eco-friendly devices.

Price Range: S$699 – S$2,499

Key Features

  • Capacity: Commonly between 7kg to 9kg.
  • ActiveWater Plus: Optimizes water usage based on the fabric type and quantity.
  • It offers a high-performance system that allows you to clean your laundry with 20% less energy or reduce cleaning time by 65%.
  • EcoSilence Drive™: Extremely energy-efficient and quiet in operation.


  • Provide amazing cleaning performance
  • Comes with eco-friendly features
  • Initiate quite operations
  • They are highly efficient and durable


  • Their bulky size might not be convenient in smaller cooking grounds

6.     Electrolux

Electrolux was founded in 1919 in Sweden. The brand is known for innovative features such as steam cycles, which help to remove stains and enhance fabric care. Additionally, their products are pocket-friendly and perform well.

Price Range: S$499 – S$1,599

Key Features

  • Capacity: Typically 7kg to 11kg.
  • UltraMix Technology: Pre-mixes water and detergent for deeper cleaning.
  • SensorWash™: Automatically adjusts settings based on fabric types and stains.
  • Vapour Care Finish: Reduces allergens by up to 99.9% at the end of each wash cycle.


  • Good performance
  • Pocket-friendly machines
  • It comes with innovative features, including steam cycles


  • The machines might not be that reliable

7.     Panasonic

With the innovative features in its washing machine, the Panasonic brand has been in the game for many years. Panasonic was founded in 1918 in Japan and has been the best brand linked with innovative washing machines.

Price Range: S$359 – S$1,459

Key Features

  • Capacity: From 7.5kg to 9kg.
  • Creates fine, dense foam that penetrates deep into fabrics for thorough cleaning.
  • Saves energy by adjusting power depending on load and water temperature.
  • Water Save Course: Reduces water usage significantly.


  • Energy efficiency machines
  • Their devices come with eco-friendly features
  • They offer various models with user-friendly interfaces


  • Their design might not be appealing to some users

8.     Sharp

Sharp brand was established in Japan in 1912. This brand offers competitively priced washing machines with advanced features, including technology like air wash.

Price Range: S$249 – S$899 

Key Features

  • Capacity: Ranges from 7kg to 10.5kg.
  • Plasmacluster Technology: Reduces mold and bacteria inside the machine.
  • Auto Start Delay: Schedule washing times for added convenience.


  • Simple designs
  • Energy efficient
  • Budget-friendly
  • It comes with advanced technology such as air wash


  • The durability of these products might vary

9. Whirlpool

Whirlpool is recognized for its innovative washing machines with features tailored to enhance laundry care. The brand, which has been a long-standing name in home appliances, offers a range of front-load and top-load washers in Singapore.

Price Range: S$349 – S$1,630

Key Features

  • Capacity: Varies from 7.5kg to 15kg, suitable for different family sizes.
  • 6th Sense Technology: Adapts the operations for efficiency, saving time, water, and energy.
  • StainWash System: Effectively removes up to 16 types of stubborn stains.
  • Eco Wash: Designed for environmental friendliness with lower energy and water use.
  • FreshCare+: Gentle tumbling and precision steam jets keep clothes fresh for up to 6 hours after the cycle ends.


  • Advanced washing technologies that offer thorough cleaning.
  • Energy and water-efficient models.
  • Various capacities are available to accommodate different household needs.


  • Some models may be on the pricier side due to advanced features.
  • Limited availability of some models or features.

10. Hitachi

Hitachi is another well-regarded brand, known for its durable and efficient washing machines. It combines sleek designs with cutting-edge technology to offer some of the most reliable appliances in the market.

Price Range: Information specific to Singapore was not readily available, but globally, Hitachi washers are known to be competitively priced.

Key Features

  • Auto Self-Clean Technology: Keeps the tub clean without any extra effort.
  • Ultra-Stream Wash: Strong water flow for deeper cleaning and less detergent residue.
  • Energy Saving: Models are designed to conserve water and energy, aligning with global environmental standards.


  • High durability and reliability.
  • Uses advanced technology for better cleaning with less water and energy.
  • Offers features that are gentle on fabrics but tough on stains.


  • May have a higher initial cost due to advanced features.
  • Some features may be complicated for first-time users.

Troubleshooting, Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

If your machine isn’t starting, check the power supply and verify the door is locked correctly. Sometimes, you must check the small child lock that could have been accidentally activated.

  • If you hear noise, ensure the laundry is distributed uniformly. An unbalanced load can cause the machine to shake violently, increasing the noise.
  • Check the drain hose if your machine is not spinning or drawing. Also, regularly check the filter or trap. 

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

  1. Regular Cleaning:
    • Remove and clean it to prevent build-up of old detergent.
    • Wipe around the rubber seal to remove moisture and any mildew or residues.
    • Run a hot wash cycle with a washing machine cleaner or white vinegar to clean the drum and remove odors.
  2. Preventive Maintenance:
    • Check for leaks or wear and replace hoses every 3-5 years.
    • Periodically check your machine to ensure it is level to avoid undue stress on the bearings and the motor.
    • Clean the gasket regularly to prevent leaks and preserve the integrity of the seal.
  3. Operational Best Practices:
    • Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for load capacity to extend the life of your machine.
    • High-efficiency (HE) detergents are used for HE machines to prevent excess suds and residue buildup.
    • Regularly inspect your machine for any signs of wear and tear, particularly the belts and hoses.

What is Your Budget for a Washing Machine? Quiz To Ask Yourself

The first consideration for any potential buyer is the cost of the washing machine. Generally, the price is influenced by many factors, such as the type, the brand, and the capacity of the washing machine. Nevertheless, instituting newer models with cutting-edge features can cause a price increase.

Though front-load machines usually have a higher price tag, they are always considered a better choice. A front-load machine can range from $369 to $1650, giving a space-saving option at a budget-friendly price. For those planning to purchase a dryer, prices may vary from $489 to $2200.

Guide To Buying a Washing Machine in Singapore

Your home deserves nothing but the best washing machine in Singapore, and together, let’s make your washing machine purchase a thoughtful and empowering step toward a more convenient and enjoyable laundry routine. In this comprehensive washing machine cost guide, we have expounded on the different types of washing machines, plus their pros and cons. This will help you gather all the prerequisite data needed before buying a washing machine.

Similarly, factors such as size, capacity, type, and wash setting play a pivotal role in shaping your informed decision. Always choose a machine based on your budget and needs, but not pressure from others. Therefore, feel free to ask us any questions or concerns you might have about washing machines in Singapore.

We will be happy to help!


What is the most energy-efficient washing machine available in Singapore?

The front load washer, which is Energy Star certified, uses about 45% less energy than the top load, that uses 50% energy. Front-load washers are 25% more efficient regarding both water and energy. 

And in terms of brands, check the for the excellent energy efficiency rating or those that offer eco-wash cycles. 

How do I choose the right size washing machine for my home?

Singles or couples can use a 6kg machine. For three or four people, use an 8kg load machine. Larger families need a 9kg+ washer. The best approach to determine your machine size is to weigh a full load of laundry.

How often should I replace my washing machine?

Washing Machines usually have 10-12 years of life spain. Consider upgrading your machine if repairs are regular or expensive or if newer, more energy-efficient versions could drastically cut your utility expenditures. After 10-12 years, it starts to develop the issue which can be irritating sometimes so if your washer is too old and malfunctions, then you have to replace it. 

What are some common maintenance tips for washing machines?

Washers usually last 10-12 years. Consider upgrading your machine if repairs are regular or expensive or if newer, more energy-efficient versions could drastically cut your utility expenditures.


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