Why Hire Myanmar Maids? – Here Are The Benefits

Hiring a maid is an important decision that needs careful thoughts before reaching any conclusion.

Once you decide to hire a maid, there is a big question waiting ahead that is “from which country you prefer to hire a maid?” Myanmar maids are quite popular in Singapore due to their sweet nature and temperament.

Apart from their nature, there are so many other reasons that inspire Singaporeans to rely on Myanmar maids. Read on to find out some benefits of hiring a helper from Myanmar.

Myanmar maid

Benefits of Hiring Myanmar Maids

They cost the least compared to others

Cost plays a significant factor when it comes to hiring a maid. You can save up to hundreds of dollars by opting for a Myanmar maid. They cost around $450 a month, which is the least compared to Filipino and Indonesian maids. It is almost 20% less, and hence they make a budget-friendly and great option to choose when you need the household help.

They are fast learners

Although the language may be a significant issue, most of the Myanmar maids are fast-learners. Try to communicate in simple or basic English. Not only they catch the language faster but also get well adjusted to their new environment and serve the household well. Furthermore, as long as they have good manner and attitude, you don’t need to fear.


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They are easy to work with

Myanmar maid

Most Singaporeans find that it is much easier to work with Myanmar maids. Their sweet nature and ability to learn faster make it easy for employers to work with them.

All you need to do is just instruct them properly, and they soon handle the household well.  They tend to perform their tasks with minimal to no faults and ensure that they complete the task in the right way.

They tend to work harder

Another reason to employ Myanmar maid is the fact that they work harder. Once you explain the work to them, they do it with dedication. So, you will never have a hard time explaining the household chores every time.

Their hardworking nature and determination to make a better life is impressive and they are less likely to have a complaining nature while performing different chores.

They are least demanding

Yes, they will not demand or complain to you about anything like other domestic helpers in Singapore. They focus only on their job and work hard to earn a better life. The maid shows respect and doesn’t behave disrespectfully. They tend to talk in a mild and polite way rather than raising a voice that makes them respectful.

They are good-tempered

One of the great reasons that make the Maids from Myanmar preferable to others is their temperament. Their sweet nature and good attitude is something that most of the employers like the most about them.

Though some maids can find it difficult to speak the English language, their sweet personality is reflected in their body language and gestures. However, many agencies are offering English communication training to their maids. So, you don’t have to face the language barrier if you hire a maid from a reputable maid agency.

You will get peace of mind

You know that household chores are never-ending and time-consuming. So, hiring a Myanmar maid can save you a great deal of time.

She will efficiently handle the chores such as marketing and general housekeeping like laundry, buying groceries, and cooking. Some Myanmar maids are also trained to care for children, the elderly, and pets.

Having all these tasks covered means you can focus on other essential aspects of your life, such as your office work and family, which would be extremely challenging without a good maid.

Especially in an expensive expat-orientated city like Singapore, it is like a blessing to have a good maid at an affordable cost. So by hiring a Myanmar maid, you can enjoy quality time with family, a sparkling clean house and peace of mind.

Things to consider while hiring a Myanmar maid in Singapore

Myanmar maid

Now that you know the benefits of hiring a Myanmar maid, you may have made up your mind hire one soon. But hold on! Before starting your Myanmar maid hunt, here are some things you should consider along with their eligibility criteria.

Choose a Myanmar maid from a reputable agency

Hiring a maid from a reputable and reliable agency is an excellent option to prevent any future mishaps. There are numerous maid agencies out there that offer maids from Myanmar as well as other neighbouring countries.

A big and reputed company with several years of experience can provide you with a maid whom you can trust. Check out the reviews on various websites before signing on the dotted line.

Read through the entire agreement

Once you got a potential Myanmar maid from a reputable agency, don’t rush in to sign the contract. Thoroughly read the entire contract or agreement and browse through every page.

Be wary of those tricky clauses and read carefully those sections that state your stand if the maid runs away or commits a mistake. Remember, you will immediately get contractually bonded once you affixed your signature on the contract.


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Ask the agency for a timeline

Myanmar maid

Hiring a new maid from Myanmar may take some time. They may need several weeks to arrive in Singapore. So, you must ask the employment agency about the timeline for the arrival of the maid.

Also, inquire about the refund that you will get if they cannot deliver a maid. Other legal requirements, such as a work permit and employment documentation, may need some time. However, remember to always ask for a timeline. Otherwise, you will end up wasting your time and money you have invested.

Ask about the work permit

If you are hiring a maid for the first time, you may be aware of the fact that employing foreign domestic workers in Singapore requires a work permit. The work permit of the maid should be approved by the Ministry Of Manpower and will be valid for two years.

Know about the taxes

If you pay a maid on a regular basis, you have to pay the social security and other taxes on that person as well. The employer needs to pay the maids levy or monthly tax on every single foreign domestic worker as per MOM.

It can be around $295.00 per month or $10 per day that needs to be paid until the work permit is valid. However, working moms get a tax deduction from the helper’s levy.

Enquire about maid replacement

Maid replacement is another critical factor to consider while hiring from a maid agency. Ask the agency that what if you are not satisfied with the performance of the maid you hired.

Inquire whether they offer unlimited replacement and whether they charge extra for it. Don’t forget to note down the details regarding the terms and conditions for replacement.

Final Words

Myanmar maids have become a crucial part of the smooth running of many households in Singapore. They are efficiently accomplishing the tasks like picking up children from school, keeping the house clean and accompanying the elderly charges to the hospital. It seems to feel like a special boon for the family to have a Myanmar maid.

Although employing a Myanmar maid comes with so many benefits, but like anything, there is some pitfall. It may take time to train your Myanmar maid, and you may have to deal with the language issue.  You may have to supervise her in the beginning, and also give her constant feedback while putting a fair amount of effort in processing the work permit.

However, all these drawbacks can be prevented by hiring the maid from a reputable agency. Lastly, it also depends on how you will manage your maid to get the best out of the maid service. Have a great day!


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