Review of the Best Aircon Brands in Singapore (2023)

What are the Best Aircon brands in Singapore?

Being a tropical country, Singapore’s weather is almost always hot and humid. An air-conditioner has hence become a necessity in the household. But an aircon isn’t the cheapest appliance in the world, so it makes sense that homeowners would want to put more thought into it before purchasing one.

Since an aircon is something you would use quite frequently in the household, you would want an aircon that is of high durability and good quality. The decision-making process can be especially overwhelming when there are so many aircon brands in Singapore. This begs the question – what are the best aircon brands in Singapore?

To help with your decision-making, this article will give aircon reviews of different brands and give you a better idea of what the best aircon brands in Singapore are!




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Mitsubishi Electric

A well-known Japanese aircon brand in Singapore, Mitsubishi Electric promises quality, durability and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Due to its EasyClean and inverter technology, Mitsubishi Electric is also touted as an energy-efficient brand, which helps to reduce your household’s overall energy expenditure!

It is even rated 5 ticks in terms of energy efficiency, making it a popular choice for households who’d like to save on their electrical bills in the long run.

Additionally, Mitsubishi Electric aircons can run on decibels (dB) as low as 21dBa (A-weighted decibels). As such, when running a Mitsubishi Electric aircon, you will be saved from the sound of noisy and incessant rumbling in the background.


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This is especially important for families with children or particularly light sleepers, who would like a quiet environment for optimal rest.

If you are thinking of purchasing an aircon for a larger area of your home, such as the hall or dining room, a Mitsubishi Electric aircon may be the optimal choice due to their powerful cooling units. This will help you cool the room faster as there is consistent and powerful airflow.

Of course, the efficiency does ultimately depend on the capacity of the aircon unit and the size of the room, so do take into account the system of the aircon depending on your room capacity.

Price range of Mitsubishi Electronic Aircon

Due to the variety of Mitsubishi Electric aircons, their products can be split into several series. For instance, they have a Signature series, which provides Wi-Fi control and allows you to use your smartphone as a remote.

In general, Mitsubishi Electric aircons can range from under $1500 to around $3500.

To find out more about the various Mitsubishi Electric aircon series, do take a look at their official website.


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Another reputable aircon brand in Singapore, Dakin has been a top-selling aircon brand for the past four decades. For homeowners who would prefer not to splurge on an aircon, Daikin is a budget-friendly option as it offers various high-quality products with a large price range. This makes it a particularly affordable choice for homeowners looking to purchase a modest aircon.

Daikin is also well-known for being energy-efficient and eco-friendly, so for environmentally-conscious homeowners, this is an optimal choice!

Despite its environmentally-friendly design, however, Daikin’s aircons do not compromise on their cooling capacity. They can cool down both small and large spaces – whether it’s your bedroom or the living hall.

Some of Daikin’s products feature air quality filters, which is recommended for families with children at home. With an air filter to help remove pollutants, you’ll get better quality sleep with cleaner air – an especially sensible choice in light of Singapore’s haze periods from time to time.

Price Range Of Daikin Aircon

Daikin is known for its wide variety of aircons and large price range. As a household name, it aims to cater to different consumers’ needs while maintaining affordable prices. As such, Daikin’s aircons can range from as low as $1000 to over $4000.

To find out more about Daikin’s products, do take a look at the official Daikin website here!




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Panasonic is a well-loved aircon brand in Singapore, having established its presence around 1955. It provides high-quality products with aesthetically pleasing and minimalistic designs. After all, who says aircons can’t help to beautify your home?

With Panasonic, quality and beauty come hand in hand. Some of their products feature nanotechnology, which can help to filter out harmful air particles for better air quality. The Panasonic Single-Split Type Inverter series even features the use of motion sensors!

To add on, Panasonic aircons can even sense external sunlight intensity and will adjust their temperature according to it. This ensures that the room is always at optimal temperature, and has the added benefit of helping homeowners save on electric bills and energy costs.

Furthermore, Panasonic aircons come with space-saving options, where the aircon compressor is connected to several fan coil units to reduce the amount of space needed. For homeowners with smaller flats, Panasonic products have you covered!

Price Range of Panasonic Aircon

Based on the size and number of features for Panasonic air-conditioning units, prices can range from as low as $950 to over $4000. To gain a better understanding of the various Panasonic aircon, do take a look at their official Panasonic website.

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LG is another well-established electronics company that has become a staple home brand for years.

While many electronic companies focus on manufacturing central aircon systems that are more suitable for large areas or commercial buildings, LG is one of the better-known aircon manufacturers for smaller sized aircon units.

This includes portable aircons, ductless aircon units, and even aircon units that can fit through your walls for families that need to save space. This is especially useful for smaller flats and homes that simply don’t have space for a large aircon unit.

Despite the compact sizes, however, LG’s aircons don’t skimp on the cooling capacity. They can be used to cool several spaces and are reasonably priced for their efficiency and quality.

LG aircons also boast a series of technologies, such as a variable refrigerant flow (VRF) technology that helps it to save more energy while operating. Its Gold Fin feature also ensures that the aircon coil in the outdoor compartment does not corrode over time and damage the aircon.

LG aircons also have dehumidifying features that are built into the aircon system, which helps to remove odours from the room and reduce the chances of mould and bacteria growth. This is especially optimal for families with young children or elderly that tend to have weaker immune systems.

Price range of LG Aircon

With features that aim to provide convenience, such as being accessibly by remote control and phone, LG’s products aim to offer comfortable experiences at affordable prices.

Their portable aircon units can go as low as the $300 range while their larger aircons can go from around $2000 to $4500.

To find out more, take a look at the official LG website.


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Having been established in 1968, Midea has the reputation for being one of the oldest aircon manufacturers in the market. With headquarters in Southern China, Midea boasts a comprehensive variety of home appliances. The brand name is now almost synonymous to the promise of quality.

Midea is known for its environmentally-friendly ‘green approach’, which is reflected in their energy-efficient aircons. Its aircons are also well-equipped with innovative technology, such as temperature-sensitive smart sensors and dehumidifying features.

Price range of Midea Aircons

Midea’s aircon prices vary based on factors like energy efficiency and cooling capacity. However, it is still known as a high-quality and cost-friendly brand, which makes it a go-to choice for many homeowners.

Midea’s smaller aircon units can be found at a range from $300 to $400 while their larger units can go up to as high as $3500.

To find out more about Midea’s different aircon products, take a look at the official Midea website.


Here are some aircon reviews of the best aircon brands in Singapore. As each aircon has its advantages and special features, which aircon brand is best for you ultimately boils down to your priorities.

If you are purchasing an aircon for your children’s room, an aircon with low decibels and air purifying features may be the best choice. If you are picking an aircon for a large space like the hall, a powerful aircon with high cooling capacity may be necessary. If you are unsure which one to get, take a look at our comprehensive aircon guide to help you.

We hope that this article helps you with deciding on which aircon brand is best for your home!


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