Top 11 Aircon Servicing Companies In Singapore (Prices & Reviews, Updated 2023)

In the hot tropical weather, most of us will cry out in despair if our aircon is not operating. Most of us are used to enjoying the cold air in all-year-round-summer Singapore. However, when it comes to aircon servicing price or aircon installation, most of us are easily confused by the types of servicing and brands available.

In this guide, we show the top 11 aircon service companies in Singapore, price breakdowns of each service and also their reviews.

aircon outside building

If you are looking for aircon servicing in Singapore, be sure to read up on the guidelines set by HDB. Some of the essential pointers include:

  • you must maintain the external wall face free from stains at all times at your own expense
  • perform regular maintenance on your aircon to avoid causing any inconvenience or nuisance to your neighbours
  • you should attend to any problem when it arises. If this criterion is not met, HDB will ask you to stop using or to remove the aircon

Find out more about the guidelines by HDB here.

11 Best Aircon Servicing Companies In Singapore (Our Top Picks)

Aircon professionals can provide niche, professional services, including:

  • Air Duct Cleaning
  • Central Aircon Maintenance
  • Central Aircon Repair
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning
  • Duct Insulation & Sealing
  • Thermostat Replacement & Repair
  • Ventilation System Inspection and Cleaning
  • Ventilation and Ductwork Inspection, Maintenance and Repair

View their gallery and portfolio, compare prices of similar maintenance and servicing projects in your proximity here. You can read the reviews from previous customers to understand the background of prospective contractors, how they rate their work, and message them directly to ask any specific questions.



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Homees Concierge Service

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994 Bendemeer #03-04 Singapore 339943

LK Brothers Aircon Engineering

- Aircon Servicing
- Aircon Installation
- Aircon Chemical Wash & Overhaul
- Aircon Troubleshooting

8B Admiralty street, #05-12 8B@Admiralty

Amazing Air Con Engineering

- Aircon Troubleshooting
- Aircon Repair
- Aircon Gas Top Up

- Aircon Servicing

10 Anson Road #10-11 International Plaza Singapore 079903

Sub Cool Engineering

- Aircon Servicing
- Aircon Installation
- Aircon Chemical Wash & Overhaul
- Aircon Troubleshooting

7 Temasek Boulevard,#12-07 Suntec Tower One Singapore 038987

Cold Max Aircon Services Pte Ltd

- Aircon Troubleshooting
- Aircon Repair
- Aircon Gas Top Up

- Aircon Servicing


DW Aircon

- Aircon Troubleshooting
- Aircon Repair
- Aircon Gas Top Up

- Aircon Servicing

1090 Lower Delta Rd

KBE Air-conditioning & Engineering Pte Ltd

- Aircon Servicing
- Aircon Installation
- Aircon Chemical Wash & Overhaul
- Aircon Troubleshooting

53 Ubi Avenue 1, #05-56 Paya Ubi Industrial Park Singapore 408934

Xool Aircon Experts

- Aircon Servicing
- Aircon Installation
- Aircon Chemical Wash & Overhaul
- Aircon Troubleshooting


Nocria Aircon Engineering & Services

- Aircon Chemical Wash & Overhaul
- Aircon Servicing
- Aircon Installation

Blk 1041 Eunos Ave 4, 01-88

Silverback Aircon

- Aircon Troubleshooting
- Aircon Repair
- Aircon Gas Top Up

- Aircon Servicing

11 Mandai Estate, #05-18 Eldix Singapore 729908

City Cooling Engineering

- Aircon Servicing
- Aircon Installation
- Aircon Chemical Wash & Overhaul
- Aircon Troubleshooting

25 Woodlands Industrial Park E1, 04-02 Singapore 757743

Redcon Air

- Aircon Servicing
- Aircon Installation
- Aircon Chemical Wash & Overhaul
- Aircon Troubleshooting

32 Old Toh Tuck Rd, Centre, #03-12 Singapore 597658

Hire Aircon Servicing In Singapore


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Aircon Servicing Cost Calculator

Here is a aircon servicing calculator for your reference.

(This calculator is in beta phase and is only an estimate.)

When Should You Engage An Aircon Servicing?

Aircon contractors generally provide installation, maintenance and repair works. Competent professionals will advise you on the ways you can save money on your home’s energy bills either by replacing the whole unit with a more efficient one or have additional fixtures to insulate your home from the hot weather in Singapore.

They will also ensure your aircon servicing with them has the most prolonged effect and guarantee possible. Should you need more information on air conditioning needs, or have special requests (such as the latest cooling or heating products with anti-allergens), you can always speak to a few reliable servicing professionals. They can give you solid advice given their deep experience in this field.

Be it installation or servicing work, the professionals can give you the best money-saving advice and do the best practice given the deep experience they have in the years of being in the field.

Before we go through some details, it is best not to assume all contractors are the same or is better than others just because he/she works on a particular aircon brand such as PanasonicMitsubishi Electric or Samsung.

In Singapore, you can easily buy air-conditioning units from middleman companies such as Gain CityHarvey Norman and Courts for more information. You can enquire more about the different brands and energy consumption and efficiency details with their professionals.

Your goal is to find a contractor who will ask questions about your unit, perform diagnostic tests, explain all your options thoroughly, and work with you to find the right solution for your home and budget.

There are three main kinds of service: regular maintenance and repair, chemical wash and lastly, chemical overhaul.

For your reference, you can download our cost guide here:


Download Aircon Cost Guide

Benefits of Aircon Servicing & Why It’s Important

The benefits of regular aircon servicing are numerous, which includes:

  • Water leaking rectification (by vacuuming) during the contract period
  • Minimise aircon system breakdown
  • Preventive measures against possible wear and tear, as well as subsequent problems
  • Cost savings, such as waiver of transportation charges throughout the contract period
  • Cost savings, in terms of aircon efficiency and durability
  • Saving on total maintenance cost (for chemical overhaul)
  • Healthier, cleaner air quality
  • Improve cooling efficiency
  • Entitlement to discount for ad-hoc repair work (for some companies)

All of these eventually lead to the most crucial benefit: prolonging the air-conditioners lifespans and ultimately saving you more money. 

The aircon cooling system absorbs pollutants, heat and other harmful substances from the outside environment. These substances can accumulate inside the aircon system and increase its workload.

While these pollutants may not be enough to cause a significant fault in the initial stage, in the long run, they can cause the aircon system to shut down. As such, to prevent this from happening, aircon servicing is an important part of its maintenance.

Regular cleaning and servicing done by yourself will take care of most aircon troubles, but only at an external level. These methods are not sufficient for critical issues like clogged pipe or refrigerant issues.

Moreover, problems like leakages and broken pipes are complicated, and you will need professional help for them. They have advanced tools, training and years of experience in dealing with these issues.

If you’re looking to reduce the usage of your aircon, we recommend installing window solar films to absorb heat and harmful UV rays from the Sun.

Common Aircon Issues that Require Servicing

1. Increased Power Consumption

The aircon system depends on a smooth airflow to cool the room. However, the dirt and pollutants that have accumulated in the system over time affect this. The impurities that the aircon absorbs from the air accumulates at its filters, which restricts its airflow.

As a result, the air-conditioning system does not get adequate airflow and has to apply extra effort to maintain the cooling, which leads to a drastic increase in power consumption.

2. Burned Parts

When a company designs a cooling system, they make the parts according to the power required for standard conditions. However, with impurities and other problems causing a decrease in efficiency, it may require extra workload from the system to achieve the same cooling.

This results in the aircon system generating and consuming more power than it should, which is never good. Once it goes above the limit, the aircon system may break down. If no actions are taken, parts of the air-conditioner may burn or become permanently damaged.

Dirty Condenser Coil

After absorbing the indoor heat, the refrigerant passes on to the condenser coil in the outdoor unit. Here, a fan blows a breeze on it, making it colder and ready for another cycle.

However, dirt accumulation on the coil may affect this heat transfer. As a result, the efficiency of your aircon will decrease and the unit will get hotter with every refrigerant cycle, damaging the system.

Therefore, if you observe any change in your aircon’s efficiency, it is best to have your aircon cleaned professionally to ensure that there is no residue on the condenser coil.

Decrease In Air Quality

The filters of your cooling system are responsible for absorbing all the dust particles from the air. However, dirt accumulation makes it an ideal spot for facilitating bacterial growth. This may affect the cleanliness of your aircon’s airflow. If the dirt from the filter reaches the inside area of the aircon, it can settle in the drainage or ducts, causing smelly aircon and waterlogging problems.

 Ad-hoc Aircon Servicing/Maintenance Price (One-Time)

LKBrothers aircon repair

Aircon Servicing by LK Brothers

The price depends on the number of units cleaned and how deep the aircon cleaning maintenance is. Aircon cleaning services can be engaged based on one-time cleaning or a scheduled, contracted maintenance basis.

In general, prices of servicing in Singapore ranges between:

Number of air-conditioning units (with condenser)


1 Unit

$40 – $60

2 Units

$45 – $65

3 Units

$60 – $80

4 Units

$70 – $90

5 Units

$80 – $120

6 Units or more

$16 – $20 per unit

No. of Units 


1 Fan coil

$25 – $45

2 Fan coils

$50 – $70

3 Fan coils

$70 – $100

4 Fan coils

$80 – $120

5 Fan coils

$120 – $160

6 Fan coils

$16 – $20 each

When Do You Need Aircon Maintenance?

Due to the warm climate in Singapore, most of us use the air-conditioning unit at least three times a week at home. Needless to say, many of us use them daily. With such high-frequency usage, it is safe to say we at least need aircon servicing twice a year.

Several factors are affecting how frequently you need aircon servicing; the factors are:

  • How often do you use your aircon unit? Is it on a daily basis?
  • Is it for commercial use or residential use? Commercial aircon tend to be used at a higher rate and may need servicing more frequently than residential ones.
  • Is the room/unit facing a leading road/construction site? If so, you may want to keep in mind the aircon unit will be faced with a lot of dirt in the system.

Consider the factors above and decide how frequently your aircon needs servicing. The recommended number is four times a year (once per quarter), and the bare minimum is two.



Factors that Affect Cost of Aircon Servicing

These are the typical factors that affect your aircon costs, namely:

  • The number of units: The more aircon units serviced, the more time will be taken (and more work, of course!) and the more costly it will be.
  • Type of servicing work: the more work and in-depth services (such as chemical wash), the more expensive it will be.
  • Type of aircon: The more powerful the aircon, the more costly it will be to service. Aircon servicing usually goes by the number of coils, hence it may affect your cost.
  • Odd hours: Should the servicing be an emergency and require an urgent service, aircon contractors will usually charge you extra for that.

Useful read: How to calculate aircon BTU

Contractual Aircon Maintenance Prices

amazing aircon cleaning

Aircon cleaning by Amazing Aircon

For contractual maintenance, you pay the professional or the company to service your systems in advance. Usually, you pay upfront for a minimum of a year’s service (quarterly), and the prices in Singapore ranges around:

No. of Units (with condensers)

Price (Quarterly)

1 Unit

$120 – $150

2 Units

$180 – $220

3 Units

$220 – $260

4 Units

$280 – $320

5 Units

$320 – $400

6 Units

$350 – $450

This maintenance contract usually includes cleaning of the indoor fan coil and outdoor condenser, clearing of the drainage piping and checking the air-conditioning system’s performance.

For regular aircon servicing, these are the everyday things that will be done:

  • Cleaning and checking of air filter, front panel & cover
  • Checking, deodorising and purifying of aircon filter
  • Cleaning and checking indoor evaporator coil
  • Cleaning and checking indoor drainage tray
  • Vacuuming of drainage pan
  • Vacuuming of the drainage system
  • Checking of fan bearing and lubrication (if necessary)
  • Checking compressor suction and discharge pressure
  • Tightening of electrical contacts

** Do note that different companies may cover various aspects, not all companies provide the same level of service. Be sure to compare quotations and ask for the level of assistance they will render before confirming with a professional!

Useful read: Why is my aircon unit leaking?

Aircon Chemical Wash Price

When it comes to stubborn clogs or areas which traditional aircon servicing cannot reach, professionals may use a chemical wash as part of the solution to help solve the issue.

It is generally recommended to have your air-conditioning system chemical-washed once a year, both as a preventive measure and a solution to remove those hard-to-remove sediments stuck in your system.

Along with it also comes the health benefits, as a cleaner system can pump out cleaner air and maintain high efficiency. The rates of chemical wash in Singapore are:

Type of cleaning


1 Unit Non-Dismantle Chemical Wash

$80-$100 SGD

1 Unit Dismantle Chemical Wash

$130-$180 SGD



1 Fan coil

$75 – $95

2 Fan coils

$140 – $180

3 Fan coils

$200 – $260

4 Fan coils

$260 – $320

5 Fan coils

$320 – $380

6 or more Fan coils

$55 – $70 each




Hire Aircon Chemical Wash Services


You can find out more about aircon chemical wash process in our article here.

Aircon Chemical Overhaul Price

lkbrothers chemical overhaul before after-min Aircon chemical overhaul services by LK Brothers

Chemical overhauls are typically used when your system requires a deeper level than regular servicing or chemical wash. It involves dismantling the whole unit and thoroughly clean every part using a chemical wash.

The chemical overhaul cleaning effect is comprehensive and will clear all the jelly and grime from the water tray. Due to more time being invested and expertise needed, overhaul prices are almost always higher than chemical wash, and the prices in Singapore ranges from:



1 Fan coil

$120 – $180

2 Fan coils

$250 – $320

3 Fan coils

$350 – $430

4 Fan coils

$430 – $530

5 Fan coils

$500 – $600

6 or more

$90 – $120 each

No. of aircon fan coils


<= 12000 BTU

~ $120 per fan coil

>=18000 BTU

~ $150-$180 per fan coil

You can find out more about chemical overhauls in this article.

Useful read: Why is my aircon not cold

Aircon Gas Top Up Price

The refrigerant level in your air-conditioning system tends to become lower after years of usage due to leakages. In this scenario, it is advisable to get a gas top-up service from professionals to restore the aircon’s working efficiency. Typical prices in Singapore are:



R22 Gas





Hire Aircon Gas Top-Up Services


How long will the aircon gas last after topping up?

Good grade air conditioning gas has a life expectancy of 10 years or more on average. That being said, if you do not maintain your air conditioner properly or engage an air conditioning specialist to inspect it on a regular basis, its life expectancy may be cut in half.

Aircon Troubleshoot Price

Troubleshoot charges typically range between $40 to $5, inclusive of transportation and labour. However, it will usually be waived off if the client engages with subsequent repairing service.

We have covered why your aircon water may be leaking, dripping or unable to stay cold in our article. Should you need help with problems with your aircon, you can find aircon troubleshooting companies on Homees.

If you find out that you have loud noises and is violating HDB’s regulation, you may seek out an expert to troubleshoot the issue.


Hire Aircon Troubleshoot Services


Aircon Repair Cost

Number of air-conditioning units (with condenser)


1 Unit

$40 – $60

2 Units

$45 – $65

3 Units

$60 – $80

4 Units

$70 – $90

5 Units

$80 – $120

6 Units or more

$16 – $20 per unit

Should I Change Or Repair My Aircon?

Benefits Of Changing Your Aircon

Most aircon units have an average life span of 10 years. The older your aircon is, the lower its performance and efficiency are. By replacing the air conditioner, you can get a new, more efficient system that saves you energy and extends the warranty period of a new system, saving you money on utility bills and ensuring that you won’t have to pay for air conditioning for at least a year. In the long haul, replacing an old air conditioner will almost certainly save you money.

You don’t have to wait for the full repair process, which may take a few weeks if you purchase a new air conditioning system. The air conditioning repair company will need to come out and inspect your air conditioner first. Then they’ll have to find the specific air conditioning parts, which can be difficult to come by, especially if the system is old. As a result, you’ll have to spend more time with a broken air conditioner.

Benefits Of Repairing Your Aircon

If you still have a warranty for your aircon, it would make more sense to repair it at lower to no cost. There is also a rule that states that if the cost of repairing your air conditioner is less than half of the unit’s value, you should consider repairing it rather than replacing it to save money.

A fully functioning air conditioner maintains your apartment’s temperature and assists to treat the air, allowing you to take deep, clean breaths at all times. You should feel physically and financially at ease as replacing an aircon can be costly most of the time. Repairing your air conditioner is a cost-effective way to extend the life of your investment.

Common Aircon Problems and Repairs

  • Air-conditioner not running at all: There are a few things you should look into before hiring or calling an air conditioning technician. To begin, make sure the thermostat is set to “cool” and the temperature is correct. Locate your main fuse panel and check to see if a fuse, as well as a circuit breaker, has blown or tripped. Replace a blown fuse and check to see if your air conditioner turns on. Simply reset the circuit breaker and check the air conditioner again. If none of these solutions works, contact an air conditioning technician.
  • Aircon is frozen: If your aircon is frozen, the cause could be blocked or restricted airflow preventing the unit from working correctly. In this case, you can try washing and cleaning the air filters. The coils should also be free of dirt and debris. It is best to engage an aircon professional to look at this issue.
  • Warm air or no air: Several factors are causing this. Before hiring an aircon technician, look at the outside unit and ensure no debris (such as leaves and branches) blocking the airflow to your air-conditioning unit. Check ductwork to ensure it is still attached to your vent system. If these actions still do not solve the problem, it could mean your aircon is low on refrigerant. In this case, it is advisable for you to call an aircon specialist to handle the issue.
  • Drainage issues: If you notice any leaks in or around your unit, the condensation connection may be clogged. If there is water visible in the drip pan, you might want to unclog the line by blowing compressed air inside the pipe to remove any obstruction. If none of these measures works, it is best to hire an air conditioning specialist to unclog the line.
  • Constantly running or switching on and off: This usually means a sizing issue with your aircon. If the unit is too large for your home, it will cycle on and off often. If the aircon power is too small, your unit will constantly run to keep your home at the desired temperature. Many other factors could cause improper cyclings, such as air-conditioning unit being low refrigerant, faulty thermostats, and defective relay switches. It is advisable to engage an aircon specialist if this is the issue.

Aircon Installation Costs In Singapore

Unfortunately, different companies will tell you different aircon installation prices in Singapore. It is best to look up a few aircon installation companies and compare quotations amongst them.

coldmax aircon team

Coldmax aircon team

We recommend you check out middleman companies such as Gain City, Harvey Norman and Courts for more information on the different types of air-conditioners available, brands such as:

In Singapore, homeowners are subjected to HDB’s aircon installation guidelines. According to HDB, aircon should be installed by a BCA trained air-conditioner installer, and need to email an installation report to the HDB Branch managing your flat within 14 days after installation.

There are a few more technical requirements, such as the method of installation for the different types of aircon, as well as requiring the piping for aircon units to be run internally. More information can be found on HDB’s aircon installation guidelines here.


Hire Aircon Installation Services


Warranty for Aircon Servicing

In Singapore, most aircon servicing companies provide a guaranteed warranty of 30 to 90 days.

Factors that Affect Cost of Aircon Installation

aircon installation

Aircon installation by KBE Aircon

There are several factors that affect the aircon installation pricing. They are:

  • Type of air-conditioner: Prices vary between the different types, such as split type, window type. For example, you can shop aircon via different categories, such as:
    • Aircon systems: There are different kinds of systems available, such as system 1,2,3,4,5,6. What is means is how many aircon units are connected to a compressor. If you need five air-conditioning units at home and a compressor to make them work, choose a system 5.
    • Energy savings: How cost- or energy-efficient the air-conditioning systems are
    • Categories: commercial, inverter, window and casements or portable ones.
  • Labour cost: per unit basis. Labour will most likely incur the most expenses when you are embarking on either an aircon installation or aircon repair project. A few factors which may be involved with labour pricing include:
    • Size of aircon units (capacity or more commonly measured in British Thermal Unit (BTU)). A typical master bedroom in Singapore can be sufficiently cooled by an aircon working at 9,000 BTU per hour.
    • Placement of aircon units
    • Parts (vents, ducts etc.)
    • Installation
  • Ductwork and wiring needed: The whole project needs to be taken into account. Work is required in order to check the ductwork and wiring, and extra work is needed for additional wires or replacement.
  • Number of Units installed: Of course, the more the number of air-conditioners to be installed, the higher the cost. While the units here are the indoor aircon themselves, it is essential to know that indoor unit usually refers to the physical units themselves (ones we see inside), while outdoor unit refers to the compressor that is usually outside of the home.
  • Complexity and expertise: For some projects, it can be complicated, and specific knowledge is needed. Be prepared to pay for more in such cases.

This applies for both central, split-system and room air-conditioner installation projects.

There can be 101 problems which may occur if you do the installation or repair yourself. Improperly designed systems may have ducts too small for air blowing out, and at the other end of the spectrum, an overly large duct may siphon off air that should be going to another part of the house.

In another case, the air-conditioning system could be undersized too large as well, providing more or less pressure than ducts are designed to handle.

Compare quotations and ratings of the best aircon installation companies in Singapore today.

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