11 Best Ceiling Repair Companies In Singapore (With Reviews) [Updated 2023]

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Homees provides a directory of ceiling repair companies in Singapore. You can compare and view a list of ceiling repair companies that can suit your home needs.

11 Best Ceiling Repair Companies In Singapore (Our Top Picks)


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How Much Does It Cost For Ceilings?

Ceiling Type

Estimated Price Range

Coffered Ceiling

More pricey due to details and time involved

Variety of choices (e.g. plaster, drywall, wood, metal, vinyl).

$26 – $70 per sqft

Drop/Acoustic Ceiling

Ideal for areas with exposed struts, air conditioning system, and wiring

Common in office buildings, shops, and basements

Recommended if you still want access to plumbing, air conditioning system or wiring

$1,400 – $5,200

Raised/Vaulted Ceiling

Complex process

Involves removing of roof structure then installing a new ceiling

$23,200 – $52,300

Wood/Plywood Ceiling

Easy and cheap

Prone to fire hazard

$1,300 – $5,200

What can be the causes of ceiling damage?

There are plenty of factors that could cause ceiling damage. Improper installation is the most common reason, especially for false ceilings. The choice of contractors when installing the ceiling is an important one. Do not hire contractors who are on a tight timeline and are willing to cut corners to meet the deadline.

Secondly, water damage is another leading cause of ceiling damage and often, leads to ceiling leakages. A good ceiling company or ceiling contractor would be able to remedy the problem by suggesting the relevant waterproofing works. This would prevent costly false ceiling repairs in the near future for plaster false ceilings.

Improper installation of electrical works could also interfere with and affect the appearance and structural integrity of the ceiling. Light fixtures might be too heavy for false ceilings to withstand if the electrician failed to consider the structural strength of the false ceiling beforehand. Loose or tangled wires, hidden in the ceiling area could also ignite a spark and create a safety hazard. Even if it doesn’t start a fire, it could torch and burn the ceiling surface.

Ceiling Leak or Roof Leakages

Finding the exact spot of roof leaks may be the toughest part of the repair process, as water can enter the roof in many places. However, unattended roof leaks can lead to a multitude of undesirable outcomes. Examples may include staining, ceiling collapse, damaged household goods or furniture, and lastly, flooding. All of which sufficiently qualify as safety hazards.

A comprehensive ceiling repairman should be capable of locating the leak and isolating the reason for the cause of the leakage to prevent further damage to the home’s walls and ceilings. When engaging a ceiling repair contractor, it is important to remember that the priority lies not only in repairing the leak but also in resolving the compromised ceiling defects.


Things to consider before engaging in Ceiling Repair

Under the HDB Lease Agreement Guidelines, homeowners are required to follow HDB renovation guidelines. This includes paperwork such as applying for permits and abiding by the working hours for renovation projects.

The guides for how to maintain your flat or carry out minor repairs can be found on the official HDB websites.

Questions to ask prospective Ceiling Repair contractor

Questions to ask:

  • What is the size of your company (total staff strength)?
  • What kinds of training have your staff undergone?
  • Can you provide a free written estimate outlining all the terms and conditions of what we discuss?
  • What are the payment terms? Do you offer a financing option?
  • Do you provide a warranty or guarantee for your service or the unit?
  • How long will the job take? Will you clean up after the job is completed?

Compare and review the best ceiling repair companies in Singapore

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