2024’s Best Coffee Table in Singapore

Selecting the perfect coffee table can significantly enhance your living space. To do so, there is an array of choices in Singapore offering various coffee tables. You can get numerous options, from minimalist to multifunctional designs and compact to expansive sizes. 

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the world of coffee tables, focusing on their costs in the Singaporean market. We’ll start by discussing the different types of coffee tables, their pros and cons, and the materials and designs used. Then, we’ll explore the top brands available in Singapore and provide a complete list of their price ranges. By the end of this guide, you’ll be equipped with all the information you need to make an informed decision about your coffee table purchase. 

Let’s navigate through each of them in detail to find the best fit for you. 

Factors Affecting Cost

Various factors affect the cost of the coffee table, and we are sure that you might be aware of some of them. Let’s have a closer look:


The type of material used in the coffee table can alter the price of the item. For example, if you see the same design of a coffee table but the price is different, the material used will also be different. Some flagship woods, like oak, teak, etc., make your coffee table cost more, while the lower quality of wood used makes it cheaper. 

In the meantime, if the coffee table is made using only wood, the price can be higher than for one built using a mix of wood and metal. But again, the price of the metals used also varies. Overall, the material used is directly proportional to the durability of the coffee table. 

Size and Shape

A coffee table can accommodate one person or many. Hence, the number of seats and the size of the sitter and table are also considered when determining the price of the coffee table. If you opt for the coffee table just for two people, the cost will definitely be less compared to the one that can host 6-10 people.

Design and Style

These days, the design of every item can alter the price of the stuff you buy. The same is the case for coffee tables. The design and style are carefully crafted by designers who have extensive knowledge. Therefore, the cost of craftsmanship, which pays attention to tiny details, adds more price to the final product. 

Meanwhile, if you don’t opt for a designer coffee table, you can also create your own design. The cost is calculated based on the time and effort involved in the design. Similarly, the mass production of coffee tables in Singapore is usually cheaper. That’s because the efficiency of the production lowers the cost. However, it can also lower the quality. 


The quality of the coffee table is based on all the above points, such as the material used, size, shape, design, and other things. A high-quality material used in the coffee table, designed by top designers, is accompanied by a higher price range. At the same time, if you are buying such pieces of stuff from premium brands, they are often higher in price.

That’s because they have well-established brands with a good reputation for quality and excellence in design and charge higher prices. Additionally, other innovative features like a foldable table, adjustable heights of the chair, unique mechanisms, and more can cost you more. The basic models are usually cheaper and have no additional features. 

You should also be aware that the cost of a coffee table is directly influenced by material, size, design, and quality, but all these lead to longevity, aesthetics, and better value for money. Such coffee tables are available in casa-concetto.sg, a highly reputed furniture store in Singapore. It also has other home furniture collections, such as sofas, beds and mattresses, chairs and tables, and much more. 


Price Range by Material

The price range of a coffee table depends highly on the materials used to craft the coffee table. So, let’s not look at some of the most loved materials in Singapore used to build coffee tables. 

Wooden Coffee Tables

Wooden coffee tables are usually aesthetic and functional. They can complement any decor and come in a variety of materials, styles, and finishes. Various kinds of wood, like oak, pine, and maple, are used to craft wooden coffee tables, adding warmth to your space. 


  • Gives aesthetic appeal with a natural and timeless look
  • High-quality wood can last for hundreds of years, withstanding daily use
  • It can be made in numerous designs to fit the interior 
  • Sustainable wood is environmentally friendly


  • High-quality wooden coffee tables are expensive
  • Requires regular maintenance like polishing 
  • Prone to scratches, water damage, and stains if not cared for properly
  • Heavy in weight 


Here is the list of some of the best wooden coffee table models with their prices in 2024

Coffee Table Type Price Features
Holly Wooden Coffee Table $399 Minimalist design, roomy drawer
Scamor Coffee Table $149 Solid wood, sturdy for daily use
Belwyn Coffee Table $349 Simple yet elegant design
Alston Teak Wood Coffee Table $599 Made of teak wood, compact and stylish
Round Coffee Table Up to $399 Versatile, elegant, available in various materials


Glass Coffee Tables

Glass coffee tables are usually stylish and modern, giving a sleek and elegant appearance. They combine glass on the top with a wooden or acrylic base, creating a contemporary and minimalist look. The transparent nature of glass perfectly blends well with any room space. 


  • It gives a modern and clean look by enhancing the visual appeal of the room
  • Complements a wide range of theme decor, from modern to classic
  • It makes the room spacious and more open
  • Easy to clean and resistant to most of the stains


  • Fragile as they are easily breakable. Also, they are prone to cracking and require to be handled carefully
  • Sharp edges of the glass can cause cuts or some minor accidents, especially in children
  • Dust and smudges are easily seen and need to be cleaned more often


The table below lists some of the best glass coffee tables offered by the brands, along with their price in 2024


Coffee Table Type Price (SGD) Features
GAYLE Tempered Glass Round Nesting Coffee Table $316 Round, nesting design, made of tempered glass
AURELIA Minimalist Glass Coffee Table $167 Minimalist design, glass
DELANEY Modern Piano Tempered Glass Coffee Table $217 Modern style, tempered glass, piano design
Modern Industrial Glass Top Coffee Table $316 Industrial style, glass top
BELLEVUE Accent Glass Coffee Table $415 Accent piece, glass, versatile design
DELTA Minimalist Glass Coffee Table $217 Minimalist design, glass
DUMO Round Glass Solid Wood Coffee Table $267 Round, solid wood with glass top
SHARD Wishbone Glass Round Coffee Table $491 Wishbone design, round glass table
ANDA Modern Coffee Table $446 Modern design, glass
POLYGON Modern Geometric Glass Gold Coffee Table $217 Geometric design, glass with gold accents
OCTAGON LED Modern Geometric Glass Gold Wire Table $183 Octagonal, LED lighting, glass with gold wire frame
GUSTAV Minimalist Designer Glass Coffee Table $217 Designer minimalist style, glass


Metal Coffee Table

Metal coffee tables are durable choices for home use and are known for their contemporary appeal. You can get various styles, ranging from sleek and modern to rust and vintage. They are often paired with wood and glass, adding a touch of sophistication to your living space. 


  • Strong and long-lasting, resistant to wear and tear
  • Easy to clean and maintain, as they don’t require special care
  • It can be modified for numerous design options


  • If not treated properly, it can cause rust in some metals
  • Visually, they are less appealing as compared to wooden and glass coffee table
  • It can cause irritating noise while placing items on the table


The table below lists some of the top metal coffee tables available from various brands, along with their prices in 2024.


Coffee Table Type Price (SGD) Features
Krel Brushed Metal Coffee Table Set $709 – $849 Round, brushed metal, sleek and modern design
Duo Coffee Table and Side Table (Metal Frame) $165 – $475 Modern, metal frame with sintered stone top
Ovni Metal Side Table $159 – $219 Durable, contemporary metal side table
Epoxy Oak Wood Coffee Table with U Shape Metal Leg $1,550 Modern design, oak wood with metal U-shaped legs
Konler Nesting Sintered Stone Side Table (Metal Framework) $289 Nesting design, metal framework, sintered stone top


Marble Coffee Table

Due to their timeless beauty, marble coffee tables add luxury and elegance to any room. They typically feature a solid marble top and are paired with bases made of wood, metal, or other materials. Marble’s natural veining creates a unique pattern on the surface, adding a touch of opulence to any space. 


  • Offers aesthetic appeal with a high-end and classic look to enhance any room
  • Each piece has a distinct pattern that makes the coffee table unique
  • Strong and long-lasting, even with daily use
  • Resistance to heat, which makes it ideal for placing hot items without damage


  • Marble tables are heavy, making them difficult to carry
  • High-quality materials come with a higher cost, so do the marble coffee table
  • Requires regular sealing and caring to prevent scratch
  • Cold surfaces might not be suitable for the winter season. 


The table below highlights a selection of premium glass coffee tables from various brands, along with their prices in 2024


Coffee Table Type Price (SGD) Features
Marc Marquina Marble Coffee Table $1,690 Classic design, luxurious black marble
Marc Carrara Marble Coffee Table $1,690 Elegant white marble, minimalist style
Continuum Marble Coffee Table, Round $799 Modern mid-century inspired, round design
Le Nouvel Marble Coffee Table $1,390 Sculptured curved base, white sintered stone top
Louis Marquina Marble Coffee Table $1,690 Smooth black marble grains, stylish appearance


Coffee Table Brand in Singapore

While you choose the coffee table design and material, you should also be meticulous about the brand from which you’re buying the product. So, here are the top 5 brands to consider while getting a coffee table in Singapore. 


Ikea coffee table singapore

IKEA has been in the furniture and home furnishing business for over 80 years. It offers well-designed, functional, and affordable furniture and accessories. It has a variety of designs for smart home solutions, such as bedroom furniture, sofas, coffee tables, dining tables, textiles, decorations, and more. You can find their products both online and in-store. 

IKEA coffee table Singapore price range: $10- $399


  • Varieties of options for the shape 
  • Multifunctional designs


  • Limited option for materials used
  • No warranty



castlery home page

Castlery is another furniture brand in Singapore that offers amazing designs from mid-century to contemporary. It gives everyone space by providing budget-friendly furniture and high-end design. They use high-quality materials to meet the highest standards and real-life resilience. Also, their coffee-table has time-tested durability. 

Castlery coffee table Singapore price range: $50- $5,175


  • Large option for material used for the coffee table
  • Available in numerous shapes and sizes
  • Upto 1 year of warranty


  • It might be over-priced for some of the materials



Cellini Homepage

Cellini is a furniture brand that curates inspiration from modern homes. It was founded in 1986 in Singapore and has been providing top-notch service. The brand team is always passionate about art and has designed quality craftsmanship with timeless furniture pieces. The technology used to produce the furniture, including coffee table, is modern and of top-quality materials. 

Cellini coffee table Singapore price range: $120 – $880


  • Offers budget-friendly to high-end products
  • Modern and aesthetic designs
  • Designed to withstand daily use


  • Limited options 
  • It doesn’t provide a warranty 



Scanteak Homepage

Scanteak produces beautiful and long-lasting furniture, including coffee tables. The brand’s design and craft are inspired by Scandinavian idealogy, which prioritizes simplicity and functionality. The brand exudes natural beauty with simple, uncluttered designs, perfect for coffee tables. 

Scanteak coffee table Singapore price range: $499 – $1,299


  • Highly-durable products
  • Price can be paid in installment


  • The materials used are only wooden
  • Limited design options



Hipvan Homepage

Hipvan makes designer furniture to furnish homes in a more affordable way for everyone. The products the brand manufactures are stylish in design and have honest prices. Hence, if you are looking for a friendly coffee table with a stylish design, Hipvan is the place to go. 

Coffee table Singapore price range: $59- $999.90


  • A large number of design options to choose from
  • Offers warranty of upto 5 years
  • 100 days returns policy 


  • Might be expensive for those who are tight on budget


That’s it for the coffee table brands and pricing in Singapore. Choosing the best brand, material, and design can be overwhelming if you are unaware of what you should look for. But with this comprehensive guide, we’re confident that you have found the best fit for you. Meanwhile, if you are confused about choosing the one, we recommend you visit Homees for additional guidance. The varieties of design it offers are top-notch. Also, the materials used are highly durable and enhance the space where you set up the table. For further queries, you can contact us.

Some FAQs Related to Coffee Table in Singapore

What are the trending types of coffee tables in Singapore?

Coffee tables with minimalist, modern, multifunctional designs are trending in Singapore. The materials used are mainly wood, glass, metal, and combinations of them. 


Where can I buy customizable coffee tables in Singapore?

Many stores offer customized coffee tables. Some brands, like Casa Concetto, even allow you to choose material, size, and design elements to create a piece that suits your home decor. 


What is the price range of coffee tables in Singapore?

You can find coffee tables in Singapore that cost between $10 and $10,000. 


Does the coffee table come with a warranty?

Yes, coffee tables in Singapore come with a warranty. However, not all brands provide warranties. Thus, choose carefully and enjoy the warranty, which typically ranges from 1 to 5 years. 

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