Furniture Cost Guide in Singapore 2024

Are you on the search for a place to buy furniture in Singapore? Do you want to add furniture to your space and make it more comfortable? You are in the right place. 

Choosing the right furniture can change the aesthetic while you opt for stylish and functional living spaces. But deciding on furniture in Singapore is overwhelming, with many stores selling them and a variety of choices. However, if you are looking for the best furniture stores in Singapore, your search ends here. 

This article will give you a detailed guide on furniture costs in Singapore and the top brands selling them. We will also discuss the types of furniture. Are you ready to explore the furniture shops? Let’s get started! 

Detailed Furniture Costs in Singapore

To give you more insights into the price of furniture in Singapore, we have dissected each type of furniture that you might have been looking for. We have also researched the price range for each of them. Let us delve into them:

Living room furniture

Under the living room furniture, you can get sofa and couches, coffee tables, TV consoles, armchairs, side tables, bookcases, and so on. Each of them varies in price range, and one can be more expensive than the other. For example, the price of a sofa can be higher than the price of a coffee table in Singapore. 

To know more about the price of living room furniture, check out this guide

The table below shows the detailed cost guide for living room furniture.

Type of Apartment

Light Renovation

Moderate Renovation

Extensive Renovation

2 room HDB (45m2)

$550 – $4,500

$4,500 – $7,500

$7,500 – $30,000

3 room HDB (65m2)

$550 – $ 5,500

$5,500 – $9,700

$9,700 – $35,000

4 room HDB (90m2)

$650 – $7,000

$7,000- $13,000

$13,000 – $40,000

5 room HDB (110m2)

$900 – $10,000

$10,000- $17,000

$17,000 – $60,000

Condominium (110m2)

$900 – $10,500

$10,500 – $18,000

$18,000 – $70,000

Bedroom Furniture

Bedroom furniture mainly consists of beds and mattresses. However, the type of bed you choose determines the price of the furniture. Simple metal beds are often cheaper than luxurious beds with premium wood material and unique designs. Similarly, the affordable mattresses used by the stores often have basic foam. On the other hand, the premium mattress is super comfortable and costs you more. 

Check out this article to learn more about the detailed cost guide on bedroom furniture. 

The table below shows the detailed cost guide for bedroom furniture.

Type of Furniture

Average Price

Bed frames

$250 to $550


$70 to $1,500


$150 to $700

Bedside tables

$200 to 400


$300 to $700


$90 to $300

Dining Room Furniture

Dining room furniture mainly consists of dining tables and chairs. The prices of this furniture also come into the budget-friendly to premium category. Check out this cost guide for dining tables here

Singapore’s dining room furniture cost varies depending on the type, quality, brands, and many other factors. However, many stores offer budget-friendly to premium furniture with various options. You can get a wide range of dining furniture from Casa Concetto. Apart from that, Singapore has other go-to places for furniture.

Where to Buy Furniture From?

Confused about where to buy furniture in Singapore? Well, we have collected some of the best places from where you can get the perfect choice of furniture. Let’s explore them!


Ikea singapore

IKEA is a go-to place for a wide range of affordable furniture like tables and desks,  sofas, beds, storage cabinets, wardrobes, and so on. They offer stylish yet comfortable furniture for your home, office, or other places. It can be a perfect place for you to buy furniture in Singapore if you’re looking for budget-friendly furniture. 


  • Budget-friendly furniture with a range of price options
  • Varieties of furniture with different styles and needs
  • Functional and innovative designs 
  • Easy to navigate through products while doing online shopping


  • Personalized design is not available


fortytwo homepage

FortyTwo is another of the best furniture shops in Singapore, offering a wide range of affordable and stylish options. It caters to diverse customers with its extensive range of furniture options, from home decor to bedding and mattresses. FortyTwo is also well known for its dining tables and chairs, office furniture, coffee tables, and so on.  


  • Gives frequent promotion offers and sales
  • Good customer support
  • Provides upto 10 years of warranty on furniture
  • Option for a range of furniture for living room, dining room, bedroom, study room, outdoor, kids room, kitchen, and office solution.



  • Budget-friendly products might compromise on quality
  • Does not have a physical showroom



Hipvan Homepage

Another popular choice for furniture shops in Singapore is HipVab. This shop offers modern design products and contemporary designs on its website at competitive pricing. Established to make affordable yet stylish furniture, it also provides a wide range of home decor items. Hence, you can get stylish designs with quality products at an honest price from HipVan.


  • Unlimited choices for designer and stylish furniture
  • Eco-friendly products
  • Technology-driven products to make them more affordable
  • No retail and overhead, direct prices from manufacturers


  • Limited physical showroom

Elements Concept

element concept home page

Elements Concept is on our list of the best furniture shops in Singapore. It mainly focuses on artisanal craftsmanship and natural materials. It offers affordability yet beautiful design and comfort. During production, the interior team monitors the design step to ensure the standards are maintained. Most importantly, they use natural and sustainable materials in all of their design. 


  • Light designs with natural materials give you the rich heritage of the crafts
  • All in one place for dining tables, lounge tables, desks, sofas and benches, coffee and side tables, and more. 


  • A limited number of options for each category of furniture


Although you can get various furniture from each of the above-mentioned websites, you should also be aware of the product you are opting for. For example, filtering through the products that fit your needs helps you sort out the list easily. Why not explore some tips on buying furniture in Singapore? 

Tips for Buying Furniture in Singapore

While we are giving you tips for buying furniture in Singapore, these tips can help you narrow down your options. 

Assess the Space

The first and foremost tip for buying furniture in Singapore is accessing the space where you are trying to fit the furniture. As you measure the space, you will have an idea of the furniture’s maximum and minimum size limits. You can simply take the measuring tape and measure the dimensions of the area where you plan to place the furniture. This will ensure that the piece of furniture you select will fit perfectly in your room without any hassle. Also, you can plan your layout if you are customizing the furniture. This helps you to visualize how each piece of furniture will look in your space. 

Choose the Material 

Furniture is made up of various materials like wood, metals, marble, or a combination of these. The material used determines the quality of the furniture along with its longevity. While some materials require more care and maintenance, others don’t. At the same time, choosing the furniture’s fabric is essential. For example, you might use leather, corduroy, velvet, and so on the sofa. The choice is all yours. Hence, make up your mind even for the small details of the materials that will be used in the furniture. 

Know about Brand and Reputation

Brand and reputation are most important for any product. For furniture in Singapore, there are many reputed brands that offer the best service and quality. Renowned brands offer high-quality materials and often charge more. At the same time, well-established brands are genuine and provide the best customer services like maintenance and warranty. However, there are also brands that provide budget-friendly furniture in Singapore. Hence, thoroughly research the brands and their reputation before choosing the furniture. 

Determine Your Preferred Styles

Before you visit the online furniture shop in Singapore, you can make a rough sketch of the furniture you are willing to buy. This helps you visualize the style of the furniture and also helps you search for it. Your style preference can be modern, minimalist, aesthetic, traditional, luxurious, and so on. 

Set Your Budget

The furniture market in Singapore has outgrown the variety of options available as per the price range. Hence, you should pre-plan the maximum budget you are willing to invest for furniture. This helps you stay within range and directly sort out the options, which makes your choice easier. A bonus tip for you!! Furniture is a significant investment that can last as long as it is of high quality. Hence, if you want high-quality furniture in Singapore, stretching the budget does not cause any harm. 


We have come to the end of our guide on choosing furniture in Singapore. Deciding on any piece of furniture is crucial for a home, office, or any other place. With the diverse range of options you have for buying furniture in Singapore, finding the right place and piece within your budget is as easy as ever. 

Hence, follow our guide carefully and get the perfect match for you to elevate the entire living space and comfort. You can also explore other cost guides here.

Some FAQs Related to Furniture in Singapore

Where to Buy Cheap Furniture in Singapore?

There are many online furniture stores in Singapore where you can buy cheap furniture. Some of them are Casa Concetto, IKEA, FortyTwo, and so on. 

What is the Biggest Furniture Showroom in Singapore?

The biggest furniture showrooms in Singapore are Furniture Mall at 10 Toh Guan Road, Harvey Norman Millenia Walk Flagship Store, and others. 

Where can I get Funiture for Sale in Singapore?

To get furniture for sale in Singapore, you must keep checking websites that sell pieces of furniture. On certain events and occasions, like black friday, New Year, Christmas, and so on, most furniture shops offer sales and some discounts on their furniture. Currently, HipVan is offering a sale on all of its furniture. 

Where to Buy Funiture in Singapore?

You can buy furniture from Casa Concetto, where you get a variety of furniture, including a sofa, coffee table, bed, and so on. You can also buy furniture from IKEA, FortyTwo, Elements Concept, etc. 

Where to Sell Used Furniture in Singapore?

To sell used furniture in Singapore, you can contact platforms like Carousell, Gumtree Singapore, Hock Siong &Co, or any other marketplace through Facebook or Instagram. However, you should be aware that the selling price might not be even 50% of the price for which you bought the furniture. Also, other factors on furniture, like scratches, holes, and so on, determine the price. 


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