Hire HDB Gate Replacement Companies In Singapore (11 Best With Reviews, Prices in 2024)

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Homees provides a directory of HDB gate replacement companies in Singapore. You can compare and view a list of HDB gate replacement companies that can suit your home needs.

11 Best HDB Gate Replacement Companies In Singapore (Our Top Picks)



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- Window grilles
- Driveway gates
- Railings
- Trellises

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Prices of HDB Gates

HDB Gate Type

Estimated Price Range

Mild Steel

$550 – $1,280

Wrought Iron

$450 – $1,200


$680 – $1,300

The price of a new gate for your HDB flat ultimately depends on the material you choose, along with other factors such as the gate’s features. A digital gate would drive up the price point a little, while a pet-friendly gate may also demand a bigger budget.

On average, premium gates can cost about $800-$1000 for the purchase and installation of the gate, while simple designs for iron wrought gates go as low as $400-$500.

Many contractors have shifted towards selling and commissioning a customised gate for homeowners willing to splurge. Custom engraving using laser cutting, metal welding or printing can give your gate a custom look. For example, it can be the homeowner’s name or your favourite design to display. If you have a specific look in mind for your entrance, this might be a viable option for you.

For tech-savvy homeowners, you might also want to consider digital locks such as the Samsung Digital Lock to be installed on your gate. You should also check with your respective gate installation company to see if this option is available for you.

First impressions count. It is crucial for you to choose a gate that suits your home’s aesthetics and vibe. You would want your gate design and colour to complement the looks of your doors.

Different types of HDB gates

There are various different types of gate options commonly available for the homeowner, for both new homeowners who are looking to collect their keys to their newly built BTO flats or for homeowners who are looking to replace their years-old HDB metal gate. Regardless, there are many choices to choose from.

You should consider the design theme of your home along with your personal needs for a gate.

  • HDB Gate. Standard issue for HDB flats. These HDB metal gates are strong and durable as they look.
  • Kato Gate. Kato Gates are the most common gates you will find in the various HDB units of Singapore. Usually made of mild steel, they are as tough as they look and offer a sturdier shade of grey and black.
  • Interior Design Gate. Interior design gates are a name given to the trendier and more stylish gates. Most are being built with the focus of aesthetic in mind. Interior Designer Gates for HDB is becoming increasingly popular amongst the interior designer circle. They come in various materials, ranging from aluminium gates to mild steel gates. Iron gates are common in the form of Iron Wrought Gates.
  • Pet-Friendly Gates. Pet-friendly gates are for pet owners. The entrance is sealed tightly to ensure better airflow and visibility yet not allow your pet dog or cat to wander off to the corridors. This is usually achieved through the use of fine wire mesh.
  • Metal gates – Stainless Steel Gates, Aluminium gates.Metal variants of the HDB gate. The material will affect not only its price point but also the weight of the gate as it shifts during opening and closing. A related concern is that heavier gates might slam louder when shut, but a lighter gate may get carried by strong gusts of winds and swing open/close when left unlocked.
  • Iron Wrought Gate. The most commonly used gate, the Iron Wrought Gate, deserves special mention from its metal counterparts. BTO flats have been using these gates for many projects, making it a common HDB gate option. Coated with four layers of paint, iron wrought gates are hence less susceptible rust than the traditional mild steel gate. It shares this rust-free quality with the stainless steel gates but offers more variety in terms of design, making it an easier superior option. You can find out more about iron-wrought gates.


HDB Gate Maintenance Tips

Gates also require regular maintenance, an aspect that is neglected by many Singaporeans. The gates may suffer from loose screws or rust with time, compromising on their security capabilities and durability.

The flush bolt, the metal link between holding the edges of the gate, may suffer from wear and tear over time. There are seldom visible screws to be replaced, but a little oil or lubricant for the bolt may help creaky and old gates function better.

It is also a common place for dust, spider webs and dirt to accumulate, which may warrant a minor clean up on a yearly basis. If left unchecked, while it may not affect the durability of the gate, might end up causing allergies.

What to consider when choosing between HDB gates?

A common argument and dilemma lie between the traditional Mild Steel Gate and Iron Wrought Gate. Wrought iron gates are the most common option currently in Singapore. It’s the common type you see your neighbours or friend’s neighbours have when you visiting for festive occasions such as Hari Raya and Chinese New Year. A common feature is that the gate grills and bars are connected diagonally through floral patterns or other artistic touches.

This is a stark contrast to the old mild steel gate option which older HDBs still retain, where the gates are horizontally and vertically grilled. Many have referenced it to look like a jail bar, making it an unpopular option among the superstitious. However, it still retains some credit and popularity for fitting into the simple and modern aesthetic that some homeowners are seeking.

However, mild steel gates lack the material protection that iron-wrought gate has. This calls for a larger maintenance effort in the form of coating and sprays painting as a preventive measure for rust and stains.

Lastly, with the change of gate, the gate lock will also be affected and changed. It is important to keep track of the keys required for duplication and find out how many sets of keys will you be receiving after the installation process. Your gate contractor should also be helping you to dismantle and dispose of your old gate.

Common gate accessories for metal gates include number plates for displaying the home’s unit number. Some homeowners may also prevent to have words at a side panel for customisation or for a hearty welcome message. These features are usually available at an extra fee.

Locks are also upgradable, with the most common option being a digital lock. Stainless steel locks are also available for homeowners looking to reinforce the sturdiness of their HDB gate.

Finals Words

Deposits are usually required by the company to processing and delivering your order. Be sure to check with your contractor on the timeline of the purchase to avoid disappointment and hassles.

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