Doors Cost Guide In Singapore 2023

Doors not only play a role in the aesthetic and overall feel of a home, but they also provide an essential role in keeping your family safe, keeping people and elements out, and retaining the cold air from your aircon.

Although most doors can last a long time, they will eventually require replacement, repairs or upgrades due to wear and tear. Updating your bedroom doors, finding the perfect main door, and repairing a garage door can all be sound investments if done with the right planning.




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Home Doors Installation Costs In Singapore

When it comes to your home, the typical costs of installing a home interior door can range between  $150 SGD to $800 SGD per door. In this article, we go through the type of doors and their costs of installation in Singapore.

Main Door & HDB Main Door Prices

Type of Door


HDB Main Door fire-rated 3×7

$600 – $1500

HDB Main Door fire-rated 4×7

$899 – $1799

HDB Main Door Non-fire-rated 3×7

$569 – $1288

HDB Main Door Non-fire-rated 4×7

$788 – $1499

Non-Fire Rated Door Prices

Typically ranges from $569-$1499

In Singapore, it is not always compulsory to have our main door fire-rated proof. The prices of the main door vary mainly due to the different door materials and sizes you are looking for. Non-fire rated doors are usually used for bedroom or interior doors as rules regarding such doors are more lenient.

Fire-Rated Door Prices

Typically ranges between $899 to $1799

In Singapore, some units are required by the HDB to install fire-rated doors. Before engaging a door supplier in Singapore, you should always check to make sure you adhere to their guidelines.

Do keep in mind that the prices for fire-rated doors vary according to the duration rating, meaning how long can they withstand fires up to 1050 degrees Celsius. The typical ratings for fire-rated doors come in:  20 minutes,  45 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes, and 180 minutes.


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We have included the links below for you to find out more about the regulations currently present in HDB guidelines:


It is important to note that for the replacement of the main entrance door and/ or frame along the fire escape route (i.e. for door opening into passageways such as staircases, lift lobbies), a permit is required. In addition, the replacement door and/or frame must be half-hour fire-rated, and the frame must have a door closer.

Also, the fire door and frame must have a PSB label pasted on them. Before installing your HDB main door, be sure to check with the fire-rated door installation companies and their permits, as well as their products, to make sure it is within HDB guidelines. For the replacement of the main entrance non-fire rated door or frame, there are no guidelines or permits required.


It is an offence if the flat owner did not engage a contractor from the Directory of Renovation Contractors to carry out the renovations and/or breach the HDB renovation rules/ guidelines. This offence, upon conviction, can lead to a fine of up to $5,000 and other penalties.

Fire-rated door ranges from $699 to $1799. Varies due to the type and size of the door (e.g varnish fire-rated – veneer fire rated – laminate fire rated. The promotional price is as low as $560.

You can take a further read of how we compared the respective advantages and disadvantages of the three types of fire-rated doors.  Under HDB regulation, it is compulsory to install a fire-rated door in two situations; HDB door entrance along a fire escape route or the flat that comes with a fire-rated door provided.

For private condominiums and landed properties, there is no special requirement on fire-rated or not. However, it is common for most Singaporeans will take fire precautions as such fire-rated doors are indispensable in the protection of property.

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Bedroom Doors Prices

Typically ranges between $230-$700.

This varies due to the bedroom door material and size. Popular bedroom door materials consist of glass, aluminium, uPVC, etc. A classic bedroom door cost about $480, while a laminate solid bedroom door cost about $288. A bedroom door cost depends on the type and material of the door you are going for. The more common ones are

Type of Bedroom Door

Price Range

Solid laminate bedroom door

$280 – $600

Veneer bedroom door

$320 – $1,200

Classic bedroom door

$300 – $650

You can find more bedroom door contractors and compare quotations here.


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Toilet Door Prices

Type of toilet doors


Aluminium Bi-fold Toilet Door

$160 – $370

Aluminium PVC Bi-fold Toilet Door

$150 – $350

PVC Swing and Slide Door

$290 – $460

Typically ranges between $150 to $500, high-end may go up to $1350.

There are many kinds of toilet doors available, and their prices vary depending on the type and size of doors you are looking to get.

You can talk to a few toilet doors companies to have a quote on the types of doors you are looking for. In festive seasons, there are a few promotional door-purchase campaigns.




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PVC Door Prices

Typically ranges between $250 to $500

There are many kinds of toilet doors available, and their prices vary depending on the type of doors you get. You can find more PVC door contractors for quotations. There are many kinds of toilet doors available, and their prices vary depending on the type and size of doors you get.

Number of PVC Doors


2 Fold PVC doors

Starting from $350

3 Fold PVC doors

Starting from $880

4 Fold PVC doors

Starting from $1280

Helpful read: Everything you need to know about PVC Doors


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Sliding Doors Costs

Installation of basic or mirrored sliding doors costs around $300 to $1,600, while the cost to replace sliding glass doors ranges from $400 to $2,500 on :

  • Size of bypass doors
  • Material options like aluminium, golden oak, steel, or frameless.

Sliding glass door: $1,050-$3,200

Most sliding doors come in a pair, and there is an external door frame that acts as the support. It is very popular to compare sliding doors and French doors. In gist, the sliding door can offer better energy efficiency, security and ease of use while the French door allows more ventilation. French door costs more usually, assuming the same type of material and size you are looking into.

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Popular Doors Types and their costs in Singapore

Type of Door

Price Range

Nyatoh Door

$250 – $700

Timber Door

$700 – $1200

Nyatoh Timber Door

$500 – $1000

Classic Door

$450 – $700

Laminated Door

$299 – $1799

Veneer Door

$300 – $1300

Barn Door

$549 – $2200

Aluminium Door

$160 – $370

Glass Door

$700 – $1000

Nyatoh Doors

Pricing: $250 -$700

Nyatoh Doors are made of Nyatoh wood and it is resistant to denting and marring. Solid core Nyatoh doors are commonly used as main entrance doors as they are more resistant to stain and polish.

Timber Doors

Pricing: $700 – $1200

Timber doors are the classics of doors. Timber is strong, secure, and environmentally friendly and with proper maintenance will last longer than PVC, aluminium or composite doors.

Nyatoh Timber Doors

Pricing: $500-$1000

Nyatoh Timber Doors are made from solid Nyatoh timber/ panels. They are most suitable for the Main, Bedroom or Kitchen Entrance. Nyatoh Timber Doors are usually varnished to preserve the natural wood grain design. Nyatoh Plywood Bedroom Door is priced at a range between $200-$250, whereas Nyatoh wood timber bedroom door is around $450-$550.

Classic Doors

Pricing: $450-$700

Classic doors are also commonly known as Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) doors, these are created by mixing the fibres of hard and softwoods moulded into door panels.

Classic Doors are considered budget-friendly options for bedroom doors. They are installed mostly for HDB Flats, condos, apartments and landed houses. It is ideal for homeowners who prefer their doors to be painted.

Classic bedroom doors have many different types, one most popular type is solid Nyatoh doors.

Laminate Doors

Laminated door structures are made using a mix of wooden materials in joint with technology; blockboard or double-panel wood. Laminate doors tend to last for a very long period (30-50 years). Here are some prices for laminated main and bedroom doors.

Type of Door

Price Range

Laminate (non-fire-rated) main door 3×7 ft


Laminate (non-fire rated) main door 4×7 ft


Laminate (Fire rated) main door 3×7 ft


Laminate (Fire-rated) main door 4×7 ft


Laminate Bedroom Door


Veneer Doors (Non-Fire-rated and Fire rated)

Pricing: $300-$1300

Veneer Doors are made up of thinner slices of wood, usually thinner than 3 mm (1/8 inch), to produce flat panels. It has a lower price point.

Type of Doors

Price Range

Veneer main door 3×7 ft (non-fire rated)

$550 – $950

Veneer main door 4×7 ft (non-fire rated)

$950 – $1499

Veneer main door 3×7 ft (fire-rated)

$800 – $1290

Veneer main door 4×7 ft (fire-rated)

$950 – $1499

Veneer bedroom doors

$320 – $450

Barn Door

Pricing: $175 – $2200

Barn doors slide on a track on the outside of a wall and cover it when open. This means that pocket doors slide between rooms and hallways, making them slightly more versatile.  a barn door is an easy way to add separation and style to bathrooms, closets, and bedrooms.

Barn door comes in a huge range of varieties for you to choose from and they all come at different prices.  Below is a list of barn doors for you to get a better understanding of what designs they come in:

  • Single leaf swing barn door
  • double leaf swing barn door
  • The wooden sliding barn door
  • Sliding barn door with concealing track
  • Retro barn door with sliding roller track
  • Single sliding barn door with stainless steel roller
  • Single sliding glass barn door with pelmet
  • Sliding barn door with glass panels, roller track
  • Double sliding barn door with sliding roller track

Aluminium Sliding Door

Pricing: Varies

An aluminium sliding door is a lot lighter than a wooden one. It’s an affordable building material that won’t tarnish or rust and that needs no maintenance.

Aluminium Bifold Door

Pricing: $150-$300

The advantage of a bifold door is that it saves floor space compared to a traditional swing door. They are popularly used in areas with space constraints such as bathrooms, kitchens and other small rooms.

Glass Sliding Door

Pricing: $700-$1000 depending on how many panels

Glass provides elegance. The glass can be transparent or etched and they are durable, easy to clean, and a very popular type of sliding glass door in Singapore.

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Types of Home Doors

Having a beautiful interior door is a great way to brighten up your home. There is a wide variety of interior designs and door ideas online. There are 6 basic types of doors in general, they are:

Hinged doors, as their name implies, are mounted on hinges on one end of the door. They are the most traditional and common type of door.

French doors are hinged doors that are installed on both sides of the opening. Doors swing either outwards or inwards towards each other and meet in the middle. Since French doors are larger, they give the illusion of a bigger room.

Bi-fold doors are hinged doors that can be folded and stacked neatly together. They require less clearance space and are suitable for tighter areas like closets and laundry rooms.

Dutch doors are hinged doors that are divided horizontally in half. Hence it is possible to open the top half while having the bottom half closed. This type of door is useful when keeping an eye on your children/pets without having to let them out of your sight.

Pivot doors are doors that open/close around hinges on the top and bottom of the door, instead of the traditional style of having them on one end. This type of door does not have any handles and is predominantly seen in modern minimalist interior design.

Sliding doors move by sliding on tracks along the floor that are usually parallel to the wall. Sliding doors are perfect for small, confined spaces as they can “disappear” into the wall when opened.


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interior doors

Factors Affecting Interior Door Installation Costs

The following factors affect the cost of installation of an interior door:

  • Interior door cost – depending on what kind of door you go for, this will affect your door installation project
  • Labour for installation
  • Job supplies
  • Interior door equipment allowance

The cost of interior doors depends on the type, frame or trim replacements, fitting, whether the door is hollow or solid-core, and pre-hung or slab.

  • The average cost would be around $230 to $830.
  • Bathroom or bedroom door replacement costs $150 to $700, and sliding closets, French, or double doors range from $400 to $1,700 on average.
  • The door alone can cost around $50 to $500.
  • When buying your own door, labour costs $100 to $300 to install on average.

We need Interior doors because they provide privacy, noise reduction, room division, and sometimes fire safety.

Cost To Remove A Door

The following factors affect the cost of removal of an interior door:

  • Labour for removing – depending on the number of contractors and hours needed
  • Interior door debris disposal
  • Removing and disposing of old doors cost around $40-$80

There are different scenarios where you need to remove an interior door. It may be old, it may need replacement, or you may be doing a facelift for your home. For other cases, it may be removed to convert the doorway to a permanently open passageway, with no attached door.

For removal works, technical skills are typically needed, and a professional is recommended to solve the issue. Depending on your problem, you may look for a handyman, or relevant door specialists to get the job done.

How long does it take to replace an interior door and door hardware?

For removal works, technical skills are typically needed, and a professional is recommended to solve the issue. Depending on your problem, you may look for a handyman, or relevant door specialists to get the job done. If you were to require removal of the old door followed by a replacement, it might take you about 2-3 hours long. If it’s door hardware, it tends to require less than an hour.


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If any damage is found around the frame when the door is being dismantled and yanked away, there may be a need for touch-up work and making repairs. Additional trim or finish may also be needed to give the doorway a more desirable aesthetic appearance.

An experienced carpenter can check and ensure the doorway is properly examined for underlying damages, weakness or rotting wood.

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Cost of Door Repair & Maintenance

Is it worth replacing doors?

To repair an Interior door costs around $75 to $220. Repairing a door frame ranges from $50 and $1410 and replacing damaged hardware costs $25 to $70. It is obvious if those costs increase when repairing a large hole or replacing glass panels as more materials are needed.

Cost to Replace Interior Door Hardware

The average cost to replace interior door hardware is $60 to $200 depending on the quality of the hardware and the complexity of the installation. New doors that need drilling for the hardware cost about $95 to $150 more to install.

The list below shows the cost of the different hardware installations:

Type of Installation

Price Range

Levers and handles




Knobs & Locksets









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exterior door

Exterior Door Costs

Cost: Typically $650 SGD – $950 SGD for wood frame replacement

Exterior doors have to be durable such that it protects against intruders and can bear the brunt of natural elements, yet aesthetically pleasing enough to complement the facade of your home.

Exterior doors are usually made out of steel and fibreglass with a wood frame. The most common exterior door in Singapore is made of wood due to its durability and security.

Other alternatives include aluminium and fibreglass composite which are durable in Singapore’s humid weather. Picking the right exterior door will help you save money by requiring less maintenance, and more importantly, keep your family safe.


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Factors Affecting Exterior Door Installation Costs

  • Cost of exterior doors – depending on what kind of doors you want, this is the cost you pay for the door.
  • Labour needed for installation – based on the number of contractors needed, and hours spent
  • Supplies needed for the job
  • Equipment allowance
  • Additional services – the cost of a project will increase too if additional work such as creating a new opening or extending the width of a frame is needed.

The type of exterior door can affect installation costs. A heavier, higher-quality door such as custom wood or fibreglass costs more to install compared to regular steel or french doors.

Cost To Paint An Exterior Door

The factors below affect how much you will be paying for the painting of a door project:

  • Door cost
  • Labour for painting – depending on how many hours are needed
  • Supplies for the painting job


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Cost To Remove An Exterior Door

The factors below affect the cost of removing an exterior door:

  • Labour for removing – depending on the number of contractors and hours needed
  • Exterior door debris disposal

What’s the most suitable material for front doors?

When considering all front door options, it’s understandable that every homeowner would want a decent mix between aesthetics and security. With wood front doors, most manufacturers offer solid wood because it’s usually homogenous.

Maple, oak, mahogany and other hardwoods are popular preferences for the average buyer, but there’s an alternative – engineered (or composite) wood doors. They have multiple layers of wood glued together with a veneer surface on top. Engineered wood is generally more durable than solid wood because of its better heat and humidity resistance.

wooden doors can’t match the efficiency of steel, fibreglass, or uPVC. But with proper insulation like caulking and weather stripping, your front door can perform decently. In this aspect, you can further boost the efficiency of your doorway by mounting a storm door.

Most HDB doors in Singapore are in fact wooden, and most are mandated to be fire-rated in order to delay the spread of fire during an accident.

Cost of Other Home Improvement Areas

You can check out the cost of hiring professionals for other aspects of your home improvement project. If you have a spare budget and would like some unique designs of your own, you can try speaking to a few interior designers or renovation contractors for more designs ideas.

Some of the usual home improvement cost guides can be found below:

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