Hire Bi-fold Door Companies in Singapore (11 Best With Reviews, Tips & Prices in 2024)

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Nowadays, homeowners tend to open up to innovative and more functional means of entryways. Bi-fold doors have been on the scene for quite some time and have slowly earned their place as top sellers on the market. That’s where the demand for professional bi-fold door companies comes.

Whether you own a landed property or you have a small balcony or closet, they have excellent features that can serve lots of purposes.

From increasing natural light and giving easy access to small spaces, they are a simple but effective alternative to traditional ones. If you’re looking for interior and exterior doors for your planned renovation, here’s everything you need to know about bi-folds.

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What is a bifold door?

Firstly, a bifold door has two or more panels. They open by folding back onto each other. Perhaps, this feature makes them very flexible and space-saving. Therefore, they are a popular solution for interior room dividers and doorways.

How does a bifold door work?

Bi-folds employ two or more panels. When opened, they fold against each other like a concertina. Each entry has a tracking system that fixes the panes for smooth and easy operation.

Apart from the increased visibility, bi-folding doors provide excellent functionality. Such a traffic door allows for entry and exit from both sides, just like a traditional door.

When it comes to operating systems, you’ll find that they are either “top-hung” or “bottom-rolling”. They correspond to the way the door weight is supported. Generally, the top-hung system is more aesthetically appealing because it conceals most of the operating mechanism in the frame head.

Moreover, it provides somewhat easier maintenance as there’s less chance of dirt and leaf accumulation in the top track. On the other hand, bottom-rolling systems are easier to install and pull down less weight from the top of the frame.


What are the standard bifold door mechanisms?

In Singapore, there are many different kinds of bifold doors in the market. Bi-fold doors mainly come in 2 types of mechanism: Bottom-rolling or top-hung type.

Typically, standard (conventional) bifold doors come with a top and bottom track. This mechanism can cause a hassle for a family member who is a wheelchair user. Also, it can pose a danger as it may trip a person who is not careful.

On the other hand, top-hung bifold doors don’t come with a bottom track. Instead, they only have a top rail. This mechanism is more suitable for families with residents who use wheelchairs in their homes. Perhaps, the only downside is that this type of doors tends to cost more.

Where can you use a bifold door?

Surprisingly, the bifold door is now universal in every part of the contemporary home. From closets and wardrobes, it has expanded its application to the room and exterior dividers. Moreover, the use of folding doors doesn’t stop at wardrobes. Arguably, many homeowners choose these doorways for space-saving purposes. Perhaps, one of the best applications of bi-folds is for pantries. Also, they are great for other generally tight spaces like laundry rooms, toilets, and others.

What are the different types of bifold doors?

One thing that makes these so unique is that they are fully customizable. Besides, they come in a wide range of styles and types, each being slightly different from the others. Perhaps, this is the key to why these can serve any purpose – room dividers, closets, patios, etc.

You should talk to a few companies before hiring a professional and asking them for design advice. That said, let’s take a look at the standard types.

Single-panel Bifold

The single-panel or concertina is the smallest door in the category. In their function, they serve as an alternative to the standard internal door. These entrances usually consist of two panels that fold in the centre when opened.

This feature allows for reduced use of space, which makes single bi-fold an excellent choice for small spaces. For this reason, they are a unique solution for built-in wardrobes and closets or any other area that doesn’t allow for a change in the architecture.

Room Dividers

Sometimes, you will people refer to these types are called folded, interior bifold, or folding sliding doors. In reality, they all mean the same thing. The name “bifold” often suggests the use of only two panels, but there are cases with more than two panels per door.

There are cases of up to eight leaves. In such cases, the door functions in the same way, but on a larger scale. The sets run on a track, and the panels fold back and stack against the wall.

Bifold Door with Access Point

When space is ample, homeowners can opt for a bifold door with an access point. Simply, such a doorway is nearly identical to standard interior doors. Perhaps, the benefit here is that the traffic entry operates independently from the rest of the configuration. As a result, the passers-by get quick access from either side.

Door Configurations

Usually, bi-fold door leaves go in pairs, but if you employ an odd number of panels, one of them can act as a traffic or access door. Such configurations allow for easy access in main exits and master doors without having to fold every panel back. With an even number of panes, you’d have to split them open in each direction.

Two and Three-panel configurations

Two-panel bi-fold is ideal for patios. Since they can fully open, these are practical and stylish solutions for small spaces. Bear in mind that the two-panel can move either to the left or to the right.

Three-panel bi-fold is a little more flexible in that aspect. Instead of sliding in either of the directions, they can employ an access or traffic door. Thanks to this feature, they are ideal for homes with patio where there’s a need for a quick connection to the garden.

Four and five-panel configurations

With larger spaces come larger door configurations. If you need a more spacious entrance, a four or five-panel bi-fold door will provide an outstanding stylish look to your home design.

The advantage here is that you can employ two centre panels to function as traditional French doors while the rest of the sections slide to each side. The five-panel ones have a popular 3-2 split arrangement, and its idea is to avoid tucking too many leaves to one side of the wall at one time. They can create an excellent glass feature and are great for patios.

Six and Seven-panel configurations

Similar to four-panel bi-fold, the six-panel configuration adds leaf at both sides. They can either slide to the left or right, but they can also operate in a 3-3 arrangement. A common alternative is the access door, whereas the rest of the panes slide to the opposite side. Imagine having a five-panel bi-fold patio configuration.

Now, imagine having a seven-panel patio arrangement. This type of folding door works just like the doors with fewer panes. The main difference is in the effect that it creates. The unique glass feature is the ultimate feature of any modern home design. You can incorporate all ideas mentioned above, including a French door opening.


Perhaps, the most common bi-fold door style. It consists of panels, stiles, and rails. The panels can be either horizontal or vertical, and they look like they’re floating within the frame. A raised panel bi-fold door made of solid wood is the perfect focal point for your interior design.


Accordion bi-fold, also known as concertinas, are excellent room dividers, especially for open-plan spaces. Because they fold neatly and evenly, they are also perfect for smaller spaces like closets and laundry rooms. In terms of material choice, you can pick anything from glass to uPVC vinyl or wood.


Whether you choose clear tempered glass or bevelled glass, this type will make your home look stylish and functional at the same time. French-style bi-folds are ideal for your patio, where the configuration generally employs more panes. You can always utilize them in room divider configurations, individually as traffic doors for more convenient access.

Flat-panel bi-folds

These bi-folds are simplistic and clean-lined. Nevertheless, you can still experiment with configurations and styles. Flat-panel bi-folds are similar to their raised panel counterpart so you might combine the two in your home design.

Louvred style

If you like luxurious design styles, louvred bi-folds are here to impress. You can choose between a vented or false louvre door design. The first type is perfect for areas where you’d need ventilation, such as laundry rooms.

False louvred bi-folds are more appropriate for spaces where there’s a need for privacy. This feature makes them the ultimate closet door.

No matter your choice, installing mirrors will ensure you make the most out of your bi-fold closet doors. We all need to take a quick look at our appearance in the mirror before we leave.

Also, mirrors will lighten up your room by reflecting natural light coming from outside. Ultimately, you’ll create the illusion of a larger space all by merely utilizing your bi-fold closet door. If you can afford it, order your bi-fold door with a built-in mirror for better results.



What are the benefits of bifold doors?


Arguably, installing a bifold door offers many options in terms of design and configuration. Moreover, clients can order their folding doors in nearly every material.

Natural light

Usually, glazed bi-fold doors are the perfect solution for the lack of natural light in your living space. No matter the type of material or panel combination.

Low thresholds

Furthermore, one of the most significant advantages of every bifold door is the low threshold. It allows for a seamless transition from exterior to interior and from room to room.

Great room dividers

As was mentioned, one of the benefits of bifold doors is their ability to divide rooms seamlessly. That way, homeowners can efficiently utilize specific nooks. Simply fold away a partition when there’s a need for privacy.

No more cold spots

In the past, glazed doors didn’t boast decent insulation properties. Luckily, the advancements in material processing have solved the problem. Now, property owners can rely on double or triple glazed bi-folds that are becoming increasingly popular. The latter is incredibly efficient as their U-value indicates only 1.3W heat loss per square meter.

A Budget-friendly Alternative

Generally, bi-folds are relatively affordable compared to other door types. If you’re looking to spruce up a room, folding ones will come out considerably cheaper than hollow cores. Of course, there will always be others that cost less, but none can offer the same value for the money as bi-folds do.

A Huge Selection of Options

Another distinctive feature of bi-folds is that there are plenty of styles and options at hand. Since bi-fold closets come in virtually all standard materials like wood, glass, mirror, etc., homeowners can fully customize them to fit in with the rest of the interior. That would easily make for a beautiful focal point in any room.

Which are the common materials for bifold doors?

Aluminum bifold doors

Arguably, aluminum is the most common bifold door material. Moreover, it’s robust, lightweight, and resistant to scratching and denting. Besides, it’s easy to maintain and has a relatively long lifespan.

Timber bifold doors

Still, some property owners may prefer a more traditional look. For this reason, many manufacturers offer timber bifold doors as an alternative to aluminium.

Composite bifold doors

Of course, a lot of customers choose to avoid spending so much on timber folding doors. What’s more, they often look for a robust and durable solution like aluminium. Instead, they pick composite bi-fold doorways. Generally, this material offers the best of both worlds. As a result, clients receive an aluminium frame with internal timber facing.

UPVC bifold doors

Last but not least, uPVC delivers the ultimate cost-effective solution for bifold doors. On top of that, this material shows a promising value for the money. Besides, it requires little to no maintenance while bragging outstanding thermal and weatherproof properties.

How Much Do Bi-fold Doors Cost?

In terms of cost, bi-folds have become reasonably affordable in recent years. Along with their qualities, the combination gives outstanding value for money.

Depending on the material, a 3-panel folding door can roughly cost from $1800 to around $2800. Generally, uPVC bi-fold doors are the most affordable, but it all depends on the size, material, and quality of the door. Also, make sure you have at least $1000 extra money for installation costs and delivery (if required).

Safety and Security

Folding doors generally provide significant access points in a home. That’s why they must comply with specific security standards to offer satisfying security levels.

A multi-point locking system is widespread with bi-fold doors and is just enough. However, some owners invest in anti-pick cylinder locks for an additional layer of safety. For small children, ordering finger-safe gaskets will prevent unwanted incidents from happening.

Panel Recommendations

There are no specific HDB home restrictions to the number of door panels employed per doorway. However, professionals often recommend getting as few leaves as possible.

As a general rule of thumb, you’d benefit the most from an odd number of folding panels. That way, the doors will fold in the same direction. Moreover, you’ll be able to install a traffic door mounted with a multipoint locking system.

If you still insist on getting an even-number configuration, you should consider splitting the setting into smaller odd-number sets. For instance, a four-leaf bi-fold door can benefit from a 3:1 setup. As a result, you’ll be able to utilize an access point with a lock. When placing your order, you should notify your provider of your plans. Leave the rest to the professionals.

Bi-fold Door Size In Singapore

As for door size, each material corresponds to some standard measures. For example, the suggested aluminium bi-fold door configuration consists of a three-panel set with a minimum length of 600mm per leaf.

Still, lots of panels measure at 800mm to 1200mm, which makes for a significantly larger opening for the smallest configuration of aluminium bi-fold doors. As for wooden doors, sizes can generally go up to 4000mm in length and 1100mm in width, holding up as many as 16 panes in one frame.

Typically, you’ll need to determine the size of the aperture and the tracks properly. To avoid any mishaps, hire a bi-fold door professional to carry out the installation process for you. Take into consideration that the type and size of the glazing may influence panel weight, and different hardware systems have individual restrictions for maximum panel size and weight tolerance.

Cost of Other Home Improvement Areas

You can check out the cost of hiring professionals for other aspects of your home improvement project. Some of the general cost guides can be found below: