What is Luxury Interior Design and Ways to Make Your Homes More Luxurious

What is Luxury in Interior Design?

Luxury is a challenging term to define – in general, it is understood to mean a state of indulgent comfort and elegance and is often associated with great expense.

When applied to interior design, luxury interior design refers to a sophisticated aesthetic that can be achieved through a combination of various styles to construct an exquisite style. It can also be known as modern luxury interior design.

While luxury is a broad term, there are a few key characteristics that are essential to a luxury interior design – spaciousness, grandness and lavishness.

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Materials used in Luxury Interior Design

Reflective materials are also frequently utilised in the design. Their glossy surfaces help to reflect light and make the spaces of your home bigger, while also creating a clean and sleek aesthetic.

As such, materials that are commonly associated with the luxury aesthetic also include marble and stainless steel. Woodgrain surfaces are also favoured as they help to add warm tones to the home and prevent the house from looking overly stark or cold.

While the colour scheme of your home does tend to differ based on the specific style you are aiming for, dark colours such as grey and black tend to be common to establish a design with more weight and magnitude.




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Examples of Luxury Interior Design

1. 2 Bedroom Condo @ Keppel Bay

This residential project by Beaux Monde Pte Ltd combines classic and luxury into one through a warm colour scheme and subtle but detailed furnishings.

luxury interior design, living room interior design, living room

Glossy marble surfaces and unique hanging lights help to construct a refined, luxurious aesthetic. For more information, click here.

bedroom, luxury interior design

The dark wooden floors and bedspreads add more depth to the room.

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2. 610 Tampines North

Designed by Fifth Avenue Interior Design, this HDB residential project features a contemporary luxury theme through its sleek black, white and gold colour scheme.

The clean-cut lines and monochromatic colour scheme helps to establish a stark and austere aesthetic that may look simplistic, but it is no less luxurious and breathtaking.

dining area, luxury interior design

Marbled surfaces and a monochromatic colour scheme creates a luxurious aesthetic. For more information, click here.

living area, luxury interior design

Brown furnishings help to mellow out the living area and make it appear brighter.


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3. Calla Spa – Suntec City

This listing brings something different to the mix – Calla Spa’s interior design, done by IN-EXPAT, is also a memorable example of luxury interior design.

Luxurious materials such as mirror, marble and stainless steel are delicately layered upon each other to create a breathtaking and opulent effect. The mineral water pools were also carefully designed to simulate outdoor rock pools and replicate the beauty of nature.

commercial, luxury interior design

Marble surfaces and a neutral colour scheme combine to create a luxurious and refined look. For more information, click here.

luxury interior design, spa interior design

Woodgrain surfaces and mineral water pools to bring the art of nature to life.

4. Bullion Park

Ban Yew Interior Design combines marble patterns and gold metallic accents to create a luxurious and sophisticated design for this resale condominium at Bullion Park.

The warm colour scheme utilised helps to brighten up the spaces of the home while the gold metallic accents act as a nice detail of contrast.

living area, luxury interior design

Marbled surfaces and a warm colour scheme – a timeless classic. For more information, click here.

The bedroom features paler colours such as white, which is starkly contrasted by the woodgrain surfaces and marbled wall-pattern. These striking contrasts help to add more depth and texture to the room – creating a multi-layered and luxurious aesthetic.

bedroom, luxury interior design

White, woodgrain and marbled surfaces create a striking contrast.

In contrast, dark colours are utilised more when it comes to the living area – so as to ground the space and add depth.

living room, luxury interior design

Dark coloured furnishings help to ground the space of the living room.


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5. 622C Punggol Central

Ban Yew Interior Design brings us another impressive gallery through this HDB residential Project, which proves that living in a HDB doesn’t mean you can’t live luxuriously.

The spacious master bedroom and living area practically scream grandeur. To add on, the HDB also features a walk-in wardrobe that is covered in frozen glass for a practical yet sophisticated touch.

bedroom, luxury interior design

The spacious master bedroom screams luxurious. For more information, click here.

A mixture of greys, browns and whites help to create a spacious and breathtaking home. Darker colours are used to set and ground the wide spaces, while lighter colours balance it out and help to make the rooms look larger and even more luxurious.

Patterned surfaces such as woodgrain walls are also incorporated into the design to break up any potential monotony and keep things looking exciting.

luxury interior design

The mixture of colours and textures makes the living area luxurious and multi-layered.

walk-in wardrobe, luxury interior design

The walk-in wardrobe is covered in frosted glass for added privacy and a touch of class.


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6. 4 Bedroom HDB Resale @ Sengkang

This HDB residential project was carried out by Beaux Monde Pte Ltd and represents a cosier interpretation of the luxury aesthetic. Various shades of brown and neutral colours help to add a warm ambience to the home without sacrificing any luxury value.

office, luxury interior design, woodgrain surfaces, woodwork

The office room introduces woodgrain surfaces to the design for a traditional luxury style. For more information, click here.

bedroom, luxury interior design

The patterned walls add different textures to the room while keeping it luxurious and comfortable.

7. Marbler

Couple Abode shows how luxury interior design doesn’t have to be all about over-the-top bling and glitter through this residential project.

Instead, glossy marbled textures combine with blue hues and light oak surfaces to create a beautiful luxury aesthetic. The marble surfaces create a sleek and polished look while the various hues of blue complement it by grounding the space.

Meanwhile, the light oak surfaces help to balance this aesthetic by interweaving elements of nature into the design. This also helps to create a warmer ambience and adds a unique vintage touch to the home.

living area, luxury interior design

Light oak, blue and marble combine to form a beautiful and luxurious aesthetic. For more information, click here.

kitchen, luxury interior design

Wooden surfaces help to incorporate an element of nature to the mix.




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8. St Patrick Road

Space Factor creates a home with both calm and luxurious vibes through a classic and timeless design – a marble feature wall. Dark furnishings with light-coloured touches also add a sense of class and sophistication to the home.

living room, luxury interior design

The living area is classy and luxurious. For more information, click here.

The kitchen is also the epitome of luxury and class. Black cabinet doors are complemented by gold handles for a striking contrast while the woodgrain cabinets also help to round out the whole appeal.

kitchen, luxury interior design

Gold handles and black cabinets – sophisticated.

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9. Bukit Merah View

Designed by Azcendant Private Ltd, this mid-century modern home captures many elements of luxury via its clean lines and neutral colour scheme.

The classic combination of woodgrain textures and white surfaces help to add a vintage touch to the luxurious home.

bookshelf, luxury interior design

Clean lines are a must for a sleek and refined home. For more information, click here.

living area, luxury interior design

The living area is simplistic but luxurious.

dining area, kitchen, luxury interior design

The dining area is elevated by the glossy black countertop and unique patterned wall.

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A luxury home doesn’t have to be a gigantic condominium such as K Suites or a huge bungalow – elegant and smart design choices can help to elevate your house from a normal home to a luxury one. You can find a reliable interior designer in Singapore to help you out with this endeavour.

Of course, what can be defined as luxury differs for everyone. We hope that glancing through the listed galleries can bring you some inspiration. For those who are interested in simpler forms of interior design, do check out our articles on MUJI interior design and Minimalist interior design.

For those who would like to look at other interior designs that also frequently utilise dark furnishings to add depth to their space, do check out our article on Industrial interior design.


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