Hire Nyatoh Door Companies in Singapore (6 Best With Reviews, Tips & Prices in 2024)

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Thinking about getting a new door? Nyatoh doors are a fantastic choice! Known for their durability and elegant look, these doors can add a touch of sophistication to any home. At Homees, we’ve put together a list of top Nyatoh door companies to help you find the best options available. Let’s explore what these companies have to offer!

6 Best Nyatoh Door Companies in Singapore (Our Top Picks)




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What Is Nyatoh?

Usually, manufacturers refer to the hardwood species of Palaquium and Payene as nyatoh. This material is widespread throughout Asian countries, including Singapore. It’s a cost-effective option for various pieces of furniture, flooring, and veneer. Nyatoh timber is more famous for its durability than its looks.

In terms of visual looks, the material is nearly indistinguishable from common heartwood. Its yellowish sapwood resembles teak. Over time, the colour weathers for a rustic greyish look. Still, a frequent application of teak or linseed oil finishing will preserve its original shade. Other than that, the pale pinkish or reddish wood has a subtle straight grain. In reality, nyatoh timber is more robust than teak but not as hard as red oak.


What Are The Advantages of Nyatoh?

As already mentioned, the main advantage of nyatoh is its affordability. Moreover, many manufacturers use it because of its ample availability. Furthermore, it delivers perfect workability. Even though it’s not as attractive as other woods, this material is widespread.

Combined with its decent appeal and durability, nyatoh wood provides excellent value for the price. Despite its extensive use in outdoor furniture and doors, nyatoh is susceptible to rot and insect attacks. That’s why it’s essential to apply proper finishing.

What Is A Nyatoh Timber Door?

Nowadays, lots of manufacturers use nyatoh as timber door material. Typically, it employs solid nyatoh with a wide array of designs of glued and joined panels. The result is a decent mix of price and quality. What’s more, these doors are ideal for every part of the home. Since nyatoh timber is varnish-friendly, caring for it guarantees longevity and lively woodgrain.

What Are The Different Types of Nyatoh Door Cores?

Hollow-Core Nyatoh Doors

Usually, these doors use plywood as a primary material. Perhaps, the main reason why they are so cheap is that they have a hollow inside. In most cases, buyers sacrifice sound insulation for a lower price. Manufacturers use hollow core nyatoh for classic doors.

Semi-Solid Core Nyatoh Doors

Perhaps, this type of nyatoh core delivers far better properties than hollow-core nyatoh. In terms of soundproof and thermal control qualities, they exceed their counterparts. At the same time, up to 70% of the door has a filling, which makes them an affordable option. Their surface uses raw nyatoh, veneer, or laminate. Usually, the inside is of plywood.

Solid-Core Nyatoh Doors

Similar to hollow-core nyatoh, this type has a plywood surface. In some cases, manufacturers use moulded composite. Besides, the inside is also of plywood. Overall, these nyatoh doors offer the most premium quality. Of course, their properties are far better than their counterparts. Last but not least, they are still less expensive than solid wood doors.

What Is A Nyatoh Plywood Door?

In Singapore, plywood is one of the most popular engineered wood materials. Perhaps, many manufacturers produce nyatoh plywood doors. They are a cost-effective alternative to solid wood. The entrance consists of nyatoh sheets glued and pressed together on plywood by placing adjacent layers.

Typically, you’d see this material in main and bedroom doors in HDB flats and Condos. The main perk of plywood is that it can obtain natural woodgrain design by varnishing. Homeowners can either use wooden or steel frames. Moreover, these doors come in standard timber door types. For example, a semi or solid core nyatoh plywood door will provide excellent sound insulation in your bedroom.


Questions to Ask Nyatoh Door Installation Companies

  • Do you offer any variations of nyatoh wood?
  • What types of varnishes do you offer?
  • What types of surface do your nyatoh doors have?
  • Is there a selection of designs you can offer? Do you provide nyatoh doors with customized grove lines or steel inlays?
  • What’s your experience with nyatoh door installation and manufacture?
  • Can you provide a free written estimate outlining all the terms and conditions of what we discuss?
  • What are the payment terms? What does the door price cover?
  • Do you provide a warranty for your service?
  • Do you provide insurance for cases of an accident during the installation?
  • How long will the job take? Will you clean up after the door installation?
  • Do you manufacture your nyatoh doors in your factory in Singapore?

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