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11 Best Soundproofing Companies In Singapore




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Thunderstone Technology (S) Pte Ltd

- Home Sound System
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Wall Sg

- Blinds Installation
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Fortuna Soundproof Windows

- Sliding Door Installation
- Bifold Door
- Window Installation
- Soundproofing

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Alpha Plasterceil Decor Pte Ltd

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JD Acoustic

- Home Theater System
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In our increasingly bustling world, soundproofing a home has become a popular choice among homeowners. Why is this so? Noise pollution is everywhere and we all like to have a quiet space where we can unwind and also focus well. When you are a noisy neighbour, soundproofing your home can save you trouble and any potential disputes with your neighbours.


Cost List


Estimated Price Cost

Built-In Bookshelf

$1,800 – $8,700

$14,500 and above (custom)

Crown Moulding

Decorative finish used for capping interior walls at the point where the wall and ceiling meets.

$800 – $3,800


You’ll need to paint drywalls

$1,400 – $6,100


Uses special foam and sound dampening materials

$1,400 – $5,400

Trim Installation

Used to embellish floors, walls, and ceilings

$870 – $4,100

Wall Cleaning Services

Surfaces should be cleaned before starting on paint or any other covering jobs

$290 – $1,200

Wallpapering Installation

$360 – $1,600

When you are the light sleeper or have noisy neighbours, soundproofing your home can help to improve your quality of life and provide a conducive environment for your work and rest. Soundproofing your home can help to block out noisy chatters, traffic noises, sirens and any other outdoor noises. What are the home improvement works that you can implement to maintain your quiet space at home?

1. Soundproof your walls

Noise from your neighbours often get to your room through the walls. Our walls are the hard surface that are poor absorbers of sound. Soft surfaces, on the other hand, absorb sound better and help to make your room free from your neighbour’s noise. You can install sound-absorbing panels to your wall or cover your walls with cushioning or moving pads. There are even soundproof wallpapers in the market that you can opt for.

2. Soundproof your ceiling

If you have ever experienced noise and vibration coming from when your neighbours upstairs when they drag their furniture or drop something, you will understand how frustrating it can be sometimes. These noises travel easily through the concrete slab that separates you and your neighbour. To soundproof your ceiling, you can install a false ceiling and fill the gap with high-density materials to help absorb sound and reduce noise transmission. You will require the expertise of a professional for this.

3. Soundproof your floor

One easiest way to soundproof your floor is to lay a layer of the thick dense rug. Alternatively, you can opt for interlocking floor mats. One added advantage is that since interlocking floor mats come in pieces, it will be easier to lay an oddly-shaped area as compared to using a huge roll of carpet.

4. Soundproof your windows and doors

Windows and doors are the main channels by which sound can enter your room. If possible, hire a professional to install soundproof windows for you. What differentiates soundproof windows from normal windows is the additional pane of glass. The standard windows have a single pane of glass while soundproof windows have two. This creates a medium of air that traps sounds. A medium is required to transmit sound and air is a poor conductor of sound. In addition, soundproof windows have an insulating sealant around them to ensure that there are no gaps for any sound to filter through. Installation of soundproof windows may be costly but it is proven to be the most effective method to reduce noise levels.

Alternatively, a cost-saving DIY method that you could adopt is to hang heavy, full drape curtains from your ceiling to floor. This method- while not the most effective- can help to trap and dampen some of the noise within the multiple folds of the thick fabric.

For your doors, the most important thing is to seal any gaps. You can use insulating sealant, gap foam, as well as weatherstripping tape to do this job. You can also choose to install a door sweep to seal the gap between the door and your floor.

These soundproofing methods can be quite a hassle. Therefore, you should engage the help of a professional to do it for you. Here at Homees, we have provided you with a list of reliable professionals.


Cost of Soundproofing

Soundproofing your walls and ceilings will generally cost you around $1,400 – $5,400.

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