11 Best Window Installation Companies Singapore (With Reviews) [Updated 2023]

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Homees provides a directory of window installation companies in Singapore. You can compare and view a list of window installation companies that can suit your home needs.

11 Best Window Installation Companies Singapore (Our Top Picks)




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Super Window

- Window Installation
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- Window Installation
- PVC Door Installation
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- Nyatoh Door

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ZGH Aluminium Pte. Ltd.

- Bifold Door
- Window Installation
- Glass Door Installation
- Door Installation

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Endo Grilles

- Window Installation
- Fence Installation
- Wrought Iron Gates
- Metal Gates Installation

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BTO Aluminium & Construction Pte Ltd

- Window Installation
- PVC Door Installation
- Bedroom Door
- Sliding Door Installation

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Pang Giap

- Window Installation
- Window Hardware Repair
- PVC Door Installation
- Bedroom Door

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Deluxe Fold Door Pte Ltd

- Window Repair
- Window Installation
- Window Hardware Repair
- PVC Door Installation


Glass Link Construction

- Stairs & Railing Installation
- Door Installation
- Window Grill Installation
- Awning Installation

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- Window Installation
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- False Ceiling
- Electrician

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Noise Plaster

- Soundproofing
- Window Installation
- Door Installation

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Typical jobs offered by Contractors

  1. Install window grills
  2. Install window blinds
  3. Cut an opening through the walls
  4. Installing window panes

When to Call A Window Installation Contractor

Usually, window installation can be DIY; however, do take note of safety when you are installing your window in high rise buildings like HDB or Condominium. Do call a skilled window contractor when the task becomes too complicated, below are some examples.

Repairs or installation of window frame inside installed inside walls: These window frames are built inside the walls of your rooms; it not only holds the window but also act as a skeleton to maintain the structural integrity of your wall. Altering the window size or fixing internal defects requires specialised set of skills to take on this task.

Installing a new window: In places where there is no window installed before, the job may require cutting an opening on the walls to fit a windowpane. Window grills must be set up as well, especially when you live in high-rise buildings like HDB or condominium. These jobs can be dangerous and require a unique set of tools to handle for the job.

Physically demanding jobs: Sure, DIY can help you save a lot of money, but it is not worth it to injure yourself in the process of installing a new window, especially when the windows are massive in size. License contractors are trained to install windows in high rise areas and also install large window panes. They are trained to do dangerous jobs, and they are covered by insurance in an event when any unfortunate accidents occur.

Doing the job right: You do not want to re-do the work over and over again, especially when you are renovating your home. Getting a professional will ensure that the task is done right quickly and safely. Should there be any mistakes during installation, they are held liable to fix the problem, and you are not required to pay any amount to amend the error.


Questions to Ask Before Hiring A Window Installation Contractor

Before you engage a contractor for your window work, here are a few questions to ask to ensure the process goes on smoothly and successfully.

Questions to ask yourself

1. What kind of contractor are you looking for?

Are you looking for a contractor that does sorely window installation or simply window repairs? Or are you looking for an interior designer to design the layout of your windows and suggest window styles based on your current home theme? This will very much affect the type of contractor that you should approach. Definitely, if you are looking to repair or replace a damaged window, then you should look for a direct window contractor. Otherwise, if you want to do a revamp of windows and are unsure of what type to install, then look for an interior designer that can fulfil your design needs.

2. What type of windows do you want to install?

They are a vast range of windows which you can choose from. It varies with:

  • Window opening: Casement, sliding, louvred, bi-fold
  • Window material: Soundproof, standard glass, tempered glass, wire mesh glass,
  • Grille type and material: Steel, Aluminium, Iron, Invisible, wood, vinyl, fibreglass
  • Window tint: Clear, opaque, frosted, dyed, metalised, ceramic, insulating, glare reduction, UV blocking, privacy films, decorative films, anti-graffiti, one-way mirror
  • Locks and handles used

Know what kind of windows you are looking for. Are you concerned with the aesthetics of your window? Do you want a durable and long-lasting one such as an aluminium window?

3. What is your budget?

Have an idea of how much you should or are willing to spend. Keep in mind the budget while you are speaking to the contractors.

4. If you are replacing your windows, what is the current problem with the windows that made you change them?

Some problems such as bad design, and rusty frames can only be fixed by changing the entire window. Specific issues such as paint wearing off, spoilt locks and handles, and loose grilles can be fixed without replacing the whole window. Speak to a few good window contractors, and they will advise you on the best method and solution to solve your window problems or obtain the window you desire.

5. Do you have your contractors, or do you subcontract the work?

Depending on the type of service you are looking for, you may prefer a direct contractor or someone to manage the project for you.

6. Do you provide any kind of warranty?

Check the warranty they are providing you, whether it covers the necessary components. Also, verify who you should look for to account for any error after completion of work.

7. Do you have past project photos and testimonials?

Look at photos of previous projects done. See whether this is the kind of results you are looking for. You can also ask to speak to past customers for better and more thorough feedback.

8. Do you provide insurance to your workers?

Ensure that the workers are insured. This is especially important because you will be liable for any injuries on your property if the workers are not appropriately covered.

9. Are you BCA registered?

Check whether the contractors are BCA registered. For HDB renovations, there is another list of contractors. For private property renovations, please check against this list of contractors. This ensures that your contractor knows the proper guidelines required to carry out the appropriate renovation. There are some rules for renovating windows in HDB flats. It is best to engage a BCA-approved window contractor registered with HDB to ensure that the renovation complies with the window works.

Signing the contract

Before engaging the contractor, there are a few things you should take note of:

1. Quotation

Get your quotation from a few contractors. Arrange the contractors to look at your windows personally at your house. Do not allow them to quote without looking at your windows. That said, if the contractors offer to quote without any site inspection, it is best to stay away from those contractors.

Make sure that the specifications given by the contractors are the same such as the size of the window, length, and breadth. Based on the quotes, they may be different due to contractor experience, quality of materials, completion time, warranty, etc. Make a good comparison before deciding on one. Do not just go for the lowest quote. It is best to check for hidden costs, and whether everything discussed and necessary has been included.

2. Renovation Contract

Ensure that all your requirements have been stated in the contract clearly. Here is a sample of a model contract by CASE. Do not rely on a verbal agreement, even if the contractor sounds trustworthy. Anything can change during and after the renovation.

3. Renovation Permit

Before embarking on your renovation, there are specific permits that you need to get hold of. Most contractors will ensure that you get the necessary permits before getting started with the renovation. However, it will be good if you have a clear idea too.

4. HDB Flat

For HDB flat dwellers, you will need to get approval from HDB. Here are also some HDB renovation guidelines you can look at. You will require permits to change or install your HDB flat’s windows or grilles. The design of the grilles and windows needs to comply with the design and colour scheme approved by HDB. This is to ensure consistency in the design of your block. Do note that replacing ¾ height and full height windows is not allowed at all.

5. Private residential property

You may require approval from BCA and/or URA for renovation works. You can refer to these guidelines for more information about permits and items that are exempted from approval.

Repair or replace windows?

Replacing windows is a costly decision to make. Here, we look into some common window repairs to help you decide on whether just to repair or to replace entirely.

Rotten frame wood

The wood can be rotten due to exposure to humidity or lack of proper painting or priming. If it is not severe, simple measures such as epoxy paint can seal the wood and prevent further rotting. Replacing certain parts of the frame is a viable alternative too. Sometimes, rotten wood can lead to mould growth and ultimately, pest growth. Hence, it is vital to have the window checked by a professional before deciding on a solution. Severe rotting of wood should be entirely replaced.

Broken Window Panes

Broken glass must be replaced. There is no repairing of glass. Depending on the damage, the sash may need replacing too if it is bent or broken. The sash is the frame holding the frame.

Broken Seal

You will notice a broken seal when rainwater starts seeping through your window. Water seepage could be dangerous if it is located near an electrical outlet or point. Your window seal is what keeps the glass in place and the window insulated. Sometimes, you can tell that a seal is broken when you see a little cracked or dry. So, don’t replace the entire window because of some water leakage. Check with a professional for the real cause of the problem you are facing. Depending on the severity, you may end up needing to replace the entire frame or window.

Stuck Windows

A constantly stuck window that doesn’t want to open or has difficulty closing? You could be facing the following problems:

  • Accumulated dirt stuck in the tracks can cause your window to be stuck. Check whether proper cleaning or a replacement of sash is required. You may also consider hiring a professional window cleaner.
  • Hardware could be broken. Replacing the hardware alone should work.

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