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Are you in the market for a new HDB door? A great door can enhance both the security and style of your home. Whether you’re looking for something sleek and modern or classic and durable, we’ve got you covered. At Homees, we’ve gathered a list of top HDB door companies to help you find the perfect match for your needs. Let’s dive in and explore your options!

11 Best HDB Door Companies In Singapore (Our Top Picks)





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AT Aluminium


- Window Grill Installation
- Metal Gates Installation
- Window Installation
- HDB Gate Replacement

39 Woodlands Close #01-16 Mega@Woodlands Singapore 737856

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Gate Door Window

- HDB Doors

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SG Doors

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- Glass Door Installation
- Toilet Door Installation
- Home Security & Alarm Systems

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Laminate Door

- HDB Doors
-  Glass Door Installation
- Toilet Door Installation
- Wrought Iron Gates

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My Digital Lock

- Bifold Door
- HDB Doors
- Wrought Iron Gates
- Home Security & Alarm Systems

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Super Window

- Bifold Door
- HDB Doors
- Wrought Iron Gates
- Fence Installation

20 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2A #06-22 Singapore 567761

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Yong Fang

- HDB Doors
- Glass Door Installation
- Toilet Door Installation
- Smart Lock

48 Toh Guan Road East #02-114 Enterprise Hub Singapore 608586

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Go Digital Lock

- Bifold Door
- HDB Doors
- Glass Door Installation
- Toilet Door Installation

1 Tampines North Drive 3, #02-06 Singapore 5284999

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Nt Safety & Security

- HDB Doors
- Door Installation
- Fire Rated Door
- Sliding Door Installation

2 Kim Chuan Drive, #08-02 CSI Distribution Centre Singapore 537080

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SG Digital Lock

- HDB Doors
- Smart Home Systems
- Metal Gates Installation
- Classic Door

6 Harper Road #01-07 Leong Huat Building Singapore 369674

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Your Digital Lock

- HDB Doors
- Wrought Iron Gates
- Home Security & Alarm Systems
- Smart Lock

Link @ Ang Mo Kio #05-33 Singapore 569139

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Pang Giap

- Door Hardware Repair
- Bifold Door
- HDB Doors
- Glass Door Installation

No 9 Defu Lane 3 #01-10L Singapore 539441

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Cost of HDB Doors In Singapore

HDB doors come in various sizes, finishes, and designs. Moreover, different suppliers, quality of materials, and other features like locks and handles may affect the end price. Ultimately, choosing a high-quality door that fits your budget should be a priority. Here’s a list with some estimates depending on the HDB door type:

Type of Door

Price Range

Nyatoh Door

$250 – $700

Timber Door

$700 – $1200

PVC Door

$250 – $500

Classic Door

$450 – $700

Laminated Door

$299 – $1799

Veneer Door

$300 – $1300

Barn Door

$549 – $2200

Aluminium Door

$160 – $370

Glass Door

$700 – $1000


What are the rules and regulations for HDB doors?

Usually, you don’t need permission to replace an already existing HDB door in your flat. However, you might need special approval if you decide to make changes to the portal dimensions. The same goes for main doors that share egress travel with the fire escape route. Also, bear in mind that all entries must open at 850 mm wide.

Perhaps, another aspect is when changing the location of your doors. The Housing Board allows for such works only under particular circumstances. You need to acquire a permit. Besides, you mustn’t hack or demolish reinforced concrete walls or any load-bearing columns.

HDB Door Types

What are the HDB door types in terms of materials?

Timber doors

Firstly, timber doors are the all-time classic for every HDB home. They are either hardwood or softwood, with the former having a rightfully higher price range. When it comes to interior design, hardwood timber doors can create unique coziness. The natural material allows for effortless processing, and homeowners usually get high value for their money.

No matter the door design, timber doors are durable and have excellent thermal value. On top of that, one of the best advantages that species like oak, beech, ash, mahogany, and others give is the possibility of updating and reworking. Bear in mind that quality comes with its price so that timber doors can be quite expensive compared to their counterparts. You can always look for a hdb main door supplier in Singapore to check the prices.

Veneer doors

Veneer doors are a much more affordable alternative to timber. The thin layers of wood are just enough to give any interior door a natural look.

On the other hand, the core doesn’t have to be of solid wood, and it’s usually of something effective but cheaper. Ultimately, veneer doors are considerably less expensive than solid timber doors, but with quality manufacture, the difference between the two types is virtually impossible to notice.

Furthermore, veneers require little maintenance. A varnish coating can protect such a doorway from moisture and extreme temperatures. Another advantage of these doors is that they are lightweight, which reduces the load on the walls – a characteristic that is specifically beneficial to HDB apartments.

Aluminum-reinforced PVC doors

Even though they are relatively new on the door market, doors made of PVC with the use of aluminum profiles come in wide price ranges and various styles and designs.

Typically bi-fold or slide and swing, these PVC doorways boast with resistance to various external factors like extreme temperature fluctuations, high humidity, mechanical stress, and pests. These features make aluminum reinforced PVC ideal for toilet doors.

Moreover, the smooth plastic surface allows for easy maintenance and care. Homeowners can effortlessly clean their PVC doors with a simple wet cloth and mild detergent. Thanks to technological advancements, buyers can choose from a variety of styles and mechanisms.

Laminate doors

Laminate doors, also known as high-pressure laminate doors, are currently trending in Singapore. These doorways usually come with a composite core and a 1 mm high-pressure laminate glued and pressed with 3 mm plywood.

Laminate bedroom doors are durable and shock-resistant. Moreover, they have decent insulation properties and great versatility in terms of woodgrain color and texture of the coating.

Glass doors

The most significant advantage of glass doors is the unmatchable visibility that these access points provide. Thanks to the modern processing methods like spraying, sandblasting, and photo printing, manufacturers now offer different interior doors made of tempered, frosted, and stained glass. Usually, glass products use aluminium frames and can be either sliding or bi-fold for a combination of maximum space and vision.

FRP doors

Fiber-reinforced plastic doors are relatively hard to find in Singapore. Still, they offer ample color and finish variations. On top of that, FRP doors generally have easy workability and come with numerous advantages.

Even though these doors are lightweight, they are incredibly robust and require very little maintenance. Moreover, they provide all-weather resistance. Last but not least, they come in various colors and finishes in the market.

Nyatoh doors

Nyatoh doors are either solid nyatoh or nyatoh plywood. One thing that attracts customers to nyatoh is a classic and timeless design. These door pieces are suitable for bedroom or kitchen entrances as large as 33”x84”.

As main doors, they can be either fire-rated or standard to correspond to the HDB main door requirements. Just like veneer doors, nyatoh timber benefits from varnishing as it preserves the natural woodgrain texture of the doorway.

Shoji screens

Adding a Japanese influence to an HDB apartment seems like an unlikely combination. However, the Asian-inspired shoji screens can deliver a genuinely unique and unusual aesthetic appeal to open plan HDB homes.

The translucent shoji paper panels are an affordable and lightweight alternative to wood sliding doors.


What are the HDB door types in terms of opening mechanisms?

Modern HDB homes don’t always live up to the expectations of their homeowners. Sometimes, the living space is highly insufficient, and such cases opt for more unorthodox planning and zoning.

Along with the need, manufacturers have long come up with attractive and functional solutions to small spaces. Nowadays, buying space-saving and practical doors for your HDB apartment plays a vital role in every renovation plan.

Hinged doors

Perhaps, many homeowners rely on the suitable old hinged opening mechanism. Hinged HDB doors are simple and easy to install. Moreover, they can use nearly any material and finish.

Sliding doors

Perhaps, sliding doors have started gaining popularity in recent years. These doors slide onto each other to open up valuable space. That’s why they are ideal for tiny areas like toilets and closets.

Pivot doors

Unlike the hinged door, the pivot doorway is an infrequent occasion as an HDB door. Usually, the door piece swirls on a spring axis fixed in the centre of the entrance.

Bi-fold doors

Last but not least, bi-fold doors are the best at saving space. This mechanism employs multiple panels that fold neatly. For this reason, many people choose such doors for limited spaces.

What are the HDB door types based on the method of construction?

Panelled doors

Usually, panelled doors are traditional for every HDB flat. That’s why there are plenty of models and designs. Also, buyers get to choose from a wide variety of panel numbers and configurations. The typical materials are plywood or wood, but other materials can serve as a core, too.

Flush doors

Nowadays, nobody can mistake flush doors because they are a standard option for every home and public building. The pleasant appearance of flush doors comes from their smooth and jointless surface on both sides.

This characteristic makes them extremely easy to clean and decorate. Moreover, these doorways are also very durable and robust. On top of that, they are slightly cheaper than traditional panel doors. Customers can get to choose from lots of different laminates and veneers resembling natural wood.

Dutch doors

The doors that split into two parts are becoming increasingly popular in recent years.

Also known as stable doors, Dutch doors are imposing in both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Homeowners can quickly leave the top half open while the bottom half remains closed.

There’s a possibility to combine a taller bottom half with a louvred top half to let in light and air without sacrificing your entire privacy. If there’s no need for ventilation, but rather only light, going for a top half with glass inserts may do wonders.

French doors

Arguably, a French HDB door can give any interior an elegant and timeless appeal. Still, you may need ample space to install such an entry. You can fix the issue by installing a sliding French door.

Louvred doors

Either movable or fixed, louvered doors are the perfect solution for spaces where there’s a need for fresh air. The main distinctive characteristic of louvered doors is the mix of privacy and ventilation they give.

In terms of styles, they are versatile and can use various materials like glass, plywood, or timber. Timber louvred doors are ideal for wardrobe, closet or utility room doors. The only significant drawback is that these doors provide little to no protection from flying insects.

Barn doors

In recent years, homeowners have become more adventurous with their HDB interior designs. Barn doors have been trending in Singapore for quite some time, mainly because of the simple yet elegant and innovative design.

If you’re looking for a stylish and functional transition to your bedroom, you’d love a sliding barn door. Also, some manufacturers offer barn-style front doors for a truly mesmerizing first impression of both guests and neighbours.

What are the HDB doors, depending on the interior style?

Another visual aspect of interior doors is their style. Creating a cohesive design may sometimes require more than a mere monochromic colour scheme.

Most of the time, successful models include doors that carry a stylistic load. Here are some of the door styles that may fit in your HDB design.


Defined by geometric proportionality, the classic style relies on the quality factor. Classic doors are usually paneled-style and have either blinds or glass inserts. Furniture in Empire, Baroque, or even Rococo style may cover the doors without highlighting the wooden pattern.


The contemporary style showcases the smooth transition of various silhouettes. This style contrasts with its classic counterpart with its robust panel paintings, geometric abstractions, and imbalances.

The difference between door mechanisms is evident – contemporary style employs doorways with pivot and sliding opening approaches. Such entryways usually complement neutral, or bright-coloured interiors. For the balcony, a plastic or PVC door may complete the full window.


The eco style interior blends in with the contemporary design in a minimalist way—the difference is that it employs natural materials.

Therefore, eco-style doors are usually made of solid wood or veneer and have a specific natural pattern and raw texture. The construction choice is typically a panel board.


For those who enjoy the coldness of artificial materials like metal, plastic, and glass, the solution is sliding and folding door models. Of course, the colour palette ranges from grey to white and black paired with silver and mirror elements.

This style opts for futuristic bi-fold doorways made of plastic and stained glass. Technological features like automation and remote controls are also of high importance.


Loft interior design is all about creating a modern urban look with industrial elements. Wooden doors with metal fittings, black or corrugated glass as the main canvas, and sliding doors with open mechanisms, are typical doorway options for this style. Another distinctive characteristic is the disproportional size and dimensions of the doors.

Tips for choosing the right HDB door

Typically, the most immediate issue when buying HDB doors in Singapore is choosing the right supplier, model and design. Indeed, going through tens and hundreds of HDB doors can be quite tedious. Moreover, they come in different types – bi-fold doors, sliding doors and more. Ultimately, you must consider all the factors to choose the perfect door for your home. Here’s a complete list of the tips that you should follow when selecting an HDB door:

  • Consider the material: Choose a door material based on what you need and can afford. Metal doors offer a more substantial level of security, while wooden doors offer a more traditional and cosy vibe. PVC doors are less expensive and simpler to maintain.
  • Pick the right design: Consider the door’s style and colour to complement the interior and exterior of your house. There are many different designs, including panel, flush, and glass doors.
  • Buy quality door: Ensure that the door you select is high-quality, robust, and tear-resistant. Look for certificates that assure safety and environmental requirements, such as the Singapore Green Label certification.
  • Consider security features: To ensure your property is as secure as possible, opt for doors with sturdy locks, hinges, and knobs.
  • Check for noise insulation: To keep your home quiet and pleasant if you reside in a noisy region, consider doors with noise insulation qualities.

How to pick the right colours for HDB doors?

Buying a main or interior door for an HDB home is a complex process influenced by various aspects like material, style, dimensions, and others.

Contrary to popular belief, the door colour is an essential part of interior design. It may have a considerable impact on the interior style. What it does is emphasize or soften the contrasts in the décor.

Complement the floor

First and foremost, the best way to eliminate the effect of narrowing the space is by choosing matching colors for the door and floor. The idea is not to merge, but to make the door stand out, creating an illusion of a spacious room.

In larger areas, you can use combinations in contrasting gamut using either a warm or cold palette. Floor textures like bleached oak exclude the coating alternative for doors and vice versa.

Multi-colour tile coatings blend brilliantly with monochrome doors, provided they match one of the tile colours.

Complement the furniture

Generally, there aren’t any principle rules for the colour matching of furniture and interior doors. The general concept should revolve around three colours to create a harmonious look.

Typically, achieving a coinciding colour of the furniture cover and the door makes for a successful design when the rest of the room elements (walls, ceiling, and floor) employ the two different colours.

There should be a homogenous tonal and texture correspondence between the furniture and the door, so it may be a bad idea to go for PVC doors.

Blend in with the walls

The horizontal perspective of a room plays a vital role in its general impression. Selecting a door colour that corresponds to the colour palette of the walls is crucial to creating the illusion of a spacious area.

There may be various combinations in terms of style, contrast, masking, or other decorative elements of the doorway that can apply to the colour scheme.

Monochromic approach

The monochromic approach is perhaps the standard way to achieve a single-style comprehensive look. The only difference in color may be to distinguish the bathroom and toilet zones from the rest of the home.

Another method is to choose the same colour for doors facing a particular room, except for the main gate. This idea usually applies to an entrance hall, a living room, or other similar areas, which may dictate the colour and texture dominants.

Bright colour doors

Bright-coloured doors may appear as a cry for attention. But a front door with a bright pop of colour may make for a brilliant statement. What’s more, light colours are famous for their ability to make interiors look spacious and airy. Pick a bright hue that matches the accents in your HDB home for a cohesive appeal.

Dark colour doors

On the opposite, there are dark-coloured doors that typically serve as a contrast to the wall and flooring colours. The elegance of the entries in dark colours can improve with glass inserts.

Generally, doorways of such colour blend in well with wallpapers with one composite colour matching the door hue. Moreover, the darker variations of brown and cappuccino match well with the warm colour palette.

White doors

White doors are usually a symbol of the Scandinavian minimalist style, where simplicity is essential in every interior design. Still, white doors can look quite luxurious.

The main advantage of the colour is its versatility, which allows designers and homeowners to combine white with literally every other colour. A standard bright white matte finish is an ideal solution for all rooms in an HDB home.

How can I maximise my savings when buying an HDB door?

Buying an HDB door is typically expensive, but saving on your budget is absolutely possible. To achieve this, you must take your time and follow some tips to get the best bang for your buck. Here are the essential tips to help you maximise your savings when buying such a product:

  • Do your research: Spend some time investigating several contractors and suppliers to compare costs and get the best offer. Ensure you’re working with a reliable supplier or contractor by checking out their ratings and reviews from previous clients.
  • Time your purchase: Special holidays or events are the perfect time to shop, as some vendors and contractors might provide discounts or promotions.
  • Consider buying in bulk: Get your HDB doors in bulk if you’re remodelling several rooms or doors in your house. Bulk purchases may qualify for discounts from some suppliers.
  • Choose a standard size: Custom or non-standard-sized doors may cost more than normal-sized ones. To save money, think about going with a regular size.
  • Avoid unnecessary features: Your HDB door may cost more if it has extra features like intricate handles or locks. In such a case, a simpler design would be more cost-effective.

What questions should I ask when buying an HDB door?

When buying an HDB door, asking the right questions is essential. That way, you’ll ensure you’re buying a door that fits your home. Here’s a complete list of the questions you should ask when buying an HDB door:

  1. What materials are used in the door construction?
  2. Is the door fire-rated and approved by relevant authorities in Singapore?
  3. What security features does the door have?
  4. Is the door energy-efficient and eco-friendly?
  5. What is the door warranty?
  6. Can you customise the door to fit my specific requirements?
  7. What is the delivery and installation process?
  8. What is the estimated lifespan of the door?
  9. Are there any ongoing maintenance requirements?
  10. What are the payment terms and conditions?

Additional Considerations When Buying an HDB Door

Are there any warranties included when buying an HDB door?

Yes, most HDB door suppliers and contractors offer warranties on their products. Typically, the period can range from one to five years and covers parts, labour, and materials. However, it can vary depending on the door type and supplier’s offer. For this reason, make sure you ask your supplier or contractor about the door warranty.

While some suppliers may provide a one-year warranty for workmanship, others may cover defects or damages to the door and its parts or materials. Review the terms and conditions of the warranty closely so you know what is covered and what is not. This will give you the confidence that you will have the appropriate support if any issues arise with the door after installation.

What are the common issues and problems with HDB doors?

Some of the most common problems with HDB doors include the following:

  • Difficulty in closing or opening: The doors can become difficult to close or open because of warped frames, rusty hinges, or broken locks.
  • Misalignment: HDB doors may occasionally fall out of alignment, resulting in gaps around the edges. In such cases, it may become challenging to close them due to door frame misalignment or loosened hinges.
  • Jamming: Sometimes, debris or damaged frame may obstruct the HDB door.
  • Wear and tear: HDB doors are subject to wear & tear over time, resulting in problems like chipped paint, rusty hinges, or damage to the door itself.
  • Security concerns: Some HDB residents might have concerns regarding the security of their doors, especially if the latter is old or damaged. As a result, there may be concerns regarding break-ins or unlawful entrance.

If you already own an HDB door, keeping track of the following issues through regular maintenance and upkeep is a smart idea. Inspect your doors regularly to ensure they’re safe and in good condition. That way, you’ll be able to address any issues promptly and prevent more significant damage.

Can I DIY my HDB door in Singapore?

Yes, some HDB doors are DIY friendly, and you can install them without the help of a professional. Still, relying on a specialist is always better, especially for more complex doors.

Compare and Hire Best Reviewed HDB Door Installation Companies in Singapore

View the gallery and portfolio of the best-reviewed HDB door installation companies in Singapore. Also, compare prices of similar door projects in your proximity. Perhaps, you can read the reviews from previous customers.

They will help you to understand the background of prospective contractors. Moreover, you’ll learn how they rate their work. Finally, you can message them directly to ask any specific questions.