Everything You Need to Know about PVC Doors

In the past decade, PVC has slowly but surely become one of the most popular door materials. Thanks to its properties, PVC is now a preferred substitute for old wooden and timber doors.

Unlike its predecessors, the PVC door flaunts excellent insulation and durability. PVC can easily withstand extreme weather conditions.

Most of all, they all come with an affordable price tag. Read on to learn more about PVC and PVC doors.




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What is PVC?

Even though PVC is a highly available and relatively cheap commodity, lots of people don’t know the meaning behind the abbreviation. PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride – a flexible version of plastic. There are two types of PVC – RPVC and uPVC. In short, RPVC is more rigid, while uPVC is the unplasticized form of PVC.

What are the advantages of PVC doors?

As mentioned above, PVC doors have proven to be more durable and better looking compared to their wooden and metal counterparts. There’s a reason why homeowners and retailers consider them as the doors of the 21st century.


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Here are some Advantages of PVC Doors.


Firstly, PVC doors are considerably cheaper than their main competitors on the market – aluminium and wood. The material provides excellent value for its price, and so is the installation cost. All combined with the maintenance costs (if any) makes for a pretty affordable alternative to traditional door materials.


Furthermore, a lot of homeowners tend to choose uPVC doors for their insulating properties. Since polyvinyl chloride can maintain consistent room temperature, PVC doors are ideal for temperate climates.

The insulation filling in them proves to be efficient no matter the season, even when combined with double glazed glass panels. Add PVC windows, and you’ll reduce the need for cooling and heating to a minimum. You’ll like how your electricity bill goes down permanently.


Contrary to popular belief, PVC doors are not that easy to break. Compared to wood, PVC is sturdy and much more reliable. Moreover, you can have a screen door locking mechanism for enhanced security. As a result, having such an entry in your home or office will provide an extra layer of protection.

How Durable are PVC doors?

In terms of strength, PVC doors and windows are way ahead of their time. A uPVC door is invulnerable to pest damage, corrosion, exposure to chemicals or moisture.

This feature makes it a popular choice for construction. The durability properties of polyvinyl chloride provide excellent resistance to all weather and temperature conditions.


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Pest-free Experience

Speaking of pests, termites have long been problematic with wooden doors and furniture. In most cases, the only way to get rid of them requires changing all wooden pieces in a house. With PVC doors, guaranteed you’ll have no such issues.

Easy Maintenance

Another huge perk of having a PVC door is the little to no maintenance required. All you need is a piece of cloth and a mild detergent to wipe your door from time to time. The smooth surface of the polyvinyl chloride makes for effortless cleaning.

Minimalist Looks

Even though PVC doors don’t come in many colour varieties, the available tones are just enough to match the minimalist interior design in your home or workplace. A simple white piece would fit in any home or office, no matter the décor style.

Lightweight & Waterproof

The reason why PVC doors are so easy to install is that they are lightweight and 100% waterproof. And that’s not all – you’ll be amazed at how easy they operate daily. However, during installation, you will want to hire a professional PVC door company to save time and energy.




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What are the Disadvantages?

Of course, you can’t have the good without a little wrong. That’s why it’s good to know some of the disadvantages of PVC doors. Understanding both the perks and downsides will give you a more realistic perspective when considering what door to purchase.

Re-installing Hardware

PVC doors are lightweight and relatively easy to install. But replacing old hardware is just the opposite. The brittle vinyl is easy to crack, and once there are signs of damage, you can’t repair it.


As mentioned previously, PVC and uPVC are highly resilient to adverse climate and temperatures. However, their main flaw is that their ultraviolet light resistance is just not enough. When exposed to harsh sunlight for an extended period, the PVC door starts to fade and become brittle. If you’re looking for an entryway for a southward looking façade, you should bear this in mind. To prolong the lifespan of your PVC doors from harsh sunlight, we recommend installing solar films on your windows.


Unfortunately, PVC can’t match the visual appeal of other traditional front and interior door materials. Besides, the limited colour range may repel some homeowners. It may limit some home design genres.


Despite the lightweight and sturdy character of PVC doors, they are somehow flimsy and unreliable in terms of security. The flimsiness creates a sense of insecurity with exterior PVC doors, whereas protection is most important.


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Standard PVC Door Designs and Features

When it comes to interior and exterior door design, PVC allows for a wide variety of patterns and styles. Home and business owners can employ PVC as a door material for virtually every door style – French doors, sliding doors, bi-folds, etc during renovation or interior design project.

Front doors can implement various floral or geometrical patterns. Since PVC is waterproof, it’s perfectly suitable for the bathroom. In terms of security, PVC doors often feature a screen door lockset or door screen lock.

Are PVP and UPVC entirely the same?

Lots of homeowners believe every polyvinyl door or window is actually of plain PVC. But little do they know that there’s a considerable difference between a PVC and uPVC. Here’s a brief breakdown of the main features of uPVC.

What is uPVC?

As you may already know, uPVC stands for unplasticized polyvinyl chloride. The material doesn’t have any plasticizer added and has the characteristic of higher UV and weather resistance as well as thermal efficiency. It is more often used in Singapore for window and door construction.

The outstanding properties of this material, along with the affordable prices, make uPVC doors and windows extremely popular. Even though many manufacturers and retailers refer to uPVC as PVC, nobody uses ordinary polyvinyl chloride for doors. PVC’s application is more common in the manufacture of pipework, clothes, and toys.


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What is the variety of PVC doors?

There are some doors such as French doors, tilt and slide doors, and hinged doors are available in PVC. Yes, you can get matching windows. The most popular colour is gleaming white, but there are many other options, including timber grain PVC doors if you want the look of wood without the maintenance.

PVC doors have been widely used for over 50 years in Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States, but they have only been available in Australia for about two decades. In our current, environmentally conscious era, as homeowners seek more energy-efficient ways to insulate their homes, there has been a tremendous upsurge in interest in them. PVC doors are also a cost-effective option, as they are low-cost to purchase, maintenance-free, and long-lasting. PVC doors are, in a nutshell, the doors of the twenty-first century.

The Benefits of uPVC Doors

No doubt, uPVC’s exceptional durability, and minimal maintenance requirements make it the perfect material for both interior and exterior doors. The thermal efficiency and sound insulation provide excellent value for money and a permanent reduction in the energy bills.

You may expect your uPVC door to reduce outside sound by up to 70%. Last but not least, your entryways will last much longer, and you won’t have to deal with pests, corrosion, rot, etc.

Is uPVC dangerous?

Most companies that offer PVC and uPVC items come with a list of credentials that prove that their products have undergone quality control testing. Generally, professional manufacturers ensure that their uPVC doors pose no danger to the customer. Moreover, the material is easily recyclable.

Many companies have inherited environmentally-conscious strategies of dealing with the waste they produce, and some are already recycling over 95% of the leftovers from uPVC door and window production.
Also, it’s important to note that uPVC production follows strict regulations that ensure the material doesn’t cause harm or toxicity. In other words, it’s completely safe and non-toxic unless burnt.

How much does it cost to install a PVC Door?

Typically ranges between $250 to $500.  PVC doors are more commonly found to be toilet doors as PVC is door waterproof.

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