Classic Doors – MDF or Nyatoh?

Nowadays, door manufacturers have an endless number of models, door designs, all made from different materials. Still, some styles are everlasting. Classic doors are among the ever-popular options for all homeowners.

The traditional door motifs originate from the English Georgian-style homes and French Colonial designs in the 18th century. They later spread to the southern colonies of early America to create a distinctive stately and symmetrical look.


What is a Classic Door?

Usually, classic doors refer to models including rectangular symmetrical shapes, one or more panels with various decorative inlays or mouldings around and crowning the entry.

The combination of beauty and laconism conveys the old-world simplicity of a restrained palette of shades with the typical charming appeal.

Their standard structure is solid wood, but there are also some more cost-effective solutions such as veneers or engineered woods (MDF, plywood, and others). The predominance of wood texture often pairs with exquisite fittings and glazing with stained glass inserts.

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What is MDF?

Generally, classic doors use wood, but there are also some engineered wood alternatives, such as medium-density fiberboard. The aesthetic appeal of wooden doors is often unmatchable. The material is trendy in Singapore for its quite affordable price and timber-like properties. Thanks to their resemblance to the prototype, MDF doors are easily the best interior doors. Homeowners opting for European or Country interior design in their Condo or HDB flat can successfully implement classic doors to an existing wooden frame.

What are the Pros of MDF?

There are plenty of benefits that make MDF such a popular choice for interior doors. Perhaps, one of the best things about this material is its economic value.

The component is affordable and provides excellent value for the money spent. Moreover, it characterizes by easy workability and a smooth surface without spots or knots. This feature makes for effortless cleaning and maintenance.

Furthermore, MDF doors are paint and finish-friendly. You can apply a faux wood finish to create a genuine-looking classic appeal. However, MDF doors don’t have weaknesses like susceptibility to rot, denting, deforming, pest attacks, and other types of damage typical for conventional timber doors.

Thanks to their durability and robust structure, homeowners may enjoy decent privacy and sound resistance. Last but not least, MDF is a sustainable material because it comes from leftover wood products. Since it saves trees, it’s safe to say that MDF production is a form of the recycling process.

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What are the Cons of MDF?

The disadvantages of medium-density fiberboard are significantly less than its pros. Still, buyers shouldn’t fall for the trap of thinking that MDF is anywhere near real timber in terms of strength.

The worst thing about this type of material is that it’s not shock-resistant and can crack or split under extreme stress.

What’s more, its manufacture involves the use of harmful VOCs like urea-formaldehyde, which may pose a health hazard to residents using such a door.

Finally, MDF absorbs water at a fast pace, which can cause unpleasant swellings that can ruin your whole interior design.


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What is Nyatoh?

Nyatoh is a trading name for a few hardwood species of the Palaquium and Payena genera. The timber is a relatively popular alternative to traditional wood species in Asian countries like the Philippines, Indonesia, India, and Singapore.

In recent years, it has even made its way into North America as a budget material for outdoor furniture, flooring, and veneer. The light straight grain resembles cherry wood, while its surface is dark brown to reddish.

Still, it’s more famous for its durability and decent looks. Most manufacturers can provide this type of wood in bulk, which makes it a preferable option added the vast array of options and the excellent value for money.




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What are The Advantages of Nyatoh?

One of the best features of nyatoh wood is that it is barely distinguishable from regular heartwoods. The yellow or straw-coloured sapwood is quite similar to the colouring of teak, even though the latter has a more golden hue.

Over time, the original colour weathers to grey for a rustic look. Still, you can preserve the primary shade by frequently applying teak or linseed oil finishing.

Although it’s not the most robust timber, this softwood is still quite durable. There are a few nyatoh wood species that are considerably harder, making the material extremely suitable for outdoor projects. Many homeowners use the timber without treatment, but it’s important to note that the wood is susceptible to insect attacks.

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What is a Nyatoh Timber Door?

Nyatoh Timber doors share many similarities with traditional timber doors. Like the former, traditional timber doors are a popular choice for doors. Apart from its use in the production of various outdoor furniture and veneers, nyatoh is a popular timber door material. The typical structure is of solid nyatoh timber, whereas the glued and joined panels create a wide range of designs.

Since the component offers a decent mix of durability and affordability, it’s an excellent investment for a classic and timeless appeal.

Thanks to its attractiveness, nyatoh doors can serve as doorways for all parts of the home. From front doors to kitchen and bedroom doors, this timber is varnish-friendly, which gives nyatoh door pieces longevity and lively woodgrain for a prolonged time. Even though they may respond well to paint, manufacturers recommend avoiding the application of finishing.

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What is a Nyatoh Plywood Door?

Perhaps, plywood is among the most popular engineered woods in the world. Plywood comes from the family of manufactured boards and uses many different species of hardwood and softwood to form an engineered, composite material.

Nyatoh plywood doors are a result of the glueing and pressing together of nyatoh sheets on plywood by placing adjacent layers.

Typically, nyatoh plywood is a popular material for main and bedroom doors in HDB BTO or resale flats, condominiums, or even landed properties.

Despite the composite essence of plywood, it can obtain a natural woodgrain design by varnishing it.

For homeowners going after Country or Industrial interior style, nyatoh plywood doors can fit in both wooden and steel frames after the application of a fresh coat of varnish.

Depending on the property owner’s personal preferences, he or she can choose between semi and solid core for better sound insulation in your bedroom.


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