Everything about Bathroom and Toilet Doors

During the renovation, homeowners often forget to take proper care of the bathroom and toilet area doors. However, they play a significant role in keeping the hygiene area well-insulated and practical.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to make the best choice possible to fit your home interior. Generally, most toilet doors focus on functionality rather than aesthetics, but there are some exceptions. To assist you, here’s a more detailed look into the bathroom and toilet door types.




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Common Bathroom and Toilet Door Styles

Panel doors

First and foremost, panel doors are the most widespread type of interior doors. But the square and rectangular patterns they feature are not necessarily common because of their functionality. Their popularity roots in their simplicity and versatility. What’s more, the variety of designs and finishes can blend in any bathroom décor.

Sliding Doors

Perhaps, the main advantage of sliding doors is that they don’t swing but rather slide. Even though they are not as popular as conventional panel doors, they are a preferable option for rooms where space is scarce. You’d love the temperate uniqueness of the sliding door. Besides, you’ll get rid of the doorknobs in your home.

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Barn doors

In recent years, barn doors have started regaining their popularity. The rustic charm of barn doors can deliver exquisite warmth and cosiness to any living space. Moreover, sliding barn doors are a trend right now for obvious reasons. If you’re looking for a stylish and functional transition from your bedroom to your en-suite bathroom, you’d love a sliding barn door.

Sliding pocket doors

Sliding pocket doors may not be as popular, but they can do a perfect job as bathroom doors. Because they slide into the wall rather than swing open, they can make the most out of the smallest spaces. This feature makes them ideal for compact HDB toilets and bathrooms.

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French doors

Luckily, not all homeowners have to deal with limited space. In such cases, a French door will make for a classy bathroom and toilet door. The two halves of the door hang on hinges at each side, allowing each pane to swing to meet at the centre. This option is hands down an attractive but still effective solution for a lavish traffic door.

In terms of selection, French doors offer great versatility and can effortlessly adapt to any home interior. Frankly, you won’t see them as bathroom doors very often, but you can make a statement by making your toilet door a focal point.

Glass panel doors

Glass panel doors are similar to panel doors. The difference is that they employ glass rather than panels. Depending on the design, such a door can have multiple glass sections in different shapes and patterns. Ultimately, the glass will act as a window incorporated within the door. You can install a curtain or blinds to cover the window part of the door.


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Frosted glass doors

If you want to impress with your toilet door, opt for a frosted glass door. This type of glass is ideal for toilets and bathrooms. Typically, it’s common in shower enclosure panels. Its best feature is its texture because it creates privacy.

Moreover, there are plenty of modern-looking styles to choose from. It’s safe to say that frosted glass is the perfect compromise between a spacious look mixed with a pinch of privacy.

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Stained glass doors

Stained glass doors are very similar to their predecessors. At the same time, they’re quite distinctive. With its unique and genuinely mesmerizing look, such a bathroom or toilet door can make the area look state of the art. You can have your entryway in various colours and patterns arranged to your liking.

Chalk doors

Chalk doors are quite extraordinary, but you can make use of one in your lavatory. You can customize the look of this novel type of doors with chalkboard paint whenever you want. Besides, you can use the door to leave funny messages to the other members of your family.


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Shoji screens

This Asian-inspired type of doors has a configuration similar to wooden sliding doors, except it delivers a distinctive and original aesthetic. Instead of windows, these doors have translucent panels made of the so-called “shoji paper”. If you’re a fan of Japanese culture, you’ll fall in love with Shoji screens.

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Mirrors and mirror frames

Just like doors, mirrors are also an essential part of the restroom. You can incorporate the two by hanging a mirror directly over the door. This way, you’ll save valuable floor space, especially if you’re living in a small HDB home.

Still, you can step it up a notch with a full-length mirror. The mounting process is more complicated but a lot more rewarding. Since the door functions as the frame for the mirror, you’ll have the ultimate bathroom door utilized for you to check out your look before you leave home.




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What is the most suitable material for your bathroom and toilet door?

Choosing the most suitable material for your bathroom door is just as crucial as its type. Of course, there are some preferences in this category, but homeowners can still pick the material they believe will best fit their home interior.

For example, a wooden door will create a classic and elegant look, but there’s a potential it will warp and rot after some time due to the moisture and temperature fluctuations. In this case, it’s better to save such doors for other parts of the interior.

Also, going for a steel or aluminium door may not be the best option for a toilet door. Metals may have improved durability, but they’re still prone to rust and corrosion. As a result, the high humidity levels will eventually ruin the sleek and modern look of your metal doorway.

For best results, pick materials that can withstand prolonged exposure to moisture and temperature fluctuations. Such options include fibreglass, but you can also try uPVC. They are durable and flexible enough to provide an appealing look to your master restroom. Moreover, fibreglass doors can successfully recreate the classic wooden look of mahogany or walnut.

Is Flush Door suitable for the bathroom door?

Flush doors are highly recommended and adopted for bathrooms. Flush doors have a special coating that prevents damage from extreme heat or cold and are proven as that its price is for value!

Other Solutions

In modern bathrooms, it’s a common sight to have a toilet, sink and shower or bathtub all in one place. To separate the toilet from the rest of the amenities, you can install have a frosted glass panel installed for privacy and a sleeker look. As previously mentioned, you can try stained glass to achieve a unique look.


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The Verdict

Things you need to consider before buying a bathroom door

Before making a conclusion, always prioritise on choosing your ideal door material. Next, you need to consider the swing of your door, be it inward or outward. Finally, you’d want to bet on the design and style. One good recommendation is to select the material that will provide the best durability properties. In such a way, you can be confident that your bathroom door will stay strong against dampness and the constant change of temperature.

Ultimately, you should also be careful and make your choice according to your specific situation – floorspace, door size and dimensions, interior style, etc.

Install PVC or Glazed Bathroom Doors?

PVC and glazed glass panels are well-known in the door and window industry. They have been dominating the market for quite some time, mainly because of their unmatchable insulation and weather-resistant properties. That’s why they’re a preferable choice for bathroom and toilet doors. They provide extra strength and hardiness combined with little to no maintenance.

If you’re looking for the ideal door for your lavatory, you can choose either one of the two materials. But how to determine which one will best suit your interior? Learn more about the pros and cons of PVC and glazed bathroom doors to help you choose the best option.


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PVC Bathroom Doors

As you may know, PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride, a plastic polymer with a wide range of applications. Indoor and window manufacture, companies use the unplasticized version of PVC – the uPVC.

Because of its extreme robustness, insulation, and weather-resistant properties, companies use it to produce various doors, wall surfaces, fences, etc.

The Pros of PVC Doors


Compared to metals, PVC may not be as robust. Still, modern technologies in its production implement some advanced features like high tolerance to shocks and abrasions, impact, and thermal modifiers as well as heat stabilizers and various kinds of fillers.

Unlike wood and metal, uPVC doors are resistant to rot, rust, and fading. This characteristic makes them perfect for bathroom door profiles.


One of the best traits of this lightweight material is its ability to take many shapes and forms. PVC and uPVC are extraordinarily versatile and can serve effectively in all kinds of door configurations and styles regardless. With this in mind, homeowners can use them for both smaller and larger areas.


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They are customizable

In some cases, people steer clear of PVC because they believe they have no choice in terms of colours and styles.

On the opposite, the component blends in seamlessly with virtually all its counterparts – glass, metal, rubber, etc. If you want a customized uPVC door for your bathroom, you can get a variant with glazing, a solid panel or a door explicitly designed for your lavatory.


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Easy maintenance

Another great advantage of PVC doors is that they require little to no maintenance. Unlike its older counterparts, uPVC doesn’t need regular polishing and painting.

The plastic film that covers the surface doesn’t stain or fade thanks to its widespread resistance. To keep the door clean, all you have to do is to wash it occasionally.

Affordable and easy to install

Perhaps, the best budget-friendly option for your bathroom door is arguably PVC. Probably, you’ll get the best value for the money spent. Furthermore, the installation is easy, so you won’t have to splash too much in total. A recommended timeline is twice a year.


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They are fairly good-looking

Contrary to popular belief, it’s surprising how well а PVC door can blend in with your overall interior style. In recent years, retailers and manufacturers started offering different colours, textures, and patterns of their PVC sheets. The most popular is the ordinary white version, but a lot of people prefer off-white and wood replicas too.

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Glazed Bathroom Doors

Glazed bathroom doors consist of one or more glass panes. They come in various shapes, sizes, and patterns but are mostly suitable for interior doors because they are hard but somehow delicate. They are a great addition to any interior design thanks to their appealing looks. But most of all, homeowners revere them for their versatility and insulation properties.

The Advantages of Glazed Doors

Variety of Styles and Mechanisms

First and foremost, it’s important to note that the variety of styles here is ample. Double and triple-glazed glass doors are standard picks for exterior doors, but you can also employ them inside. They are popular in hospitals, offices, malls, and other business buildings because they allow for excellent visibility. Other than that, you can implement glass in virtually any door mechanism – hinged, French, sliding, or different types.

They are sturdy and weatherproof

Generally, conventional glass doors are very delicate. But there are some types of glass like frosted and tempered glass that provide better security when needed. Besides, glazed glass is the ideal weatherproof material. Just make sure you don’t order a too-large piece because you’ll likely struggle with the heavyweight material.


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Easy to Maintain

The smooth glass surface is probably the easiest to clean. If you want to make the glass panel of your bathroom door shine, just spray a little glass cleaner solution and wipe it with a dry cloth.

Great Aesthetic Look

Last but not least, one of the most significant advantages of glass doors is their outstanding appeal. Some homeowners worry about their privacy, but a frosted glazing panel can eliminate the issue immediately. If you opt for something less expensive, then hang curtains or blinds over the glazed glass part. Furthermore, you can purchase a double glazed panel for a soundproof result.

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What are the disadvantages?

Of course, both options have their little disadvantages. For example, glazed doors are often the cause of funny accidents. Some people collide into a glass door, believing it is open when, in reality, it isn’t.

Because it’s more prone to breaking than other conventional materials, homeowners have to be a little careful when they operate with glass doors. Therefore, it’s good to take some precautions to prevent such unintentional outcomes.

As with PVC, there is no such hassle. However, sunlight can make the component’s color fade or even worse, start yellowing. Also, some people tend to avoid polyvinyl chloride because of its flimsiness, which makes uPVC doors look less secure than their metal and wood counterparts. Besides, you wouldn’t like the price of a hardware replacement.

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Prices of bathroom and toilet doors

The price ranges from $230 to $700. Toilet door types are as follows:

1) Sliding doors ($350-$700)
2) Bi-fold doors ($230-$450)
3) Swing doors ($350-$700)

PVC and Glass are the top favourite materials for such doors. However, they contrast in terms of prices by being on two opposite ends. Aluminium doors are considered the most cost-friendly currently. To replace a bathroom door in Singapore, the price ranges from $230 to $900 per door.

Before making a conclusion, always prioritise choosing your ideal door material. Next, you need to consider the swing of your door, be it inward or outward. Finally, you’d want to bet on the design and style. One good recommendation is to select the material that will provide the best durability properties. In such away, you can be confident that your bathroom door will stay strong against dampness and the constant change of temperature.

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