15 A-List Modern Interior Designs Trending in 2023

What is Modern Interior Design?

Originating from the Art Deco era, modern interior design is a broad term used to refer to homes that emphasise clean, crisp lines. These styles tend to utilise a fusion of natural and manmade materials like wood, glass and metal.

What Are Some Features Of a Modern Design Style?

Due to its roots in the modernism movement, which rejected overly embellished or artificial forms and elements, modern interior design leans towards a more fuss-free and minimalistic style.

This includes an emphasis on practical value over ornamentation, along with the inclusion of industrial materials like steel and wood due to their functionality.

As for its colour scheme, it usually consists of simple muted neutrals, while decorative elements, if present, tend to be minimal and monochromatic.




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How Can I Apply Modern Interior Design Into My Home?

Modern interior design is more diverse than you think – it interplays with other interior design themes, giving rise to hybrid styles. These include modern-industrial, modern-Scandinavian, modern-rustic and modern-luxury designs.

If you are intrigued by the diversity of modern interior design, read on for a curated list of the top 15 homes from these hybrid categories. Inspiration is just a scroll away!


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Modern-Industrial Designs

1. Industrial Chic @ Tampines Street 45

Designed by IN-EXPAT, this stylish modern-industrial home is a bold statement punctuated with an exclamation mark. The calm palette of the living room is amplified with a confident wingback chair and adventurous art prints. Talk about what happens when comfort and style collide!

Smooth clean outlines take control of the living room, with the blink wall clock taking centre stage.

HDB interior Design @ 494H Tampines 5

Inspired by the raw and edgy look of a converted warehouse, this home embodies a homely and sophisticated feeling.

Going along with the same industrial theme, the homeowners installed these broad, massive doors outlined with black frames. This glass-and-metal combination helps the space look bigger, allowing light to enter and flow through different rooms. We’re all for the beauty these bold trims bring!

HDB interior Design @ 494H Tampines 7

Floor-to-ceiling glass doors make the space bigger, brighter and better.

This bedroom’s palette of cool colours is meant for quality sleep. The pair of copper pendant lights don’t just sit there looking pretty, but they make a dedicated source of lighting for quick pre-bedtime reading.

HDB interior Design @ 494H Tampines 1

Harsh sunlight can be hard on the eyes, but with proper drapes and blackout curtains, these are perfect for keeping out the sun rays.

A secret to an impressive interior is cohesiveness in design. Decided on rose gold for your pendant lights in the bedroom? Reuse it again in another part of the house, but with a little twist.

Consistent with the overall theme of the house, the dining room replicates the same rose gold tones for the pendant lighting, only in a slightly different shape. The tabletop metallic accents add a nice touch to the sleek wood surfaces, creating a visually appealing space.

HDB interior Design @ 494H Tampines 8

Upholstered foam chairs match with wood surfaces to give the space an elevated look.

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Metallic frames can do a lot for an interior, especially the bathroom. Gold rims and accents cut through the boring bathroom to lend a glorious look to it. This washbasin cabinet with equal open and closed storage has a quirky angular trim that keeps things interesting.

Another great way to spruce up a drab room is to introduce plants. A room like a toilet could always do with a fuss-free houseplant to freshen up its surroundings.

HDB interior Design @ 494H Tampines 9

This concrete-led bathroom feels clean and pristine, energising every minute of your everyday routine.

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2. Contemporary Casual @ Cheng San Court

If the above interior is your cup of tea, this one will excite you the same. Bearing a similar chic industrial look, Jialux Interior Pte Ltd put together the bare beauty with eye-catching embellishments you won’t ever forget.

Key focal points of the living room include the black-and-white modular coffee table and the lovely neon pink sign. These high-contrast design elements pack a punch, upgrading an otherwise bland industrial façade to a relaxing retreat.

HDB Residential Project at Cheng San Court 16

HDB Residential Project at Cheng San Court 17

Day vs. night – a stark neon installation looks magical no matter what time it is.

Good things come in threes, and the same can be said about this kitchen bar counter. The luscious gold outlines of the curved bar stools are the ideal companion for the matte black lighting and counter surfaces.

This snug little corner becomes an extension of the dining space, allowing more guests to huddle around for longer conversations.




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HDB Residential Project at Cheng San Court 6

An all-white kitchen fronted by a deep black bar counter? That’s a match made in heaven.

Don’t be afraid to build the walk-in closet of your dreams in your bedroom. When carving out space for your wardrobe and dresser, use clear glass partitions to create a room in a room. White is a smart choice for the furnishings, but having charcoal brackets makes a handy nook to hang your daily wears.

HDB Residential Project at Cheng San Court 10

Having a see-through glass partition helps the bedroom feel spacious, even with a walk-in wardrobe.

If we could only pick one material to use in our homes forever, our choice goes to marble. Every slab of marble is unique, spanning different colours and styles. This makes a gorgeous accent for the bathroom, which stands out when used together with concrete.

HDB Residential Project at Cheng San Court 20

It’s hard to go wrong with marbled bathrooms because of their irresistible elegance.


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3. Hybrid Rustic-Industrial @ Bukit Batok West Avenue 8

Fancy yourself an industrial interior with a bit more colour? Keep your eyes peeled for this 4-room BTO by Charlotte’s Carpentry that’s so in style right now.

The living room starts as a dark, grungy space founded by a dense olive colour. Radiating industrial vibes right from the get-go, the home keeps its cosy with the plush tuxedo sofa and pouffe.

HDB Bukit Batok West Avenue 8 Charlotte Carpentry 7

A reliable concrete accent wall adds renewed visual depth to the living room.

Moving into the dining and kitchen space, a calm cerulean blue washes over a large part of these rooms. Reminiscent of a nautical getaway, being in the kitchen makes you feel like you’re all aboard a cruise ship.

Apart from its stylistic benefits, shaker cabinets for the kitchen are a foolproof option because they’re so easy to wipe down. Stubborn grease and dirt won’t be part of your kitchen for long!

HDB Bukit Batok West Avenue 8 Charlotte Carpentry 10

HDB Bukit Batok West Avenue 8 Charlotte Carpentry 5

Represented by a soothing colour scheme and a clever approach to design, this kitchen is a timeless classic to enjoy.

You’d be surprised at what colour can do for your interior. For this bedroom, dreamy pastels were used to create a simple and restful space. These subdued hues are soft enough for one to fall asleep in while creating a fun-filled, expressive space.

HDB Bukit Batok West Avenue 8 Charlotte Carpentry 6

There’s nothing wrong with introducing a bit of colour to the bedroom; it adds a whole lot of personality to the space!

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Modern-Scandinavian Designs

4. Bright and Breezy @ 605C Tampines Street 61

Fifth Avenue Interior Design shows us how to do the Scandinavian style the right way. Made of natural textures and mod furniture, this resale home takes comfort and style seriously.

Wood looks great with a muted palette, which can be seen from this chevron-patterned coffee table and smoky faux leather sofa. The true Scandinavian touch lies in the small bursts of colour introduced through the dainty knit pouffes.

HDB Residential project @605C Tampines St 61

HDB Residential project @605C Tampines St 61

Cosy up in this apartment by catching a quick snooze on the relaxed hammock or lavish sofa.

Want to have a kitchen island but concerned about the space it’ll take? Go for a kitchen peninsula instead, which extends from a wall or cabinet. This homely kitchen can easily accommodate a family of four, with strategic storage drawers to keep those pots and pans out of sight.

HDB Residential project @605C Tampines St 61

Green is a revitalising pop of colour in a neutral grey space.


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5. Japandi-style Interior @ Downtown Singapore

One of the things that Scandinavian and Japanese interior designs have in common is the abundance of sunlight. Light-filled spaces are celebrated in both themes, which is what Hmlet Interiors was striving for.

Apart from a bright and airy interior, a mix and match of textures were used to add some complexity to the wood-dominant living room. Having plants is a great way of adding nature’s touch to a man-made space.

Out of ideas on decorating your walls? Throw on a wall-mounted mirror for a more refined and spacious look. Mirrors aren’t just meant for the bedrooms or bathrooms; they make a lively add-on to every corner of the home.

Modern & Woody Residential Apartment 3

This all-wooden dining ensemble was made for the modern lifestyle, welcoming coffee breaks and candlelit dinners.


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6. Playful Colours @ Bukit Batok West

Steer clear of drab living spaces by having ample pops of colours everywhere! This beautiful Nordic interior by Adroit ID is playful, modern and elegant all at the same time, embracing the roots of Scandinavian design. We can’t get enough of the home’s structural intricacies and superb carpentry work!

Bukit batok west renovation makeover 3

Warm wood tones and pastel colours were made for each other.

When it comes to kitchen and dining room, the homeowners sure know how to have some fun. Forget the plain-old rectangular dining tables, the stadium dining table is here to stay. With rounded corners that match the sleek curvature of the chairs, this get-up is great for work and play.

The contrast between the white herringbone backsplash and geometric floor tiles infuses the room with a whole lot of light-hearted energy.

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Bukit batok west renovation makeover 2

The kitchen’s largely white surfaces makes every other coloured accent stand out more.

Go wild with the bathroom’s interior design, again with a bold choice of rustic, geometric floor tiles. Trendy terrazzo is something to have if you like its contemporary and sophisticated expression.

Bukit batok west renovation makeover 9

Pamper your bathroom’s look by incorporating practical storage and perky walls and floors.

Modern-Rustic Designs

7. Earthy Modern @ Eunos

Space Factor wows us again with a rustic yet modern interior design. Gravitating towards the dark side, this dramatic secret hideout of home features sturdy furnishings cast in good old warm lighting. Every corner of the home oozes contemporary and vintage vibes that withstands the test of time.

EARTHY MODERN @ EUNOS Living room-min.png

Reminiscent of a top-secret hideout, warm, dark interiors create an intimate space from day to night.

Fret not if you don’t have green fingers, dried flowers are the next best thing. Not only do they last long (forever in fact), you’ll never have to worry about watering them. This super low-maintenance décor is fit for all seasons and adds to the vintage touch of the modern abode.

EARTHY MODERN @ EUNOS Dining room-min.png

Dried flowers are a refreshing décor piece that’s easy to work with.

This all-encompassing kitchen reaches far and wide into the home and our hearts. Thanks to its delightful dark-wood storage combinations, this kitchen is big on function while retaining sophisticated air around it.

EARTHY MODERN @ EUNOS Kitchen-min.png

With the right lighting, dark interiors bring your favourite furniture pieces into the spotlight.

If the living room and your bedroom are too close for comfort, just add a frosted glass folding door between these two spaces. Elevate the comfort level of your crib by throwing on plush cushions and sheets.

EARTHY MODERN @ EUNOS Bedroom-min.png

This ultra-cosy bedroom is where modern meets vintage, combining the best of both worlds into one space.

This statement bathroom separates the wash basin from the toilet, which throws more focus on the former. The homeowners kept things simple by going for a backlit wall mirror and minimal ornamentation around the space.

EARTHY MODERN @ EUNOS Bathroom-min.png

This bathroom’s special layout complements the unique interior theme of the house.

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8. City Farmhouse @ 451B Bukit Batok Ave 6

This modern farmhouse by Zenith Arc Pte Ltd is a masterpiece that blends urban elements with the calming countryside. The bespoke combination of unique blues and customised carpentry works gives the home a relaxing feel.

House renovation Zenith Art @451B Bukit Batok

If you’re going for the modern-rustic theme, simple sliding barn-style doors can do a whole lot for the interior.

Living in the city doesn’t mean you can’t have that cosy farmhouse feeling in the home. Boasting furniture pieces borrowed from a natural handicraft style, this modern cottage is surely a rustic interior enthusiast’s favourite.

Afraid of committing to an off-the-shelf storage unit? Consider a shelving unit that is able to hold individual storage boxes. That way you can switch up the storage situation in your home anytime.

House renovation Zenith Art @451B Bukit Batok

Always have a good mix of open and closed storage to keep the room organised.

For a better night’s sleep, keep your bed separate from the rest of your bedroom. The homeowners achieved added comfort and privacy by partitioning the platform bed from the wardrobe and dressing table.

House renovation Zenith Art @451B Bukit Batok

The warm-lit platform bed is a classy addition to the bedroom for some well-deserved rest.

The hallmark of a modern kitchen design is a white tile backsplash and wooden countertops. This fuss-free aesthetic isn’t just befitting of the theme, it helps to keep your kitchen fresh and clean.

House renovation Zenith Art @451B Bukit Batok

White kitchens are effortlessly crisp and clean, earning themselves the title of an instant mood booster.


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9. Modern Resort @ Joo Chiat

For this spacious condo unit, the design is all in the details. Aiden-T made wonders out of this major overhaul centred around open-concept living.

In the living room, a granite feature wall sits perfectly with the heavy beam fixtures on the ceiling. Contemporary furniture, traditional artwork and ethnic accents come together to bring the space to life.

Modern Resort by Aiden @ Joo Chiat 16

Modern Resort by Aiden @ Joo Chiat 17

Spotlighting wooden beams and leafy plants, this exotic home sparks a contemporary design

Resembling a luxurious Moroccan resort, we love the ornate elegance of the bedrooms in the house. You can’t go wrong with brass accents and crystal chandeliers that sprinkle a touch of sophistication to your inner chambers.

Modern Resort by Aiden @ Joo Chiat 18

Known for their show-stopping elegance, chandelier lights are a must-have in every bedroom.

Designing a bedroom for the tiny tots? Play around with bright, vibrant colours for a whimsical feel that your kids will adore. With fresh colours, every day feels like playtime.

Modern Resort by Aiden @ Joo Chiat 12

Without straying far from the contemporary resort theme, the kids’ bedrooms can still be endless fun with a dash of colour.

10. Rustic Warmth @ 607A Edgefield Plains

If there’s one thing that modern rustic interiors have in common, it’s wood, wood and more wood. Based upon functional weathered wood installations, this homely abode designed by Swiss Interior is one to watch.

A study corner, which faces the living room, is both beautiful and functional. Featuring a snug bay window seating and plenty of storage, this room contains all the work-from-home essentials you’ll ever need. Installing block-out roller blinds to keep out the living room hubbub means you’ll have one less distraction during Zoom meetings.


Work from home never felt so good with this well-planned setup.

Sleep like a prince and wake like a king with this gorgeous bedroom design. Layered with cosy textiles and dark colours, it sets you up for sweeter dreams.

Upon waking up, the warm lighting from the Hollywood vanity mirror meets you for a fresh start to the day.


The bedroom’s elegant charm is created from a comfort staple – plush bedding.

Consistent with the modern rustic interior theme, a retro tile pattern was used in the service yard and bathroom. These black-and-white tiles have a decadent look, elevating the home’s luxe level.



Going for a more conservative design? Incorporate dramatic tiles in a less noticeable part of the house, like the bathroom or service yard.


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Modern-Luxury Designs

11. Clean, Crisp Grandeur @ Urban Treasures Condo

Noble Interior Design perfected the classy look of this condominium show flat. Made up of fluffy textiles, luscious curtains and gold tints, the living room screams modern and luxurious from start to end.

HDB 3 bedroom Design Project @Urban Treasures 18

Level up the luxury in your space by introducing plush upholstery and built-in ceiling lights.

Cool white lighting can accentuate dark colours to create a more relaxing ambience in the bedroom. A cocoon swing chair is always a good idea for snuggling up with a good book or catching a quick shut-eye.

HDB 3 bedroom Design Project @Urban Treasures 17

The secret to a cosy bedroom lies in the upholstery – the thicker the comfier!

Make your home feel like an everyday staycation by replicating the lavish looks of hotel bathrooms in your very own. Use bespoke materials like marble and indulge in fluffy bath towels for that impressive glamour.

HDB 3 bedroom Design Project @Urban Treasures 15

Storage in the bathroom should be easy to access, so that your daily essentials are always within reach.

12. All-White Brilliance @ Yishun

Designed by Letz Interior, this classic and contemporary HDB unit makes a beautiful living space. This open-concept living room houses a large dining table that sits six to eight guests comfortably, with a much larger area for crowded parties.

Interior Design project White & Class @Yishun 3

Trailing curtains and brass outlines are easy ways to make the home look expensive.

What’s unique about this home is the light fixtures. The transparent chamber chandelier and cylindrical wall sconces are simple but elegant additions to the space.

The gentle white tones of the kitchen mix nicely with the brass cupboard handles and rose gold kitchenware, making it our favourite room in the house. Marble is a bold and dreamy choice to have as a wall tile, so go for it if you want that elegant touch in your kitchen.

Interior Design project White & Class @Yishun 1

Minimalist cabinetry and metallic accents in the kitchen will never go out of style.

Looking to spruce up your bathroom’s interior? Grey is an excellent option since it resists dirt and grime, while maintaining a contemporary look. This dusky shade brings focus to the spotless surfaces of the bathroom.

Interior Design project White & Class @Yishun 2

Marble makes a bathroom go from boring to beautiful.


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13. Bold Chic Colours @ Toa Payoh East

Reclaiming colour in interior design, The Scientist shows us how to use it radically in a home. Both the walls and cabinetry are splashed in an emerald tint, resulting in an opulent space fit for royalty.

In contrast, the soft textures in the living room and kitchen are decked out in mauve pink and lavender. These mellow pastels are pleasing to the eyes, while the velvety tufts on the couch spell ultra-modern.

Renovation at Toa Payoh East 6

Renovation at Toa Payoh East 11

The rich and vivid colours bring joy to anyone that steps foot into the home.

A pro-tip for a cohesive interior design is to replicate similar shades on corresponding textures. In the bedroom, the walls are drenched in a deep sapphire blue and the bedspreads in a dainty light pink.

Renovation at Toa Payoh East 10

A home that’s bursting with statement colours doesn’t have to be harsh and gaudy.

14. Classic Modern Luxury @ Le Quest Condo

This 5-room condo unit designed by Renologist takes cues from the modern interior design style, focusing on sophisticated neutrals and clean lines. The furniture in the living and dining area is filled with sleek curves so stylish you’ll impress all of your guests.

Glossy textures like marble are the perfect accompaniment to a modern luxury interior. These man-made materials play up the importance of other grand gestures like gold rims and metallic accents.

Le Quest Design Project by Renologist 7

Le Quest Design Project by Renologist 4

Appropriate furniture, like statement lighting and abstract wall art, can drastically change a room of neutral colours.

Hit the floor of your bedroom’s interior design by choosing low-lying furniture, as it helps a cramped space feel much larger. Just look at the hanging pendant lighting that doubles as a side lamp – it’s style and function wrapped into one!

If you think plain old upholstered headboards are too mainstream, throw on a backlight for that nice warm glow that’ll level up your sleep space. Having an illuminated bed frame means more ambience and less hassle.

Le Quest Design Project by Renologist 3

Dial up the cosy notch of the bedroom with warm lighting that isn’t overbearing.

Short on space to have a designated study room? Go big on storage and compartmentalisation! This cleverly fabricated layout distinguishes between work and rest, introducing little nooks and crannies to keep out the clutter.

Layering the curtains isn’t just about blocking light and maximising privacy, it retains the luxurious allure of the home’s interior.

Le Quest Design Project by Renologist 1

Incorporating a workstation into the bedroom is possible even in small spaces.

15. Sophisticated Neutrals @ Domain 21 Condo

What we love about this modern-luxury apartment by Artmuse Interior is how every single piece of furniture humbly contributes to the overall allure of the home. Flushing the blacks and whites to the walls, it foregrounds the dining table and chairs for a more well-rounded interior design.

Condo Residential Project Domain twenty-one 4

Bronzes and browns make stunning accents in a palette dominated by greys, blacks and whites.

Modern interior designs can look calming and comforting without much effort, which could be attributed to its penchant for neutrals.

In this master bedroom, natural colours fill the space with peace, building a better bedtime. The dainty indoor plants breathe life into the once-sterile room, allowing the homeowners to enjoy the cosiness they bring.

Condo Residential Project Domain twenty-one 7

Neutrals melted into soft, silky textures helps you fall into a deep slumber right away.

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Styling your bathrooms just got a whole lot easier with this not-so-secret raw material – marble. An all-marble bathroom interior drums up great visual impact, which is an art form in itself. Having two strikingly different marble patterns for the shower and sink backsplash deserves gasps of admiration.

Condo Residential Project Domain twenty-one 8

Marble is a celestial material to have in the house, but it can work extra wonders for the bathroom.


Although there are several defining characteristics of modern interior design, this article has proven that boring, predictable styles are a thing of the past. No one said modern homes could only look a certain way! In fact, the elements of modern interior design can combine with other styles seamlessly to create beautiful homes.

While hybrid designs are a bold step forward, it’s important to find your personal sense of style and apply it to your next interior overhaul or renovation project. A home should always be a reflection of you.


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