11 Cosy 3-room HDB Interior Design Ideas In Singapore (Updated 2023)

A 3 room HDB flat requires smart space-saving strategies to fully utilise every part of the home. As a 3 room HDB flat is more limited in its size, the choice of furniture, painting and patterns are key elements to creating a spacious and comfortable home.

However, while some careful planning is required, that does not mean a luxurious and beautiful home is out of reach. This article will prove that the sky’s the limit when it comes to renovation ideas for 3-room HDB interior design.




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How Much Does a 3-room HDB flat cost?

Depending on the maturity of the estate, a 3 room HDB flat can cost anywhere between $160,000 to $420,000. For non-mature estates, a 3 room HDB flat can range from $160,000 to $250,000.

On the other hand, for more mature estates, the range goes from approximately $200,000 to $420,000.

How Big is a 3-room HDB flat?

According to the National Housing Board’s official website, a 3 room HDB flat is approximately 60 to 65 square metres large. A 3 room HDB flat consists of 2 bedrooms, 1 of which includes the master bedroom, which comes with an attached bathroom. It also has a kitchen, a shared living and dining area, a common washroom, a service yard and a bomb shelter (more commonly known as a storeroom).

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Compact and stylish 3-room HDB Ideas

318C Yishun Avenue 9

This Scandinavian and Contemporary style 3-room HDB flat project by Sense and Semblance shows how small spaces can still look refreshing and spacious.

Wooden flooring helps to add a sense of warmth and texture to the flat overall. Paired along with the predominantly white walls, this helps to create a clean and cosy aesthetic.

The wide wooden shelf in the living room helps to make use of the vertical space in the 3 room HDB flat. This helps to save space without overloading on visual clutter.

living room, 3 room HDB, 3 room HDB interior design

A cosy and refreshing 3-room HDB apartment.

Another smart way to save space includes the use of sliding doors. As sliding doors do not open by swinging out as traditional bedroom doors do, they take up much less space and make your house look less cluttered and cramped. Sliding doors are also a stylish choice that can elevate the sophistication factor of your home.

sliding door, 3 room HDB design

Sliding doors are a stylish and space-saving alternative to traditional doors.

The choice of magnolia white cabinets and wood countertops creates a clean and sleek look for the kitchen. Grey floor tiles help to ground the kitchen and provide some contrast with the lighter colour scheme. The lighting under the cabinets also helps to brighten up the whole kitchen for a more inviting feel.

kitchen, 3 room HDB flat

White cabinets and wood countertops – a classic combination.


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Modern Space-Saving Home @ Blk 235 Ang Mo Kio

This project by In2Space Interior Pte Ltd, a simplistic yet sleek 3 room apartment is created through a muted colour scheme of grey, white and black. For an added edge of contrast, dark wood flooring was incorporated into the home’s living room.

living room, living room interior design, 3 room HDB flat

A sophisticated living room style. For more information, take a look here.

When it comes to smaller spaces, drawing boundaries between different parts of your home can be challenging. Using screens or dividers may be uneconomical as they add to the home’s visual and physical clutter.




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However, in this 3-room apartment, the change in floor tiles helps to draw a clear line between the dining and living area without using a physical divider or door. This helps to create a wider and more orderly space.

dining area, kitchen, 3 room HDB flat, 3 room HDB flat interior design

Changing up the flooring is a creative way to draw spatial boundaries within the home.

In the other parts of the living area, space-saving options come in the form of taller shelves. For compact apartments, taller furniture is ideal as it helps to fully utilise the vertical space of the home. If you can’t find furniture that fits your space, you can consider custom furniture.

Furniture with clean and sharp lines also gives a sleeker and more clutter-free look, making them perfect for smaller spaces like a 3 room HDB flat.

3 room HDB flat

Using taller furniture can create a less cluttered appearance.


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Green Living @ Bedok North Street 2

This project was done by Tan Studio, a contemporary style of this 3 room HDB that is chic and trendy. Using dark-coloured furnishing as accents strengthens the overall visual aesthetics of the home, balanced out with wooden hardware.

The homeowners went big on the greenery. Apart from making the space feel more alive, it can have a calming and purifying effect on the mind.

living room, 3 room HDB flat

A classy contemporary-style living room. For more information, take a look here.

The washroom features a lighter colour scheme that focuses on wooden textures combined with white surfaces. A concaved shelf in the shower area helps to save more space while mounting a compact bathroom sink on a bulkier cabinet unit makes the washroom look roomier.

3 room HDB interior design, 3 room HDB flat

A clean and simplistic washroom with space-saving strategies.


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Time Travel Adventure @ 806 Tampines Ave 4

Met Interior presents us with this unique and distinctive 3 room HDB idea that resembles a time tunnel. The living room features a vast vintage clock wall that makes you want to travel back in time. The expansive design, along with the light and neutral colour palette, helps to give the 3 room HDB an illusion of a large space.

A compact coffee table is chosen for the living room, as a chunkier dining table could make the space look overwhelming and disorienting.

Similarly, instead of an L-shaped sofa that occupies more space, adding a standalone chair to a regular two-seater sofa can instead provide the same number of seats without obstructing doorways.

living room, living room interior design, 3 room HDB

The vintage clock feature wall in this 3-room unit is eye-catching and distinctive.

The bedroom utilises floor-to-ceiling wood cabinets to provide more storage space without unnecessary visual clutter. It even makes enough space for a small display shelf that helps to add a personal touch to the bedroom.

bedroom, 3 room HDB

A warm and muted colour scheme creates a cosy bedroom.


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Using a light colour scheme for the washroom’s style is also another clever choice as it helps to visually enhance the space. The walls of the washroom feature divergent patterns of florals and herringbone, making the space a fun and interesting one. Tempered by neutral white and grey hues, this prevents the whimsical wall patterns from overshadowing the space.

washroom, 3 room HDB, washroom interior design, 3 room HDB interior design

Patterned wall tiles are grounded by the muted colour palette of the toilet.

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Modern Islamic Home @ Central Singapore

This modern Islamic 3-room HDB apartment by Fatema Design Studio puts a spin on the contemporary aesthetic. Leading up to the living room, the floor is laid with Moroccan-inspired tiles which add a special twist to the home. Separating the master bedroom from the entryway, a partition with a “hole-in-the-wall” feature is fabricated. These geometric motifs are a show-stopper, an essential part of any modern Islamic home.

HDB Resale 3 Room HDB Resale- Central

Key features of modern Islamic homes include transcendent colours and opulent patterns.

The focal point of this luxurious and elegant kitchen lies on the island counter. Furnished in a diffused marble pattern, it warms up the space that is surrounded by a predominantly monochromatic palette. This makes the kitchen aesthetically pleasing and comforting.

HDB Resale 3 Room Kitchen - Central

This kitchen is a well-balanced mixture of warm and cool tones.

The same tiles used in the corridor are also infixed as a feature wall in the washroom of this modern luxe 3-room flat. These patterned intricacies take on a bold and vibrant look, making the washroom feel like those in boutique hotels.

HDB Resale 3 Room Toilet

Having a unique feature tile wall in the washroom contributes to the exquisite feel of the space.

Rustic Colonial Setting @ St George

Drawing inspiration from old-school features and modern classics, the team at Local INN.terior came up with an idea for this apartment that makes coming home feel like a warm embrace. Adopting brown and green undertones in this 3-room BTO unit captures the essence of Singapore’s tropical climate and environment. The mosaic tiles and brickwork in the house add a splash of modern textures to the space.

St George BTO 3 Room Flat Living room

This 3-room HDB BTO is a blast from the past, reminiscent of a colonial home.

The bedroom achieves a clean and polished renovation by working with a neutral colour palette and symmetry. Sleek lines are consistent in the bedroom, creating a balanced and uncluttered space that makes it an ideal resting spot.

St George BTO 3 Room Flat Bedroom

A simplistic and immaculate bedroom can be achieved easily.

Even the bathroom of this colonial-inspired home sports an enviable, magnificent look. Together with the honeycomb flooring, the deep wood finishing on the cabinets was selected with optimal comfort and luxury in mind. In line with the rustic theme, Peranakan textures are introduced as a classic complement to the home’s setting.

St George BTO 3 Room Flat Toilet

The mosaic floor tiles add a beautiful, streamlined contrast against the bathroom’s wood cabinetry.

Stunning Cosy Industrial Home @ Blk 63 Telok Blangah

Swiss Interior brought forth a modern, industrial 3-room resale HDB flat. Deemed as the epitome of industrial style, this stylish abode features defining elements such as bare wood furniture, exposed wires and conduits, concrete flooring and dark outlines.

The eccentric brick wall highlights the industrial theme and gives an edgy look to the living room.

Blk 63 Telok Blangah Living room

Many elements of industrial designs are realised in this 3-room HDB resale unit.

The carpentry works for this apartment were carefully considered so as to customise a full-height display shelving unit. Sliding doors are the perfect solution to compartmentalising different parts of the home faced with space constraints. To complete the utilitarian look, wooden cupboards are bound by black outlines and finishes.

Blk 63 Telok Blangah Living room 2

Achieve visual consistency in the home by using similar textures and colours.

Art Décor Abode @ Ang Mo Kio

What’s the secret to achieving a modern contemporary home? The answer is an open-space concept. Lux Design nailed the modern elegance look of this 3-room HDB flat by merging the living and dining space for a more airy and spacious home. Wood adds natural and ethereal beauty, lifting the moods of those who step foot into the home.

Ang Mo Kio 3 Room flat

Integrating wood as a textural contrast makes the house feel more cosy – 3 Room HDB Ang Mo Kio 

A walk-in wardrobe might be something most of us dream of, but turning it into reality is not as difficult as it seems. Convert a spare bedroom into a walk-in wardrobe or combine it with the master bedroom for spatial flow. The homeowners achieved a classy and sophisticated walk-in closet with open-concept wardrobes and matte black carpentry.

Ang Mo Kio 3 Room Wardrobe

Making space for a walk-in wardrobe in a small home is possible with made-to-measure furniture.

Muji-Inspired @ Clementi

This 3-room resale HDB flat resonates with the aesthetic of the Japanese lifestyle brand. Created by Carpenters 匠, this modern and fuss-free zen home features natural materials and colours, with an occasional splash of colour. For this living room, plywood and timber textures are prevalent. The Muji-inspired living room is spruced up with beautiful indoor plants and patterned throw pillows.

A dry kitchen with royal blue cabinets sits adjacent to the dining table, making it the perfect corner for quick and simple meal preparation.

3 Room HDB Resale at Clementi Living room

In the common area, this 3-room flat features the living room, dining area and a dry kitchen.

As the predominant colour of the Muji style, the bedroom is decorated in full white with the exception of the wood flooring. White on white can come across as bland and underwhelming, but having vivid accents will help break up the monotony of the bedroom.

3 Room HDB Resale at Clementi Bedroom

The all-white bedroom that is well-contrasted against wood gives a pristine and modern feel.

There is nothing to fuss over with this lightwood-themed washroom. The smooth panes of wood on the mirror wall add a sophisticated touch, making the bathroom a clean and spotless space.

3 Room HDB Resale at Clementi Toilet

The Muji-style bathroom features a pleasant lightwood theme to give it a natural and minimalist vibe.

Mid-Century Modern Living @ Marine Terrace

MMJ Design Loft transformed this 43-year 3-room resale HDB into a complete knockout – an upscale century gold apartment. Luxe gold accents are used in many components of the house, reflective of a cosy Airbnb apartment. The mint porcelain tableware on the dining table complements the lush greenery in the home.

43 Years Old 3rm Resale HDB Living room

The kitchen and dining spots feature an expansive table and island countertop – Marine Terrace 3 Room HDB 

Bearing similarities to a colonial-themed boutique hotel, the bedroom showcases several modern fixtures – the gold-rimmed table lamp and the black ceiling spotlights. Its clean lines add a sleek finish to the bedroom, making it feel instantly comforting and welcoming.

43 Years Old 3 room house Bedroom

With a muted colour palette and outstanding accents, the bedroom gives off an inviting feeling.


Even though a 3 room HDB flat may be more limited in space, a refreshing design and smart stylistic choices are all it takes to uplift your home and create a comfortable living environment. If you’d like to check out more 3-room HDB interior design ideas in Singapore, check out Beautiful Homes today!


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