6 Interesting Ideas for a Traditional Interior Design

What is Traditional Interior Design?

Traditional interior design is a design style inspired by the 18th and 19th century. It incorporates classic art and antique elements into the design and takes inspiration most commonly from traditional European decor.

What is Traditional Decor?

Tradition interior design tends to incorporate decor closely related to traditional European design styles. However, as tradition differs for different cultures, traditional interior design is also known to incorporate elements from places like England, France or even East-Asian themes.

However, that is not to say that traditional interior design is predictable or boring. Ornate textiles with bold patterns are often interweaved into the design. They help to brighten up the room and make it pop without looking over-the-top or excessively tacky.




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Colours in Traditional Interior Design

As traditional interior designs reflect historical design elements, it tends to favour the use of natural materials and neutral colours. It also places great emphasis on creating a calm and serene space – leading to a focus on symmetry and matching furnishings when it comes to the design.

Dark and warm tones, such as red and brown, are often paired with dark woodgrain surfaces to form a rich and comforting interior.


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Beautiful homes with Traditional Interior Design

White Classic @ Punggol Central

Designed by Space Factor, this HDB residential project displays beautiful use of regal, European-inspired patterns for a traditional and vintage touch. The largely white colour scheme with shades of cream help to create a mellow and calm ambience.

living area, luxury interior design

The pale colour scheme helps to create a calm and restful space. For more information, click here.

The bedroom is also carefully furnished and beautifully detailed. It features beautiful floral patterns that add opulence to the room without looking overly ostentatious.

The Victorian rose wallpaper becomes a focal point of the room by creating an elegant vibe through its subtle shade of pink. For those who are interested in learning more about wallpapers and how well they hold up against the traditional use of paint, you can check out our article here.

The bedside table, with its curved lines and detailed drawer handles, is ornate and regal – a perfect addition that ties into the traditional theme of this home.


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bedroom, Victorian design, traditional interior design

The bedroom is incredibly detailed, with various European-inspired elements.

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An Earthy Palette @ Joo Chia Avenue

Space Factor showcase the diversity of their portfolio through this landed residential project, which is vastly different from their prior listing but also falls under the category of traditional interior design.

A darker colour scheme is used to add magnitude to the space while creating a rich and luxurious aesthetic. The light-coloured walls and floors help to balance this out and maintain the calm and serene vibes that are key to a traditional interior design.

living area, traditional interior design

Dark furnishings add a sense of opulence to the home. For more information, click here.


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An eye for detail is necessary for a traditional interior design. In the bedroom, the elaborate detailing on the wall matches the ornate bedspreads, adding more coherence to the design and tying in neatly to the traditional theme interior design.

traditional interior design, bedroom

The matching patterns for the wall and bedspreads help add coherence to the design.

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315A Punggol Way

Tan Studio displays a different interpretation of traditional design through this HDB residential project located at Punggol. Woodgrain surfaces and different shades of grey gain more focus here.

Rugs of deep, rich colours are also interweaved throughout the interior to tie the different rooms together and add consistency to the design. The addition of these textiles helps to brighten up the room without looking excessively garish or jarring.

living area, traditional interior design

The boldly patterned rugs help to make the room pop. For more information, click here.

bedroom, traditional interior design

Woodgrain surfaces are favoured in this design.

dining area, traditional interior design

The deep red wall adds a unique touch to the dining area.


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Resort Living @ Park Villas Rise

This landed residential project, designed by Space Factor, features more focus on Asian-inspired elements compared to a European-inspired design. Shades of brown and red are heavily utilised in the design, creating a rich and magnificent traditional-themed home.

bedroom, traditional interior design

Rich and deep colours make the bedroom a calm and restful space. For more information, click here.

The ornamental rug in the living area pairs well with the glossy marbled floors, adding opulence and depth to the room. The bright, saturated cushions also add a special and unique touch while keeping the ambience lively.

living area, traditional interior design

Detailed furnishings help to make the living area bright and lively.


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4 Room DBSS Apartment @ Adora Green

As per the client’s wishes, Ascender Design Studio designed a Bali-inspired traditional theme home that will make you feel like every day is a holiday. The living area was converted into a dining area, while the bedroom was converted into the living area so as to give the house a more spacious look.

Brightly-coloured paintings, rustic wooden surfaces and unique decorative elements are interweaved throughout the home so as to simulate a fun holiday resort-like experience.

traditional interior design, dining area

Bright splashes of colour and rustic wooden surfaces help to simulate the holiday resort experience. For more information, click here.

living area, traditional interior design

The living area is bright, cosy and inviting.


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117 Simei Street 1

This listing from Ban Yew Interior Design is a little more unique. It focuses solely on kitchen cabinets, or, more specifically, classic Nyatoh wood cabinets that are integrated with a Blum hinge system – a perfect balance between traditional durability and modern functionality.

For those who are interested in other forms of woodwork, do check out this article on wooden flooring.

wood cabinets, traditional interior design

Classic Nyatoh Wood cabinets. For more information, click here.

cupboard, traditional interior design

A Blum hinge system has been added for the perfect balance between traditional and modern usability.




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There are several different interpretations of traditional interior design. Some people may prefer more Victorian-style European-inspired furnishings, while others may lean more heavily towards an oriental Asian-inspired traditional design. No matter which you prefer, we hope that this gallery inspires you.

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