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Generally, we call rodents those pesky mice and rats that roam our attic, basement, or kitchen. While they are usually harmless, these tiny critters can carry various diseases by eating and contaminating food. Usually, these rodents co-exist with humans and use their habitats for food, water, and shelter. They can be dangerous as these rodents do carry diseases and germs. When they have infested your home, they could very well spread these viruses and diseases to you.

Such viruses include rat-bite fever, hantavirus and many more. These pest-induced viruses are usually transmitted when we come into contact with their urine and faeces.

Perhaps, the most common types of commensal rodents are the House Mouse, the Norway Rat, and the Roof Rat. In optimal conditions, they can quickly multiply. That’s why it’s essential to eliminate them as soon as you identify the threat. Many people have the misconception that these rodents will only invade your house if it is teeming with dirt there’s garbage lying around. While it is partially true, they will also enter your house during periods of cold to look for warmth and shelter.

The Average Price Of Pest Control In Singapore

Types of Pest

Estimated Price For Treatment


$100 - $210


$120 - $260


$70 - $150

Bed bugs

$400 - $1,500


$80 - $160


$250 – $400

What are the common types of rodents in Singapore?

In Singapore, the climate and the overpopulated living conditions greatly benefit every rodent infestation. In this respect, the problem is so widespread that it extends from residential properties to commercial spaces, too. While a rodent infestation can damage your property, it brings a higher risk of disease.

Typically, rats are smart enough to find a way into property no matter the preventive measures. As expected, homeowners try various methods in an attempt to get rid of those pesky critters. However, most of them make the mistake to lump all rodents in the same group. In reality, every region of Singapore has a particular type of rodent that dominates over the others.

Black Rat – A lot of homeowners call this rat the Roof Rat. You can find these critters in coastal areas like Sentosa and Changi Beach. Also, they reside in urban city centres. Usually, they have a pointed nose, a slender body, and big ears.

Brown Rat – Much more significant than them is the Brown Rat. Typically, Brown rats burrow in or on the ground, but they can also climb buildings and pipes. Last but not least

House Mouse – This type of rodent is the smallest of all. Still, it’s the ultimate survivor as it can thrive in almost any environment. Unlike other rats, House rats need very little space to hide and less food to survive.

Overall, there are three common types of rodents that you can encounter in Singapore. These are the Brown Rat, the Black Rat, and the House Mouse. You can find more information about rodents in Singapore here.

How to know when you have rodents in your home?

Even though having a few mice in your home doesn’t sound like big trouble, taking timely action is crucial. Indeed, these little naggers will multiply in the nick of time. That’s why it’s up to you to identify the problem before it’s too late. Here are the signs that may call for pest control inspection.

Population Size

Usually, if you catch a glimpse of those small critters at night, this may mean their population hasn’t got big yet. However, seeing mice or rats during the day, it’s a red flag for a massive rodent infestation. Typically, such sights combine with fresh droppings or new gnaw marks. In such cases, you may need emergency pest control services.

You See Droppings and Gnaw Marks

As previously mentioned, seeing fresh droppings and gnaw marks is a bad sign. Most of the time, you’ll notice the droppings around food packages, in drawers or cupboards. Of course, you’ll find the highest number of droppings in their nest of feeding place.

As for the gnaw marks, they can help you determine whether you’re dealing with mice or rats. If you find either or both signs, you should inspect the area around the newfound droppings. That way you’ll determine whether there is still an active or a new rodent infestation.

Foul Odor

If you have an ongoing rodent infestation, the pests may exude a specific foul odour. This may make your pets paw at a particular area in which they had previously had no interest. If you notice such behaviour, grab a flashlight and examine the place. If the infestation is large, the stale smell may become even worse.

Tracks and Runways

Also, rats and mice usually leave runways and tracks. You can notice them clearly during an ongoing infestation. If you’re unsure whether you’ve detected such a path, you can place a thin layer of flour. If the little mongrels are active, you’ll see trails in the powder.


In general, rodents use stuff like shredded paper, fabric, or dried plants to make their nests. If you find such a place and it has fresh droppings or other signs, your home has a rodent infestation.

Signs in Your Backyard

Living in a landed property can also attract uninvited guests to your home. If you dump piles of trash or organic waste in your backyard, you’ll likely attract rodents. Eliminating such piles is essential to preventing future problems of this matter.

How to get rid of rodents?

In modern times, there are plenty of methods to help you get rid of a rodent infestation. Of course, the fight against those pesky critters is often tedious and prolonged. In this regard, it’s essential to be very strict when executing the different steps of the extermination procedure. These are the steps that you or your professional will have to go through to eliminate a rodent infestation:

Identify their entrance

Before you do anything, you should first try and figure out where is the entrance these critters use. If you’re able to determine where the rats live and nest, you can effectively exterminate them by setting traps. Of course, professional exterminators have the skills and knowledge to do this properly.

Set traps

Next, you’d want to place some store-bought traps. Of course, there’s an endless number of products on the market. Luckily, most of them are useful. Whether you buy a spring-loaded catch or a no-touch mousetrap, it’ll do the trick.

Seal up your home

Another crucial step to fighting off rodents in your home is sealing up your home. In this regard, you can handle the infestation inside by using caulk and steel wool. That way you’ll seal up any crevices and openings. As you may know, mice can fit through gaps the size of a dime. In this regard, such a procedure will significantly reduce the chances of future rodent infestation.

Check your garage

Sometimes, garages are perfect places for rat nests. Since they are warm and uninhabited, they’re an attractive place for mice. Moreover, your car engine might be just as cosy. Consequently, the small pests may start eating wires and cause severe damage to your car.

Trim the shrubs around your home

Other possible places where rodents may use as an invasion point are the shrubbery and branches around your house. Since landed properties have backyards, you should keep any greenery away from the exterior of your house. Otherwise, you risk creating highways for mice and other insects to get into your home.

Seal your food properly

Last but not least, keeping your kitchen and interior clean is crucial to preventing reinfestation. If you want to get rid of rodents once and forever, make sure you seal your food after every meal. Also, give your pets enough food for a single dinner. Otherwise, you risk giving the rodents an easy source of food.

Questions To Ask Rodent Control Professional

  • Credibility and years of experience: In general, the longer they have been operating, the more experienced they are in dealing with different kinds of situations.
  • Warranty: If the job does not solve the issue, will there be any work done again?
  • Experience: The types of projects they have completed before.
  • Type of work they’ve done before
  • Type of pests they have dealt with
  • The complexity of past projects they have handled previously
  • License and quality standard of the pest control professional
  • Are the exterminators from the company NSRS trained?
  • Are the exterminators bonded and insured?
  • How does the pest control company decide what treatment is needed?
  • Is the company ISO Certified?
  • Are your insecticides and baits safe to use, especially for homes with children (babies) and pets?
  • What kind of training have the pest technicians passed?

Compare and Review the Best Reviewed Rodent Control Companies in Singapore

View their gallery and portfolio, and compare prices of similar rodent control projects in your proximity. You can read the reviews from previous customers to understand the background of prospective contractors, and how they rate their work, and message them directly to ask any specific questions.

You can find out more information from NEA’s website on engaging pest control operators: https://www.nea.gov.sg/our-services/pest-control/pest-control-operators. You can also find out a list of vectors, which are organisms that transmit diseases, from NEA’s site: https://www.nea.gov.sg/our-services/pest-control/overview.

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