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Constant exposure to the outdoors can age and dull your roof, covering it in moss, algae, and grime. Imagine using expert roof cleaning services to extend your roof’s life and restore its beauty. These professionals can improve your home’s curb appeal and prevent damage from debris buildup. They use advanced techniques and eco-friendly chemicals to deliver great results safely and efficiently.

Say goodbye to ladders and ineffective cleaning methods. Keep your home attractive, even with a soiled roof. Find the best roof cleaning businesses on Homees now and treat your roof like its asset.

11 Best Roof Cleaning Companies in Singapore (Our Top Picks)





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How much does roof cleaning cost in Singapore?

Older roofs would require a soft wash system, which begins with the use of cleaning agents. The cleaning agents would seep into the pores and spread across the roof, making their way along with the tile gaps and around the other roof materials to dissolve any dust, filth, mud, or soot. An effective cleaning detergent or surfactant would be able to get rid of even the thickest of grit and grime, leaving no residue behind. This is then followed by a low-pressure rinse to give your roof a clean shine.

A professional roof-washing contractor would be able to advise if soft wash cleaning is required for your roof. It would depend on the date of installation and the amount of dirt your roof has. Hence, it would be good for the contractor to assess the situation in person.

A newer roof might be able to withstand power washing, a form of high-pressure washing to get rid of unwelcomed debris on the surface. On average, roof cleaning costs would range from $300-$400. The roof square footage and roof materials are factors that might affect the cost of the roof cleaning service though.


Why do roof cleaning?

Over time, debris might accumulate on your roof. This could lead to damage being caused to your roof in the form of pipe blockage, which obstructs the flow of water. Stagnant water will not only challenge the durability of your roofing material but will also be a common breeding place for mosquitoes. In Singapore, stagnant water on roofs is one of the most common leading reason behind rising dengue cases.

Additionally, health hazards may also come in the form of moss and algae. These contaminants will retain moisture against shingles and sheets on the roof, causing them to get soft and prone to crumbling. Roofing sheets may also start to tear because of this, causing water leaks from the roof. Scarily enough, unlike debris such as leaves, moss, algae, mould, and mildew can continue to grow over time, adding to your list of concerns.

Hence, roof cleaning is an important aspect of professional home cleaning that should not be overlooked.


How is roof cleaning being conducted?

Regular roof maintenance in the form of roof cleaning can help to extend the lifespan of the roof, making it able to function for an added number of years.

Nevertheless, residential roof cleaning is not an easy job and should not be taken lightly. While it may be tempting for homeowners to clean the room themselves, most homeowners would lack the equipment, harness and cleaning tools required for the job.

Trying to balance on a roof, especially a damaged or older roof could be dangerous. Not only are roofs usually sloped, but broken or old tiles might not provide proper footing for anyone looking to climb up.

Proper and thorough roof washing requires skills and expertise that come with experience. You’ll have to reach dirt and debris that’s hidden between cracks and beneath the crevices of roofing shingles. They are sometimes even camouflaged by the colour of the tiles. A professional roof cleaning service will know how to thoroughly clean vents, flashings, and shingles while avoiding any nuances or damage to these features.

When used to wash the roof, high-pressure water may be able to make the tiles shine and wash away debris and dirt. However, if the power washer is too powerful, it may loosen the granules on the shingles, further loosening them and even blowing the shingles right off. When too much force is applied to roof tiles, they may become brittle.

A professional power washing contractor should also be aware of the best detergent to use for each surface. To avoid compromising the bonding agents of the roofing material, the cleaning agent must be modified to suit the material of the roof.

For these reasons, it is best to hire a professional roof-cleaning service

What to Know about Roof Cleaning Companies in Singapore?

Regular and professional roof cleaning has more benefits than meets the eye. A roof free of stain, debris and discolouration will look fresh and vibrant, giving your home a cleaner and newer look. This could help increase the resale value of your home, making it a worthy investment decision.

Professional roof cleaning would also reveal damaged or compromised areas that require roof repair works, preserving the structural integrity of your home roof and avoiding problems such as roof leaks and water damage.

You might also want to consider waterproofing your roof, especially areas that have their waterproofing qualities conceded by contaminants.

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