Sliding Doors – A Smart and Stylish Substitute for Traditional Doors

In recent years, sliding doors have slowly gained popularity as a stylish and functional alternative to traditional doors. More homeowners choose the space-saving doors for the higher inlet of natural light. Moreover, the widened entryways serve as an attractive element in every home as they provide excellent visibility.

Contrary to popular belief, sliding doors provide considerably better properties in terms of safety. Depending on the material and purpose, you can implement a sliding door virtually everywhere in your home without sacrificing convenience and energy efficiency.

As a result, sliding doors have become a preferable choice for home closets and patios, affordable room dividers, or just sleek substitutes for traditional doors.

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What is an Automatic Sliding door?

Automatic sliding doors (also known as sliding door operators) are entryway devices typical for large retail businesses like workplaces, supermarkets, and malls.

Their main feature is the trigger that opens or closes the door accordingly. In recent years, door engineers have come up with various types of automatic door access. Popular triggers are approach sensors and access control, which have their perks and uses.

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How does it work?

Perhaps, the most significant difference between automatic sliding doors and traditional doors is the way the former devices function. They employ a smart optical sensor mounted over the door or integrated within the frame. The sensors control a clutch mechanism that tells the auxiliary drive or cogwheels to open or close the door.

Surprisingly, automatic doors can be quite versatile. They offer various methods of instalment depending on the style and application of the particular piece. The high versatility makes them an ideal solution for both commercial buildings and homes.

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Why Choose An Automatic Sliding Door? Are Automatic Sliding Doors Home-Friendly?

There’s nothing more convenient than drinking your cup of coffee on your patio while enjoying the fresh morning breeze. But having to always open and close doors can get quite annoying and can ruin the moment.

With automatic sliding doors, you’ll have no longer have to deal with this hassle. On top of that, you’ll have fully customizable sleek and modern doors that will perfectly match your interior and exterior style.

Moreover, you’d step it up a notch with the secure electronic locking system that allows smart sliding doors to lock themselves automatically when fully closed.

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This feature also makes them a lot more reliable than their traditional predecessors. In extreme weather, you’ll be able to close your patio door with a click of a button!

This exquisite convenience creates a lot of misconceptions about automatic sliding operators. The most common of all is that such doors are challenging to install and cost a fortune. In reality, automatic doors will add a touch of luxury to your home, but you don’t necessarily have to splurge your budget.

Due to the complexity of installation, you will need to hire a sliding door professional to install the automatic sliding door.

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Where to Install Such a Door?

The Patio

If you’re into patio doors that offer convenience, security, and high visibility, an automatic sliding door will do a perfect job. Such entryways are suitable for homes with gardens where your guests can come and go without making a noise. Besides, you can enjoy the quiet sunset or sunrise.

The Balcony

When speaking of views, automatic sliding doors are a great addition to galleries. A bedroom balcony can significantly benefit from an automatic sliding operator. You’ll have the opportunity to let in fresh air without even getting out of bed. Moreover, you can always indulge in a beautiful view with a cup of hot coffee.

You may happen to have separate buildings that you want to link. In such cases, a couple of automatic sliding doors will make it all look effortless. Lots of companies offer automatic door operators with an ultra-slim design. They allow property owners to create large transparent walls with sliding doors that extend the interior seamlessly and with extreme strength and durability.

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What are the Pros?

Easy Access

One of the most significant benefits of automatic sliding doors is the easy access they provide. The accessibility makes them extremely convenient for people of all ages.

That’s the main reason they are so popular with grocery stores, medical facilities, and large business buildings. With automatic doors, you can quickly move through with a massive package, in a wheelchair, or with a stroller without the need to open the door manually.

Safety & Security

What’re more, automatic doors provide outstanding safety and security. The advanced technological features allow the door to detect motion and speed. Ultimately, an automatic sliding operator will only close when the person has got through the door.

The code access feature provides unbreakable security for apartment complexes where there’s a possibility of burglar activity. All residents have to do is type in the unique code to open the door. It then closes behind them, giving no chance for anyone else to gain entrance through the door.

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No doubt, everyone would love to have a sleek and modern entryway at home. Automatic sliding doors are proof that doors should play an important part when planning your interior design.

They are excellent at being subtle, but they’re also great at saving space. This property makes them ideal for HDB homes or condominiums, where every handful of space is valuable.

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In terms of designs, automatic sliding doors come in a wide range of styles. They can employ different frame materials like glass, aluminium, metal, or wood. You can virtually fit them into any interior and exterior style. Besides, they can serve different purposes like sliding doors in hospitals and health care facilities, elevators, etc.

What are the Cons?

Of course, it won’t be fair if we skip the cons. Even though the installation of an automatic sliding door isn’t that difficult, it may still require professional servicing. This way, you’ll ensure your door will benefit from proper installation and will perform at an optimal level.

Also, bear in mind that automatic sliding doors will cost you more than traditional doors. Since these doors employ more sophisticated means of operation, they will require more regular maintenance. Fortunately, the abundance of benefits may be well enough to make for the extra expenses on your part.

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