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11 Best Swimming Pool Companies in Singapore (Our Top Picks)





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Backyard Swimming Pools

Having your own private swimming pool in your backyard or commercial property comes with many benefits and perks. A swimming pool facility can deliver countless hours of fun and recreational activities. It can also serve as an outlet for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Nevertheless, the pool must be regularly preserved. Swimming pools in Singapore can be easily littered with leaves and dirt. Regardless of how often the pool is being used, pool maintenance and pool cleaning is essential.

Types of Swimming Pools In Singapore

Swimming pools are built for swimming purposes, for swimmers to enjoy the art of swimming and give the body the required exercise. It is a healthy recreational activity and a competitive sport for athletes to indulge in.

There are two types of swimming pools in Singapore – natural pools and artificially constructed swimming pools. In Singapore, the latter is much more common and requires a higher degree of maintenance.


Benefits of a Residential Swimming Pool

  • Improves the resale value of your home
  • Recreation and Fitness
  • An aesthetically pleasing addition to the outdoor lawn

Residential Swimming pools in Singapore are quite rare. Which is why a professionally designed swimming pool can have the ability to increase the property value of your home. This would benefit homeowners who are looking to sell soon.

A private swimming pool would also serve as a good venue and a recreational activity for guest during home parties. Swimming is also an ideal activity for health and fitness reasons. It is easy to get into and can offer similar health benefits as putting miles on a treadmill, keeping your body in shape. At the end of a long day, a pool can help you to relax after a stressful day at work.

What to Look Out for When Installing a Swimming Pool

When choosing your swimming pool maintenance company, you should consider a couple of factors.

Look for companies with quality brands for the swimming pool parts that they carry. Consider reading up on their previous reviews to get an insight into the company’s professionalism and capabilities. Since the swimming pool components come together to form an entire pool, every single piece of the pool needs to be in tip-top condition with up to date technology.

The company should also have these parts readily available to avoid delays in repairs and installations. Testimonies by previous clients will play an important factor in homeowners choosing their ideal pool maintenance partner.

Services that a Swimming Pool Contractor can offer:

Swimming pool malfunctions can arise from various mechanical and technical causes. Sometimes, structural causes might cause water leakage or water pump damage.

Professional swimming pool contractors can provide a comprehensive repair and maintenance service to swimming pool owners. Furthermore, they can also help with servicing your sauna, jacuzzi, spa pool, steam room and any other water features that your house might have.

They can also provide repair services for:

  • Swimming Pool Motor
  • Swimming Pool Pump
  • Swimming Pool Filter
  • Swimming Pool Heater
  • Swimming Pool plumbing
  • Swimming Pool Lighting
  • Swimming Pool Piping

Pool owners may be tempted to contact contractors only when they pool has broken down. Not only is that a financially poor decision to make, it will also force homeowners to halt their regular water activities while repair work is undergoing. Hence, it is also wise to keep the swimming pool clean and in good form through scheduled regular maintenance services.


Why Do You Need Pool Maintenance?

However, owning a private swimming pool in Singapore may come with its own costly issues. Maintaining a swimming pool can be tedious and overwhelming, which is why homeowners should consider hiring a trained professional swimming pool contractor for the job.

Putting off pool maintenance can be harmful to the pool, as it needs to be serviced regularly to keep it functioning for extended periods. Singapore’s heavy rains and humidity can also interfere with the swimming pool water quality.

Private swimming pools should be serviced and maintained at least yearly so that homeowners can enjoy the swimming pool usage for long periods.

Cost of Pool Maintenance

Swimming Pool Contractors would usually offer a pool maintenance package for residential swimming pool maintenance. The price of the swimming pool maintenance package would depend on its features and services offered. Generally, you can expect to pay an average of $200-$300 for a basic pool deck cleaning and water analysis test. Pool floor vacuuming may incur a separate charge.

Certified professional pool contractors usually conduct inspections to assess the areas that require repair or maintenance before beginning the maintenance project.

Alternatively, some swimming pool installation companies also sell cleaning services as a monthly subscription. Cleaning services are performed weekly, and checks are also performed to ensure that the pool is in working condition.

A regularly maintained and serviced swimming pool offers an unrivalled sense of serenity and tranquility. Nothing can beat the respite and peace of mind that comes with using a sanitised and cleaned home pool.

How to clean a Swimming Pool

Pool water usually goes through three stages of filtration to filter out minute solid particles before the chlorine is pumped into it to destroy any remaining traces of bacteria. This is to prevent any chemicals or bacteria from harming the human eye or threaten any swimmer’s respiratory capabilities.

The key to maintaining a clean pool is to keep chlorine and acidity level in check. Too much chlorine and you can risk causing skin irritation. Hence, it is important for chlorine to be added periodically.

For residential swimming pools, you might want to consider hiring a swimming pool contractor for pool servicing and maintenance.

Tips for Private Swimming Pools Maintenance in Singapore

Constructed pools require regular pool maintenance.

Swimming Pool Maintenance can come in the form of:

  • Water sanitisation
  • Pool sanitisation
  • Pool deck cleaning
  • Water level, water current analysis

It can also come in the form of security and safety checks. Swimming can be a dangerous activity. Inexperienced swimmers can lose their lives and pose a threat to themselves and others if safety precautions are not in place. Hence, it is important to check and regulate the lifeguard’s role and line of sight in a swimming pool. A lifeguard’s vision of sight should not be blocked by any newly built infrastructure.

Keeping swimming pools neat, clean, and free from any hazards can be a challenging job. Hence, it should be done by professional swimming pool maintenance workers with sufficient knowledge and experience in the field.

Water movement is an important factor in Swimming Pool maintenance. Stagnant water is a breeding ground for bacteria and microorganisms. In Singapore, the threat of dengue is a common and real problem. You would not want a dengue cluster to form in a swimming pool.

To address this issue, a sanitiser or cleaning agent is commonly deployed to kill bacteria and control the growth of algae.

Another factor to consider in swimming pool maintenance is the chemical balance of the water. Water is checked regularly, and its proper chemical balance is monitored and adjusted if skewed. The five primary components of a swimming pool water chemical balance are:

  • pH value, measuring the acidity level of the swimming pool water. Its value should be consistently between 7.2 and 7.6 PPM.
  • Chlorine, a cleaning agent used to sanitize the water, preventing the growth of bacteria. The ideal chlorine level in the water should be between 0.5 and 3.0 PPM.
  • Alkalinity levels should be kept between 80 and 120PPM.
  • Cyanuric Acid, a chemical used to stabilise the chlorine and protect it from being affected by a chemical reaction when exposed to the sun

Tips for Proper Commercial Swimming Pool Maintenance

  • Scrub and Skim the swimming pool daily to prevent leaves and debris from floating on the pool water surface. The sides of the pools should be regularly scrubbed to get rid of green algae growth.
  • Check and Balance Pool Chemical Levels regularly.
  • Clean the Pool Filter once every two weeks.
  • Remove oil in the water. Natural oil secreted by the skin will affect the water chemical balance and leave impurities in the swimming pool. Not only is this unhygienic, but it will also affect the chemical components in a swimming pool.

Other Pool Maintenance Related Services

  • Steam Room Maintenance
  • Sauna Room Maintenance
  • Spa & Jacuzzi Pool Maintenance

It is also common for Swimming pool maintenance contractors to offer inspection and upgrading services. It is possible to upgrade your swimming pool through various pool components and accessories. This will help boost the swimming pool’s performance, efficiency, and user experience.

Upgrading a swimming pool is a huge project. Swimming pool maintenance companies will have structural engineers around to advise you on the most suitable materials and procedures for such an upgrade.

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