5 Best Maid Agencies in Singapore (MOM Statistics and Reviews) (Updated 2021)

If you are looking for a reliable, good maid agency recommendation in Singapore, you’re just in luck – this article will serve as good guidance and review for you! In this article, we’ll provide the fairest, unbiased, credible and updated unfiltered selection of the top maid agencies in Singapore (evidenced by ratings and reviews by MOM platform)

Our selection of maid agencies is based on mainly MOM Employment agencies and personnel search (EA Directory).

You can use the EA Directory to find good maid agencies that match your preferences and needs, check the agencies’ service quality and performance, and shortlist and compare different employment agencies.

Coupled with online reviews and stats, you also need always interview the agencies directly by asking them the right questions.

Speaking to the staff and owner will get you a feel of the service you are getting.

If you are lost, here is a step by step guide to bringing you through hiring a reliable maid agency in Singapore.

Hire The Best Maid Agencies In Singapore

Factors Taken Into Account

What are the governing metrics when it comes to rating a good maid agency? Here are the factors that were taken into account when choosing the trusted maid agency in Singapore.

  1. Experience of maid agencies
  2. Placement volume over a given period
  3. Transfer rate
  4. Retention rate
  5. Ratings and reviews
  6. Demerit points


Even though it is good to have an experienced maid agency, this is not exactly an essential factor. You want to find a maid agency that is of the right fit, regardless of how long they have been in the industry.

Yet, most good maid agencies are those with at least a certain number of years of experience. Experience is synonymous with quality.

Placement Volume

Placement Volume is the number of FW work passes approved for the agency within a year. The higher the placement volume, the more businesses the agency is involved with.

High placement volume generally means that the agency is doing relatively well.

Transfer Rate

Transfer rate maid agency 300x90 - 5 Best Maid Agencies in Singapore (MOM Statistics and Reviews) (Updated 2021)

Transfer rate is the percentage of FDWs placed by the agency who has transferred to 3 or more employers within a year.

There can be many reasons for an agency to have a high transfer rate.

Maybe the company is not offering high-quality maids. Or, they are unable to match employer requirements.

Either way, you’re most probably looking for a helper whom you can’t rely on, right?

So, it is better to opt for the maid agency with a low FDW transfer rate which is ideally less than 1.5%.

Retention Rate

Retention rate is the percentage of FDWs placed by the agency who have stayed with the same employer for at least one year.

Retention rate maid agency 300x90 - 5 Best Maid Agencies in Singapore (MOM Statistics and Reviews) (Updated 2021)

For this metric, the higher the retention rate, the better it is.

An agency with a retention rate higher than the industry average is usually considered to be good. The higher rate often shows that the employer is satisfied and has thus stayed with the agency for more than a year.

Do note that the retention rate goes along with placement volume. Hiring an agency with a 100% retention rate but has only one employee doesn’t make any sense.

Find The Best Maid Agencies In Singapore


For online reviews, we look mainly at MOM EA directory, where there are MOM maid agency ratings. We recommend you not to look at customers review on Facebook and Google because most of the reviews are made maids themselves. If you are looking for customer reviews, you should look at the EA directory.

Agencies chosen have at least 130 reviews and are rated overall 4 stars and above.

Customer Ratings 300x120 - 5 Best Maid Agencies in Singapore (MOM Statistics and Reviews) (Updated 2021)

Because we are unable to view the exact reviews through the MOM site, we have come up with a summary of the strengths of each agency based on Google and Facebook reviews.

Demerit Points

Demerit points are issued when the agency violates any of the rules in the Employment Agencies Act. As violations of the rules are akin to distrust and concerns, Homees have eliminated all related agencies for concern-free selections.

Demerit Points Maid Agency - 5 Best Maid Agencies in Singapore (MOM Statistics and Reviews) (Updated 2021)

5 Best maid agencies in Singapore

Taking into all the above factors, we have come up with 5 recommended maid agencies that you should not miss in your final selection of agencies.

Licence No EA Name Demerit Points FDW(WP) FDW Retention Success Rate FDW Transfer Rate Customer Service Ratings(Stars)
01C4854 121 PERSONNEL SERVICES PTE. LTD. 0 531 65.14% 0.84% 4.1
13C6831 EDEN GRACE MAIDS AND EMPLOYMENT AGENCY PTE. LTD. 0 490 57.4% 0.44% 4.0  


12C6270 EXPRESS MAID & EMPLOYMENT SERVICES PTE. LTD. 0 438 55.87% 0.25% 4.0
89C5166 PRESTIGE MANAGEMENT SERVICES 0 470 75.4% 0.69% 4.2
13C6871 WONDERFUL MAID AGENCY 0 360 56.5% 0.65% 4.1

Find Top-Rated Maid Agencies In Singapore

121 Personnel Services

121 Personnel Services can help out many employers by providing them with the right maids they want for their home. As mentioned by a customer, Rebecca, 121 Personnel Services helped her obtain a domestic helper pass for a PRC helper when many folks said that it is not possible.

Another customer, Alice Tan found a good and trustworthy maid with the help of 121 Personnel Services. The agency is amassing great attention and approbation by people for their reliable staff and their expertise. 

Services offered by 121 Personnel

Match-Point System

This system functions as a matchmaker and suggests the “best match” based on the employers’ needs, experience, skill sets and character along with the employees’ needs.

No placement fees
The company only deals with transfer helpers with no loans.

Family Satisfaction Program

The program makes sure that you and your members are satisfied with the service.

3 Years guarantee with two free re-matching

If the helper does not work out, they will find you a more suitable helper to your needs with three years guarantee with two free re-matching services.

Office Hours

Mon to Fri- 1015h to 1800h
Sun: 1015h to 1500h
Closed on Saturdays and Public Holidays

Contact Details

Address: 545 Orchard Road, #12-07, Far East Shopping Centre, Singapore 238882
Phone: (65) 6733-8121
Email address: service@121personnel.com

Eden Grace Maids

Eden Grace Maids is a very professional and upfront maid agency in Singapore.  As experienced by a customer Diana, the agency is reachable and responsive by Whatsapp. She liked their straightforward and clear process.

Writing from a first-hand account of customer Cyrel, Eden Grace Maid is more responsible and attentive, a trait that sets them apart from the other crowded and rushed agencies.

Services offered by Eden Grace Maids

Quality selection
Eden Grace Maids conduct do a personal screening of the applicants before recruiting them.

Quality training
The workers of the agency undergo quality check based on their job offer and get training for work adjustment and orientation.

Integration program
Integration programs are held by the agency to help them grow through character building

Office Hours

Mon to Fri – 0900h to 0600h
Sat – 1100h to 0500h
Closed on Sundays

Contact Details

Address: Blk. 18 Sin Ming Lane, #07-38 Midview City, Singapore 573960
Phone: +65 62625562 & +65 62625593 – 94
Email: enquiry@edengracemaids.com

Express Maid

The best part about this express maid agency is their prompt customer service. One of their customers Elaine Chua mentioned that she likes the way the agency keep track of their helper’s progress and how are they coping.

Prompt in returning calls and answering queries are definite assurances for the clients, as they are known for efficient service provided by friendly staff and trained domestic helpers.

Services offered by Express Maid

Two free replacements
If the employers are dissatisfied with their current helper for any reason, the agency will provide a maximum of two free replacements.

Placement of foreign domestic helpers
The agency specialises in the placement of foreign domestic helpers mainly from the Philippines, Indonesia and Myanmar.

Consultation & Counseling
The maid agency also provides consultation and counselling service to employers.

Office Hours

Mon to Fri – 1000h to 1900h
Saturday – 1000h to 1700h
Sunday-1200h to 1700h

Contact Details

Address: Blk. 18 Sin Ming Lane, #07-38 Midview City, Singapore 573960
Phone: +65 62625562 & +65 62625593 – 94
Email: enquiry@edengracemaids.com

Find The Best Maid Agencies In Singapore

Prestige Management Services

Prestige Management Services is an established international manpower agency based in Singapore. They are known for providing highly qualified workers from the Philippines.

Specialising in recruiting and sourcing, they are also adept in deploying skilled and semi-skilled domestic workers from the Philippines. Their excellent service is corroborated by one of their clients, Dexter Paros Palino.

Services offered by Prestige Management Services

The maids go through meticulous screening and interviewing to meet clients’ requirements

Structured Skills Training
Once hired, the maids are trained to meet the needs of the clients.

Specialize in sourcing, recruiting and deploying talents
It provides professional, skilled domestic workers from the Philippines.

Office Hours

Mondays to Fridays – 1000h till 1800h
Saturdays & Sundays – By appointments

Contact Details

Address: 19 Tanglin Road, Unit 03-59, Tanglin Shopping Centre, Singapore 247909
Phone: (65) 6738 2100

Wonderful Maid Agency

Wonderful maid agency is a reliable maid agency in Singapore. One of their customers, Phyllis Savanh found them fast and dependable as they are only 1 Whatsapp message away. Another client Tricia Chong shared that she got her first helper from the agency 12 years ago and will love to go with them again. They provide highly skilled and well-trained maids mainly from the Philippines, Myanmar and Indonesia.

Services offered by Wonderful Maid Agency

Well-trained and sufficiently equipped maids
Their maids go through extensive training to prepare and provide them with relevant skills and knowledge.

Medical Screening arrangement
The agency is aligned with MOM mandatory requirement to send the helper for medical screening before placement.

Comprehensive Insurance Packages
The agency had tied up with recognized insurance companies to provide a range of comprehensive insurance packages.

Counselling Assistance
They have counsellors to tackle any conflict or misunderstanding throughout the employment tenure.

Office Hours

Monday, Wednesday, Friday – 1100h to 2000h
Tuesday, Thursday – 1100h to 1800h
Saturday – 1100h to 1700h
Sunday – Closed

Contact Details

Address: 462 Tampines St 44 #01-74 Singapore
Phone: 6788 9161

How to Choose Good Maid Agencies in Singapore?

More often than not, we are stuck at filtering out multiple agencies to select the most optimum one for our needs. There are thousands of agencies out there; how can I better qualify the best agency that can suit my needs?

Here are some useful questions to ask the potential agency to ensure they can meet your requirements.

Are they a licensed maid agency?

Maid agencies in Singapore must be licensed to operate.

What is included in the agency fee?

Check what is included in the agency fee provided by each maid agency. Read this maid pricing guide to have a better idea.

Can I interview the FDWs even if they are not in Singapore?

Most agencies allow webcam and/or telephone interview for the choice of FDW not in Singapore to facilitate the selection. However, due to the accessibility of some centers, please be reminded that prior notice may be needed for arrangements of such interviews.

Find Top-Rated Maid Agencies In Singapore

What after-sales service can I expect from the maid agency?

After-sales service varies from agency to agency. A few examples are:

  • counselling of the FDW
  • renewal of work permit and passports
  • home-leaves
  • endorsement of embassy document
  • replacement of FDWs
  • upgrading skill courses
  • arrangement of air-tickets, and
  • repatriation of the FDWs upon completion of their contracts.

What happens if I encounter problems after hiring the maid?

Most agencies do provide counselling services to the FDWs and advisory service to employers. Such problems usually stem from personality or compatibility issues. If the existing FDW needs to be transferred, the agency will provide the employer replacement as soon as possible.

How tight is their diligent process when selecting the maids for employment in Singapore?

Most agencies have training centres (owned or through partners) that conduct due diligence on the helpers. However, do clarify these with the potential maid agency to understand how they choose their maids.


To speak directly to the maid agency, you can view our directory of the best maid agencies in Singapore, where every maid listing contains information including contact info, agency services, email and more.

Importantly, you do not need to stick to this list necessarily. You can do other due diligence, such as asking the right questions and asking your peers. Perhaps you can opt for direct-hire of transfer maids without a maid agency or getting a part-time maid/cleaner.

Discretion: This article is based on the reviews on MOM’s website. Homees will not be liable for any companies not highlighted or information that has changed since the date of publishing. 

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