Hire Elderly Caregiver Companies in Singapore (11 Best with Prices, Reviews in 2024)

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Caring for elderly loved ones can be challenging and demanding. Professional caregiver services can provide the support and care they need. These experts offer personalized assistance, ensuring comfort and safety. They enhance the quality of life for your loved ones while giving you peace of mind. Using compassionate and trained caregivers, they deliver outstanding care with respect and dignity. No more worrying about daily caregiving tasks. Keep your loved ones happy and well-cared for. Discover the top elderly caregiver companies on Homees today and ensure the best care for your family.

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Xedge Resource

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Caregiver Asia Pte Ltd

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Anglo Nurses & Caregivers

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GM Connection Pte Ltd

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Universal Employment Agency Pte Ltd

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Eden Grace Maids

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PassionCare Employment

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Marigold Times Caregivers

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Bulters & Nannies Pte Ltd

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Island Maids

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Inter Great

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Elderly Caregivers in Singapore

Singapore is ageing fast – by 2030, 1 in 4 people here will be past retirement age. That’ll make it nearly a million people, which is almost the double the current elderly population. Besides, the average life expectancy is likely to increase over the next few years. This means that society requires elderly caregivers more than ever to help cope with the considerable responsibilities in taking care of the elderly.

For some, their homes encapsulate a lifetime worth of memories that holds sentimental values to them. As such, they feel more at ease to age in their own homes. However, it is often difficult for children to become a full-time caregiver for these elderly as most of them are working adults or have their children to look after as well. This is where an elderly caregiver is tremendously helpful for homeowners.


What do Elderly Caregivers do?

Even if one is able to, caregiving is a very demanding journey and any extra helping hand will always be appreciated. This is where elderly caregiving services come in. Whether you are looking for a long-term or short-term help, having a trained caregiver to look after your loved ones will give you a peace of mind. Most elderly caregivers can provide one or more of the following help:

General Home Care

A professional caregiver will assist your loved one’s in his/her daily needs. These include:

  • Personal hygiene (showering)
  • Meal preparation
  • Medical escort
  • Physical exercises
  • Recreational activities
  • Buying ingredients or food, reheating and feeding elderly

Personal Care, Health and Hygiene

Daily cleaning needs like sponging, changing of adult diapers, bathing, necessary rinsing/wiping. Caregivers can also guide the elderly and keep them active with simple exercises or stretches for bed-bound patients.

Home Nursing Care

A qualified nurse will provide nursing care for your loved ones in the of home. This includes simple to more complex procedures such as:

  • Changing of feeding tubes and suctioning
  • Wound dressing and stoma bag care
  • Injections and administration of medication
  • Removal of stitches

Home Therapy Care

Professional therapists will provide therapy services for your loved ones at home. These include:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech and language therapy

Home Palliative Care

Also known as hospice home care, it allows elderly with terminal illness or end-stage diseases to spend their remaining days in the comfort of their own homes. Services provided include:

  • Psychosocial Support for both caregiver and elderly
  • Palliative Care
  • Caregiver Training

Medical Escort

Medical escorts are trained personnel who can help to bring your loved ones to medical appointments when you are not free to do so. They will ensure that your loved ones get from their home to medical appointments and back and also help to take note of the next appointments or any important details. They are accompanying your loved ones to medical appointments or check-ups. Other complementary helpers include maids and part-time maids.


Meals-On-Wheels is a service that you can engage if your loved ones are unable to buy or prepare their own meals and you are unable to do so for them. It is also good as you have someone to check on your loved ones twice a day during the deliveries. The service will cost between $4.80 to $6.96 per meal.



  • A live-in helper generally costs $600- $850/month
  • A part-time caregiver costs $20- $25/hour.
  • A live-in nurse generally costs $600- $1000/month
  • A part-time nurse costs $24- $40/ hour.
  • A part-time home therapist costs $180- $200/hour.
  • A medical escort costs $62- $90 per trip.

*Prices listed are before subsidies and grants

How does the government support the elderly in Singapore?

The Singapore government is actively supporting the ageing population through initiatives. The government is also coming up with additional programmes to help cope with senior care in Singapore, as mentioned by The Straits Times. In summary, the programmes are:

  • Seniors’ Mobility and Enabling Fund
  • Enhancement for active seniors
  • Caregivers training grant
  • ElderShield

Signs That Imply Your Aging Loved One Needs Care

Ever heard your parents saying, “I don’t want to be a burden to my children”?

If yes, it’s time to initiate dialogue with your ageing loved one. It’s a common thought that arises among ageing people.

Sometimes, you are not privy to their thoughts as they do not want you to shoulder more responsibilities.

Here are some warning signs that alert they should be given special care.

  • The trouble with walking or standing
  • Lack of personal hygiene
  • Changes in eating habits
  • Weight loss and loss of appetite
  • Trouble in shopping for groceries
  • Loss of interest in socializing
  • Trouble in decision making
  • Memory loss
  • Difficulty in taking medications
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Increased irritability and mood swings
  • Problem with finances and paying bills
  • The challenge is maintaining the home

Things To Consider

Elderly caregivers


First of all, consider the location of your elders. Are there any relatives, family members, neighbours or friends who can help them with things such as home care or grocery shopping?

Are there any doctors or specialists who can attend to them in times of plights and emergencies? Besides, it will be wise to research local community program and care services that can help them socially.

Medical issue

Another essential point that you need to consider is their medical condition. Do their states require extra care services and diligence?

Is it possible for them to manage their needs and home care by themselves? Find out if they require extra help with daily medical routines.

Home safety

The layout of the room should be catered for your ageing parents. In essence, the top priority of the design should be comfort. Many steps to climb can create difficulty in their functioning.

If possible, try to incorporate a little modification in the layout to increase safety and reduce fall risk.

Financial issues

Added expenses and services come along the elderly care facilities. They may require your financial support to satiate their need.

You must anticipate their expenses to cover the health charges, routine check-ups, daily expenditures and care services.


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Available support

If you are living away from your ageing parents, you must consider their nearby available support. Think about whether they have family members or friends close by who will be willing to chip in and share the elderly care responsibility.

If your parents have a caretaker, find out whether their needs are well taken care of. Here are the chores a caregiver needs to perform:


A caretaker not only provides supportive and safe home care services but also make a good companion for your loved ones. The caretaker agencies for elderly care in Singapore are taught to protect the health and well being of elderly folks.

Moreover, they can also lend an ear or help pass the time. They can take part in whimsical activities to lighten up the elders’ face.

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Cooking, meal planning, and grocery shopping

From meal planning to grocery, shopping and cooking, a caretaker will perform all the tasks. Sometimes, it is daunting for our elders to cook up the meal for themselves.

However, they need to have a healthy and nutritional diet to stay fit. So, it is better to hire a caregiver for elderly care in Singapore to prepare food for them.

Light housekeeping

Maintaining an orderly living space becomes almost impossible in the elderly phase. A caregiver will be responsible for all light housekeeping tasks, such as but not limited to: watering the plants, doing and folding laundry, the dusting of surfaces and vacuuming.

Should you require a part-time maid for extra cleaning in your home, you can chat up a few of them right away.

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Medication reminders

Proper administration of essential medications can be challenging for some seniors. It is vital that they first go through prescription and go through over-the-counter medicines due to their old age.

Escaping medicine or taking an overdose by mistake can be harmful to their health. This is why the elderly care Singapore agencies also include medication reminder services to track the medication times.

Caregivers can help them assist in medication management by reminding them to take their medications on schedule.

Personal care

A caregiver can also help with the personal grooming task such as getting dressed, bathing, etc.


Activities such as escorting the seniors to doctors’ appointments, shopping, or just strolling can be carried out by not only the home care but also an appointed caregiver.




Steps To Follow

Make changes in the house.

You should start by making little changes in your home. Whether small or large, these changes can save you from a lot of trouble.

Remove the clutter like excess furniture from living space and corridor that can make it difficult for them to move around. Fix grab bars must be near the toilet and showers, coupled with the installation of anti-scald devices.

Remove the loose wires or cables on the floors and have non-skid mats for the bathroom and kitchen. Here is a convenient senior safety checklist that will help you to reduce the number of hazards existing in the home.

General home safety checklist for elderly care Singapore

  • The home and staircases are well lit
  • Every room has a flashlight and nightlight
  • A staircase is in excellent condition with sturdy handrails
  • Floors are not highly polished or slippery
  • There is a slip-resistant rug near the bathroom
  • No clutter or debris on the floor
  • Doors and windows are secured
  • Have good ventilation
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are installed in the home
  • Electrical cords are appropriately plugged
  • Power strips aren’t overloaded
  • Electric appliances are kept at a safe distance from the water


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Bathroom safety

  • There are grab bars in the bathtub or shower
  • Anti-slip materials or tape installed in the tub
  • A raised toilet seat

Toilet Waterproofing Companies


Bedroom safety

  • The floor is clutter-free
  • A lamp, flashlight, and telephone are within reach
  • Nightlights are placed
  • A raised mattress to get in and out of bed easily


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Kitchen safety

  • No throw rugs are there
  • No liquid, grease or food spilt on the floor
  • Have an easy to reach place to store food, dishes and cooking equipment
  • A fire extinguisher is installed


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Safety outside the home

  • Safely and securely stored tools and yard equipment
  • Solvents, paints, and sprays are kept away from heat sources
  • Outdoor lighting is in working order
  • Walking paths are clear and safe


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Keep track

Keeping track of their routine activities may appear as a small duty, but it is of vital importance to elderly care. When your elders are at home alone, it is highly encouraged to find ways and avenues to keep an eye on them.

If they are tech-savvy, a mobile phone with a tracker can do the trick. You can even incorporate motion sensors to keep tabs on them to ensure they are safe.

Regular exercise

In this phase of age, it is essential to ensure that they are physically active. Regular exercising will keep them fit and healthy.

Physical activities such as golf, joining a tennis club, or even to be a part of a walking group should be highly encouraged by your parents. Not only are there health benefits, but this would also contribute to their mental and emotional well-being.

Be careful of their medication.

Poor medication management can be dicey for older adults. Hence they should be under supervision. Their poor eyesight, memory loss or drowsiness may cause them to mix up their medications.

A simple mistake in medication can have severe repercussions. To prevent such risks, you should label the drugs in bold letters and arrange them on specific drawers and compartments. This will make it easier for them to choose the right medicine without getting puzzled.

Visit them often

Are you living away from your ageing parents? No matter what cause you to stay away from your elders, you need to take care of them in every possible way.

Try to visit them often as it can make a lot of difference to them. A few minutes of caring conversation coupled with a little time spent together can be beneficial to boost their spirit and mood.

Moreover, you would get the opportunity to check around the house for safety. You should even visit their neighbours to maintain a good relationship with them.

Have fun with them

Depression is a common trait for the ageing population due to loneliness. Therefore, it is a good idea to engage in fun activities with them to alleviate loneliness.

Watch movies, wear a goofy hat, click pictures and do all the things that they love to do. You know them better, and you know how to make them laugh. Just do whatever you feel like to make them happy.

Safety against scams

Your elderly parents might find hi-tech gadgets challenging to understand and operate. Make sure unscrupulous entities do not con them.

Rushing into any financial deals can make them vulnerable to a lot of scams. Usage of a credit card to mobile investment, there are a lot of ways that can lead their way to get cheated.

Appoint a driver

As the age catches up, it’s tough for the elders to drive safely. Their driving gets erratic with their cognitive capability starts waning and body stiffens. So, it is essential to hire a driver for them.

Hire an excellent elderly care agency

Living away from elders means that you would not be able to take care of the daily, despite your desires too. In such cases, hiring a professional for elderly care, Singapore can make things easier for you.

Various elderly care Singapore agencies provide excellent elderly care facilities. They can take complete care of your ageing parents while eliminating your stress. You can get in touch with a reliable elderly caregiver on Homees.

Types Of Elderly Care Agencies

There is a general assumption that elderly care Singapore agencies and their facilities are identical. This is not true, due to the different levels of elder care services prevalent to provide the different required cares to the elders. You can opt for any of the services based on your need.

Taking care of elderly people

Senior independent living communities

Seniors with a few medical problems or those who can more or less live independently can take help from these elderly care Singapore communities.

Here they will have an apartment-style living and take the benefit of custom-designed meal packages and elderly care facilities. Typically known as retirement communities, such people emphasizes the level of independence in the senior age group.

Assisted living communities

A long-term option for elderly care in Singapore is the assisted living method. Providing personal care services and support, or aiding them with some of the more rudimentary functions such as meals, medication management, bathing, dressing, and transportation are all compulsory aspects of the jobs.

Their medical staff will be available round the clock to spring into action if needed. They also make an effort to encourage sociability through several different activities throughout the day.

Nursing homes

Nursing homes are suitable for those aged people who require a high level of medical assistance, due to their feature of complete round-the-clock nursing, elderly care services.

They share rooms and also get meals. Some nursing homes also have individual elderly care facilities and unit to take care of Alzheimer’s patients.

Home care

The home care allows the elders to stay in their own homes while receiving the assistance to keep them as independent as possible.

Not only do they get assistance in basic tasks such as cooking and dressing, but they also receive help in advanced tasks such as paying bills and making appointments.

Here you can read more about elderly daycare vs in-home care.

Maid agencies for the elderly are popular too. You may opt for a maid to take care of your elderly love one at home.


Hire A Maid Agency


Elderly Day Care Or In-Home Care: What Is Better For Your Seniors?

What does the Elderly Day Care Services offer?

Elderly daycare services are comprehensive programs tailored for the supervision and assistance of adults during the day. They offer social activities and health care services for adults with physical disabilities or cognitive impairments.

A safe, supportive environment for older adults can give you peace of mind as you know your elders are in safe hands. They organize activities to stimulate essential mental and social abilities to those older folks who are frail or may be lonely. Here is what an elderly day care service can offer to your seniors.

Nutrition and meals

Some elderly daycare services provide nutritionally balanced meals that are served in a friendly and social group setting. They pay attention to the special needs in the diet. That means you need not have to worry about their diet and nutrition while you are at work.

Comprehensive health screenings

A professionally licensed team of therapists, nurses and other professionals are also available at some elderly daycare centres for conducting a series of comprehensive health screenings.

Activities and events

Social interaction and cognitive stimulation are also important for the mental health and well-being of seniors. This is why elderly daycare services provide a wide range of activities and events. The events may include spiritual discussion, games, relaxation and meditation, exercise and gardening.

Socialization and peer support

Getting out of the house to participate in activities can be beneficial for older adults who don’t like to stay alone at home. With adult day care programs, they get the chance to meet new friends and experience new things. After all, you’re never too old to have fun! Increased socialization in a safe, nurturing and comfortable community setting can boost their morale to a great extent.

What does In-home care offer?

Taking care of elderly

Some senior love to be at home and they don’t want to leave the comfort zone of their house. But the age factor makes it difficult for them over time.

This is where a reliable in-home care service can help.

In-home care service is personal care or health care support that is provided to the old folks at the comfort of their home.

They provide seniors with health care and non-medical care along with companionship. Here is what more you can expect from an in-home care service.


Regular hygiene and grooming are crucial and effective for seniors. The diminishing phase of age that is more prone to diseases call for more care and hygiene. Those who have physical or cognitive limitations need special care for grooming. A good in-home care service can assist them in their grooming needs such as bathing, hair combing, and styling.


A nutritious diet makes one of the imperative needs of seniors. Most of them have prescribed meal plans to stick to for health issues. The in-home care services help with all of these diet needs and make sure your loved ones get proper nourishment.

Assistance in mobility

Does your senior need assistance in moving around the home and getting in and out of bed or wheelchairs? The caregiver can also help them with these mobility needs while ensuring that they remain active in their golden years. They can assist them in getting from place to place in comfort and contribute to reducing bedsore risks.


Lack of conversation can lead the way to anxiety and depression. However, with a caregiver at home, they will stay social, engaged and upbeat with a lower tendency to develop depression and general cognitive decline. However, if things are serious, you may need professional help with anxiety therapy in Singapore.

Light housekeeping

Some caregivers also help with light housekeeping such as mopping, dusting, vacuuming, house cleaning and organizing. They can also run around for accomplishing tasks like grocery shopping and other errands for the seniors.


Although the caregivers don’t administer medications, they can help the elders by reminding them about the prescribed medication. They make sure that your loved one regularly takes their medication. They can help with opening medication containers, reading labels while reminding them of the next dose.

Adult Daycare vs. In-home Care

elderly day care services

What to choose for your elderly care largely depends on your requirement. Here are some deciding factors based on your needs that may give you a clear vision of what is suitable for you.


If you need a service that will be available 24 hours a day, in-home care is what you need. You can opt for an agency that specializes in-home care. Elderly day care services will be only during some specific hours of the day. Hence, it is beneficial to opt for the service if you need it for a certain time in the day.

Types of care

The services you choose will also rely on the type of care you need for your senior. If you need a little help with cleaning and cooking chores for your loved one, you can look for good daycare service. However, for round-the-clock care and assistance, in-home care is the right option for you.

The level of freedom

Some old folk may love to be at home while some need to be socialized. If they can be left home alone, occasional in-home care is apt to have. But for the seniors who need daytime supervision, elderly daycare services are the right option to go with. With daycare service they can have basic meals and snacks, and medical care and a change of pace.


Although the price may differ on the basis of services required, general in-home care can cost up to $15.00 per hour. For more skilled nursing help, you may need to spend around $25.00 per hour or more.

The average daily charge for the daycare can be around $40 to $60 which includes a wide range of special services such as personal or nursing care, therapeutic activities, nutritional meals and health screening. If you don’t need any specialized care, it will cost you around $25 per day.

Social Interaction

If you feel like your loved one can have the risk of feeling isolated with an in-home care service, adult daycare is the way to go. Social interaction can help them avoid such a feeling of abandonment that can lead their way to quick depression. elderly daycare services can stimulate their willpower to make them feel like a productive and active member of society.