Hire Textured Painting Companies in Singapore (11 Best with Reviews & Prices in 2024)

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Plain walls can feel dull and uninspiring. Professional textured painting services can add depth and character to your space. These experts use creative techniques to transform your walls, enhancing your home’s aesthetic appeal. They bring your vision to life with various textures and finishes. No more bland and flat surfaces. Keep your home vibrant and stylish. Discover the top textured painting companies on Homees today and give your walls the makeover they deserve.

11 Best Textured Painting Companies in Singapore (Our Top Picks)



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SM Contractor

- Hacking and Dismantling
- Painting
- Wall Partitioning
- Wall Plastering

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Nippon Paint Singapore


- Interior paints 
- Exterior paints 
- Ceiling paints 
- Wood and metal paints 
- Wood paints 

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- Wallpaper
- Custom Mural (Digital Print)
- Concrete Effect Wall Panels (Kastpanel)
- Curtains & Blinds
- Wall Coating

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Reno Guys Pte Ltd


- Electrical Services
- Flooring and Tiling Services
- Painting Services
- Plumbing Services
- Carpentry Services

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The Colour Cure


- Interior Painting
- Exterior Painting
- Special Effects Painting
- Post-renovation cleaning services 

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G.R.D Colours


- Exterior Painting
- Texture Painting


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Wall Studio Pte Ltd


- Interior design
- Exterior design
- Residential
- Commercial project

46 Kim Yam Road #05-06A Singapore 239351

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Wai Seng Renovation


- Landscape maintenance
- Aircon works
- General repair works
- Electrical works
- Painting works

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- HDB-and-Condominium-Painting
- Landed House Painting
- Commercial Painting Services
- Painting Services for your Floor
- Wall Plastering Services

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Screwed Handyman


- Handyman

- Carpentry

- Painting

- Electrical

- Plumbing



Performance Coatings International


- Building Facade Cleaning & Restoration
- Deep Cleaning
- Professional Painting
- Special Effect Painting Gallery
- Fogging (Disinfection Services)

32 OLD TOH TUCK ROAD #03-13 I.BIZ CENTRE Singapore 597658

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SM Contractors


- Partition Wall
- Hacking and Dismantling
- Painting

- Textured Painting

19 Woodlands Industrial Park E1 #01-03 Singapore 757719

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What does textured paint mean?

When you mention textured paint, you might think of the bumpy 80s rec-room-style walls. Indeed, textured paint adds to the look and feel while helping homeowners hide wall damage. Moreover, it can create a wide range of faux finishes. Whether you’re leaning towards farmhouse-chic style or you just like texture, this type of paint can do wonders. Besides, what better way to induce a rustic feel into your home?

What’s the purpose of textured paintwork?

Typically, textured paint supplies flat walls with dimension. Moreover, it’s ideal for patching smooth areas on textured drywall. Unlike regular paint, this type is much thicker thanks to the additives that supply the texture. The application is very similar to that of traditional colour. Just pick up a paint roller and work in smaller sections.


What are the different types of textured paint?

As mentioned, textured paint is ideal for hiding drywall imperfection. What’s more, it adds depth and interest to any space. There are numerous varieties that you can find on the market, and each offers a different look. Of course, you’ll have to follow the manufacturer’s directions to achieve satisfactory results. Here’s some more information about the different types of textured paint:

Textured paint varieties

As you can imagine, textured paint gives every homeowner space for creativity. What’s more, there are several ways to add texture to your walls. For example, you can use an additive by mixing it into the paint before applying the solvent to the walls. Also, you can add silica sand to add various effects. Still, there are some textures that homeowners can directly use to the wall. Such textured paint is the roll-on texture.

Classic textured paint

Usually, classic textured paint applies over primed walls. You can use this type of colour to create a wide range of finishes. Depending on the application technique, you can quickly achieve the popcorn-like result. Besides, you can always make a knockdown texture by applying the textured paint in small sections.

Paint additives

Suppose you want to achieve a 3D effect on your walls and ceilings. In that case, you can add texture additives to primary interior paint. Whether you choose sand, stone, or quartz-like dots, you can blend either additive to your colour. That way, you can add as much texture as you like.


What are the pros and cons of textured walls?

Just like any other paint, the textured stain has its pros and cons. For example, it’s great at covering up mistakes on walls. However, it’s difficult to patch up later damage that it may suffer. In other words, you can fix chipping or cracking only by redoing the entire section. Therefore, it’s best to use textured paint in less-trafficked areas.

What’s more, textured stains don’t always offer the same colour versatility as regular paints. Luckily, you can use additives and simply add them to your favourite standard paint colour. Just be careful not to leave a section to dry out too soon. It may create rigid lines at the intersection, so you may need to work quickly.

When do you need textured painting?

Nowadays, there’s an increased interest in textured painting. More painting companies offer textured painting services. Typically, homeowners prefer this type of staining as a budget-friendly option during a home renovation. Of course, there’s a wide range of applications of textured painting. If you’re considering hiring a painting contractor, here are a few uses of textured paint:

Hiding imperfections

Arguably, one of the best uses of textured paint is to hide imperfections. Indeed, staining your walls with such material will hide any mistakes and flaws. For example, you can deal with uneven mortar walls, old panelling or damaged drywall. Moreover, you can even hide that ugly, outdated wallpaper in your bedroom. That way you’ll save money and time during the renovation. We have a list of wallpaper removal companies to remove your existing wallpapers.

Providing depth

What’s more, a textured stain is a perfect tool to provide depth to your interior. Perhaps, the tiny creases, bumps, and other textures will help to offset all the crowding and give the room that 3D effect.

Adding accent

If you want to highlight a particular area in your home, textured paint will help you create a nice border. Ultimately, you can use it to accentuate the trim near the floor, the top of the room, doors, windows, etc.

Elegant wall cover

Furthermore, you can use this type of stain to add elegance to your dining area or family room. Sometimes, using a standard colour is not enough. That’s when it’s time to adorn your area with luxury without actually paying for it.

Ideal for shower areas

In this regard, lots of homeowners have chosen to stain their shower areas with textured paint. As expected, this method is a much cheaper alternative to marble, slate or rocks. Textured stain can mimic them all. As a result, you’d be more than happy to have waterproof paint for your custom shower area.

Accentuating nooks

Last but not least, you can use textured paint to accentuate the little nooks in your home. Perhaps, these areas may contain lots of decorative and collectable items, so you’d want to highlight them. In such cases, you’d like to outline the site or use textured paint as a background.

Cost of Other Home Improvement Areas

You can check out the cost of hiring professionals for other aspects of your home improvement project. Some of the general cost guides can be found below: