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Homees provides a directory of wall companies in Singapore. You can compare and view a list of wall companies that can suit your home needs.

11 Best Wall Companies In Singapore





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994 Bendemeer #03-04 Singapore 339943

Average Rating: 5/5

SM Contractor

- Hacking and Dismantling
- Painting
- Wall Partitioning
- Wall Plastering

19 Woodlands Industrial Park E1 #01-03 Singapore 757719

Average Rating: 5/5
Based on 15 online reviews

Paramount Construction

- Partition Wall
- Door Installation
- Painter
- Renovation Contractors

2 Yishun industrial st 1 North Point Bizhub #08-14 Singapore 768159

Average Rating: 5/5
Based on 12 online reviews

Quads Supplies Pte Ltd

- Custom Cabinets
- Custom Furniture Building
- Partition Wall
- Kitchen Countertop

8 Boon Lay Way #06-11 8@Tradehub Singapore 609964

Average Rating: 5/5
Based on 12 online reviews

Glass Point Construction

- Partition Wall
- Stairs & Railing Installation
- Door Installation
- Fire Rated Door

167 Ubi Avenue 4 Pan Malayan Warehouse Singapore 408787

Average Rating: 5/5
Based on 11 online reviews


- Partition Wall
- Painter
- Renovation Contractors
- Cabinet Repair

#06-16 Bizlink Centre, 59 Ubi Ave 1, Singapore 408938


Soon Li Glass Services

- Stairs & Railing Installation
- Partition Wall
- Glass Door Installation
- Door Installation

Sungei Kadut Street 4, Sungei Kadut Industrial Estate Singapore 729054



- Toilet Door Installation
- Sliding Door Installation
- Partition Wall
- Glass Door Installation

BLk 1003 Eunos Ave 8 #01-45 Eunos Industrial Estate Singapore 409498


Superstar Handyman Singapore

- Partition Wall
- Painter
- Waterproofing
- TV Feature Wall

Blk 1002 Toa Payoh Industrial Park #06-1457 Singapore 319074

Average Rating: 5/5
Based on 15 online reviews

Stamford Painters

- Partition Wall
- Exterior Painting
- Painter
- Texture Painting

367 Jalan Besar Singapore 208996

Average Rating: 5/5
Based on 12 online reviews

Hua Kwang Furniture & Decoration

- Partition Wall
- Plumber
- Renovation Contractors
- Wallpaper

10 Admiralty Street #03-46 Singapore 757695

Average Rating: 5/5
Based on 12 online reviews

VM Ceiling

- Ceiling Repair
- False Ceiling
- Partition Wall

1090 Lower Delta Road #03-07H Singapore 169201

Average Rating: 5/5
Based on 12 online reviews

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Types of Wall projects

Wall firms perform all sorts of projects. Some may only focus on just residential projects, while some may be more involved in commercial projects.

Theses are some of the common residential wall projects.


Plaster Wall

Plaster walls are layers and layers of wet plaster applied to building materials like bricks, which will eventually harden to form walls. This process can take weeks to be completed. Plaster walls are extremely durable compared to drywalls and more resistant to scuffs and dents. However, due to their thick composition, they can sometimes block WI-FI signals. These walls are more commonly used for interior designs such as contemporary or industrial styles, with unlimited design possibilities. Plaster walls do not produce dust during installation so it is a safer choice for homeowners prone to allergies. They also do not require any form of sanding. Plaster walls are great noise absorbers compared to drywalls.


Drywalls are large sheets of construction material most commonly used to create walls and ceilings. They are attached to building frames with adhesives or screws. Sometimes, they are also fixed together using industrial tapes. These walls are very durable and easy to repair or replace when damaged, they are also less likely to crack. Drywalls are also more fire-resistant compared to plaster walls. Drywalls are cheap and easy to install with almost no downtime compared to plaster walls, in terms of time and effort, and thus a very popular option, not only among homeowners but also for commercial use.

Walls Repair and Installation Costs

The costs can be difficult to estimate due to the myriad of materials, the complexity of barriers (such as drywall) as well as different kinds of damages such as holes or water damage. Furthermore, you may have to repaint the wall completely or re-wallpaper it, adding to the cost of refurbishing.

For projects like these, the priciest part of the project is the labour involved. Even for minor repairs, be prepared to spend at least $70-$80 an hour for a handyman.

The cost of materials will also be a factor driving up the prices of wall repair and installation projects. Homeowners spend an average of $717 per repair, with projects falling between $355 and $1123.

Cracks in the HDB wall may also signify a bigger structural issue with your unit. Apart from repainting the wall with a sealant to hide the hairline cracks, be sure to contact a contractor to assess the situation as it may signify a larger problem at hand.

HDB Wall Repair and Installation

It is important to take note of HDB rules and regulations when concerning yourself with HDB wall repair works and installation projects.

As per the HDB website:

Demolition and hacking of walls are subjected to HDB’s approval. This applies to both partial and complete demolition of the walls. Wall projects have more red tape hoops to jump across as it might affect the structural integrity of the building and housing unit.

Hence, when performing wall repairs and installation projects in HDB units, it is important to factor this paperwork and window of approval into your personal project timeline.

You should also only hire contractors from the Directory of Renovation Contractors (DRC) to carry out the relevant renovations, as they are legally obligated to adhere to the HDB renovation rules and regulations.

Demolishment and removal of walls are also considered noisy renovation projects. This means that the renovation works can only be carried out between 9.00am to 5.00pm on weekdays and are not allowed on Weekends, Public Holidays and Eve of major Public Holidays.

For a list of official Public Holidays, you can refer to Ministry of Manpower’s website.

You can also read up on specific renovation guidelines on My HDBPage.

Wall Repair Projects

Wall repair projects can cause some mess in the house sometimes, due to the scale of the renovation involved. During the project, the neighbouring rooms or the entire house unit might be uninhabitable. For situations like this, it is advised for homeowners to make necessary arrangements for accommodation beforehand.

Even if the renovation process does not involve the entire perimeter of the house, it can also be slightly dangerous if the concrete is involved. On this note, homeowners should not attempt to perform wall demolition alone without the help of a professional contractor and/or appropriate tools, and even for so if young children are in the vicinity.

After the repair works, you might want to consider consulting wallpaper specialists, who can recommend the right materials for you to refurbish the wall. Hiring a professional to clean up might also be a good idea as it could save you time

In addition to repair works, you might also want to consider building a feature wall or a partition wall.

Wall Repair Projects

  • Coating Application
  • Concrete Repair, Removal & Replacement
  • Structural Waterproofing
  • Structural Inspection & Strengthening (for industrial walls)
  • Cracked Foundation Repair
  • Drywall fixing
  • Hairline Crack Sealing
  • Wallpaper replacement


Wall Repair Cost and Guide

Structural issues and repairs are significantly different compared to renovations or non-structural repairs. The need for structural repairs can vary, but generally, different types of wall require different treatment processes due to the difference in the material of the walls built. It is also important to discuss with your contractor the details of your wall and the problems that you are facing.

Here are some common causes of wall damage:

cause of wall damage

Your walls, along with other of your HDB home fixtures should also be regularly maintained.

This will reduce the need and also lower the price for repair work.

How to Repair Wall Cracks?

Wall cracks could sometimes be a sign of something more severe than wear and tear. The severity of the wall damage would depend on the symptoms. In rare cases, it might be an error during the building’s construction process. Fault lines such as hairline cracks might emerge in the wall due to misalignment of the precast cement panels.

However, it is seldom an endangering situation to be in, as most precast panels are non-structural components.

These minor damages are more noticeable during the initial stages of the home. New homeowners should hence inspect your BTO units for such issues upon receiving the keys to your HDB unit and perform minor repairs if required.

For minor cracks in the wall, you might be able to patch it up with some wall crack repair products, such as sealants, from your local hardware store.

How to Repair Walls Caused by Water Damage?

Drywalls are susceptible to water damage. This is another common problem faced by home-owners. These damages can come from a few places like water leaking from the ceiling or damaged pipes. It is easy to spot a wall damaged by water as the wall tends to discolour and it is best to get the leaks fixed as soon as possible to avoid further damage. Once the leak is fixed, you can go ahead to repair your walls. Usually, the best way to go about fixing a drywall damaged by water is to replace the section of the wall completely.

How to Fix a Hole in the Wall?

For repairing holes in concrete walls, small holes should be easily patched with the use of putty. Drywalls (common materials for partition walls) may require more specific materials such as drywall mud or plaster. Sanding is also sometimes required to flatten the wall.

For larger holes in the wall, repairing it might require a combination of silicon mixture, cement, and paint. These can be easily purchased but may require homeowners to purchase the materials for single one-time use. This is usually not the most cost-effective decision.

Hiring a professional may seem costlier at first, but considering the reduced mess, lesser cleaning time and faster completion time, the professional quality is almost always worth the money. Homeowners should make their own cost-benefit analysis for such purchases.

Sometimes, the problem may be too big to handle. As a rule of thumb, a hole with a diameter of more than 3cm spells big trouble.

You might also want to check the renovation guidelines on the official HDB website. Due to structural integrity, not all walls can be demolished and replaced. Even if they can be, relevant paperwork must be filed and applied for. Demolishment works are also restricted to a certain time as per the HDB guidelines. They can only be carried out during the eight working hours between 0900hrs and 1700hrs, only on weekdays. On Weekends, Public Holidays and the eve of major Public Holidays, it is illegal to perform demolishment works.

How to Remove Furniture Marks from Walls?

When moving in or out of your home, you might discover scuffs on the walls around your house. This most commonly comes from furniture being placed too close to or constant bumping into the walls. Luckily, these marks are not hard to deal with. You can simply wipe them with soap and a clean sponge. If they can’t be removed, you can easily paint over these marks or apply wallpaper to your walls. To avoid these furniture marks, try to keep your furniture a little distance away from walls or apply a protective film if you can. Also, try to be careful when moving heavy furniture around to avoid damage to both your floors and wall.

How to Fix Door Holes?

Door Holes are dents in the wall that are caused by door handles due to constant hitting into the walls when the doors are being opened. To avoid this, you can stick door cushions so they do not hurt your walls when opening doors too hard. These door cushions come in various designs from minimalist style to adorable animal figurines for homes with kids. The cushions not only protect your walls but also your young children from possible injuries.

To fix a Door Hole, you can simply apply wall putty over the dent to patch it up. When the putty is dry after 16-24 hours, you can sand and paint it over to blend with the rest of the wall.

Damage to Walls Due to Pests

Some pests like termites eat through drywalls. It is easy to distinguish these issues such as small holes in your walls, hollow sounds when knocked, and paint peeling from your walls. The first thing you have to do is to contact a pest control specialist to assist with your termite issue before contacting a wall repair company to replace your damaged section of the drywall. In serious cases, termites might damage the foundation of your wall and repairs will be costly.

Questions to ask your prospective wall contractor

Before hiring a prospective wall contractor, these questions should help clear up some commonly misunderstood areas and better let you compare between firms.

  • What are the size and total staff strength of your company? What kinds of training have your staff undergone?

It is important to know the size and scope of the company to gauge its capabilities and timeline. A smaller company may require a longer timeframe to complete projects than a large company. However, a larger company bearing many projects may also require more time.

  • Can you provide a written quotation, outlining all the terms and conditions of what we discuss?

Being clear on the charges and billings will ensure your project is being carried out with peace of mind.

  • What are the payment options?

Some designers may require an upfront deposit for design and management work, and others may choose to work in the profits with every line item.

  • What brands do you carry or service?

Having a contractor who has prior experience in your preferred brand can significantly improve the renovation experience and will also usually save you time and money.

  • How long will the job take? Who will be handling the project? Will you clean up after the job is completed?

It is essential to know and clarify the timeline of the project, for you to better manage your expectations and negotiate your requests. Find out who should you be contacted for updates and concerns.

  • Do you offer a warranty or guarantee for your service or the unit?

Homeowners deserve to know the safety and warranty aspects of the project. This will help you prepare financially and prevent unwanted surprises.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost to repair a wall?

It is important to factor in material costs too. Wall repair projects typically average around $700, usually starting from $350 for small fixes, and going up to $1,400 for bigger projects.

  • Whom do I contact to get my wall fixed?

A handyman service will suffice if you are unsure about going about fixing the small cracks in your wall.  These fixes usually start from about $200 including transport fees. However, if you have access to a wall repair kit, you will save a lot of money doing it yourself. Here is an affordable and readily available Wall Putty if you would like to attempt to cover small cracks yourself. For bigger repairs, we recommend you hire a trusty local wall-repair specialist who can best assess the issue and fix it as soon as possible for a peace of mind.

  • How can I fix a wall crack that is caused by structural damage?

As a house age, small cracks in the walls are a common occurrence. A wall crack caused by foundation problems must be evaluated by a wall repair expert. These cracks are usually more serious and cannot be fixed by yourself. It is recommended to engage a wall-repair professional at the shortest notice if you suspect your wall is cracked due to structural damage.

  • How can I remove wall-stains?

Although it is a tedious job, it is rather easy to remove wall stains. Most stains on walls can be easily removed with a cloth and some soap solution. If the stain can’t be removed with soap and water, consider using baking soda instead. Baking soda is a natural stain remover and is very easily found in supermarkets. It can also be used to clean other parts of your house if needed. You can also try rubbing out stains on the wall with vinegar. However, be sure to dilute it to protect the lifespan of your paint. We recommend 1 part vinegar and 4 parts water.

  • How much does it cost to install a wall, and how much will it cost to repair it if needed?

Both plaster walls and dry walls are popular in Singapore. Plaster walls are more dense and thus more durable compared to drywalls. Plaster walls are also more soundproof. Of course, this means that plaster walls are most expensive compared to drywalls. The cost of installing Plaster Walls ranges from $5-$12 per square foot, with repairs starting from $150 for small cracks, and going upwards of $2000 for damaged walls caused by environmental factors or water damage. On the other hand, the cost of installing a drywall is about $3-$8 per square foot. And the cost of repairing or replacing a drywall starts at around $60 and should not cost above $1000.

  • How long will it take for me to repair a wall?

It will usually take about an hour to fix a hole in the wall. For larger projects which involve a wall repair specialist, most wall repairs can be done within a few hours. In some cases, a few days might be required to be done with the repairs and to paint over it if needed.

  • What can I do if there is mold on my wall?

In most cases, mold in your home can easily be removed yourself by using a solution of bleach, vinegar, and hot water. Apply this solution to the affected area and let sit for about 5-10 minutes before wiping it dry. Repeat this process until the mold is thoroughly removed. For hard-to-reach places, we recommend contacting a mold expert for the removal and at the same time, checking for other affected areas.

  • Can I soundproof my drywall? How much will it cost?

Yes, however, you will have to remove part of the drywall. Soundproofing your drywall involves adding fiberglass insulation or mass-loaded vinyl in between your walls and then re-attaching back your wall. The noise reduction can range from 50% up to almost 90%. If you do not want to remove your drywall, you can consider installing acoustic panels, which nowadays come in many different designs to suit your house’s aesthetics. The cost of soundproofing your walls starts from $3 per square foot, going upwards of $10 depending on the materials used. These do not include labour costs, which are around $70 per hour.

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View their gallery and portfolio, and compare prices of similar wall projects in your proximity. You can read the reviews from previous customers to understand the background of prospective contractors, and how they rate their work, and message them directly to ask any specific questions.

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