Your Ultimate Guide to Toilet Bowl Brands in Singapore

Toilet bowls are the most important part of the bathroom. With so many options and brands available in the market, it’s challenging to find the right bowl for your requirements. 

Besides, toilets are a long-term investment. Thus, selecting the right toilet brands ensures their longevity. 

So, in this article, we have presented some top brands in Singapore that provide the best toilet bowls to meet your requirements. 

Top Toilet Bowl Brands in Singapore

The top toilet bowl brands in Singapore include:

1. Magnum

Magnum is known for its reliable bathroom fixtures that combine functionality with affordability. The brand is popular among homeowners looking for reliable and cost-effective toilet solutions. 

Magnum’s products are straightforward in design and focus on basic functionality, making them ideal for residential and commercial spaces requiring long-lasting fixtures without advanced technological features.

Key Features

Magnum products are simple and durable, making them easy to install and maintain. Their broad and cheap offerings make them powerful residential and commercial players.


  • It offers cost-effective and durable designs.


  • It has a limited range of advanced features.

The table below shows the Magnum toilet bowl brand with its product name and prices:

Toilet Bowl Brands

Product Name

Dimensions (L x W x H)



WC 1030A

730mm x 370mm x 720mm


WC 6002A

660mm x 380mm x 785mm



565mm x 370mm x 370mm



745mm x 390mm x 740mm

$588 (includes free installation)

2. Baron

Baron is renowned for its modern and efficient bathroom accessories. The brand combines sleek design with eco-friendly technology, offering toilets that are both aesthetically pleasing and good for water conservation. 

Although slightly higher, Baron’s toilets are best in contemporary homes and businesses, prioritizing design and sustainability.

Key Features

Baron’s products often feature innovative designs and advanced flushing systems, making them a top choice for eco-conscious consumers. They have a reputation for high-quality materials and build.


  • Baron offers stylish aesthetic designs.
  • Baron’s toilet bowl has water-saving technologies.


  • They have higher price points compared to normal brands.

Toilet Bowl Brands

Product Name

Dimensions (L x W x H)



W888 One Piece Toilet Bowl

700mm x 370mm x 830mm


W368 One Piece Water Closet

700mm x 360mm x 830mm


V800 Close Coupled Water Closet

670mm x 360mm x 790mm


W203A Close Coupled Water Closet

690mm x 350mm x 800mm


3. American Standard

American Standard is a famous brand in bathroom accessories. It offers a wide range of high-quality toilets. These toilets suit various tastes with their sturdy structure and unique features, such as robust flushing systems and antimicrobial surfaces. 

While they can be pricier, the brand’s commitment to durability and functionality makes them a preferred choice worldwide.

Key Features

American Standard has a long history of excellence in bathroom fixtures, known for integrating advanced technologies like antimicrobial surfaces and powerful, efficient flushing systems.


  • American standard toilet bowl has innovative features.
  • It offers exceptional durability.
  • They have a wide range of models.


  • It can be more expensive and heavier on water usage in some models.

The detailed price of SG appliance’s toilet bowl is as follows:

American Standard Brand



Neo Modern CC Toilet Bowl 4.2L CL26305-6DACTSG

376mm x 710mm x 792mm


Acacia SupaSleek Wall Hung Toilet

376mm x 555mm x 400mm


Acacia Evolution Close Coupled Toilet

740mm x 376mm x 760mm


Acacia Evolution Close Coupled Toilet

741mm x 385mm x 741mm


Neo Modern Close Coupled Toilet, 4.5L

716mm x 399mm x 792mm


4. Tiara

Tiara provides compact and economical toilet solutions, particularly suited for smaller bathroom spaces often found in apartments and smaller homes. 

Their products are designed to maximize space without compromising on essential performance. While Tiara may not offer the high-tech features of premium brands, their toilets are perfect for consumers needing straightforward, space-saving options on a budget.

Key Features:

Tiara focuses on optimizing space and cost, making their products ideal for smaller homes or apartments. They maintain quality while keeping prices affordable.


  • It is an excellent choice for space-saving.
  • It is budget-friendly.


  • They offer fewer features and options than more prominent brands.

The detailed price of  Tiara’s toilet bowl is as follows:

Tiara Toilet Bowl 



WC-520 One Piece Toilet Bowl

700mm x 360mm x 650mm


WC-522 One Piece Toilet Bowl

700mm x 360mm x 650mm


WC-530 One Piece Toilet Bowl

730mm x 370mm x 720mm


WC-535 One Piece Toilet Bowl

730mm x 370mm x 720mm


WC-538 One Piece Toilet Bowl

670mm x 370mm x 740mm


WC-918B One Piece Toilet Bowl

745mm x 390mm x 690mm


5. Toto

Toto is a global leader in the bathroom appliance industry. The brand is famous for its innovative technologies, such as the Washlet. They offer a high-quality toilet bowl in terms of features and performance. 

Toto’s toilets are at the forefront of eco-friendly design. They offer features that conserve water and enhance cleanliness through advanced bidet functions and efficient flushing systems. 

The Toto Neorest model is a smart toilet with advanced features like automatic flushing and a heated seat.

Although these features come at a premium price, Toto’s commitment to quality and sustainability justifies the investment for those seeking the best bathroom technology.

Key Features

Toto’s commitment to sustainability and innovation makes their products stand out. Features like automatic flushing and heated seats are hallmarks of their premium models.


  • It provides advanced technologies, like bidet functions.
  • It offers eco-friendly options that save water.


  • They have a higher price range.
  • Installation requires professional installation.

The detailed price of Toto’s toilet bowl is as follows:

Toto Product Name



C889 One-piece Toilet Bowl

396mm x 700mm x 748mm


C769 Close-coupled Toilet Bowl

700mm x 396mm x 748mm


C889DESI One-piece Toilet Bowl

387mm x 700mm x 699mm


6. Velin

Velin is all about combining style with functionality. Their products feature sleek, contemporary designs that are easy to clean and maintain. 

Velin toilets are crafted with attention to hygiene and aesthetic appeal, making them popular in modern homes. While the brand may not be as widely available as others, its focus on design and maintenance appeals to a niche market.

Key Features

Velin’s focus on modern aesthetics and hygiene makes them a popular choice for modern homes. Their designs are not only visually appealing but also practical.


  • They are easy to clean.
  • The contemporary design makes it popular in modern homes.


  • It offers limited availability.

The detailed price of Velin’s toilet bowl is as follows:

Velin Toilet Bowl



138 Close Coupled Toilet Bowl

690mm x 370mm x 793mm


139 Two Piece Wash Down Toilet Bowl

675mm x 350mm x 795mm


1288 Two Piece Wash Down Toilet

670mm x 370mm x 790mm


3390 One Piece Toilet Bowl

650 x 370 x 790 mm


3391 One Piece Toilet Bowl

740mm x 410mm x 760mm


3391 One Piece Toilet Bowl

670 x 370 x 790 mm


7. Otto

Otto offers solid and functional toilet designs that prioritize durability and ease of use. Their product is built to withstand rigorous use, making it ideal for both residential and high-traffic commercial environments. 

Otto’s straightforward approach to bathroom fixtures is perfect for buyers who value longevity and efficiency over aesthetic nuances or advanced features.

Key Features

Otto’s reputation for durability makes their toilets a great choice for environments where longevity and minimal maintenance are critical. Their designs are simple yet effective.


  • They offer high durability.
  • They provide straightforward functionality


  • They have a very basic design 
  • They lack high-tech features in their design.

Product Name


One Piece Toilet Bowl


 Two Piece Toilet Bowl


 Wall Hung Toilet Bowl


8. Roz

Roz presents a range of budget-friendly toilet options that do not compromise performance. The brand has been gaining recognition for its combination of affordability and reliable functionality, making it a suitable choice for homeowners and developers on a budget. Roz is particularly appealing in markets where cost-effectiveness is as crucial as essential performance.

Key Features

Roz focuses on providing essential performance at an affordable price. They are gaining recognition for their reliable and cost-effective products.


  • They are affordable, with some functional designs.


  • They are not widely recognized; thus, the availability of parts in the market is a bit difficult. 

The detailed price of Roz’s toilet bowl is as follows:

Roz Toilet Bowl Types

Price Range


S$1,100 – S$1,400


S$600 – S$1,200


S$850 – S$1,900

9. Cotto

Cotto is synonymous with luxury and innovation in bathroom fixtures. Their toilets are designed with an emphasis on both ecological sustainability and sophisticated design. Offering a range of high-end toilets that incorporate advanced features like water-saving flush systems and stylish finishes, Cotto is the go-to brand for those who desire luxury and functionality in their bathrooms. The brand’s focus on sustainable and premium materials comes with a higher cost but ensures a superior bathroom experience.

Key Features

Cotto’s focus on luxury and sustainability makes their products ideal for high-end bathrooms. Their advanced features and premium materials justify their higher price point.


  • They have sustainable designs with long-lasting materials.



  • Their design may not suit all tastes. 

The detailed price of Cotto’s toilet bowl is as follows:

Cotto Toilet Bowl (Model)



C10323 MBK Simply Modish 1-PC WC Black

370mm x 710mm x 665mm


C124137SG Simply Modish 2 PC WC White

370mm x 710mm x 665mm


C103237SG Simply Modish 1-PC WC White

370mm x 710mm x 665mm


C17107SG/C1710 WC Tetragon WC



C17047SG/C1703 Space WC



What Are the Things to Consider When Buying a Toilet Bowl?

When selecting the right toilet bowl, you have to consider various factors since you can find lots of toilet bowl brands in Singapore. They all have unique features and differences, but you must consider some major factors while buying the toilet bowl. 

So, let’s check how you can save yourself by selecting the best toilet bowl for your needs and space:


  • Flush Performance

Examine the toilet flushing system. Modern toilets use gravity feed, pressure-assisted, double cyclone, or dual flush systems. 

Always remember that an excellent flushing system removes waste with very little water. A toilet bowl with a pressure ascites flush system is an option. These powerful flushes clean up your toilet bowl without wasting extra water. 

  • Water Performance

Toilet flushes take in 16% of the average household’s water

Try to select the higher tick number, as stated by PUB’s water efficiency labeling and standards. This will help reduce your home’s water consumption. 

Besides, consider using the toilet with the EPA’s water-sense label. These toilets use less water per flush than other models, which is better for the environment and also helps to save water bills.


  • Types of Traps

When we say about the traps on the toilet bowl, it’s a mechanism at the base of a toilet bowl that directs waste into the drainage system and prevents sewer odors.

The main traps in Singapore are S- and P-traps. S-traps are typical in HDB flats with floor drainage, which leads most HDB homeowners to choose floor-mounted S-trap toilet bowls. However, P-trap toilet bowls, also known as wall-hung toilet bowls, connect to wall drainage outlets.

S-trap toilets are more common in HDB flats, but a wall-hung bowl is feasible. A skilled plumber may need to install a concealed cistern, but with the appropriate changes, you can install a wall-hung toilet bowl in an HDB flat.

  • Styles and Design

The next thing to consider when buying a toilet is style and design. 

Toilets come in one-piece, two-piece, and wall-mounted types. One-piece toilets are stylish and more accessible to clean but cost more than two-piece toilets with a tank and bowl. Wall-mounted toilets save space and make floor cleaning easier, but require more setup and maintenance. 


  • Rim and Rimless Design

Rimless toilets, like dual flush systems and advanced toilet bowl technology. Rimless WCs are popular since they’re easier to clean and hygienic. Some users have experienced water splashing outside the bowl due to the flush force. Adjusting the water flow can ease this problem. Thus, consider this factor of rim design while buying the toilet.


Homeowners worry about choosing the right toilet bowl. Your bathroom should be comfortable and functional. However, Singapore’s brands and models can make you feel like you’re swimming in alternatives.

With this guide’s information, you can make a good choice. You know what each brand offers, what they’re excellent at, and what they’re not. With this information, you can choose one that suits your style, needs, and budget.

So, whether you want a water-saving, compact, or high-tech toilet, there’s one out there. Remember to consider flushing, water use, and design. 

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