Wallpaper vs Paint – Pros and Cons

In recent years, there has been a dispute about the pros and cons of wallpapering and painting. Indeed, your home interior walls have the power to transform your entire home. That’s why we often start hesitating between wallpaper vs paint. When it’s time for a renovation, making quick decisions may cost a lot. Therefore, it may be wise to look at the pros and cons of wallpapering and painting.

Of course, everybody has their preferences when comparing wallpaper vs paint. Some might prefer wallpapers for their living room and bedroom. On the other hand, a paint job may blend better with your favourite colour.

Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of the perks and downsides of wallpapering and painting. They will give you a better insight of aspects like ease of application, cost, versatility and many more. Ultimately, you’ll make a more informed choice when picking wallpaper vs paint.

What is Wallpapering?

As the name suggests, wallpaper refers to the paper or similar material used as a means of wall decoration. It’s an alternative to home interior painting and involves a glueing technique rather than painting.

What are the Pros of Wallpapers?


In terms of durability, wallpapers are ways ahead against their counterparts. They can withstand casual wear and tear and are suitable for homes with children. Perhaps, you can’t keep your kids’ hands off the wall. That’s when wallpapers come in handy.


What’s more, you can choose from a ton of designs, patterns, shades, and textures. Even though wallpapering and painting share this quality, wallpapers offer much more options.

Best of all, digital printing has made the cost of bespoke designs more accessible. Now, you can enjoy the advantage of fully customizing your interior. For example, you can work with vertical stripes to make your ceilings appear higher. On the other hand, you can employ horizontal lines to make your room look more spacious.


As you can imagine, design versatility will still cost more than a simple painting. However, that shouldn’t bother you as wallpapers tend to have a longer lifespan. Just make sure you avoid cheap wallpapers.

Covering abilities

Typically, damaged or defective walls require a set of procedures before painting. In this regard, wallpapers can easily cover such flaws, even if they are in larger areas. Arguably, this will save you lots of headaches, especially if you’re going the DIY route.


Finally, wallpapers will add a stunning effect to every home interior design. Perhaps, the most noticeable feature of wallpaper is that it adds depth, style and warmth to your walls. If you’re looking for that 3D effect of your walls, monotone paints would hardly replicate the effect.

What are the Downsides of Wallpaper?

Despite the numerous perks that come with wallpapering your home interior, everything has its downsides. Therefore, it’s good to know the disadvantages of wallpapering.

Prone to moisture

First, wallpapering and painting have some distinctive differences. For example, wallpapers have a weak link, and it’s moisture. Unlike paint, wallpapering your home interior may cause a lot of trouble.

That’s why wallpapering bathrooms, kitchens and other rooms prone to moisture accumulation is a huge no-no. Otherwise, you risk causing the wallpapers to peel and lose their aesthetic value.

Difficult to remove

Even if they have a longer lifespan, your wallpapering will call for a replacement sooner or later. When it comes to removing your old wallpapers, this might be the last time you’re choosing them over paint.

In most cases, you’ll need the right tools and lots of patience. You can also employ chemicals to strip the wallpapers, but they can damage the wall. Therefore, it’s best to rely on a professional to do the job. And that will cost you extra bucks for removal.

Time-consuming application

As you can imagine, wallpaper application and removal are both time-consuming activities. If you don’t have the patience, you should either choose paint or call a wallpaper installation service.

May get stuck

Unlike wall paint, you can’t paint over your wallpapers just because you’ve decided to revamp your room. If you want to change your interior home looks, you have to first take down your wallpapers.

What is a Home Interior Painting?

Generally, home interior painting refers to the act of painting your interior walls. Usually, you can do it yourself, or you can hire a painting contractor. Of course, the DIY method can save you a lot of money initially. Still, hiring a painting contractor will ensure quality and longevity.

What are the Pros of using Paint?

As expected, interior paint has lots of advantages that make it a popular choice for any home. Some perks are similar to those of wallpapers, but others are unique.


Arguably, the most significant advantage of using paint is that it’s affordable. Even though there are various paints of different quality and cost, they’re still cheaper than wallpapering your home. If you’re hunting for a budget solution, this one is the more cost-effective option.

Easy to apply

Furthermore, paint is much easier to apply. Even if you’re painting over a damaged wall, you can easily apply primer, and you’re good to go. For the perfect results, you can hire a painting contractor to do the job instead. This feature is time-saving and will get you long-lasting results.


Similar to wallpapers, paint offers a wide range of options. There’s a myriad of interior paint colours to choose. All you need to do is have some basic understanding of colour matching.

Usually, the higher the sheen, the higher the shine of the paint. In turn, the amount of shine may make the result more durable. Besides, you can choose from various types like flat paint, high-gloss paint, eggshell, semi-gloss, and satin paint.


When it comes to choosing between wallpapering and painting, it’s clear that you must use paint for high-moisture rooms. What’s more, you can apply paint to the walls of any room in your home.


Besides, you can create your custom interior colour combination. With paint, customizing your interior home looks is far more comfortable. Moreover, many paint companies offer ready-to-go interior colour schemes. That way, you can save time trying to come up with your own interior colour combination.

You can quickly correct painting mistakes

Last but not least, you can fix any mistakes you make during the painting process. In this regard, wallpapering and painting are not the same.

What are the Cons of using Paint?

Of course, some disadvantages come with painting your interior walls. Therefore, it’s good to have some clear idea of what to expect before you hire a painting contractor.

Prone to damage

Since paint is a thin layer of coating over your walls, it’s far more prone to damage. Perhaps, you just need to scrape or hit your wall for the paint to chip. In such cases, you’ll need to repair or repaint the area.

Limited colour and design spectrum

Even with all the options when choosing interior paint colours, you still don’t have the same versatility as with wallpapers. Besides, you don’t have many choices in terms of patterns and designs.

May require regular touch up

As you can imagine, lower durability may opt for regular touch up. Since nobody wants to have chipped paint, you may have to apply a new coat of paint on your walls. In some cases, this procedure may become more frequent than you might find acceptable.

Messy application

Generally, wallpapering and painting have one huge difference. By default, painting involves a long process of preparation. The reason for this is that paint can create a huge mess. Therefore, its application requires extra caution to avoid staining your furniture, appliances, or flooring.


Finally, it’s crucial to note that lots of paints release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) when applied. These compounds have proven to have adverse effects on the human respiratory system. Luckily, some paint companies have already come up with VOC-free interior paint colours that you can use instead.

Wallpapering or Painting? The Verdict

When it comes to wallpaper vs paint, there’s no clear winner. Besides, more homeowners decide to combine wallpapering and painting in their home interior. In recent years, many companies have introduced paintable wallpapers. They give homeowners the best of both worlds by helping them cover up imperfection in walls. Besides, paintable wallpapers can freshen the looks of tiny rooms.

Either way, knowing the pros and cons of wallpaper vs paint will give you better insight when it’s time to choose. Of course, the choice over wallpaper vs paint depends on your budget, the size and the type of your home interior or room. Ultimately, you should consider hiring a painting contractor or wallpaper installation service.

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