Different Types of Aircons in Singapore

Air-conditioning system (a.k.a. aircon) is becoming a necessity for combating the hot and humid climate of Singapore. Today, we are almost inseparable from this recent invention just a century ago. It cools our place, regulates its humidity and reduces the levels of pollutants in our surroundings.

However, when it regulates our indoor environment, the aircon system gets accumulated with particles like dust and moulds that can affect its system and operation. It may also face a lot of damage due to prolonged usage hours.

Therefore, it is important to clean and get regular aircon servicing to ensure the aircon system is functioning normally.

The repairing and cleaning of your aircon system is not a very complicated process, but still, it requires a certain level of expertise. Moreover, the repairing methods for every type of air-conditioning unit will differ from the other.

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What Are The Types of Aircon

Here we have compiled the available aircon types and the process we use to repair them. When it comes to aircon installation, you may want to engage professionals who can deliver a professional level of service.




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#1: Split-type Aircon

Split system aircon is a wall-mounted air conditioning unit that is ideal when you need to cool a limited area. This unit is also known as a split aircon because it comes in two different units, the indoor unit, and the outdoor unit. However, it is widely accepted due to its easy installation and high-performance factors.

Such installation requires a significant amount of technical expertise as it consists of many components, starting from the indoor unit, the outdoor unit, the refrigerant, and down to the pipe system.

Generally suitable for small living spaces such as the bedroom or the living room, these types of aircon are common amongst modern homes. They have their benefits: modernity, the ease of installing, but do take note of their detriments: they are not well suited for long operating durations, as their coils are small. You can look for split-type aircon installation with the reviewed companies here in Singapore.


Based on the system and cooling capacity of the split system aircon, prices can range from as low as $900 per unit to around $3000. Multi-head aircon systems can start from a price of above $3000.

Several reputable aircon brands in Singapore sell various kinds of split-system aircons, such as Daikin and Mitsubishi. Other well-known brands like Midea and Panasonic provide both single-split and multi-slit aircon systems.

If you would like more specific details on their product lineup, do take a look at the linked sites.

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The Indoor Unit: The indoor unit is a block type frame that you mount on a wall for cold air.  It contains the evaporator coil with cold refrigerant and some fans to dispense the cold air.  It also has air filters that regulate the humidity and reduce air impurities.

The Outdoor unit: This unit is generally situated outside the room, sometimes on the roof or otherwise, on the window ceilings. It consists of the condenser coil, compressor and expansion valve, cooling blower and air filters. Moreover, this unit is also responsible for cooling down the hot refrigerant vapours to cold liquid.

In simple words, it is the part that takes heat from your indoor and dispenses into your surroundings.

Repair and Maintenance

The servicing and maintenance of this aircon system start with the indoor unit. Aircon contractors typically dismantle it, vacuum the dirt accumulation out from it, and then find the damaged part and repair it. We may also clean its tubes, remove clogging and fix leakages in them, depending upon the requirement. Once the indoor unit is functional, we move on to the outdoor unit and repeat the steps.

For the outdoor unit, professionals will vacuum the fins, dismantle the system, then remove the condensing blower and clean the whole housing. They will then check the fans and fins for damages and repair.

In situations where the accumulation of dirt and particles is overwhelming, the professionals may perform deep aircon chemical cleaning or overhaul before repairing. It is essential as the filth deposit hides the main issue causing the damages.

After the professionals have checked the main unit, they check the tubes and insulations for damages. They will repair, insulate them and if required, refill the coolant reservoir or perform gas topping up.

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#2: Window Aircon systems

As the name itself makes it clear, this aircon system is a window-mounted setup. This aircon system is a compact and less expensive alternative of a split aircon system. However, one element that gives it an edge over the aircon systems is that this cooling unit has a single housing that holds all its components.

There is no separate part, so you can easily install it. You just need a frame to hold it in place, and an optimal size window for fitting it. Moreover, you can buy this cooling system in various dimensions according to your window sizes.

Window-type aircon are slightly older models, used to be the most widespread configuration of the air-conditioner.

The main disadvantages of window aircon units are the increased noises and necessity of mounting into the window opening or more usually through a narrow wall. On the plus side, they are reasonably priced and easy to fit. Disadvantages include high noise level and may not be as efficient. You can still look for window aircon units with our contractors here.

Repair and Maintenance

A single housing holds all the working parts of this aircon system. Therefore, cleaning or repairing it can be a little tricky for someone without adequate skills. However, by engaging the right aircon repair company, you can ensure they have all the necessary tools for quick repair of this aircon unit. You can check out the cost of aircon servicing in Singapore in our cost guide.

They start repairing this aircon system with the cleaning process. They dismantle the unit, vacuum its fins, straighten them and remove all the dust from it.

After everything is clean, professionals will check the coils for leakages test the blower for lubrication issues and check the coolant level. The technicians then clean the dust from the drainage section and remove clogging from it. Following that, they inspect the system for any potential damage caused and fix it before it can harm your aircon system.

#3: Packaged Aircon System

Package type air conditioners are usually for occasions when you want to cool more than two rooms or a larger space at your home or office. As the name implies, in the packaged air conditioners all the critical components of the air conditioners are enclosed in a single casing like window aircon. It can be easy to install, and its cooling effect can be felt in a jiffy.

Places like telephone, exchange, small halls, and medium-size restaurants need an aircon with a capacity of more than 5 tons. Now, achieving this capacity with a split aircon system or window aircon system is difficult whereas the central system is expensive. Therefore, the best option is a package aircon system.

The package system consists of both single and split housing type structures that you can place outside your place. As for the airflow, it uses metallic vents to circulate it throughout the property.


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Repair and Maintenance

Professionals start by repairing a packaged aircon system by cleaning its parts. The clean parts make it easy to find the spot which has damage or is prone to it. The team then repairs the element, remove dirt from it and replace the component, according to their wearing level.

Being an outdoor aircon unit, it has to face a lot of climatic factors. Therefore, professionals should pay special attention to its exterior like the concrete base to ensure that the packaged unit is getting optimal height and ventilation.

Finally, the professionals will clean and check the duct of the whole aircon system and repair the small leakages in them.

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#4: Central Aircon System

Most central aircon are being used in commercial or industrial settings, the reason being it is usually a high capacity, high powered cooling system. This system has a central unit that sits at a ventilated site and passes the cold air to the whole place with some vents. The working of central AC is very similar to a packaged AC, but this AC is more powerful than a packaged one.

Such an aircon system is typically for commercial buildings, as they are commonly also referred to office or commercial centralised aircon. Having the right expertise can mean choosing the right type and capacity aircon for your unit, giving you high-efficiency cooling. Good aircon contractors will also ensure no leakages by sealing up cracks and minimising other external factors so you can achieve an adequate cooling standard. They will be able to provide estimates for the aircon unit’s tonnage and efficiency.

For more in-depth services, these aircon professionals will also inspect the entire system – cooling ducts, airflow, and insulation to check if the unit can perform efficiently.

Repair and Maintenance

The process of repairing this aircon system is very similar to the split aircon system. We start it from one unit, then move on to the other and finally fix the tubing. The only difference is that the central aircon system is big. Moreover, it uses a very complex network of ducts and vents.

Therefore, it needs more time, knowledge and advanced tools. Aircon servicing professionals have all the required tools and equipment to clean vents, change filters and remove dirt from the ducts.




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#5: Portable Aircons

These units do not require special mounting but do come with a flexible air pipe that is routed through a window or hole in the wall. Its advantages include its compactness – installation is not required and can be taken outside and used inside. The downside is that it can be pretty noisy and limited in capacity. Due to the massive number of portable brands, types available, compare with a few companies, the pros, and cons as well as any warranties before proceeding to buy a mobile aircon unit.

The portable aircon system is somewhat new as compared to the other air cooling solutions. This device is small in size and looks very similar to a desert cooler with a hose. It generally comes into two parts, the window exhaust unit, and the central unit. Its primary unit houses all the essential components and performs the task of absorbing, cooling and dispensing air. As for the other part, it sits at the window or any other opening of the place, distributing the unwanted hot air into the surrounding.

The portable aircon price range can go from above $200 to as high as $1000. You can also view the servicing cost below.

#6: Ceiling Cassette air conditioners

Ceiling Cassette, sometimes known as a cartridge air conditioner, is commonly used in offices or large rooms. Ceiling or floor-type air conditioners, as its name implies, can be installed both on the ceiling and the floor.

The third type of air-conditioning system is the ceiling cassette aircon. It is one of the hardest types of units to install, requiring the right equipment, expertise, and correct knowledge to install them correctly.

It has excellent airflow and is suitable for all kinds of places, ample space or small areas alike. The only downside is that the designs are limited.

#7: Ceiling Suspended air conditioners

These air-conditioners are used where there is no suspended ceiling to install a cassette and where there is sufficient ceiling height to suspend an under ceiling unit.

As these are designed to be entirely within a room, they are made to be reasonably aesthetic. However, the under ceiling air conditioners do inevitably look like overly cumbersome items to hang from a ceiling.

So, Which Type of Aircon is Best?

Honestly, there is no single best aircon brand. Different housing types will require respective kinds of aircon to obtain the best efficiency in terms of temperature cooling, electricity usage and air purification. Although there are multiple options available as discussed above, it is important to know how to select the most suitable aircon.

Factor 1: Installation

Portable aircons are usually fairly easy to install and can be done within half an hour. The two biggest components of installing a portable aircon properly are its venting and drainage. Ideally, you should vent your portable aircon through the window so that the hot air can be exhausted outside your room. For drainage, the drain should be sealed properly so that your portable aircon’s drainage capacity will not be overwhelmed.

Factor 2: Repair and Maintenance

The portable aircon is the most compact form of aircon system. All its components are hidden, and we have to use some advanced tools to open them. It is a simple but long process. Moreover, it is a new technology which is developing with every new model, so there is no standard procedure to repair it.

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Where to buy aircon in Singapore?

In Singapore, you can easily buy aircon from middleman companies such as Gain City and Courts for more information. Some of the more prominent aircon brands in Singapore include:

You can enquire more about the different brands and energy consumption and efficiency details with their professionals. You can find more aircon price in Singapore in our cost guide.

Tips to Tune up Your Aircon System

Avoid Heat Producers

The cooling system of your place is fighting the harsh temperature and microbes. The last thing it needs is another heat source to balance.

We suggest that you avoid using any heater, microwave, iron or any other heat-producing device, especially during the hot hours of the day.

Vacant The Thermostat Space

The thermostat of your aircon has a sensor that measures the temperature of the indoor and turns the aircon on/off according to it.

Now if you fix the thermostat at a spot that does not have the optimal area for airflow, it will not work properly. The sensor will not read the actual temperature of the room, and the cooling unit will keep on running even after attaining the required temperature.

Blind The Sunny Areas

The radiation from this sunlight has a high amount of heat energy which continuously heats up the air inside your residence. In fact, it heats the room with a speed that even the best cooling system struggles to reduce the level of heat accumulated in the area.

We suggest that you should use some curtains or other covers to avoid direct sunlight. Using a tinted window or solar screen is also an option.

Insulate The Ducts

Most of the aircon systems have an outdoor unit which means ducts and lines. These lines are mostly metallic, and there is a considerable possibility of heat exchange through them. In short, the cold fluid from the condensing unit will absorb environmental heat and became hot before it reaches the evaporator.

We have to cover these lines with an insulating material to deal with the situation. However, if you see any pipe without cover, let us know, and we will fix it. If you face any problems with the external wiring or suspect an exposed wire in the external wires, you can find handyman or electricians to fix the issue for you.

Use A Fan

Using a fan increases the efficiency and decrease the effort of your air conditioning unit. The fan doesn’t make the room utterly chilling, but it does reduce the room temperature by a few degrees and circulates the air to the whole place.

It ensures that the cool is spread evenly through the entire area, decreasing the run time of your cooling unit. Remember to talk to a few fan installation companies in Singapore to get quotations before buying one.

Prevent Air Leakages

Air leakage is one problem that we come across very frequently. The leakage in your home means that the cold air will escape from your room, and your aircon system will be working doubly as hard to achieve the same cooling results.

In such cases, our team analyzes the whole place to find the various spots and use some advanced glues or gels to seal them. We also examine the spots like attics, windows, door gaps and others for leak possibilities.

Focus On Placements

During the planning when installing an aircon, we have to focus on the surrounding and heat factors. For instance, if you set the condenser at a spot that is prone to moisture, vegetation or direct sunlight, you will end up with problems like more frequently clogged filters, low airflow, and low efficiency.

As for the indoor unit, if you place it next to a large structure or body, its airflow gets interrupted, and the cooling level will decrease.


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