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epoxy flooring used in hallway

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Brighten Paints

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Galaxy Painter

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- Vinyl Flooring

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Mark Ashley’s

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SZ Painting

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Hire Epoxy Flooring Services In Singapore


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When you are looking for the ideal flooring option to fit your style for your home, chances are that you have heard about epoxy floors.


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If you have never heard of epoxy flooring, fear not! In this article, we will be discussing everything about epoxy flooring. From what is made of and its different types to its pros and cons! Stick around and hopefully, you will be able to gain more insight when choosing your new flooring!

Cost of Epoxy Floorings

Epoxy Flooring

Material Cost: $4 to $60 psf for flooring

$3 to $10 psf for coating

Type/ Design of Epoxy:

Metallic Epoxy: $24 to $50 psf

Material Costs

Due to the wide range of epoxy floor types, the price range differs as well according to the materials added to the epoxy resin.

What Is Epoxy Flooring?

An epoxy is a form of resin that is created through the reaction of a few chemicals. It is a man-made material and a plastic that has high thermal stability. Not only that, it also has high resistance against chemicals. It is usually applied over concrete floors to provide a smooth, high-quality, and durable surface. The resultant floor is durable, long-lasting, quite strong, and can withstand heavy loads and traffic.


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Epoxy floors are created by applying an epoxy coating over a cured concrete floor. The concrete floor should not be polished since the epoxy coating requires a slightly porous and raw surface to adhere to it properly.

This coating is created by mixing the two liquids, epoxy resin, and polyamine hardener, and applying it on the floor. Since the coating starts to harden quickly, there is limited time in which it has to be evenly applied across the floor.

Epoxy flooring is a popular choice of flooring for industrial and commercial purposes. However, it is now being popularly used even in indoor housing areas. Hence, this is another added option of flooring for you if you fancy it! The high performance and durability that epoxy floors offer make them an ideal choice in a variety of applications.

Varying uses of epoxy in flooring would have differing thicknesses. For example, for simple floor sealing and coating, the thickness would be less than 1 millimetre (mm) to about 3mm. However, if you were to want to have a fully functioning floor, it would be recommended to have it above 5mm at least.

epoxy flooring used in hallway


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Epoxy Flooring Installation Process

The process of applying the epoxy coating over the concrete floor follows the following general steps:

  • The first step is to ensure that the concrete floor over which epoxy coating is to be applied is properly ground and cracks, holes, and debris should not be present on the floor. This is followed by the processes of grinding, shot blasting, and scarifying.
  • The second step is to apply a primer layer to ensure that the concrete floor gets in the best position for the epoxy coating to be applied. The primer has to go deep down into the concrete floor to make it a smooth surface.
  • If the concrete floor has a few cracks or holes, they need to be filled with epoxy after priming.
  • After this layer, the floor is ground and sanded.
  • Then, the epoxy resin is mixed with the hardener to create the epoxy coating. The coating is then applied to the floor quickly before it starts to harden.

The installation process is difficult, and it is advisable to engage a professional if you decide to install epoxy flooring.


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Different Types Of Epoxy Flooring Singapore

smooth texture and beautiful design of epoxy resin

In Singapore, there are several different types of epoxy flooring that are available. These are discussed below:

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

In this type of flooring, metallic additives are added to the epoxy mix to achieve a slight sheen to the flooring. They are resistant to scratches and other forms of wear and tear. They come in different colours but they can come out having an extremely exquisite aesthetic.

Gravelled Epoxy Flooring

These epoxy floors have anti-slip properties. Although gravelled epoxy floors are the most decorative of all epoxy floors, they go through quite a complicated process during application.

Self Dispersing Epoxy Flooring

This is probably the strongest of all epoxy floors and is ideally suited for high-traffic and heavy use areas. This is due to the addition of coarser substrates such as quartz sand.

Epoxy Flake Floors

In this type of epoxy floor, different kinds of chips or flakes are added to the epoxy coating during application. The flakes added can be of varying sizes and textures, which adds to its beautiful pattern. Due to the flakes’ textures, the epoxy floor also has a texture that gives it anti-slip properties.


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Epoxy Antistatic Flooring

This epoxy flooring has antistatic properties. Thus, it is ideal to be used in sensitive areas where no kind of static should be present in the atmosphere.

Self Levelling Epoxy Flooring

These epoxy floors are very easy to clean and maintain. The epoxy is usually poured onto the floor and as the name suggests, be able to smoothen itself out automatically. This creates a smooth finish. Thus, they make a good choice for indoor housing areas especially in the kitchen, dining rooms, and patios.

Epoxy Terrazzo Flooring

It is common to see this type in people’s houses or public areas. In order to achieve this look, different chips or flakes of aggregates, such as marble or glass, are added to the epoxy. After being sanded and polished, the flooring will have a smooth and uniquely stylish look. This variation of epoxy can have a long life expectancy of 35 years and above!

For more details and advice about the different epoxy flooring options, you can talk to these companies and compare epoxy flooring quotes in our directory.

How To Clean And Maintain Epoxy Floors

Epoxy floors are very easy to clean and maintain. If they are regularly maintained, they can last for many years without getting damaged. Some of the ways you can clean and maintain epoxy floors are discussed below:

  • The best way to remove dirt efficiently on the epoxy floor is by using a vacuum with a soft brush attachment. This is to ensure that there is no build-up of debris that can result in scratches.
  • You can use a damp cloth off and on for cleaning the epoxy floor. Warm water should be used for the damp mop and soap and detergent should be avoided.
  • When there is some kind of spill, you can easily clean it by mopping it or vacuuming to prevent the formation of stains.
  • For a thorough cleaning of epoxy floors, you can remove all items from the floor and clear the area. Dry mop or broom the area to remove debris. This should be followed by a thorough washing of the floor using a hard foam mop and warm water. This removes all kinds of dirt that might have built up. This can be followed by another damp mopping with a mixture of 2-3 ounces of ammonia in a gallon of water.
  • Some stubborn stains may require more effort to remove. Stains such as rust should be scrubbed with a soft deck brush and warm water. Never use citrus or acid-based cleaner or vinegar on epoxy floors since they can clearly damage them.
  • Extra care should be taken when moving heavy things across the floor to ensure that the surface is dust-free. Otherwise, the debris can cause scratches.


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Pros And Cons Of Epoxy Flooring

Like all types of flooring, this flooring would have its positives and other aspects that you might want to consider when debating on getting it:


  • It creates a highly shiny and glossy floor surface that greatly enhances the interior of any residential or corporate room.
  • It creates a smooth and seamless surface that can last a lifetime.
  • It is quite durable and can withstand heavy loads, traffic, and usage.
  • Since it needs to be applied quickly before it hardens, it takes very little time to install an epoxy floor.
  • It is very easy to clean and is durable.
  • Because of its heavy-duty nature, it is largely used for industrial sectors, especially for warehouses and markets. Hence, in terms of durability, it would be suitable for you if you are looking for highly hardy flooring.
  • Epoxy floors are highly resistant to water, heat, and stains. Even if the stains are many days old, they can still be removed easily and they will still retain the same shine and gloss of the floor. It is also quite resistant to cleaners, gas, oil, transmission fluids, and other chemicals.
  • Epoxy floors are available in a variety of colours and designs. You can add different chips, flakes, or resins to create a textured floor. You can customize it according to your preferences and choice by adding various patterns and even logos to it.
  • It is relatively cheaper relative to marblehardwood, or parquet flooring. It needs to be applied on a raw concrete floor, so the cost of concrete polishing is also subtracted from it. When the epoxy coating wears out, its reapplication is also much cheaper than the reapplication of various other types of floors.


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  • Due to its complexity and need for caution, it is recommended that seasoned professionals install this flooring.
  • One of the main disadvantages of epoxy flooring is that it can be pretty slippery, especially when wet. Although this problem can be resolved by adding a non-slip additive to the epoxy coating, it can be dangerously slippery without this additive.
  • Since epoxy floors are quite hard, they make a lot of noise when you walk on them, especially in heels.
  • Epoxy floors have trouble remaining secure to the bottom layer and adhering to a moist and humid environment. In humid conditions like those in Singapore, if the concrete floor is not properly dried or moist, the coating will not adhere to it properly. The coating may even lift off the floor.
  • During installation, fumes will be released from the resin, which may cause problems for people with allergies and breathing issues. Hence, people should not be near the drying area during installation.
  • The flooring removal requires a proper process, which professionals best carry out.
  • The epoxy coating must be applied quickly on the floor before it hardens. Due to this, employ trustworthy and experienced services.
  • If underfloor heating is not used, epoxy flooring can be quite cold.
  • Although epoxy coatings start to harden quickly, it may take days to dry out completely, making installation lengthy.
  • This flooring is susceptible to degradation and discolouration by ultraviolet radiation. Due to these characteristics, it is recommended that it be placed indoors and not exposed to excessive sunlight.

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