11 Best Handyman Companies In Singapore (With Reviews) [Updated 2022]

If you are not one to get hands-on around the house or have zero knowledge in home appliances, you will definitely require the service of a handyman every now and then. Whether it is to repair damages from wear and tear and to make minor changes for home improvement, calling a handyman can be useful for you.

Hiring a professional expert to tackle minor home repairs in your home can be costly. Thus, hiring a handyman can be a good alternative.

From hanging pictures to repairing leaky faucets, and installing TV mounts, a handyman can do most installation work as well as home repairs, though some may specialise in different skills than others. Therefore, when qualifying a handyman for your job, be sure to confirm their expertise is up to the task.

A handyman can usually be found through terms such as furniture handyman, electrical handyman, handyman electrician, handyman plumber” and “carpentry handyman”. They can be sometimes known as general contractors.

Handymen are usually known to be jack of all trades. They provide a range of services ranging from plumbing to painting. However, when hiring a handyman, do note that not all handyman is equipped with the skills to perform the all the tasks equally well in the house. Some handyman specialises in electrical works while others may specialise in carpentry.

Therefore, it is important that you check that the handyman you are looking at can cater to your specific home needs. Some handyman may charge more if they are more experienced or have more expertise in a variety of jobs.

11 Best Handyman Companies In Singapore 2022 (Our Top Picks)


Where to find

Homees Concierge Service

Yeobuild Homerepair



Goofy's Handyman Services

Asiance Construction

Handyman King Singapore Pte Ltd

Plugbear Home Services

Handy Andy

Duncan of Decor Care Plumbing Services

Mr Fixit

HRD Professional Handyman

What are the average handyman rates in Singapore?

Before hiring, be sure to check out the average handyman price in your area. We have compiled them in our cost guide, but we’ll share a simplified and condensed cost guide here for your reference.



Installing shelves/blinds/mirrors

$50 to $70

Installing TV brackets

$50 to $90

Installing wall-mounted fan

$60 to $120

Installing a ceiling fan

$80 to $150

Installing a chandelier

$90 to $120

Installing mirrors

$50 to $70

Installing frames and pictures

$50 to $70

Furniture assembly

$80 to $120

Assembling chairs and tables

$50 to $70

TV repair

$150 to $400

Replacing or installing instant heater

$60 to $100

Replacing or installing a big heater

$100 to $150

Replacing the door knob

$60 to $150

Replacing the bedroom door

$100 to $200

Replacing light fittings, light bulbs, or switch socket outlet

$50 to $100



Replacing leaked pipes

$50 to $100

Toilet repair, replacement or installation

$160 to $200

Replacing or installing water taps

$40 to $60

Replacing or installing shower sets

$60 to $80

Clearing basin, kitchen, or toilet bowl

$100 to $200



HDB painting service for 3 room

$980 to $1280

HDB painting service for 4 room

$1080 to $1480

HDB painting service for 5 room

$1480 to 1580

Executive HDB painting service for 5 room

$1580 to $1780

Painting service for 1 room

$280 to $580


Handyman vs Contractor

To hire a handyman or a contractor? What differentiates between these two? Consider the work that needs to be done or damages that need to be fixed. If what needs fixing are minor problems, a professional handyman is who you should be looking for. If the damage is extensive and requires major work, direct contractors may be more suited for the job. A contractor tends to be niche and specialises in a particular field such as electrical wiring.

In addition, if you are undergoing a large project like home renovation, direct contractors are the people that you should be looking for.

Direct contractors are known for their team of expertise in various areas. On the other hand, it is more convenient to hire a handyman for your minor repair and replacement projects.

Typically, hiring a contractor will be more costly than hiring a handyman as contractors should have more expertise and are also able to take charge of your entire home renovation works.

Our Guide To Hiring The Best Handyman

Firstly, source out the average handyman information in your area

Be sure to look at the different reviews and testimonials – this is one of the best ways to ascertain the work quality of the handyman.

Some of the details you should be researching include:

  • Reviews and testimonials
  • Portfolios of recent work
  • License numbers
  • The average timeline for the scope of work
  • Necessary experience for the project

Friends & Family are the best people to obtain references

One of the best ways to source out a reliable handyman service would be to ask your friends and family for the go-to handyman that they hire. Through their recommendations, you can be more at ease that the hired handyman is credible and trustworthy, which is definitely a bonus.

So if the internet’s options are too overwhelming, you might want to ask around your friends, neighbours and coworkers for recommendations first.

Sourcing out a suitable handyman for you

Some ways in which you can verify their work credibility and see how suitable their skillset is for your project is through an interview process.

By conducting an interview process, you have the opportunity to see their work and shortlist suitable candidates. It is also an excellent platform for you to get more details and information regarding their skills, especially their license number.

You can ask for the handyman’s work experience or for references on other projects they have done. This is also for you to have a better understanding of how well acquainted they are with the particular problem that you have.

Agree on the Scope of Work

It is always important to ensure that you and your contractor are on the same page and are clear on every detail regarding the work to be done. After all, if there are any miscommunications or misunderstandings, it could result in possible delays, or the end result may not be what you envisioned. You might even have to pay for other miscellaneous works that were not previously agreed on.

One good tip to keep in mind when agreeing on the job scope in the early stages of prepping would be to have all the details written down on a paper legally. This way, you can better prevent any potential misunderstandings. Always ensure that there is a mutual agreement between you and your handyman.

Make sure that they present you with a detailed plan

Ideally, the handyman should present you with a work plan. It does not necessarily have to be a full-on project plan, but still, it should explain how and what they are planning to do to fix the problem. It should also include what materials and equipment they plan to use and how much it would cost. With all these in writing, it would be hard to point fingers when a problem arises.

Make sure that they have insurance

Homeowner’s or renter’s insurance does not cover work done by a contractor. As such, if your house is, unfortunately, damaged in the process, the handyman will have to pay for it.

Once you’ve selected your options and are satisfied with their referrals, it’s time to receive your estimates and a detailed plan for the task you’d like to have accomplished.

Many contractors won’t give much thought to a plan before you employ them, but the excellent ones will at least sketch out how long they expect the task to take. Well before you hire them for the project, they should help you comprehend the cost in terms of time and supplies.

Figure Out Payment

It is crucial to sort out in black and white how the payment should be made, to whom and when. By getting the payment details and job scope down in legal documents, it protects not only you but also the handyman, from any potential misunderstanding or miscommunication. Ultimately, it acts as a safeguard.

The details can include but are not limited to details such as cover materials, working hours and more.

Do not jump straight and hire the lowest bidder

Offering a lower bid in comparison to the rest implies that the job can be done at a lower cost price. But there is a chance that the quality of the material used will be compromised in return.

It is better to pay more for a lasting job, guaranteed quality and peace of mind than it is to pay less in the present and face unexpected costs in the future to fix the shoddy work done previously.

Be involved throughout the project

It is always good to have backups just in case your chosen handyman screws up. Treat them as your contingency plan, but bear in mind that it is still wise to hire them, knowing that they can stick to your project, timeline and budget.

Being involved in the project alongside the handyman ensures that you will get the first call whenever there is an issue. That allows you to have the initiative and avenue to react appropriately to the problem without creating any unwanted issues.

This also ensures that if there are potential budget overruns or if any new materials are required, the decision can go through you first.


As much as possible, you should not pay anything upfront before the job starts or is completed. The handyman that you choose should have the means and ability to pay for the materials needed for your project, though it is not uncommon for you to have to pay a deposit for the job.

Nevertheless, be mindful that you have a legal document or written contract to protect you or for you to lean on when unfortunate circumstances arise.

Speak to a few professionals

Try to speak to a few handymen and pick their brains before deciding on one. As you speak to them, ask them for:

  • Their diagnosis of the problem
  • The method to resolve the problem
  • Any guarantee or compensation if things go out of hand
  • Their license
  • Insurance if applicable
  • Their quote
  • Their schedule and time that they will take for your repair work
  • Past reviews and testimonials


List of Handyman Services Available

Handyman covers a wide range of home repair and installation services. Below is a list of services handyman can provide services to:

  • Kitchens and bathrooms: Repairs, appliance repair, appliance install, tiling, painting, plumbing repairs, toilet door repair
  • Flooring: Flooring repairs, tile, hardwood and vinyl installation, refurnishing
  • General: Painting, paint removal, TV mounts, repairs, home security installation, garage doors, gutter cleaning, foundations, door repair
  • Miscellaneous: Painting, drywall, baseboards and trim, insulation, carpentry, doors and windows, aircon repair and cleaning, lightbulb replacement service, light installation services and more.

You can find a comprehensive list of work handymen provide here. Handymen can usually do similar professions such as electricians and plumbers. Handymen can also work with complementary home remodelling professionals include interior designers, architects & building designers and renovation.

Handyman Prices and Cost Factors

Typical Cost for Handyman Projects:

  • Minor Works:1 to 2 hours, $50-$150 on average
  • Medium Works:2 to 4 hours, $15-$500 on average
  • Major Works:4 or more hours, $500 and above

Other handyman jobs:

  • Installation of Shelves/Blinds/Mirrors/Blinds: $50 – $70
  • Installation of TV brackets: $50 – $90
  • Installation of wall-mounted fan: $60 – $120
  • Installation of a ceiling fan: $80 – $150
  • Installation of chandelier: $90 – $120
  • Installation of mirrors: $50 – $70
  • Installation of frames and pictures: $50 – $70
  • Assembling of furniture: $80 – $120
  • Assembling of chairs and tables: $50 – $70
  • Replacement of the Door Knob: $60 – $150
  • Replacement of the Bedroom Door: $100 – $380
  • Replacement of leaking pipes: $50 – $100
  • Replacement or installation of a toilet bowl: $160 – $200
  • Replacement or installation water taps: $40 – $60
  • Replacement or installation of shower sets: $60 – $80
  • Clearing of the basin, kitchen and toilet bowl: $100 – $200

Do take note that if the work requires or involves the use of dangerous machinery, you should consider hiring a certified contractor instead. You can also look for electriciansplumbers and painters specifically to get the job done.

The rates and services of a handyman may differ a lot depending on factors such as their availability, skills, the urgency of the projects. For a more accurate estimate of your home handyman project cost, as well as the factors affecting handyman hiring costs, check out our guide on handyman prices in Singapore.

How to hire and review the best handyman in Singapore

The right handyman can save you lots of time, the effort for all your current and future home projects. We have covered many commonly-asked questions when it comes to hiring a handyman.

Here we share some more essential tips before hiring a handyman:

  • Ratings and reviews: You can easily view ratings and reviews of reliable handyman services on Homees.
  • Compare value and pricing: Talk to at least three handymen before fixating on hiring a handyman. This will give you a reasonable range to learn what a typical job like yours should involve and cost.
  • Work experience: You can ask them for experience in similar repair projects as well. More experienced handyman tend to have done projects similar to yours and can potentially save you tonnes of headaches.
  • Ask about rates upfront. Some handymen charge by the hour, often with a minimum, while others may also have jobs that they use a flat rate for.
  • Get estimates in writing. While it can be impossible to confirm the pricing beforehand, it can be helpful if you state in writing as much as possible what can be confirmed. In this scenario, even if the job turns into something more than initially discussed, costs are something that can be traced back to ensure you are not being ripped off. For example, a handyman hired to clean your rain gutters and downspouts may find pieces that need replacing due to corrosion. They should advise you of the need before beginning any such further work.
  • Check for liability insurance. This is to protect yourself should he or she get hurt on the job.
  • Check for any complaints.Be sure to read the complaints if possible. Sadly, some people can be unreasonable or expect too much from others and will file complaints out of vindictiveness.

You can now compare handyman services reviews, get quotes and find a local handyman in your area on Homees almost instantly. View their gallery and portfolio, compare prices of similar projects near you.

Checklist to ask a prospective handyman:

1. Is the handyman a licensed contractor?

In Singapore, electricians and plumbers must be qualified and have a license in order to carry out their work. Some of the standard licenses are plumbing and electrician license:

Make sure you find licensed handyman services to prevent many of the accidents and headaches that may arise (which they often do) during your home project. Paying a little more for licensed handyman here can save you time and energy while ensuring your home project is being delivered in a safe manner.

2. Is the handyman insured?

Check with the handyman whether all works done by him/her will be covered by insurance. Handymen that are BCA registered contractors are covered by public liability insurance coverage.

For handymen that are not BCA registered, they may have other private insurance coverage.

Check also whether you have insurance that covers the repair/replacement of the lost or damaged property.

3. Who provides the materials? Can I choose the colours and manufactures?

Clients may choose to buy their own materials as well as relying on the handyman to handle the entire project. However, some jobs may be more complicated and require buying of specific materials for the work. As such, it is helpful to first discuss with your handyman if you’d like to buy your own materials (or have any preference for your materials) or have them do everything for you.

4. How does the handyman charge for his services?

Most handymen provide a fixed-fee quote after assessing the problem. Quoted prices should never change unless the scope of work changes. Expectations should be made clear from the start to avoid any miscommunications.

5. What are my payment options?

It depends on the work, but most handymen take the final payment only upon completion and client inspection of the job. Most handymen accept cash only, but some may accept cheques or credit/debit cards.

6. What if I am not satisfied?

Confirm your handyman’s guarantee before work begins and keep it in writing if he promises a money-back or satisfaction guarantee.

7. Does the handyman guarantee materials & labour?

Most handymen offer a few months, sometimes up to a year warranty on the work they have done. It is useful to clarify this from the start before the work proceeds and have them in writing with your handyman.

8. Is the estimation free?

Be reminded that the handyman must do a thorough check before you agree with the prices. You do not want to face a situation where the handyman continues to add additional charges as he progresses with his work.

It is best to get a free quote from the handyman right at your house to view the project before agreeing to anything.

9. What if the handyman can’t do the job?

Handymen get paid by work done – if they cannot do the work, they will not accept it at the assessment stage. Confirm your professional’s understanding of this before work starts. A call-out fee may apply in some cases.

More questions to ask before engaging a handyman

  • How long have you been in business?
  • Have you completed projects similar to mine?
  • Can you provide me with references?
  • Do you work on weekends? Do you offer a 24hr service?
  • What types of services do you offer?
  • Which areas of Singapore do you cover?
  • Do you charge extra for parking and congestion charges?
  • Can you give me a written estimate?
  • What is the project timeline like?
  • What are the possible obstacles to the completion of the project?
  • Are there any important considerations or concerns you foresee with this project?

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