All You Need To Know About Lighting In Singapore

Lighting is essential to every room in our home. Here at Homees, we recommend several light installation companies to you for your home lighting needs.

The cost of lighting in Singapore varies in price, depending on the brand, size and power output of the lighting you want to fix at home. Find out more about the installation cost of lighting and other electrical appliances on our electrician cost guide.

We recommend you to hire an electrician to install new electrical points, due to safety reason and there could be a possibility that you may complicate the wiring system in your household. Do check if your electrician has a license by EMA (Energy Market Authority) before you take up their services.

Cost of Various Lights

Type of light

Estimated cost

Flush/ semi-flush lights


Pendant light




Track and rail light (per unit)

$20 – $70

Utility light


For more information about lighting shops, you can check out Moneysmart where they compare prices offered by different lighting distributors and the cost of electrical wiring in HDB.

Type of bulb

Cost per bulb

Usage Time

Energy used in watts for 800 lumens

Halogen bulb


3,600 hrs

30-50  W



50,000 hrs

5-9 W



1,300 hrs


Compact fluorescent light


10,000 hrs

11-15 W

Cost of Light Installation

Types of light installation

Estimated Cost

Install dimmer


Install chandelier


Install new electrical outlet


Replace switch


Replace light bulb


Replace light fitting


Install downlight


Below is a description of different forms of lighting and some recommendations for the installation of lights in your home. You can hire an interior lighting plan designer as well for advice and consultation for the best lighting layout for your home.


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Common Types of Lighting

1. Ambient lighting

Ambient lighting is most prevalent in living rooms. Such lighting illuminates and provides consistent lighting in your room. Ambient lights offer a tranquil environment for us to hide away after a stressful day.

Hence, ambient lighting is suitable for a living room context, since the living room serves as a space to lounge in. Chandeliers, recessed lights, and tracked lights are common types of lights that produce suitable lighting that matches the room’s atmosphere.

2. Task lighting

Also known as office lighting, it is used to brighten up work settings – where one’s focus is required. Task lighting is used at kitchen counters where dishes have to be prepared or study rooms and home office desks to provide a conducive environment for an individual to focus.

Since task lighting is more concentrated, they are often matched with contrasting lighting to improve visual clarity as there is less glare. Task lighting can come in the form of desk lamps, under-cabinet lights, and pendant lights.

3. Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is used as a focal point towards a specific object such as sculptures or artwork, creating emphasis on the object. Additionally, it can be used outdoors to accentuate the beauty of plants or outdoor furniture.

In a room setting, it is better to have a combination of ambient lighting in the background, and accent light to illuminate specific areas or furniture within your home. Wall lights and recessed lights are optimum ways to accentuate your object’s aesthetics.

If you are confused by the many options available, you can hire an interior designer or interior lighting plan designer as well for advice and consultation for the best lighting layout for your home.

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Types of lights

Flushed Lights

Ceiling lights are divided into two categories: flushed and semi-flush lights. Semi-flush lights are slightly suspended from the ceiling wall, while flushed lights are attached to the ceiling wall.

Semi-flush lights diffuse light on the ceiling as well, giving the illusion of a bigger room as compared to flushed lights. On the other hand, you may consider installing flushed lights as a safer option around children when your home has a low ceiling, as they may be easier to break since they hang lower.

Recessed Lights

Recessed light

Recessed lights are different from flushed and semi-flush lights: they are installed within the ceiling (also known as ceiling lights) and are covered with glass and a rim (known as the trim) attached.

Such lighting is often chosen and favoured for its unobtrusiveness – the ability to fit in with most decor and adornments, unlike other lights. Thus, it remains a neutral and flexible choice for lighting amongst homeowners.

However, recessed lights require a more complex installation process (as compared to semi/flush lighting). Moreover, humidity can build up in recessed lights, so homeowners must ensure that their homes are well-insulated to prevent such an issue.

Pendant / Inverted Pendant Light

Pendant light

Pendant lights are lights that hang low while acting as a single source of light (unlike a chandelier that provides multiple sources of light). Several pendant lights can be used around the room as an off-centre light source.

Do keep in mind that pendant lights are noticeable as they hang low from the ceiling and should be considered as part of the decor in the room. Thus, they can appear to have a jarring effect if they do not match the theme of the room.
Also, as with other low hanging lights, pendant lighting is more likely to cause obstruction compared to lights attached to the ceiling and should be taken into account for safety.

There are also inverted pendant lights that direct light upwards. This type of lighting can be used to offset the feeling of a small room, as lighting the ceiling makes the room feel bigger. Inverted pendant lights are also called bowl lights due to the shape of the light fixture, and is excellent for ambient lighting.



A chandelier is known to be the pièce de résistance of any room, due to its size and grandeur. Since the chandelier can command and arouse attention easily, it is important it fits in with the room instead of standing out like a sore piece.

Ideally, your chandelier should hang around 30 inches above the dining table, to maintain its presence without obstructing the room.
Hanging the chandelier above the dining table allows the dining table to be the centrepiece of the room.

As for the size of the chandelier, choose one that is smaller than the dining table. You can also opt for a branched chandelier to increase the light coverage in bigger rooms.


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Track And Rail Lighting

Rail lighting

Track lighting is a light fixture that are situated on a bar or rail. These lights are usually adjustable such that they can be angled in different positions.

Therefore, the versatility of track lighting is its most prominent feature, as it can be used for different purposes, such as task lighting (by projecting the light on the workspace) or accent lighting (by focusing light onto a specific object in the room.

The rail for the light fixtures can be directly attached to the ceiling or suspended to adjust the height level.

As it is noted and illustrious for its versatility, it is a popular choice among homeowners who appreciate such multi-purpose lights, as they use the same home spaces for different functions.

Are you confused by the many options available? You can hire an interior designer or interior lighting plan designer for advice and consultation for the best lighting layout for your home.


Dimmer Switches

Dimmer switches are switches that allow you to control the brightness of your lights, and its common purpose is to set the mood of the room by adjusting the intensity of the lights.

You can use fluorescent, LED or some incandescent light bulbs in a light fixture that has been upgraded with a dimmer switch.

Adding a dimmer might set you back for only $60 to $130, which makes this simple modification worth considering.

A dimmer switch can also be connected to smart home systems, to facilitate easier control and accessibility from either your phone or remote.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fan Singapore

Some ceiling fans have light bulbs attached to them as an additional function. A ceiling fan with light is hot in demand for many homeowners in Singapore because of its dual function – it saves the need for additional wiring and installing electrical point in your room, killing two birds with one stone!

Some ceiling fans with light has multiple light bulbs attached; you can adjust the colour of individual light bulbs to serve different functions.

For example, some homeowners in Singapore may use the dining table as a study table. In this scenario, cool white light can be employed to enhance concentration, having both white and yellow light installed can change the light ambience depending on your activity.

A ceiling fan with light usually comes with a remote controller to adjust the fan speed, the brightness of your light bulbs and command which particular light bulb to switch on.


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Light Bulbs

Choosing a light bulb depends on the type of lighting (ambient, accent and tasking) and the size of the room.

These are the different types of light bulbs offered by most retailers:

  • Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs

Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs (CFL) is commonplace throughout the world. This is because they are energy-saving and cheap.

  • LED

LED light bulbs are relatively new as compared to the other light bulbs. They can save up to 90% more energy than regular bulbs and has a longer lifespan. However, their initial price may be more expensive.

Although, in the long-term, the money saved on energy consumption can offset its initial cost. As LEDs are directional lights, they are compatible with task lighting. Unfortunately, not all light fixtures will maximise the efficiency of LED bulbs, but they are still very much a viable option.

  • Halogens Light Bulbs

Halogens bulbs are another affordable and durable option. Just as many regions are renowned for their neon signage (which are halogen bulbs), the halogen bulb manages to be a popular choice up till today.

  • Incandescent Light Bulbs

Due to their energy inefficiency, incandescent light bulbs are now considered obsolete. However, you can still find some incandescent light bulbs for chandeliers. As other light bulbs will prove to be more available, it is best to just find an alternative light bulb for your Chandelier.

When looking at any light bulb, consider the specification of its brightness and wattage. An average light bulb emits light of about 800 lumen. A higher wattage light bulb will mean more energy is consumed. If you have a dimmer switch, make sure you choose dimmable light bulbs. You may want to consult a certified electrician for power advice.

Lighting plays a critical role in creating the atmosphere of a room, as it controls both the mood, settings and vibes. As light is the reason we can see, understanding the effects of lighting in a room can make any room feel bigger and better.

Click the link to find light installation companies in our category page.

Lighting for different Rooms

Living Rooms / Family Rooms

Many modern households use recessed lights for their living rooms for their neutrality so that living rooms can change the decor without the worry of changing lights to match their style.

Chandeliers and inverted pendant lights are also popular candidates, as they give the illusion of a bigger living room by diffusing some light on the ceiling.

If you wish to showcase objects such as sculptures or bookshelves, a track light can be a great addition to the living room as accent lighting to shine a spotlight on the display, further accentuating and highlighting their presence.


Kitchen work surfaces are often placed near windows for natural lighting since cooking is done throughout the day. Since the focus is required when working in the kitchen, task lighting is important in areas near chopping boards or stoves.

Ambient lighting should still be in place for times where the kitchen is not being used for cooking. Households with kitchen islands can have pendant lights hanging overhead for ambient lighting.


The bathroom is most commonly used for grooming. Therefore, the importance of good lighting cannot be attenuated to take full effect of grooming. When we look in the mirror to check our visage, task lighting functions the best for this purpose.

To minimise shadows, having task lighting around the mirror and most importantly from above is indispensable, to properly illuminate your face.

If you are looking at a bathroom interior design project, you can find professionals to talk to on Homees.

Dining Rooms

Dining rooms are places for families and guests to interact with one another over a simple meal. Thus, its lighting should complement the visual and presentation of the food on the table. Ambient lighting works perfectly for such scenarios to soothe guests as they enjoy their scrumptious meal.

Many homeowners choose to hang chandeliers above their dining tables for such a reason, as they are great for providing ambient lighting. You can also install a dimmer switch to change the mood when dining.


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Bedrooms serve different purposes depending on the time of the day. For example, you may decide to read in the bedroom in the evening, while you sleep in it at nighttime. Since you primarily use the bedroom is for rest and sleep, installing ambient light is highly encouraged for maximum and efficient relaxation.

If you happen to do work or like reading by the bedside, having task lighting in the form of a table lamp on the desk can provide the environment you need for such activities.

Bedrooms are usually transformed to have other purposes at times other than night (such as a workroom). Utilising natural lighting by placing a workstation near a window can allow you to save on energy this way.

Entries, Hallways & Stairs

Such areas of the house do not need much emphasis and should be filled with ambient lighting, as they should not take the focus away from the major parts of your house. However, accent lighting may be suitable here if you wish to have paintings or photographs on display so that they stand out while your guests are admiring your house and adornments.

After reading this article, you may consider looking for light installation companies in Singapore; we prepared a list of trusted companies and a comprehensive cost guide for you to compare. For other electrical services, you can check out our electrician page for all your home electrical needs which include: electrical and wiring repair, telephone system repair,  switch and outlet installation and many more.

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Cost of Other Home Improvement Areas

You can check out the cost of hiring professionals for other aspects of your home improvement project. Some of the general cost guides can be found below:

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