Cabinet and Countertop Cost Guide In Singapore

Cabinets and countertops speak volumes about your home. Whether you talk to interior designers or renovation contractors, cabinets and countertops are an integral part of the home improvement project.

They are the epitome of form and function in the interior designing field unless they are from decades ago. In that case, knowing about the top interior design trends at the moment can help you in deciding how to replace your cabinets and countertops

Replacing them with newer, more elegant models could make your kitchen and bathroom more space-efficient and luxurious.

It is of vital importance to get an estimate of the cost, and also research on some hit and miss qualities that you want from your cabinets and countertops.

It is of vital importance to get an estimate of the cost so that it fits into your home renovation budget. If you are on a budget, you might want to cut back on the cabinets, maybe just refacing or resurfacing instead of replacing them, more about it in a second.

Overall, the over-arching professional in charge of cabinet and countertop projects are carpenters. They have the know-how and expertise to build these products from scratch, fully customised to suit your needs.

Where to Begin

You can easily find countertop installation or cabinet installation companies on Homees.

Searching online is a good and fun way to search for images of cabinets and countertops. Save those that you are attracted to and ignore the rest.

This will allow you to find a type that you are interested in. You could even head down to stores like IKEA or showrooms to check out all the different styles, colour available.

Thereafter, you can talk to your cabinet installation profession vis-a-vis the cabinet and the countertop that best suits your dimensions and the overall themes and vibes of the house.

Hiring a professional designer or brainstorming with a contractor first is another great option. You can first acquire the dimension that you can play with followed by window shopping for your very own cabinet and countertop.

Common Types of Countertop

Solid Surface

S$55-S$175 per foot run

Due to it being customisable to your specifications, it is a hot-in-demand among homeowners. Its acrylic surface makes it resistant to stains. However, due to its low melting point, it is unable to withstand high heat from the pots/pans, making it less suitable for the kitchen.

Nevertheless, a solid surface countertop would look great in other parts of your home, like the bathroom or the living room interior design.


S$20-S$150 per square foot

The various colours and finishes of a wooden countertop can give your home a warm and homely feel. This makes it perfect for homes that favour cosy and simplistic designs, like Scandinavian interior design and MUJI interior design.

However, wooden countertops can get damaged by water and might stain over time as the coating will slowly wear off. Luckily, sanding down is an option to remove stains and slight imperfections.

Stainless Steel

S$80-S$125 per square foot

This is the perfect option for you if you are going for an industrial interior design or a contemporary look. Due to it being steel, it is heat resistant and very durable. Unfortunately, dents and scratches will be very prominent on its shiny surface.

Engineered Quartz

S$90-S$105 per square foot

Another very customisable option that can suit any buyer due to its variety of shades and tones. Being made up of 90-94% of ground quartz and 6-10% of resin and pigments, it is resistant to stains and is very durable.

However, the price tag that comes with this option is not the smallest, so be careful – it may be one of the reasons you are busting your home renovation budget.

Ceramic Tiles

S$30-S$80 per square foot

Being a tile, this countertop option is great in its versatility of design. Tiles can provide some of the best designs of your home and is a popular option especially since it is inexpensive and straightforward to maintain.

However, chipping and cracking is a possibility. Also, grout lines between the tiles must be sealed continuously.


S$8-S$20 per square foot

The most inexpensive option on this list, laminate is an excellent option for those on a tight budget. It has a wide variety of colours and is easy to clean. However, it is impossible to repair chips and scratches. The seams may also peel off over time.

Natural Stone Slabs

S$55-S$175 per foot run

Stone slab countertops include granite, marble, quartz etc.

Natural stones exude elegance and sophistication in your kitchen. It is imbued with an element of luxury, and counters made of stone can pique people’s curiosity and attention. It is also a perfect choice for a countertop due to its durability and heat-resistant qualities.

However, due to it being a natural stone, you will have to pay a premium price for it. To save on your natural stone slab, do try to look for remnants as you might get lucky and find one that suits your desired dimensions at a cheaper price.

Most stone sellers have a remnant yard, and you might get lucky in finding a piece that can be cut to your cabinet dimensions. Another way to save is to go for stone tiles, which can create a luxurious stone look with half the cost.

Standard or Custom Cabinetry?

Choosing the standard cabinet will reduce spending most of the time. The standard dimensions for the base cabinet are 61 centimetres deep and 92 centimetres high.

However, taking into account the growing heights of people, homeowners are inclined to increase the counter height to 97 centimetres. Upper cabinets are usually placed at 46 centimetres above the counter and are 76 to 107 centimetres long will the same depth as the base cabinet.

Do not conflate standard cabinets with the idea of them being standard. The drawer pulls, and hinges come in many different styles and colours. Online shops like Qoo10 and Lazada do have wide ranges of such items, and you may find one that fits your style.

Prices catapult when you choose to go to the custom cabinet route. Therefore, think carefully before deciding that you would like your cabinets to be custom-made.

Of course, there are many reasons for homeowners to make such a decision. Your room might have an odd shape or size that requires more specific dimensions. Or perhaps, your home might have a unique layout that a standard cabinet cannot fit into. When it comes to cabinets and homes, there is truly no such thing as a one size fits all.

Customizing your cabinet opens up limitless options where you can decide your material, shape, size, trim, finishes and hardware. Do work and communicate closely with your custom carpenter so that they can deliver what you want.

This way, you can finally create the dream cabinet that complements your home perfectly and which you can call your very own creation.

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Refacing or Resurfacing?

S$90-S$190 to veneer cabinet

Another way to update the overall look of your home at a fraction of the cost is to reface your existing cabinet. Basic refacing will consist of installing a new cabinet door, drawer fronts and applying a new veneer over the existing surface.

This helps to freshen up the look of your cabinet – especially when wear and tear over the years have worn it down and made it look old. So if you are looking for a budget-friendly option to spruce up the look of your cabinets, this may be the option for you.

An even cheaper option is to resurface it, where you simply recoat or repaint the existing cabinet. If you are bored with the colour scheme of your kitchen and want to change things up, you can even have your cabinets done in a new colour! While this may seem like a small gesture, you’d be surprised at how much a change in cabinet colour can affect the look of your home.

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Common Questions about Cabinet and Countertop Designs

Should your countertops match your cabinets?

Many homeowners wonder if their kitchen countertops are supposed to match their cabinets. Will it lead to a smoother and aesthetically pleasing design? Or will it make your kitchen look boring and plain?

As a general rule of thumb, when deciding on the cabinet and countertop designs for your kitchen, it is recommended that your countertop should match your cabinet, but not directly so. This means that your cabinet and countertop do not necessarily have to be the exact same colour.

Instead, you can pick a colour scheme of two to three colours and play around with the different shades available. This way, your kitchen design will still have visual unity, but it can avoid the problem of looking overly boring.

When matching countertops and cabinets, it is advisable that you start with the countertops first. This is due to the fact that countertops are easier to match in terms of colour and design, whereas if you decide on your cabinets first, you are more limited in the countertops that you can choose to match your cabinets.

Can you replace your cabinets without changing your countertops?

Some homeowners want to revamp their kitchen, but instead of changing everything, maybe they only want to switch out their cabinets for newer ones. Can they do so without having to renovate their countertops too?

The answer is yes, you can replace your cabinets without replacing your countertops as well. For most kitchen layout and designs, the countertops can be left as is while renovation works are done for your cabinets. However, it is always advisable to contact a renovation contractor for advice, as they will have a better understanding of your kitchen details.

Should you paint the cabinets or replace your countertops first?

Some homeowners worry that when renovating their kitchen, having the countertops replaced after your cabinets are done can cause the cabinet to become damaged. To alleviate this worry, you can always opt to replace your countertops first, then have the cabinets painted. This way, any scratches or blemishes on your cabinets can be covered up.

However, professional renovators have highlighted that the order of your cabinet and countertop renovation does not make a significant difference. Countertop installation companies are generally experienced and careful when it comes to installing countertops on cabinets without damaging them. They are also able to help touch up on any scratches or marks on your cabinet should the need arise.

Is it cheaper to paint or replace kitchen cabinets?

When it comes to updating the look of your kitchen, painting the cabinets or replacing them completely are one of the most effective ways to do so. While both processes can do wonders to your kitchen design, based on the price points, painting your kitchen cabinet is undoubtedly cheaper.

Besides taking the budget into consideration, your design choice should also depend on some other factors. For instance, if you want to switch up the look of your kitchen, having your cabinets replaced in a different design may be a more worthwhile investment than simply changing the colour.


Cost of Other Home Improvement Areas

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