10 Quick Tips to Pull Off the Eclectic Design in Your Home

What is Eclectic Interior Design?

Everyone’s familiar with the top interior design trends, such as Scandinavian-themed homes, minimalist interior design and even MUJI-inspired interiors. But what if you want a décor scheme that borrows aesthetics from each of the different styles? Now that’s eclectic interior design – which proudly unites a variety of motifs and accessories to create a never-seen-before Bohemian glamour.

Driven by iconic accents and saturated tints, homes dressed in eclectic design are fun, vibrant and dramatic. Even though eclectic styles are far from homogenous, there are recurring attributes that make such interiors easily identifiable.

Alkaff Vista Design Project by Mr Shopper Studio 6


What are the characteristics of eclectic interior design?

Orderly mix of visual elements

Whether it is prints, patterns, shapes or textures, you can count on an eclectic style to bring you the most diverse of design options. These standalone elements unite to give the interior a cohesive feel that’s got an added visual oomph..

Marrying the old and new

Serving up looks from different time periods, eclectic homes usually have contrasting aesthetics that somehow gel with one another. Don’t be surprised to find nouveau furniture paired with farmhouse-style accents, or even an art deco style bedroom lined with modern furniture.

More than just a beautiful mess

Many people mistake the eclectic interior style as a freewheeling approach to design, where a home is haphazardly cobbled together through random furnishing choices. The word “eclectic” is derived from the Greek word eklektikos, which means to choose or pick out. Eclecticism comprises a carefully curated list of décor that’s held together by a key focal point.

Interior Design @Eunos Crescent 12

Hooked onto this patchwork-style of interior design? Read on for 10 tips to master this intriguing look, and take cues from these designer-approved homes. We promise you’ll find something to love!




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1. Start off with a core palette

Butterworth 8 by Mr Shopper Studio 5

This triad of colours creates a peaceful atmosphere in the living space.

Selecting a series of starter colours lays the groundwork for your dream eclectic home. Designed by Mr Shopper Studio, mellow notes of sunshine yellow and ethereal blue were used in varying proportions to inject brightness into the space.

Butterworth 8 by Mr Shopper Studio 7

Deciding on a base palette early will contribute to a cohesive and harmonious aesthetic.

A handy tip is to select two colours, one neutral hue and another for your accents. This palette will ground all your design elements that come into play thereafter.

Complementary shades of teal were adopted for the shelves and coffee table, while the blue and yellow hues of the wall art are in cohesion with the colour scheme. By implementing this visual coordination, it gives the space a sense of order.


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Butterworth 8 by Mr Shopper Studio 16

Find delight within this nuanced take on eclectic interiors.

For the less sexy spaces of the home, this core colour scheme is an instant mood-lifter. Gravitating towards the same shade of coral blue, the common toilet has become a calming and refreshing space.

Butterworth 8 by Mr Shopper Studio 11

Let colours work their magic, especially in less significant rooms of the house.

2. Go big on plants

Interior Design @Eunos Crescent 5

Having elements of nature amps up the cosy feels of the home.

Like this urban bohemian apartment by Fuse Concept Interior Design, homes decked out in an eclectic style are often replete with greenery. Apart from brightening empty corners, plants add colour, texture and life.

Interior Design @Eunos Crescent 8

Turn your study corner into a nature’s retreat with exotic plants.

Spruce up your study corner with some of nature’s best friends. This unique mood board’s got a vast display of mini flower pots and knick-knacks, making a great mood-booster for anyone who steps in.

Interior Design @Eunos Crescent 13

Whether artificial or not, plants have a way of adding warmth to a space that you can call home.

Even the kitchen is not spared from the restorative powers of these plants. It doesn’t have to be a king-size centrepiece; littering a handful of dainty pots around the room can make a difference.

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3. Curate a collection of wall art

HDB Interior design Swiss Interior Blk 659 Choa Chu Kang 10

One defining quality of an eclectic-style living room is a wall full of edgy art décor. Take it from this Balinese resort-like space by Swiss Interior. Finding unity in diversity, this mix-and-match of assorted artwork becomes a personalised gallery that sparks curiosity and interest.

HDB Interior design Swiss Interior Blk 659 Choa Chu Kang 15

Vibrant colours that radiate from a gallery wall accentuate the overall eclectic interior design.

It’s no surprise that they say pictures speak a thousand words. Because each art piece on the wall tells a story, you’ll have a beautiful gallery to call your own, while complementing the eclectic vibes.

HDB Interior design Swiss Interior Blk 659 Choa Chu Kang 1

Less can be more for the humble eclectic abode.

Experiment with scale if you don’t have a medley of wall art to boot. Choose a significant piece of furniture to clothe your walls in, redefining the cosy ambience nestled in a playful mish-mash.




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4. Embrace textural plays

Interior Design Hmlet Homely New Build 7

In the spirit of eclecticism, layering a myriad of textures keeps the home fresh and fun.

A great way to sustain visual interest in a living space like this is to introduce a variety of textures in small bursts. Behind this adventurous, contemporary design is Hmlet Interiors, where a curious blend of knits, tassels and tufts were used for the living room.

Interior Design Hmlet Homely New Build 6

Play up the comfort of your bedroom with a mix of soft fabrics.

Contrast soft and hard textures against each other to nail that balance. Against the sturdy, structural outlines of the bed frame, the fluffy throw pillows and marshmallow-soft bedsheets stand out even more.

Interior Design Hmlet Homely New Build 1

For that refined sense of luxury and comfort, place contrasting textures in close proximity.

5. Colour is everything

Colours give the home a new lease of life and can be introduced in many ways.

All you need in an eclectic-based home is a jolt of colour. This energetic and convivial interior style doesn’t shy away from flamboyant hues. Brought to life by The Scientist, we were blown away by the lustrous pastel pink kitchen that boasts a modern terrazzo backsplash and countertop.


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Take a trip down memory lane with this retro-eclectic bathroom.

In the spirit of coherent design, a similar pink hue was selected for the common toilet’s wall tiles. To create a little dramatic effect, opposing shades of red and brass accents were used. Neglected areas in the house can be refreshed with just a couple of bold design choices.

Having one go-to colour forms the pretext of your home’s interior design.

Give fresh styles and new colours, like this fiery red, a chance to shine in your four walls. Eclectic styles are represented by a deliberate mismatch of home accents, making unexpectedly bright colours a welcoming feature.

6. Keep the walls simple

HDB Residential Project Emerald Eclecticism 11

Eclectic interior styles are not always about filling the living space to the brim.

For a maximalist style like eclecticism, it can be tempting to throw on all kinds of visual enhancements. This interior design theme doesn’t equate to “more is better”, so it can be good to strike a balance by keeping the walls bare and minimal.

HDB Residential Project Emerald Eclecticism 14

Compared to elaborate wallpaper patterns, paint is an easy and fuss-free option to consider for eclectic spaces.

Going back to basics, Jialux Interior Pte Ltd worked with the homeowners to introduce colour through simple painted walls. The walls are kept bare and minimal, which is the ideal backdrop for other vibrant accessories to take centre stage.

HDB Residential Project Emerald Eclecticism 5

Contrary to popular belief, eclectic interiors appreciate a hint of simplicity in design too.

Beyond the emerald eclecticism of the home, the bathroom’s design is simple but radical. Black outlines, white strip wall tiles and patterned mosaic flooring join forces to unleash the beauty of monochromatic fashion.

7. Choose statement pieces

HDB Renovation project @277 Tampines Street 1

This eclectic apartment draws inspiration from retro and industrial flairs.

Fans of the maximalist eclectic style are bound to love this apartment designed by Fifth Avenue Interior Design. This S$85,000 makeover turned a resale HDB apartment into a retro abode that stars an impressive repertoire of statement furniture, notably the bright neon light installation.

HDB Renovation project @277 Tampines Street 3

Surprise, surprise – behind this old-school vending machine lies the common bathroom!

What’s fascinating is the unsuspecting vintage vending machine, which is the door that leads you into the common toilet. These edgy furniture pieces make great conversation starters, bringing the eclectic edge of things to the fore.

HDB Renovation project @277 Tampines Street 9

Having lots of retro accents and modern sensibilities is central to building a throwback kitchen.

Dominated by an old-timey orange shade, every corner of the kitchen oozes nostalgia. From the bar stools to the family photo wall, this space is indeed unique to the family.

8. Good things come in pairs (and threes)

Sumang Lane Punggol Design Project by adroit id 3

An out-of-place look can be avoided by encouraging repetition in design.

To bring order into an eclectic-themed home, repetition is the classic trick. Designed by Adroit ID, this cosy quarters has an obvious pattern of featuring furniture in repetition, be it in colour or quantity.

Sumang Lane Punggol Design Project by adroit id 2

Bring out harmony within an eclectic space with recurring accents and visually similar furniture.

With the same hexagonal frames and similar colour palettes, this pair of wall art looks perfectly compatible together. Just like the framed art, the elegant poufs prove that there is power in unity.

Sumang Lane Punggol Design Project by adroit id 4

A dash of colour and a sprinkle of creativity is all you need to spice up an eclectic interior.

If there is one thing eclectic interiors have a penchant for, it’s some whimsical creativity! It doesn’t hurt to amp up the room with a memorable piece of art or even a crystal chandelier.

9. Adopt different styles of furniture

606D Tampines Greenridge HDB Interior Design 9

Combine a multitude of furniture pieces from different styles and time periods

For a refined eclectic abode, always remember the core of this interior style – a joyous mix of old and new, modern and vintage. In this timeless home designed by Craftwerkz Interior, there’s an unspoken beauty in pairing the mid-century sofa with a solid oak wood coffee table.

606D Tampines Greenridge HDB Interior Design 7

Cool tones dominate the industrial-style kitchen, where heavy-duty cabinetry is topped with gold accents.

A far cry from the mid-century vibes in the living room, the kitchen and dining space radiates a more industrial chic. With the help of deliberately mismatched furniture, the dining table and stools are the epitome of “same same, but different”.

10. Prioritise functionality

Condominium Interior Design @Pasir Ris Link 1

A wide dining table and spacious balcony means even more room for guests.

Motivated by the homeowner’s preferences for cooking and hosting, erstudio pte ltd maximised this 1300-sqft apartment that prioritises her lifestyle. This contemporary eclectic condo is heavy on beautiful textures like wood and fabric.

Condominium Interior Design @Pasir Ris Link 13

Convenience and compactness are packed into these collapsible doors.

For a roomier space, foldable doors were utilised to keep each part of the house separate. When guests are over, the doors can be collapsed to encourage comfortable conversation and intermingling in a fluid living space.

Condominium Interior Design @Pasir Ris Link 4

Calling all hobby chefs to this beautiful, spacious kitchen!

When it comes to deciding how much space to allocate each room, space planning is a critical part of the process. As the owner spends most of her time in the kitchen, much attention was given on it during the conceptualisation process. Eclectic knick-knacks and unconventional patterns echoed throughout the space.

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Rigid rules don’t exist – go wild

If there could only be one takeaway from this article, it’s that there are no hard and fast rules in the world of eclectic interior design. Sure, there are some recommended space layouts and furniture choices, but above all, your personality should shine through the home. Throw away all your uncertainties and let creativity rule!

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